A Chance Encounter

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I walked into the local Starbucks to get my Saturday morning vanilla latte. The line was a bit longer than usual. As I walked up, I noticed the person in front of me was a young woman propped up by a pair of underarm crutches. I smiled and felt a stirring under my pants as my cock started to stiffen. I enjoyed the view for only a few moments until I felt bad for her. She would need a barista to deliver her order to her table, which would slow down the line.

I figured I should do the chivalrous thing and offer to carry her drinks. I spoke up “Excuse me Miss.”

She awkwardly hopped to turn around. Her skirt shifted, and her casted left foot stuck out from under the folds of fabric. The hot pink fiberglass peeking out made my cock throb in delight. She exclaimed, “Oh! Sorry!” She hopped on her good foot off to the side.

Oh my god! I thought I caught the flash of metal braces on her teeth as she talked! She’s in her mid-20’s with braces! I would much rather look at her as I waited, but I had to do the right thing. “No, I just wondered if you wanted me to carry your order to your table, so you could take weight off of your leg. I know crutches can be challenging.”

She smiled gratefully, flashing that brilliantly braced smile. She had a playful pink splash of color on each tooth. I beamed, taking it in. She said “Oh yes! Crutches are so much harder than they look! Thank you! I’ll just be over there.” The sight of elastics ostim escort stretching as she thanked me inspired my cock to harden. I hoped nobody noticed it making a tent in my pants.

The young lady planted her crutches and swung through. She was confident and graceful. She was experienced in using crutches, and had plenty of talent. We were stuck in tight quarters, and she was doing great winding her way over to an empty table. Watching her crutch was like a sensual dance to the repeated “Clack! Clack!” beat of the crutches. The young lady finally leaned her crutches against the table before plopping down with a sigh of relief. She hefted her leg up and propped it on a chair with a delightful “thunk.” Oh my god! Her knee didn’t bend! Her cast went all the way up her leg!

The line just couldn’t move fast enough! I placed her order and my own, then scurried to the table as fast as I could without spilling anything. She had her left leg propped up on a chair, with her toes peeking out from the restrictive cocoon of the cast. I wanted to massage those little piggies and feel the rigid fiberglass in my hands so badly! That hot pink cast was such erotic invitation!

I set her Pumpkin Spice Latte down in front of her, and meekly asked “Mind if I join you?” My inner voice was begging, “Oh please! Please! If there is a god, have her say, ‘Yes!'”

She stammered, “Oh! Uh. Sure!” My inner voice screamed in ankara otele gelen escort exhilaration. She introduced herself, “I’m Amy.”

I replied “I’m Pete. It’s nice to meet you.” For once, I said this with the utmost of sincerity; being with a casted and braced lady was a thrilling treat!

I took the seat opposite her, and she apologized, “Sorry for the leg. The doctor says to keep it elevated.”

My inner voice replied, “Thank you for presenting the cast for all to enjoy! I love it!” Thankfully what came out of my mouth was “Oh, not a problem at all! What happened?”

Amy told the story of breaking her Achilles Tendon while doing some stair stepping exercise. I smiled and nodded politely, stealing glances at the rigid leg so tantalizingly close by. Her pink and silver smile flashed as she spoke. Her elastics stretched back and forth, pulling on the braces with every word. I was in heaven!

As Amy grabbed the cup to take a drink, she stopped and reached up to her mouth. “Oh Sorry! I know this looks rude.” She reached into her mouth and quickly unsnapped the elastics. “I forgot I had them in!”

My cock was aching as it pressed against my pants, trying to burst forth. I smiled. “I understand. I think your braces matching your cast is very cute! It is tremendously brave of you to have braces at your age. How has it been?” With my hormones raging, Amy could do no wrong, and ankara rus escort I would do anything to keep her talking!

As we drank, Amy talked about her family being too poor to afford braces when she was younger. Amy never liked her smile, so now that she is on her own, she will spend the money to fix it. Reactions from friends and co-workers has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

As Amy finished the last dregs, I asked “So how do those rubber bands go in?” I knew damn well how they went in, but it seemed like a great lead-in for a show!

Amy perked up “Oh! Thanks for the reminder! Yeah! They need to go back in!” She pulled out a bag of bands, and plucked two from the bag. She showed them to me. “These are the bands. They are quite tiny.” Amy pulled her cheek back, showing me a brilliant panorama of the side of her braces. She continued on the erotic show and tell. “If you look closely, I have these little hooks on my braces. I need to loop the elastic over this hook…” She caught the band on a prong from one of her lower molars before continuing “Over this one…” Amy stretched it over a gleaming prong jutting out from her upper canine, “And then down here.” She ended the triangle on a hook on a lower canine before opening and closing her jaw, showing off the delightful elastic stretching and pulling. “And the identical thing on the other side.” She turned to flash her dental jewelry again. She presented a complete view as she looped the elastic on a bottom hook, over the top. She pinched one bit of the elastic to pull down to the other bottom hook to complete the triangle, then smiled.

My cock was twitching after watching the best braces display I had ever seen. Damn I wanted her!

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