4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 08

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are of legal age. Thank you for your comments on the storyline. I’m thankful for the praise and admire the consistency of some of the readers. They continue to click on the story and take the time to make an angry/negative comment. It kind of makes me smile that they continue to follow the storyline.

I’m most grateful for FeatherArmy’s editing. Surely it’s not an easy task to clean up my mistakes 😉 hetup


For almost five months Aidan’s affair with the four MILFs had been hot and heavy. Still he kept them apart – and no one suspected that he was fucking the mothers of his best friends. The four married women also had no idea that the young stud was playing the field with their best friends.

The relationships had been a huge boost of confidence for Aidan. But he also knew it had to end, and he wanted it to be on his terms. So he made a plan to end the affairs with a huge bang. When Aidan’s friend, Coby Miller’s, eighteenth birthday approached, he decided to take a chance. Two days before the huge birthday bash at the Millers’ home, he texted his lovers and told them each to come dressed in a sexy white dress.

On the day of the party, Aidan was excited to see if all the four married women had done as asked.

Vanessa Miller was the first one he saw, as he arrived at the Miller mansion. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her white dress. Vanessa discreetly displayed her luscious breast in a tight, white dress, held up by two straining spaghetti straps. Her chest tapered down to her thin waist, which led to her perfectly curved hips. These led to her slender legs, and her high heel clad feet. Aidan quickly looked Vanessa up and down. He just loved the sight of her. Her face was gorgeous with brown eyes and full, curved, sexy lips. Her face was framed by her straight black hair. As Aidan took in his mature lover he smiled. She had found a way to dress sexy but not slutty and she kept a pristine appearance in the white dress.

Vanessa greeted her young lover and felt a tingled in her body as he hugged her in close proximity of her husband Daniel. Discreetly he squeezed her tight buttocks as he kissed her caramel-coloured chin. Vanessa was still kind- of happy being married to Daniel, but she nearly worshipped her young lover. She liked how he had taken completely control of their affair and she had become aware of the fact that she liked to be dominated by a powerful lover.

Aidan let go of Vanessa and greeted Daniel. He grinned as he shook Daniel’s hand with the hand that just had squeezed Vanessa’s buttocks. For some time he had become aroused by the fact, that he was cuckolding four of his father’s best friends. And he took every chance to caress the wives in close proximity of their husbands.

As Aidan walked into the party he was greeted by his friends. After some time he saw Claire Robbins. She was chatting with her daughter Elizabeth in a corner of the garden and looked spectacular. Her face was perfectly made-up with pillow-like lips and striking hazel brown eyes. Her white dress was perfectly tailored for her, highlighting her impressive body. Her chestnut hair was falling in waves down her front and almost hid her generous breasts. Still, the white dress showed off their round, firm shape. She had also dressed sexy and not slutty. Aidan walked over to the mother and daughter. First he greeted Elizabeth with a hug and then her mother.

Claire trembled as her young handsome lover turned away from her daughter and as his powerful body blocked Elizabeth’s and all others sight, he let his huge hand enfold her left breast and gave it a quick squeeze before he pulled her into an embrace. She thought to herself that it was too risky in the close proximity of the others. But Aidan had made it quite clear to her over the past months, that he would caress her whenever he liked and she just couldn’t say no. So she had become accustomed to being caressed by her young lover even when there were others around. She also had to admit, it was a turn on that Aidan had taken completely control of their liaison.

Amanda Bratton was the next one Aidan greeted. She was standing with her husband Simon, as Aidan walked up to them. Amanda had her back to him and was dressed in a seductive white dress. It went down to mid-thigh and the halter top showed a lot of her back. Amanda was clearly tanned and in great shape and her legs looked awesome in white high heels.

Aidan looked into Simon’s eyes and blinked as he silently moved up behind Amanda and wrapped his powerful arms around her. One arm was over her breasts, one under.

Amanda stiffened for a moment. She knew it was her young lover behind her and didn’t know what to do. But then she quickly relaxed when she saw her husband laugh at Aidan’s actions. So she played along and said, “Get off me you big lug.”

“Can’t do that, you’re just so tiny, Mrs B! I feel, I could wrap you up and put you in my pocket. Don’t you agree, Mr B?” Aidan replied pressing his loins against his bursa escort mature lover. He was getting a kick out of embracing her in front of her husband.

