A Boating Life Pt. 01

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Adriana Chechik

My wife and I are both 50 and been married 27 years. We don’t have kids due to issues with my wife’s reproductive system. We made peace with it years ago and moved along with our lives. As we went through our early 30’s, we were exposed to the swinging lifestyle, through a friend of ours. Since then, our sex lives have traveled in a multitude of directions.

We have taken part in swinging, swapping, 3-ways, 4-ways, full on gangbangs and voyeurism. We both greatly enjoy when my wife fucks black men. She loves to talk dirty about how her pussy feels while being filled up by big black cocks. More recently, we’ve been satisfying our penchant in having sex with the younger crowd. By younger, I mean anywhere from 18-22. The young guys really dig the attention they get from a MILF like Shelly (my wife). And she loves the attention she gets from the younger guys. The same goes for me with the girls, but she’s way more successful in her accomplishments. I’m ok with it, because I end up joining in or fucking her afterwards.

My wife is aging well and has dark black hair with very soft streaks of grey. She goes about 5′-4″ tall and about 130 lbs. Her full C-cup boobs are still holding their shape and haven’t given in to gravity yet, but have the right amount of sag. She can go braless and does so frequently. Having never given birth, helps too. She keeps in good shape by using our home gym several times per week. Don’t get me wrong, she is no Barbie doll, but aging quite nicely. She has all the wrinkles, creases and sags that a 50-year-old woman should have.

She loves to wear tight and revealing clothing and her admirers are very appreciative. She regularly wears spaghetti strap tops with no bra or something with deep cleavage and braless as well. She has very sexy laugh lines and just the slightest sexy wrinkles, sags and creases. Her ass still looks good in daisy dukes or short gym shorts. Her pussy is the only thing that really shows the mileage. She has these huge wrinkled brown cunt flaps that look like slices of roast beef. Her pussy muscles are still insanely tight, but those meat flaps are the center piece of the pussy buffet spread.

I’m still holding ok at 6′ and 190 lbs. I keep my salt and pepper hair short and have been blessed with a 7″ cock and good staying power. I only hit the gym enough to keep the beer belly away. I have the ability to produce multiple cum shots during a marathon sex session. We host an amateur porn site in which we post videos of our sexual adventures. We have a pretty good following and sometimes even take requests. The interracial videos are the thing that gets the most hits. People are absolutely addicted to watching white wives getting fucked by black men in high quality amateur footage. Especially when the husband is in the background of the video watching from a distance. Getting into sex with the younger crowd actually came from a 19-year-old admirer of Shelly’s.

He joined our site and watched all her videos and wanted to know if he was too young to be a participant. After some communication back and forth, she was more than pleased with his appearance and invited him to join us on our boat. She basically gave him a private tryout and he hit a homerun. After that, he agreed to fuck her while being recorded in one of the videos. He was an instant sensation. We started getting more requests for us to make more videos using the teeny bopper genre and things progressed from there.

Since then, we have really come to love this age group. They may not have the most experience in the world, but they sure have the enthusiasm and vigor. And the attractive and firm young bodies are a huge turn on also. Shelly really loves the boys who just freshly turned 18. There is something so seductive and naughty about it that really gets her going. Seeing her get turned on, really fires me up too, so it certainly benefits both of us.

Shelly is the head of the marketing department at a big advertising agency. I retired a few years ago, from the Atlanta Fire Dept. I now own and operate my own custom home building business. We live part way between the city and Lake Lanier. My wife loves animals, so we bought 5 acres and we have a horse, cow, pigmy goats, piglets and chickens. The animals are more like pets, we don’t use any of them for food, we just love having them around. Our house is simple but we made sure to add a pool, which we use almost daily, in order to combat the heat in southern Georgia. Our primary means of fun is our boat which we keep at Lake Lanier. We have a 2015 Formula 40PC which is a 40′ cabin cruiser. We stay on it most all weekend long and party hard with our other boating friends. Some are into the crazy sex life like ours, others are not, so we sort of have 2 different groups of boating friends. We will spend our weekends at a specific cove based on whether or not we’re going to have some serious sex action.

