40th Birthday Present Pt. 01

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*In this first part, Callum matches with Alima on a dating app, and they discuss her threesome fantasy. Callum spends the night by himself, while Alima fantasizes with Ivan, her husband.*

After ending a 10-year monogamous relationship, I was not sure how to get back in the dating game, as much seemed to have changed, since my mid-twenties.

Ten years ago, online dating was still considered somewhat lame, but talking to my single friends, I was told it’d become the standard way to meet new people. So I installed the apps my friends suggested and gave them a try to see how things would go.

The beginning was frustrating. I was ghosted too many times, and had no feedback on what I was doing wrong. But after checking some tips online, checking again with more successful friends, updating my profile and working on my opening lines, I finally matched with a couple of women that fit my expectations.

The most interesting by far was Alima. Maybe because it was nothing overproduced, or trying too much to seem natural, her main profile photo really caught my attention. She was just sitting on the grass outside in front of a pond. I could not see what she was wearing, apart from a loose green top or dress, but there was something about her that made me feel I really needed to talk to her.

She had slightly dark olive skin and wavy hair, all black except for a streak of grey on the left side–I am not sure why, but that turned me on right away. Going down the photo, her eyes seemed to be a tone of hazel I had never seen, almost yellow. It’s not an exaggeration to say they were probably the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, but still I thought it was just due to the light. I later learnt she actually had amber eyes.

It was curious that we both used to play drums, but had stopped in our mid-twenties. We both also used to skateboard in our spare time before we’d started working. I opened the conversation mentioning how pretty her eyes were and then with a couple of questions about music, but she was very direct in her reply.


“I appreciate the questions, but I’ll be honest with you, so we don’t waste each other’s time. I have just turned 40, and I finally decided I’m going through with my fantasy of having an MFM threesome with my husband and another guy. By looking at your pictures, I think you’d be a good candidate. Have you done something like this before, and are you up to it? Just to be clear, I’m looking for someone to join my husband in having sex with me, not to have sex with him.”

I’d be lying if I said I had never fantasized about a threesome where the two guys are just there to serve the woman, but I never thought about actually going through with it. And even if I really wanted to have a threesome, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have happened with my ex-wife. Then again, I was 35 and had lived a pretty vanilla life so far. I guess this was a good opportunity to shake things up in life a little.

“I’ve never done it, but always wondered how it would be like, so I’m in,” I answered on a whim.

We called each other, talked for a while to arrange a date the following Friday, so we could know each other a little better. I suggested, and she agreed to, a restaurant with a small but varied menu, good wine and a great bartender. As her husband would not be joining us, we would have no problem getting a table for two, even if we just showed up there at the time. In any case, I made the reservation online while we talked to guarantee we could sit in a corner more isolated from the other tables to have a more private conversation.


After we hung up, I started checking online forums to understand what to expect on a threesome from a non-porn point of view. There was a mix of horror and success stories. And, at each horror story, I felt like calling her again and cancelling the date, but I decided to go through with it. Maybe we wouldn’t get along and not meet again after the first time anyway, but at least I was going out and trying to meet someone new.

As I was going deep in the threesome rabbit hole, my phone buzzed with a message from Alima. She sent me a link to a video and a text message.

“We’re watching this video now, and I thought you’d like to see it too ;)”

The video started at a nightclub where a woman dances and makes out with two guys. It then cuts to the next morning when the three of them wake up on the couch. She gets out of her blue dress, still wearing high heels–very unrealistic, but I admit very hot. Both men are still passed out on the couch in their underpants, and she takes the initiative to wake them up by kissing one and then the other. Soon enough, they are all naked, and she starts sucking them. After some of this foreplay, they alternate between her pussy and mouth until they get to a double penetration.

“This looks really hot. How did you find this video?” Ugh. I’m terrible at texting and just wished she wouldn’t want to sext right now. I was also thankful that we had already talked and arranged kaçak iddaa to meet. If I depended on my texts, I don’t think I’d ever get a date.