Simon laughed having no idea he was being cuckolded by her son’s friend and said, “I have to admit, that you have become a big guy, Aidan. But I still remember when it was Amanda hugging you.”

“Yeah, she took really good care of me when my mother died,” Aidan replied as he leaned down and kissed Amanda’s cheek. He was afforded a beautiful view down her dress. She was wearing a thin, white, lacy bra that looked to barely cover her nipples. The skin at the top swell of her breast was incredibly soft and creamy looking.

Amanda’s body started to tremble as her young lover kept hugging her in front of her husband.

“Did you help with the tent, Mr B.?” Aidan asked Simon. “It’s awesome to have such a great party tent!”

“No, I had to work, but I agree. It’s a great tent with all the fancy lights,” Simon said as he turned his head looking toward the tent, where a lot of the guests were gathering.

Aidan saw an opportunity and with a fast move he cupped Amanda’s breasts with his hands, while pushing his semi-hard cock into her tight backside.

Simon didn’t see anything, but Amanda gasped when she felt her nipples being tweaked by her young lover. She didn’t have time to react as Aidan’s hands in a split second were back in there previous position. She felt, how Aidan wasn’t ready to let go of her. Unconsciously she relaxed a little into Aidan’s hard chiselled body, but tried to get some control of the situation as she moved her hands up and rested on her lovers muscular arms. She had to admit to herself, that she was infatuated with her young lover and had gotten used to him taking chances around her family.

Simon turned his head back and oblivious to what had just transpired said, “Let’s find a drink, Amanda”

“Okay,” Amanda said and pulled out of Aidan’s arms.

As Simon began to walk away Aidan leaned in and whispered, “I’ll see you later, Mrs B.”

Amanda felt a tingle in her body as she followed her husband.

Soon after Aidan encountered the last of his four MILFs, Grace and Russell Powell had just arrived and Aidan took in the sight. Grace had on a silky white dress that was cut at the front so that the neckline fell and showed the tops of her luscious breasts. Even in this tasteful dress her breasts were pushed together to create a sensational cleavage. The dress hung just below her knees, showing her slim and shapely calves, and there was a slit on the right side that went up to her upper thigh. Grace’s long dark red hair fell down her back and around her shoulders, framing her beautiful face. On her slender frame her breasts looked full and round, and Aidan felt how his cock was hardening. He needed a release and soon got an opportunity.

“Oh, Russell, we forgot the present at home!” Grace said to her husband.

“That’s just great. I don’t want to go home again. Don’t you think it can wait ’till tomorrow?”

“No, we’ll have to go home and get Coby’s present. But I’ll do it. Go join your friends.” Grace replied.

“Just enjoy the party, Mr P. I’ll escort Mrs P. home,” Aidan said as he first shook Russell’s hand and then offered his arm to Grace.

“Thanks, Aidan. I appreciate it,” Russell said with a smile and had no idea that he was letting the fox into the hen house.

Grace took Aidan’s arm and soon they were walking back to her house.

Aidan leaned towards her and said, “You’re looking ravishing, Grace. You make me so hot and I have to have you.”

“But…” Grace stuttered feeling exited by her young lover’s powerful present.

“No buts. I want you and I’ll have you,” Aidan boasted.

Five minutes later the couple walked into the Powell’s house. Even before the door closed Aidan had pulled Grace into his arms and their mouths were devouring each other.

Grace felt real stirred up but also knew, they had to act fast. She wrenched her mouth from Aidan and whimpered, “We’ll have to be quick.”

Aidan pushed Grace against the wall and started to kiss her with a demanding passion. Then he got down on one knee. He lifted Grace’s dress and groaned as her white thongs became visible. He could see the wet patch on her panties. “Oh ,Mrs P, you’re already dripping wet.”

Grace hissed breath through her teeth as she grabbed his head pulling him closer. She felt how her young lover sucked her through the material of her silk thongs and her body shivered.

After some time Aidan stood up abruptly and kissed his married lover forcefully, rubbing his hard cock against her wet pussy. He lifted one of her legs up against the outside of his thigh and ran his hand up to the delicate flesh of her upper thigh. His other hand titillated her nipple through her dress. He felt it harden and beg for more. They were both panting and devouring each other’s mouths.

“I need you Aidan. I need your big cock inside me,” Grace panted, as she grounded her pussy bursa escort bayan against his hard thick shaft.