Our hardcore boating season pretty much starts with spring break. Boating on Lake Lanier is nothing more than a mersin escort party waiting to happen. The last few years, we have both taken several days off and spend it on our boat throughout the week of spring break. Our boat is pretty much a floating motorhome. We can stay on it comfortably for a full week if we want. We’ve even had other couples stay with us for overnighters, which usually means that craziness ensues. Spring Break is no exception. It’s a hot spot for the young crowd, which we are greatly enjoying.

Our plan was to hang out all day in Coconut Cove (the big party cove), then anchor up a few coves over, for the night time. Coconut Cove is about the size of a football field and about 4′ deep. The water is crystal clear and the bottom is super soft and sandy. Boats raft up in long rows, like aisles in a parking lot.

So, we rafted our boat up next to a long line of others. Some of them are our swinging friends and some we just meet as we go. Rafting is when you tie up boats side by side and they are connected by rope into one big long line of boats. We can hop from boat to boat in order to visit friends who are few boats away, or vice versa. We cook on the grill and make daiquiri’s in my frozen daiquiri machine, which I custom built for the boat. It didn’t take long for Shelly and me to make some friends. It was a group of 2 guys and 2 girls, with all 4 of them being quite attractive. They’re all 18 or 19, which means they’re fresh meat. Shelley and I had been sitting on our swim platform with our feet dangling in the water. The 4 of them were putting by in a dinghy and we just started talking. Next thing you know, they are partying on our boat with us. The music is blaring, the bodies are getting hot and sweaty and the daiquiris are flowing. I don’t let anybody get drunk on my boat, but keep their cups just full enough to maintain a good buzz.

This cove is one in which adults know better than to bring their young children. Various levels of sexual activity are happening in many of the surrounding boats, so we aren’t drawing any unnecessary attention to ourselves. As I said, the action was heating up very shortly after their arrival. They seemed to know what was coming, and they didn’t waste any time getting into it. I was sandwiched between the girls while dancing, and Shelley was in the same spot between the boys. Hot tanned sweaty bodies were gliding against each other, setting the tone for the rest of the afternoon.

The girls couldn’t be any more opposite. LeeAnn was tall and leggy with large C-cup boobs and platinum blonde hair. She had broad athletic shoulders and long shapely swimmer’s legs. She was wearing a navy blue and yellow Corona Beer string bikini. Murph was a tiny little thing at maybe 5′ tall and no more than a hundred lbs., with virtually no boobs at all. She was sporting a halter top style bikini which had Budweiser logos all over it. Her physical size and her shiny braces, really gave her a younger look, that was totally hot. They both had sported an array of various tattoos and body piercings, which I find very appealing and sexy.

The guys were both in the 6′ range and maybe about 170 each and built very well. I have to admit, they were both strikingly handsome. I was so engrossed in my own little world, I never even knew the guy’s names. But they jumped at the chance to be with my wife and she was happy to offer herself up for their pleasure. For some unknown reason, the girls were drawn to me with more excitement than I thought possible. We got started with some hot and heavy kissing, but there was no alternating between kissing them, they went right in for the 3-way kiss. They had no qualms about their tongues touching each other’s, so that intrigued me a lot. This obviously isn’t their 1st time together, and that thought made my cock twitch.

For about an hour, it was pretty much just a sweaty dancing grope and grab. Our boat has a huge U-shaped sofa in the back, so I took out the table from the middle and had extra room on the soft carpeted floor. We have a full canvas package, so we’re in the shade the whole time, but it was still quite warm out. Once I saw that things were going to happen for sure, I signaled over to my buddy Tom in the boat next to me. Several of us take turns videotaping our sexual encounters and then posting them on our website. Since I was a participant this time, Tom was more than willing to take a turn shooting video. It didn’t faze our guests at all, and they approved as if it were an everyday thing.

Shelly was sitting on the couch with a boy on either side of her. She alternated back and forth between kissing them. Her legs were spread and draped over each of the boy’s laps. One boy had his hand down the front of her bikini bottoms, finger fucking her pussy, while the other was taking liberties with her succulent firm boobs as their tongues wrestled aggressively.

The one kid looked at me and smiled as if he hit the lottery.

“Jeeze mister, your wife sure is hot. Thanks for letting escort mersin us do this stuff with her.”

His buddy chimed in.

“And I love those braces too, man. Makes her extra sexy.”