“Oh, I wrote this app that randomizes sex activities for us to do if we’re not feeling creative

“Tonight it gave us this video to watch

“We did choose the video category tho, for obvious reasons

“Talk to you on Friday

“Hope you enjoy the video ;)”


As I finished reading her texts, I went into another threesome rabbit hole, but instead of reading forums, I watched suggested video after suggested video while masturbating. I never had a specific ritual to masturbate, as it had just been something mechanical to me.

And that night it was not something I had planned on doing, but receiving that video I took off my clothes in bed and turned to my side. As the recommended videos got more extreme, I just went back to the original one Alima had sent and would just go close to finishing and then stop.

I had read about edging, but I had left my parents’ house to live with roommates to living with my ex-wife. And at each of these households I could only masturbate in a shared bathroom. Every time I took a little longer in there someone would come knock at the door, so I would just open a random picture on my phone or a magazine, if anything at all, and rush to a silent orgasm.

But that night I realized I did not have to rush at all, I did not need to lock myself in the bathroom and rush. I could take my time and hopefully enhance the pleasure. After a few stops, I finally finished on a tissue while the double penetration scene was playing on the phone screen.

Masturbation had been fun and fine before, but that night it became something more. Even if I never met Alima in person, or even talked to her again, I had this experience to thank her for.

I forgot about the forums and put on some music to fall asleep. With my eyes closed, I also realized that it was the first time since the divorce I had not thought of my ex-wife while I masturbated.


At the same time, about eight blocks away, Alima and Ivan were watching the same video together lying in bed, her right hand on his hair and his left hand caressing her naked butt.

Slowly he moved his hand towards her pussy to see how aroused she was, and felt he could put two fingers in her with no foreplay, but that would have been very unusual of him. Without turning the video off, he started kissing her neck, moving her hair to the left side of her head. Kissing Alima’s neck on the left side worked better to put her in the mood, but he didn’t need it that time, and he would go back after touring the rest of her body with his mouth.

His kisses went down her back and by the time he reached her butt, she had put the phone on the nightstand and the video was just providing background noise for them. Taking his time with her, going around her butt, licking the fold of her buttocks, getting close to her already pulsating ass and pussy, but never touching them. He then moved down her body on her left leg, still kissing, licking and lightly biting her, then coming back up from her right leg, pausing briefly to prop her hips up and lick her pussy for a few seconds.

He turned her around, still moving up with his kisses on her belly and bites on her nipples to which she moaned. Reaching the left side of her neck, it felt like she was ready to explode.

They had already left the toy box out and while he kissed her, she took the medium butt plug and the bottle of lube, handing them to Ivan.

“Take your position,” he said while holding the toy she chose.

She got up and turn her back to him, bending over by the side of the bed. Standing next to Alima, Ivan put a generous amount of lube on his index finger and slid it inside her pussy first. He definitely would not need the lube for this, and simply slid his middle finger in her as well. When he started to remove them, she moved further back, as if she didn’t want to let go of the sensation. Holding her by the hips into place, he started taking the fingers in and out of her pussy, watching for her reaction.

When he felt she would have an orgasm just with that, he took his fingers out and put the index inside her ass. This time he did not bother putting lube as it was wetter than when it went into her. Moving his index around, he applied lube to his middle finger and inserted both together, stretching her enough to receive the toy.

Once it felt she was ready, he applied lube to the butt plug and inserted it slowly in her ass, rotating while he put it in. She gasped and was shaking slightly when it was in. They had been doing that for the past eight years, and she’d always have that reaction whenever he inserted a toy in her ass. And that would always bring a smile to Ivan’s face.

Alima sat on the corner of the bed and Ivan knelt in front of her. Kissing her legs, he used his right hand to make her lie down. With the plug still in place, he started kissing her pussy, licking her kaçak bahis clitoris slowly at first. Without stopping caressing and grabbing her breasts and belly with his right hand, he used the left hand to slowly remove and reinsert the butt plug. The first time he went down on her while using toys, he wasn’t sure he enjoyed the taste of the silicone. But the way she seemed to enjoy it was so hot to him that he’d quickly accepted and even enjoyed that taste.

