A Full Nest Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: Here’s the drama I promised. Probably not realistic. But this is a story about two twins coming on to their little brother… so I don’t think you guys are here for realism.


“Is it just me or have the girls been really tense with each other lately?” Aunt April said, settling into the sofa next to me. I was extremely aware of the fact that it was just us two in the house and it would be like that for the next few hours. I glanced at my Aunt’s chest, pleased to see that she was wearing a tight t-shirt. Then I chastised myself. What? Because I messed around with my sisters that meant I could do things with Aunt April? I needed to get over myself. I had already crossed the line with the girls. I should not do it with my Aunt.

“Yea they have.” I nodded. I turned the T.V. off so I could actually talk to her about this. “They fought like this once before. Years ago. And even then we didn’t know why or even how they moved on from it.”

“How long did that last?”


“Damn.” April raised her eyebrows. “Maybe it was boy trouble?”

“Nah. I don’t think they’d let something as dumb as a guy get between them.”

“What then?”

“I’ll talk to them.” I sighed. “Tonight.”

“Let me know how it goes.” She sighed. “You three need to stick by each other right now. All your emotions are out of control so an argument like this at this time could seriously hurt you three.”

Emotions. Was that why the twins had been so eager to mess around with me? And why I had been so easily open to it? I guess it made sense. In a fucked up way we were comforting each other. Well. They were comforting me. I wasn’t doing much for them. I should start doing that. “I’ll fix it.”

April looked at me. There was a funny look in her eye. “It’s as much their responsibility to fix things as it is yours. Don’t put it all on yourself.”

I nodded. But I didn’t fully agree. I had to watch out for the two of them. I had to. I promised.

“Another thing, Rye. Much less serious.”


She had a playful smile on her face. “Next time you’re enjoying yourself, keep it down.”

I grew pale. She had heard me. The night before, Belle had been particularly keen on edging me and teasing me so when I finally came I had let out a loud moan that she hadn’t been quick to cover. “S-sorry.”

“I only heard you because I was upstairs. It’s alright.” She laughed. “Really. I’m happy you’re a healthy young man.”

Oh god. I wanted to die. I just stared at my knees. If she had come in to investigate, we would have been absolutely fucked. I would have to be way more careful.

She got up. “I’m gonna make myself pasta for lunch. You want some too?”

I nodded. Maybe I’d choke on it.

“I don’t have alfredo sauce is that alright?” She laughed.

I stared at her in horror. Apparently Belle had gotten her nature from Aunt April.

“You boys are so easy to mess with.” She chuckled and walked to the kitchen. “While I’m making the pasta could you get started on cleaning up the garage? I’ll join you after we both have lunch.”

Glad for something to do that would give me some distance from Aunt April, I immediately rushed to the garage. Work would chase the embarrassment away. Hopefully.


After dinner that night, and after Aunt April had holed up in her office to work on her book, I dragged both Bethany and Belle upstairs to my room. I shut the door behind me and gestured to the bed. “Sit, please.”

“What’s going on, Rye?” Belle grinned. “You want both of us at the same time or something?”

I noticed Bethany stiffen and glare at Belle. Weird reaction to an obvious joke. “Just sit.”

They both shrugged and sat on the bed. Belle sat at the end while Beth sat all the way by the headboard. Damn. They won’t even sit next to each other. I pulled my desk chair so it was placed in the gap between the twins and then sat down. I looked at them and smiled in what I hoped was a comforting way. “What’s going on with you two?”

“What do you mean?” Bethany asked.

“You two have been super weird these past few days.” I watched the both of them to see if their faces would reveal anything. They just looked passive. Although the passivity seemed forced.

“Rye just because you normally hang off Bethany, doesn’t mean we’re like that with each other. We do our own thing.”

“Are you going to keep bullshitting me or are you going to give me an actual answer?”

“Oh wow. Look at you being a man.” Belle smirked. “It’s nothing, Rye. Drop it.”

“No.” I stared at her until she stopped smirking. Typical Belle. Deflecting with jokes as usual. “It’s clearly not nothing. Last night Bethany walked into the room and you immediately got up and left.”

“I had to pee!”

I ignored her and turned to Bethany. “And you. You always offer to drive Belle to work. Even though she says no every time.”

“Because of those two things you think something is up?” Bethany rolled her eyes.

