A Foot Dream

18 Temmuz 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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I had a dream about you last night. It was a foot dream. I think your facebook friend request sparked my imagination while thinking of the past.

You really were quite a hateful, bullying, bitch to me in high school. Of course, I hated you for it, but that didn’t do anything to abate the feelings and thoughts I had about you and your large athletic feet. My hormones were too very powerful.

In my dream, I walked into a house confidently. Apparently, it was my house. As I entered the front, I could already hear you. But not clearly. It was very muffled and incoherent. When I found the room you were in, my dream self was not the least bit surprised to find you gagged and bound to a suspended X-frame. Completely clothed, struggling for release. Decked out in workout gear; tight little tank, sweats, and worn out sneakers.

The fear in your eyes was evident. Though, I could tell, this was the first time since your bondage that you had seen my face. That look of recognition gave way to relief. How cute. You thought I was there to help you. Silly girl.

“How are you liking your accommodations?”

Fear took over your eyes again. It was apparent to me now that I had somehow kidnapped you and trussed you up.

I reached out a hand and ran my fingers over the tip of your shoe. “I think we’ll just get started.”

My fingers found their way up to the laces and began untying. kaçak iddaa By the look on your face and the muffled groan of disgust, I gathered that my dream self had imagined you to be terribly embarrassed by what your feet would smell like after that workout and, no telling how long you had continued to don those worn out sneakers.

The laces were undone, and the shoes slipped easily from your socked feet. I wasted no time in burying my nose into the toes of your still damp socks. My nostrils were invaded and treated to a most magnificent odor. My mind exploded in colors as I moaned in pleasure and you groaned again in disgust.

Your toe wiggling in a vain attempt to pull away from my hungry nose did nothing but excite me further, just feeling your foot moving just beneath that thin fabric against my face was very stimulating.

“My, my. You have an exquisite scent; a wonderful foot stink.” My nose dove in for another sweet sniff.

“I think, my beautiful captive, it is time to move on to BARE feet. Don’t you agree?” Your shaking head and muffled “huh-uh” only encouraged me further.

Ceremoniously, I slowly peeled the sock halfway down, then tugged from the toe end to remove the offending material. The feet I saw were definitely from my memories of your flip-flop dangling temptations from school. Pristine, smooth, pink flesh.

I ran a single finger down the center of kaçak bahis one foot just to sample the buttery soft moist flesh presented to me. Your breath caught, and I saw your leg tense as your foot slowly curled, pointing those cute unpainted toes right at me. It would seem my dream self had instilled a keen sense of “tickle” in your feet. An added bonus.

Oh, and the wrinkles that did appear. Magnificent sight. So tempting, I began to salivate as a smile widened across my face. I could hold back no longer. My face drew near and I made sure to plant my nose just under the toes and nuzzled there. This time, with bare foot flesh against my face, the smell did even more to arouse me.

That first sniff elicited a moan of pleasure from me, and my tongue immediately darted out to taste the salty sweaty flesh. Then, I couldn’t stop it from greedily lapping at the delicious skin of the soles of your feet.

It started as a tense leg and curled foot to a jiggling leg and wriggling foot. The accompanying giggles were music to my ears. My tongue slurping your feet was driving those ticklish nerves crazy. My hands jumped in and held your toes back tightly so I could get to as much sole flesh as possible. Your intensified giggling encouraged me.

When I started the nibbling is when you began laughing, and I could feel your temperature rise; your feet were sweating more. I licked up that salty illegal bahis nectar from between your wiggling toes. That seemed to be a place of particular sensitivity, so I focused my tongue there with fervor.

My arousal was reaching a fever pitch, and I was breathing quite heavily during all of this fantastic, tickly foot worship. I pulled away reluctantly and allowed my fingers the pleasure of tickling your now slippery soles.

Your feet curled so tightly, the wrinkles so prominent. And your laughter. Hearty and staccato. I kept at it for a while, giving you a break every few minutes.

When I finished, your soles were glowing pink from all the stimulation, and sweat had again gathered between your toes from all the activity. I couldn’t help but clean those ticklish toes up for you.

It seemed that all the tickling had really given your feet a workout, and they seemed less ticklish to my worshipful mouth. Now, I heard coos and sighs coming from you. As my tongue flattened and scoured your sole from heel to toes, a comforting moan escaped your throat and your toes spread as I approached.

I took this as a welcome invitation, so I dove in, slurping and sucking at your outstretched toes. More moans, and my mouth went into overdrive, lavishing your soles with soothing licks and your toes with hungry suckling. The real fun seemed to have just begun…

Alas, this is my waking point. I’ll leave any further details for a future dream. What pleasures will your newfound appreciation for foot worship bring to the table next time? Only sleep will tell. I’m looking forward to it.

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