As she relaxed more and more, he increased the rhythm of the plug thrusting, while also going faster with his tongue according to the cues she’d give with her moans and by the way she’d grab his head. A stroke on the nape of his neck meant she needed stimulation on her clitoris. If she rubbed his hand, she needed a few seconds to recover. As her hands approached his forehead, he would go down to her vulva, licking and lightly biting it. And then there were surprises he would not tell her he did, like spelling her name in Arabic script with his tongue. Once he did that, she had an orgasm within a couple of minutes, as usual.

While she was recovering from the orgasm, Ivan lifted her legs up and took the plug out. Putting it aside, he grabbed the toy box and picked up the bigger plug, the one that vibrated and rotated.

“Are you ready for this one?”

“I’m always ready for it.”

Using a good amount of lube, slowly and steadily, he inserted three fingers in her ass this time. As she relaxed, he would go deeper in her. Once she could take them all with ease, he put lube on the plug and inserted it, feeling her ass grabbing it at every inch as it would go inside. This one was slightly smaller and thinner than Ivan’s cock, and they would only use it when they had bigger plans for the night.

“You owe me a blowjob now. And I want to finish in your mouth while you’re wearing this plug.”

It was Alima’s time to go down on her knees while Ivan sat on the corner of the bed. His cock was rock hard, and she started by licking the head slowly, cleaning the pre-cum that was already dripping. She then put it into her mouth and took it out in a rhythmical movement, keeping her lips as shut as possible and never putting more than the cock’s tip inside.

This would, in turn, drive Ivan insane, and he grabbed her by the hair, forcing the shaft into her mouth until she could not take it anymore. He’d take it out and put it back in, advancing deeper each time. And each time she would add slight variations to her technique: sticking her tongue so it would lick the cock, rotating her head a little to each side. Until she knew he would not last much longer and moved her mouth away.

Moving around his body, she started licking his groin, balls, and perineum. Going back up, she would put his balls into her mouth. Ivan moaned and groaned, wanting to cum in her mouth while wishing this would never end.

She was ready to make him cum and moved her tongue from his balls along his shaft, reaching the head again, using the pre-cum to help push his cock down her throat. He was ready to cum and turned on the rotation on the dildo, which would turn her on so much she would make Ivan cum soon enough.

“I’m coming”, he warned within a couple of minutes.

And with that she put all of his cock inside her mouth and felt his hot cum exploding in her throat. Once he’d finished, she lied down next to him in bed, so they could both enjoy their orgasms.

“Are you done for good?”

“Why do you ask?”

“You turned off the plug. Are you going to take it out?”

“Unless you want me to, I was not planning on it. I was just going to leave it off for the few minutes I need to recover.”

“Good! I could use a few minutes too.”

“I love the way you suck my cock when you have a dildo shoved inside you.”

“You know it turns me on to think I’m sucking you while getting fucked. Which brings the question, are you really sure you want to go through with this? I can cancel it any time. You used the safe word not long after we met with Chris, and I don’t want you to go through with it if you don’t want to.”

“I’m totally sure. I told I called it off because Chris was an asshole to me as soon as you left the room, and made some rude comments on the music and food we had put in place. So much so that he did not take it very well when we told him we were done for the night. I think we dodge a bullet there.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I guess I blocked that he’d spent the following days sending messages trying to meet up with me again without you.”

“And you’re forgetting here that we did have sex in front of Ben, and we’d probably fuck you together if he hadn’t gone away.”

“And you’re sure you were not jealous and could see him fuck me?”

“I’m not sure what you want me to say, Ali. I told you before that I was cool with it. You have been with guys before, and it does not bother me, so why should it bother me when we’re together. I’m happy you trust me enough to tell me that’s what you want and trust me to be with you.”

“Thank illegal bahis you. I always wanted to try it, but wouldn’t want to do that without you being by my side now that we’re together. I’m glad this is something you wanted to try too.”