“I grandbetting giriş can literally feel the tension between you too. Like right now!” I pointed at the gap. “You’re sitting as far apart as possible. Don’t act like there’s nothing going on right now. I’ve seen it before. Years ago.”

They both stiffened. Weird. Touchy subject? I decided to push it. “What the hell happened back then and what happened now? Just tell me so I can help you guys through it.”

“Why so you can swoop in and fix things like always?” Belle snapped. “You know maybe you should mind your own damn business and let us deal with ours.”

“Don’t talk to him like that!” Bethany tossed my pillow at her.

“Awww would you look at that. Mama Bethany protecting her baby like always.” Belle sneered, smacking the pillow away.

“Fuck you. Just because I don’t treat him like shit like you do-”

“Excuse me? Since when have I treated him like shit?”

“ALWAYS!” Bethany was standing up now. “You’re always bossing him around and trying to get under his skin.”

“That’s what siblings DO. You and I did the same before Rye got old enough to join in. He does it to me too why aren’t you giving him shit for it? Or is that another thing he gets special treatment on?!” Belle also stood up. I just stared in awe. I had never seen them at each other’s throats like this. Bethany opened her mouth and I realized I had to act. Things were getting too volatile.

“Guys guys! Stop it!” I stood, raising my voice higher than the both of them. They both flinched and stepped back, realizing that I easily towered over the both of them. “Sit down. Now.” To my surprise they listened immediately. I turned to Belle. “That’s right Belle. I’m going to swoop in like you said. Because clearly you two can’t work things out on your own. You have a problem with that?” She didn’t say anything. “Good. First of all, Beth does not baby me anymore than she babies you. Every time she thinks I’m going too far with being snide with you, she shuts me up. And you know that’s true so don’t argue.” I turned to Bethany. “Belle does NOT boss me around. She has literally never asked me to do something that I wouldn’t do on my own. And you know she has toned down her sarcasm and attitude with me a lot after Mom died. Don’t call her out on it when she clearly understands that now is not the time for us to act like that. You and I have a relationship that’s calm. Belle and I annoy each other. But I love both of you. Deeply.” I softened my voice. “You don’t have to tell me what happened. But please can you talk to each other like adults and work it out?”

They stared at each other. But they didn’t look as tense as they had a few moments ago. They had even sat next to each other protectively when I had raised my voice and told them to sit. The two could definitely work it out. Bethany began chewing her lip like she did when thinking about something. Belle looked at me then at her twin. “Beth?”

Bethany looked up. But didn’t say anything.

“Let’s tell him.” Belle said. “He should know. Especially considering what we’re doing for him.”

Bethany didn’t say anything for a long while. Since I was too afraid of making her retreat into her shell, I stayed quiet with Belle. We watched as Bethany sat back and leaned against the headboard, still chewing on her lip. She even began twisting the end of her shirt. Finally, when I was thinking she’d never speak again, she sighed. “Okay. We can tell him.” She looked at me. “Just sit down and please let us finish before you say anything.”

“Okay.” I sat down. “Okay I can do that.” I smiled comfortingly then patted both their knees. “Go ahead.”

I listened as they told me about a night 8 years ago. Of all the things I had been imagining, what they told me was not one of them. But as surprised as I was, it didn’t bother me. If them sleeping together bothered me that meant I should have a problem with them giving me a hand job every night. And I didn’t. I should. But I didn’t. Hearing their past also made it super clear why they had both been so eager to “help me”. They had experience. It didn’t explain why I had been so eager. But that was probably because I was fucked up in my own way. When they finished, I sat back in my chair and sighed.

“That… I did not expect that.”

“You’d have to be a psychic to expect that.” Belle said. There was a small smile on her face.

“It does explain some things.” I said. Then I paused for a bit before continuing. “Beth, Belle really does seem sorry.”

“Just because she’s sorry doesn’t mean I’m gonna let her jump in bed with me.” Bethany said immediately. Then she looked at Belle and her expression softened. “But it does mean I can forgive her.”

“Really?” Belle’s eyes widened with hope. “Please Belle. That’s all I want.”

Bethany hesitated a little bit. Then slowly extended her arms. “Come here.”

Belle immediately tackled her sister and they both fell off the bed in a laughing mess. I had to push away with grandbetting yeni giriş the chair so they wouldn’t slam into it. I let them hug on the floor for a long while before I decided to butt in. “Maybe you two can hug on the bed or in your own room? The floor doesn’t look very comfortable.”