My wife and I are high school sweethearts. Her braces were the 1st thing that I noticed about her, the rest just fell into place. I have a fetish for braces, which I verbally shared after we had been together for about a year. Despite the fact that her treatment was no longer needed, she convinced her parents to let her keep them through her 1st year of college, allowing me to get off a little bit. Needless to say, I wasn’t the only 1 who love them. Guys hit on her all the time.

One day, we finally agreed that it was time for them to come off. It was a sad day and deep down I wished she had kept them. At some point in our late 40’s, she saw how attracted I was to a couple of her friends, also in their late 40’s, both of whom had braces. She surprised me with getting hers put back on again. It was purely to satisfy my sexual fetish. Again, she gets a lot of attention from other men who have the same fetish. As it turns out, the young boys seem to like them too.

“Glad you’re having fun with my wife gentlemen. Enjoy your visit.”

She was jerking them off as their shorts had been removed rather quickly. They both were sporting some decent wood, which she came to enjoy greatly. Her hands rapidly jerked them up and down, making their ball sacks bounce around wildly. The girls were really into the kiss. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of aggressiveness they exhibited. Not only were their hands all over me, but they were openly and comfortably groping each other.

I didn’t take long before I had a finger in each pussy at the same time. Neither hesitated as I trailed my hands down to their crotches. They just spread their legs and gave me the green light. They were both juiced up already, but I was very happy to feel how tight their PC muscles are. The boys and Shelly had all stood up and were undressing each other. Seeing their young hands exploring her sexy mature body created a great deal of arousal within me and my cock hardened even more. After another couple moments, the girls stopped

With me looking on inquisitively, they looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

“Rock, paper scissors?”

“You’re on.”

I was lost on the moment but watched them play. On the count of 3, LeAnn displayed the paper, and Murph’s fist was balled up as a rock. They turned back to me and LeAnn spoke in a commanding tone.

“Okay old man, on your back. I’m gonna ride your face and Murph is gonna ride your cock.”

I was stunned by her boldness and my mind didn’t process fast enough. She gave me an elbow in the ribs and snapped her fingers. The look on her face told me that I better get moving so I didn’t bother replying. She tugged my shorts off, allowing my 7″ aching cock to spring free and dropped to the floor on my back. LeeAnn’s eyes were wide with anticipation while Murph licked her lips.

“Nice package for an old guy. Hope it works as well as it looks.”

“No problem there girls. Hope you enjoy it.”

LeeAnn didn’t bother taking off her bikini bottoms, she just slid the material aside. A nice meaty pussy appeared which was the base for her sexy pierced clit. Love it. She stayed standing upright, but straddled my head, while she wiggled her hips back and forth, giving me a nasty show. I also noticed that she was also maneuvering the bottoms of her partner’s bikini bottoms. Her bald camel toe pussy slit was just as scrumptious. They both danced over top of me for a moment or so, just making me crave contact with their beautiful cunts. LeeAnn was definitely the ring leader.

“Ok shorty, time for business. Squat down and put that cock in your cooch.”

Tiny little Murph proceed to straddle my hips and squat down. She mashed her meaty vulva meat down on my cock, which was flat against my abdomen. She ran her moist slit up and down my length. She just shimmied her hips to and fro, getting herself off with my cock as the toy. I could feel her pussy juice lubing us up and after a few minutes of self stimulation, she changed it up.

She grabbed my cock and aimed towards her smooth bald pussy. She gasped as my knob touched her sensitive entrance and just barely put my knob inside her opening. My hands instinctively when to her hips, but she didn’t allow me to pull her down. She wanted to set the pace, so I allowed her. Her pussy was warm and wet, but pleasingly tight. It took several up and down thrusts before I was balls deep. The warmth and tightness of her pussy muscles squeezed my cock with a vice like grip. Then, she settled down onto her knees in a true cowgirl style position.

“Aw, fuck yeah baby. His cock is filling me up.”

My hands were on her tiny waist and her hands were on top of mine, with our fingers interlaced. She began to work on some long slow up and down strokes, while LeeAnn mersin escort bayan bent over to kiss her. They French kissed as if they have been doing it forever. These 2 young hotties certainly didn’t have a shy bone in their bodies. After a few long slow full length thrusts, I felt Murph’s pussy juice dripping down my balls. That caused me to groan out loud.