“Go on your date on Friday and see if you and Callum get along first. If it works out, we’ll book the hotel room. Worst case, if any of us backs out, we’ll have a relaxing weekend together.”

Ivan smiled at Alima, and they stopped talking, spending some time just looking at each other.


“So, what will you want to do, having two cocks for yourself?”

“Ooof. I think I’d start easy, stroking each of you on the couch. First separately and then if I feel greedy I’d take one in each hand”, and she placed her right hand on Ivan’s hardening cock, stroking it lightly.

“Then I’d suck each cock, alternating them in my mouth until you can hardly wait to fuck me.”

Ivan could only moan and groan each time she’d pull her hands.

“When that happens, I’d have one of you enter my dripping pussy, so I can use the other cock in my mouth and hands. Do you have a preference on which end you’d like to be in?”

She tugged Ivan’s cock hard. And he could barely speak.

“I-I think I’d rather be… in your hands and mouth at the beginning.”

“Hmmm, so I would suck your cock, swallowing all of it while I take another one deep inside my pussy.

“And when we are all ready, I’d get the biggest cock in my pussy and the other one can get inside my ass at the same time. It’s fun with toys and all, and I think it will be better with the real thing.”

Ivan’s cock was rock hard again and dripping, and Alima’s pussy was soaking, ready for him to enter her. They could not take it anymore when Alima stopped stroking him.

“I think you had all the minutes you needed. I know I had.”

With the butt plug still in place, Alima climbed on top of Ivan and started kissing him again, alternating his chest and his mouth.

“For today, though, I’ll take what’s available. And since your cock is bigger than this dildo, you get my pussy while you feel my ass vibrating.” She took the remote control from his hand and easily slid his dick into her.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to last much long like this, Ali.”

Little by little until she could feel the whole of him inside her pussy and with each soft thrust she felt the toy. Ivan knew he had to give her a minute to get used to the sensation — and he also needed some time, as the feeling of the silicone against his cock from the wall of her ass was strong enough to make him cum within a few seconds if he was not concentrating.

She started increasing the rhythm, moving her hips to feel him filling her completely with the toy. She loved that feeling and sometimes wished she would always have sex while plugged on both ends.

Ivan started moving on her rhythm after a while, which increased the intensity of the thrusting. It took him a lot of concentration to not have another orgasm before her, but luckily for him, she didn’t take too long to have her second orgasm of the night.

“Thank you for holding. You’ll get your reward soon.”

While still thrusting his cock in her, she turned on the vibration on the butt plug and knew it wouldn’t be long until Ivan followed her. He firmly took Alima from the top of him and turned her around, making her lie on her belly.

“You did a lot of work already. Now it’s my turn.”

Without changing the rhythm, he started moving on top of her, holding her neck and hitting the base of the plug with his hips while fucking her. Alima loved getting double penetrated with the toy and his dick. And in this position, her favourite, she could feel the plug getting a little deeper at the same time his cock entered her.

He could not resist the vibration and pressure against his cock coming from inside her, and within just a few minutes he came again, just collapsing on top of Alima before he could do anything else.

They lied down naked, napping for about an hour, after which Ivan got up to drink water. On his way back to the bedroom, he carefully removed the plug from Alima’s ass so they could cuddle naked and continue sleeping. She moaned and groaned a little when he took the dildo out, but did not wake up.


By the time they were done, I was asleep in my bed after the best masturbation session of my life. Before that, I thought that would be one of those nights when the mix of anxiety and excitement would keep waking me up throughout the night, and I was never happier to be wrong. After I fell asleep, I did not wake up until the alarm went off to go to work.

The next morning I texted Alima to thank her for the video suggestion, and tell her I liked it, which was not a lie. While I hardly ever enjoy porn, I really appreciated that the actress just looked like someone I could meet on the street. It was also nice to see how everyone on the scene seemed to enjoyed it, even if everything was very exaggerated.

I also confirmed our date and was looking forward to meeting her. She just sent a quick reply and mentioned she was busy at work that week, but we’d see each other at the restaurant on Friday.

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