They both got up and then they both hugged me. “Thanks Rye.” They said simultaneously.

“For what?”

“Being a good little brother and knocking some sense into us.” Bethany spoke right into my chest. Apparently our roles had been switched.

“Good to know you actually can take charge.” Belle laughed. Her tears were soaking into my shirt. “Maybe you’re only a little bit of a bitch.”

“Thanks. I guess.” I kissed the top of both their heads. “You guys should get some sleep. You’ve had a long day. Both of you had a shit-ton of meetings right?”

Bethany looked up at me. “What about you?”

“I’ll be fine. It’s just one night.” I assured them. “Just get some sleep.”

“You sure?” Belle asked. “Beth can give you a quick jerk and then go to bed.”

“Get out. Leave. Sleep. Now.” I pushed them both out the door. “Good night.”

“Good night.”

“I love you both.”

“We know.”

I smiled and shut the door. I sighed and turned to the bed. Sure hope the nightmares don’t come back. They had stayed away with the help of my sisters. I laid down and stared at the ceiling as I did often nowadays. Maybe I did need to talk to someone. The twins wouldn’t always be there to comfort me. I glanced at my phone. 10:30. Toon would be in bed or helping close the restaurant. And I had just chased my sisters away to their room. Aunt April would be working. I sighed and closed my eyes. This wasn’t something worth bothering them all over. I’d be fine.


Over the course of the next week the twins resumed behaving normally around each other. Aunt April had asked what was wrong but when I said the twins didn’t want to share, she had dropped it immediately. She was just happy the two were okay again. I noticed that the twins were more than normal. It actually felt like they were being more affectionate with each other and even more affectionate with me. Apparently it had been a good thing that I had “swooped” in.

“I’ve got something special planned for tonight.” Bethany said as she snuck into the room. “Move over.”

“Ice cream party?” I did as she asked.


“Ice cream and cake party?”

“Okay stop guessing.” She shook her head and laid down. “Belle and I talked last night. We both want to do more than just jerk you off.”

My heart rate went straight up. “Like how…”

“Well. You’ve always been super interested in our tits. Even before all this.” She smirked. “Perv.”

“Turned out just fine didn’t I?”

“Oh you turned out perfectly, sweetie.” She gave me a quick smooch on the lips. Then kissed me again. Properly this time. I let her do it and sunk into the bliss of the kiss and wrapped my arms around her waist. My hands itched to grab her ass but I held back. This kiss was unexpected but welcome. I didn’t want to chase it away by doing the wrong thing. “Mmm. You’re a good kisser.”


“Awww there’s that cute stammer.” She laughed softly then gave me a quick peck. “Anyway. We both decided we’d let you play with our boobs more.” She kissed me again. “Maybe reward you with our mouths as well.”

“I don’t deserve a reward…”

“Oh yes you do, baby.” She kissed me. “You’re an amazing little brother and an amazing man. We want to do this for you. Give you all the comfort you need since you treat us so well.” She pulled back and looked at me. “Don’t you want it?”

I didn’t even have to think about it. “I do. I do want it.”

“Good boy.” She grinned. “We flipped a coin. Belle gets to give you a blowjob first.”

I found it extremely hot that they had to use a coin to figure out who gets to give me a blowjob. Not has to. Gets to. “What about you?”

“My tits of course.” She had me lie on my back and then straddled me. Before I expected it, she took her shirt off and tossed it. She only had black lace panties on.

“Oh.” That’s all I could manage as I stared at her chest and toned belly. Her boobs looked to be more than a handful each now that I had a proper look at them. More than enough to squeeze my cock between. Her areolae were small and a shade of pink that easily blended with the rest of her skin. Both her nipples were hard and pointing outward. I glanced down and saw how her waist curved out smoothly to her hips. The black panties stood out strongly against her white skin. I wished she would turn around so I could see how her beautiful thighs sloped up into her ass.

“You like what you see, baby?”


She giggled. “You’re so cute.” She moved off of me and, after dragging my boxers off, laid down between my legs. She quickly enveloped my cock between her breasts and smiled up at me. “Want me to keep going?”

“Yes.” grandbetting güvenilirmi

“Yes what?”

“Yes please.” I said quickly.