With a roar Aidan moved his hands down to Grace’s thong and ripped it away. Freeing his cock from his pants, he lifted his best friend’s mother up against the wall and with a hard shove, he thrusted his long hard pole deep inside Grace.

Grace shrieked and grabbed hold of her young lover. He made her do things she had never done before. Her worries about being caught were gone, now she was only concerned about seeking a release from her pent up emotions.

Aidan powerfucked into Grace’s sopping wet cunt. He knew they didn’t have a lot of time, so he gave it to her with long hard strokes. All the while looking deeply into her eyes until he could see the passion building and building inside of her. Her green eyes dilated and she locked her slender legs around him.

Grace’s legs were tight around her powerful young lover’s hips as he ploughed into her mercilessly. Her full breasts jiggled, their heaviness tossed to and fro by his unceasing rhythm. The feel of his cock sliding in and out, the wet sounds, the weight of her breasts heaving, the depth of his thrusts all conspired to make Grace orgasm.

Aidan grabbed her hips and rammed her down on his cock, penetrating her even deeper. Then he said, “Let go Grace. That’s it, feel how good it is, how hot you are. Feel how hard you make me, my cock is about to explode deep inside of you. Take your release, babe,” he commanded as he sucked on the side of Grace’s neck where it joined her shoulder.

Grace lost all control, throwing her head back as she came again and again on his thick cock. Her body jerked with each thrust, and her eyes were now closed, focusing on the fullness between her legs.

Aidan felt, how Grace’s pussy was contracting, squeezing him, milking him. He stiffened as load after load shot into her, finally filling her with his seed. His orgasm stretched on for a long time. Wheezing he let her go of her hips.

After some time Grace pushed her young lover away from her. She couldn’t believe what they had done.

He made her so hot, she couldn’t think about what was sensible. “You are so bad,” she said.

“We’re so bad and you love it.” Aidan replied. And continued, “We’ll have to get back.”

“I’ll have to clean up,” Grace said.

“You look fine. Use the mirror here and I’ll get the present,” Aidan said.

He turned around and picked up her torn panties and put them in his pocket. “Better get rid of them. We can’t have Mr P. to find his wife’s ripped panties and start asking question.”

Grace blushed at this.

He grinned and continued, “I also love it, when you go without. I love it even more if I know our essences are joined in your hot body.”

“Stop it,” Grace said and felt flustered, because she also loved feeling his sperm inside of her. The only problem was, she would be leaking for the rest of the day if she didn’t took care of it. But she thought she could deal with it at the party.

Minutes later Grace and Aidan join the party at the Miller mansion.

At the party Aidan mingled for some time, but kept his eyes on his four MILFs. When he noticed that Vanessa Miller went down to get some more wine in the cellar, he quickly followed her.

The music from the party upstairs was loud, which masked the sound as he came down the steps. He took in the sight of her spectacularly tight ass, as his friend’s mother was bent forward to get a bottle of wine. His cock became hard as he saw her fantastic backside thrust out and noticed the straps from the tight thong she wore through the thin fabric of her white gown. He wasted no more time, but quickly strode up behind her, and grabbed her hips and began to grind his huge bulge against her ass.

Shocked Vanessa turned her head and saw her young lover behind her. She felt how her body seeked out his hard-on, but also knew it was very dangerous. She whispered, “Please let me go Aidan. We can’t do this here and now. There are a lot of guests around us.”

Aidan just smiled at the raven haired MILF in front of him and continued to grind into her.

Vanessa moaned deeply as her body began to respond to her young lover’s advances and she reached back and gently began to caress Aidan’s bulge. Her body trembled and she knew, she couldn’t stop him, so she said, “We’ll have to be fast, baby.”

Aidan loved how she gave in and moved his hands to her luscious breasts. Her nipples were already hard and he began to gently tweak them through the thin fabric. He pulled her up against him and Vanessa moaned, as his tongue invaded her ear lobe.

Vanessa turned around and kissed Aidan passionately. Her tongue invaded her young lover’s mouth, and was soon dancing with his.

Aidan loved her response and led her over to a table. He lifted her up and laid her down and positioned his head between her slender legs.

Vanessa was really aroused and moaned as she felt his hot breath on her mound. She gave escort bursa a hiss, when she felt her virile lover ripped her white thong from her hips. “Please, baby, I’m already so close.”