“Feels good, doesn’t it old man?”

“Fuck yes it does little honey.”

“You love fuckin young girls, mister? And how about your slutty wife over there. She’s jerkin off our boyfriends. You guys are into some kinky shit now, aren’t you?”

“Let’s just say we like a …variety… of stuff.”

The girls looked at each other and giggled. After another few moments of watching them kiss from below, LeAnn straddled my head and then smashed her equally bald and smooth pussy right down on my face. She instantly started grinding her hips and was using my face to get herself off. I jammed my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could and I felt her body tighten and she groaned in response. Her pussy was wonderfully sweet and incredibly wet and tight. I could even feel how tight her muscles were around my tongue.

Again, I was overwhelmingly satisfied and surprised at how enthusiastic these girls are. They are flat out using me as their fuck toy. Although I can’t see, I’m hearing equally appreciative moans and groans coming from the other side of the couch. My wife is quite aggressive in her own right, so I’m envisioning a wild cougar in heat. It’s obvious that her mouth is full of teenage cock right now, as per the sounds of her slurping and muffled gasps.

I had one hand wrapped around LeeAnn’s waist, pulling her pelvis down tighter on my face. I had my other hand gripping the slight curve of Murph’s waist, assisting her while she bounced up and down on my cock like a pogo stick. I surprised LeeAnn by lifting her pelvis slightly and running my tongue across her wrinkled and puckered butthole.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk. He just licked my asshole sis. Goddddd that felt good.”

Did she just say sis as in sisters? No fuckin way. But her approval of my tongue in her ass just made me go for more, so I did my best to tongue fuck her asshole. I alternated using the tip of my tongue to tease her sphincter ring and then using my tongue flat, in order to maximize the stimulating contact. I felt her body shudder a few times due to the intense overload on her nerves.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk that feels good old man. Keep licking my asshole. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…”

That only lasted for another moment, when Murph called out.


LeeAnn was quick to reply.

“I call topside.”

“Bullshit, you Amazonian fuck slut, I called it so I get to choose.”

“No fucking way. You already have his cock inside you. It’s my turn.”

They weren’t seriously arguing, but it was playful banter. Either way, it’s a great feeling to have a pair of sexy hot 18-year-old sluts fighting to fuck me. A quick shot of sadness coursed through my body as Murph lifted herself off my cock and LeeAnn dismounted my face. But those feelings were quickly replaced by the sight before me. My wife was on all 4’s on the couch. Her sweaty and tanned 50-year-old body was being fucked doggy style by 1 boy, while she greedily sucked off the other boy who was sitting on the bench seat. He was giving her pussy a vicious pounding while her dangling boobs swayed to and fro. The girls noticed too.

“Jeeze sis, your boyfriend actually looks like he knows what he’s doing, fuckin that hot old lady.”

They both giggled as the both boys gave very grateful smiles. My cock was hard as ever seeing these handsome studs fill my wife’s pussy and mouth spit roast style. The satisfied look on her face and the muffled moans and groans, told me how much she was relishing the action. I couldn’t help but think how lucky both of us are to be in this situation right now. How many wives do you know who are this willing to have this kinda fun in a marriage? It just gets better all the time.

I was on my knees after getting up and LeeAnn knelt next to me. She stuffed her tongue deep in my mouth as if she were trying to choke me to death. Again, I was really satisfied with how sexually assertive both girls are. This is a dream meeting come true. Her hand grabbed my cock and began to jerk me off. She stopped kissing and watched herself yank my cock.

“Nice chunk of wood you got for an old guy. I can’t wait to get this thing inside me. Sure hope you know how to use it.”

My wife was quick to reply in my favor as her mouth popped off her boy toy’s rigid member.

“Trust me honey, you won’t be disappointed. It’ll be worth your time.”

“Alrighty then, let’s get a move on old man.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Murph assume her position on her back on the floor. LeeAnn quickly stopped jerking me and crawled over top of her sister. I was pretty sure LeeAnn said ‘sis’ a moment ago, but decided to confirm.

“Sisters, right?”

LeeAnn answered.

“Yep. LeeAnn and Thelma Murphy. Nice to meet you mister. You can see why my older sister goes by Murph instead. No girl our age wants to be called Thelma. But our family is from ‘Hickville’, so it is what it is.”

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