“Good boy.” She moved just a little bit before stopping. “Oh! Almost forgot.” She stood up on the bed and took her panties off. She sat back down before I could get a proper look at her crotch. But I could see that she was shaved completely. “Belle mentioned that you moaned a little too loudly a few nights ago. Can’t have Aunt April finding out now can we?” When I opened my mouth to ask her what she had planned, she shoved her balled up panties in my mouth. Not what I expected at all. “Shhh. Just moan into my panties, baby. They should keep you quiet.” She smirked. Then she began rubbing my cock between her breasts. Her softness enveloped me completely. And every now and then she would place a kiss on the head of my cock or take it into her mouth and I would moan into the panties.

I let myself get lost in the thoughts of wondering how long she had been wearing them. I had thought I got a taste of her but it was quickly covered up by my own spit. Her panties were soaked pretty quickly as I let out moan after moan. The warm softness of her boobs, her gentle kisses, and her panties in my mouth all quickly pulled an orgasm out of me. With a warning grunt, I began cumming. She didn’t stop as I came all over her chest and breasts, one shot had even nailed her chin. When I finished cumming, she squeezed out the last drops like she always did.

“You like that, baby?”

I nodded. I wondered if I should take the panties out myself or if she would do it for me. My question was answered seconds later.

“You came a lot.” She grinned and pulled her panties out of my mouth.

“That was amazing, Beth.” I breathed. I wished she hadn’t taken her panties back.

“That makes me happy.” She sat up. Then she began wiping the cum off herself with her panties. And then, to surprise me even more, she put the panties on.

“You’re a wonder.” I said breathlessly.

“And you’re a dork.” She laughed as she laid on top of me. She kissed my cheek. “You’ve been sleeping well because of all this right?”

“Yea. Definitely.”

“Good.” She kissed my lips. “Belle and I will help for as long as you need us.” She paused then smiled. “And even after you don’t really need us…we’ll be around if the craving strikes you. Family bonding.”

I briefly wondered if the offer would still stand after we all got into serious relationships. But I didn’t want to think about that for now. We’d deal with that when the time came. For now, I’d enjoy this with my sisters. “Thanks, Beth.” I kissed her this time. “I don’t know what I’d do without you two.”

“You’ll never have to find out.” She said quietly. “We’re both going to be with you. Always.”

Mom had said the same thing after Dad had died. See where that ended up? I didn’t want to take Bethany’s word for it right then. But would it be so bad if I did? She had said it so confidently. And Bethany had never lied to me. She wouldn’t start now right? “Please Beth. Keep your promise.”

“I will.” She got off of me and we got in our usual cuddling position of me burying my face in her chest. “Goodnight, Rye.”

“Goodnight, Beth.”

The next morning, I woke up later than usual but I still had time to eat with Bethany and Belle before they left for work. Aunt April was still in bed, having pulled an all-nighter to work on her book. I took the dishes from them and began washing them.

“I gotta head out. Bye guys. Belle you sure you don’t want a ride?”


“Okay. Bye you two! See you later.”

“Bye.” Belle and I said in unison. She turned to me and smiled.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing. Just felt like smiling at you.” She shrugged. “I’m gonna be home late tonight. Going out to dinner with some work buddies. Think we’re going to Toon’s restaurant actually.”

“Oh cool! Have fun. If Toon’s your waitress don’t tip her. Little shit doesn’t deserve it.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’ll be sure to let her know you said that.” She moved a little closer to me. “I won’t be too late though.” She reached out and turned the faucet off. Her hand then moved to my crotch and squeezed. “I want to make it home in time for dessert.”

“Belle…please…” She began rubbing more, making it hard and ready in seconds. “Not… not out here. Don’t you have to leave?’

“I have time.” She stood between me and the sink. Then pulled me by the collar so she could kiss me. She held the kiss for a long time. There was a possessive quality to it. “You let Beth kiss you first. Bad boy.”

“I didn’t expect it…”

“No excuses.” She shook her head. “You know I don’t like it when she wins.”


“Take your cock out.”

“Belle we’re in the kitchen…” I kept hesitating. But after she huffed impatiently, I pushed my shorts down and whipped my cock out. “Happy?”

“Not yet.” She grabbed my cock and squeezed. Not hard enough to hurt. Just enough to drag out a moan of pleasure from me.

“Belle…” This was new. We had never done things outside of our nighttime ritual. She really didn’t like being left behind.

“Don’t argue with me.” She pulled me into another kiss. Then continued jerking me off. “Tell me you’re sorry again.”

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