Aidan lowered his mouth onto her sex and began to use his tongue to explore every inch of her moist pussy.

“Ohhh! So… goooooooooooood!” Vanessa cried as Aidan started to eat her pussy, using his tongue to tickle and caress her clit. It didn’t take long before she felt him working a thick finger deep inside of her. She moaned deeply and grabbed his head and ground it hard into her pussy, as he continued to stimulate her sopping wet pussy.

Aidan could feel his married lover tense up, so he worked another finger into her, sawing them in and out, while sucking Vanessa’s clit into his mouth.

Vanessa emitted a huge moan as she felt her climax approach. “Oh my Gooooooooooooooood, oh yeeeeeeeeeeeees…,” she cried as waves of pleasure flowed through her veins.

Aidan didn’t linger between Vanessa’s thighs. He groaned and got up and began to knead her breasts. When Vanessa came down from her climax, she moved her hands down and began to caress Aidan’s hard member.

“Let me take care of you now baby,” she said as she knelt between his legs. Vanessa pulled down the zipper of Aidan’s pants and began to gently stoke his long thick cock.

Aidan shivered as he looked deeply in his married lover’s passionate brown eyes as she opened her mouth and took the mushroom head inside. Aidan moaned from the feeling and he started to stroke her black hair, as she worshiped his cock with her mouth.

Vanessa continued to suck Aidan for some time, but he knew, they had already used to much time. So he pulled her up and laid her back down on the table. He pushed her dress up over her hips and his own pants down. The he moved in between her light brown legs and seconds later, he was sliding his hard cock into her sopping wet cunt. They moaned in unison, as his long shaft began its invasion of her pleasure hole.

“Oh, baby. Take it slow, it feels so goooooooooooood,” Vanessa moaned as she felt her strong lover stretching her insides and forcing his way deeper inside of her.

Aidan loved the sight of his married conquest in front of him, as he continued his invasion of her married pussy. Vanessa cried out as he plunged his spear deeper and deeper into her. Soon he was pounding away and he felt, how Vanessa’s pussy started to contract.

Vanessa climaxed again and Aidan let go. He hammered deep into her, and with a groan he rammed hard against her cervix as he exploded and filled her with his sperm.

After a while he moved back and smiled at Vanessa. “Fuck, you’re amazing. But we’ll have to get back to the party. I’ll take care of this,” he said as he twirled her ripped thongs around his finger before he put them in his pocket.

Vanessa blushed, but before she could say anything her young lover had left the cellar. Quickly she got herself together and went up the stairs. Nobody had realized she had been gone and soon she was in a deep conversation with some friends. She felt how Aidan’s cum was starting to slide out of her and she hurried to a toilet to take care of it.

Aidan was having fun. The party was going well, and he had already fucked two of his MILFs. When he noticed Amanda excused herself, as she had to go to the bathroom he followed her.

Amanda knew the house, so she allowed herself to use the Powell’s private bathroom adjoined the master bedroom. After peeing she sat down at the vanity to check her makeup. After freshening up, she walked over and stood in front of the full length mirror for one last look. She liked how she looked.

She hadn’t locked the door and as it open she turned around and gasped seeing her young lover letting himself in.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she exclaimed.

“I noticed, that you left the party, so I set out to find you,” Aidan grinned.

“Please go, Aidan. We can’t be seen together,” Amanda stuttered.

Aidan did say anything – he just locked the door and moved towards Amanda. He decided to take control and grabbed her arms and pushed her up against the vanity.

Amanda shivered, as she felt how strong and powerful her young lover was.

Aidan used his feet to spread Amanda’s feet apart, and then lowered himself and knelt down on the floor in front of her. He let go of Amanda and raised her white dress with the top of his head and went underneath it. He then forced his married lover’s legs even farther apart. Suddenly, without warning, he drove his mouth against her white satin thong covered mound. He was relentless. He drove his tongue and mouth against Amanda’s thong. It didn’t take long before they were soaked as he sucked on her pussy through them.

Amanda moaned and started to caress her young lover’s head.

After some time Aidan stood up and lifted the petite MILF up onto the vanity. He pushed her back and then he slid his left hand underneath her dress skirt to the satin thongs.

Amanda whimpered, as she felt her lover rubbing his strong hands against her satin covered swollen mound below. She moaned, when she felt her thongs were pushed aside and two long thick fingers were buried deep inside of her.

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