A Halloween Mishap

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All characters and individual material is © Jasmine Becker and Daniel Riverton 2012. All rights Reserved.

The work is sexual in nature and may not be to everyone’s individual taste. Please do not continue reading unless 18 years or older.

Our Halloween entry is finished. Turned out to be a fun little story to write with a lot of laughs and giggles. The subject matter was fun and we tried to go for a…realistic approach as to what would happen if a brother and sister engaged in this sort of thing, initially by mistake. Then of course, it’s also Halloween, so the story is themed. There’s a bit of buildup but we’ve tried to add both small and long passages of raw interplay to please everyone with different tastes. Let us know what you think!

October 2012, Halloween

3 miles outside of Pittsburgh

“Amber? Amber! Your brother’s home!”

Eric put his bag of clothes down at the door, quickly giving the hallway a look-over. Very little had changed in a year. This was the first time he’d been back since he went off to college following his senior year in high school.

“No need to tell the neighbors, dad. I’m sure she’ll notice sooner or later.”

His father, a portly man in his fifties with a graying goatee went into the kitchen to set down the groceries.

He grabbed his bag and went up the stairs, walking past his sister’s closed door without knocking. When she was ready, she’d come out. She’d always hated if he just barged in without announcing himself.

It had been a short drive all the way from Uni. He set his bag down in his room with a sigh, sitting down on his old bed. It felt…odd being back. A year had felt like eternity and none of the stuff he had left here was stuff he very much recognized anymore. The posters, some depicting football players and some supermodels in bikinis. The bed sheets…none of it was something he’d want anyone back at school seeing, really.

His sister’s room opened audibly and Amber bounded into his room smiling. His now 18-year old sister was striking. She’d always been, but it looked like she’d really ripened into adulthood while he was away.

“Hey, bro.” She greeted him with a smile and a warm hug, smelling of the usual peach with a hint of spice.

“Hey, Kitten. You look great.” He’d teased her for using mom’s perfume to begin with, but she seemed to have set her mind of a scent much similar to that one. And Kitten, that was his nickname for her ever since they were little and had shown an incredible liking for milk. She would drink the stuff straight from the bottle.

Her face darkened. “Kitten was a 12-year old with crappy skin and crappy hair. Notice anything?” She twirled. “I’m not no damn ‘Kitten’ anymore!” She punched his chest playfully.

She did look great, he had to admit. Her chestnut-brown hair was , a wavy mass that reached below her neck and framed an oval face with slightly tilted, blue eyes. Amber had full lips that seemed to invite any man for a kiss and she had a habit of pouting a little in an endearing way.

“I said you look great!” He protested , drawing back and smiling. “All grown up. I like what you did with your hair.”

“Thanks” She smiled, exposing a row of white teeth. “So do you. Been working out at college? You sure look like you do.”

“Now and then.” He admitted. “Whenever i have time in between cramming sessions.”

“Cramming sessions.” She snorted. “As if. I know what goes on at college — i watch the internet, you know.”

“Oh, if only” He chortled.

“So, Halloween!” She changed the topic, sitting down in his desk chair and swinging her legs back and forth playfully. “You got plans? Any buddies throwing parties?”

“Nah, not really. Most of them are gone for Halloween, really. Not much going on.” He admitted.

“Great! Then you can come with me. Taylor’s throwing a party, a masquerade. You come in an outfit, has to include a mask.” She grinned.

“Sure thing.” He agreed. Taylor was a girl in his sister’s class. Not much of a looker, but a good friend to her and very pleasant all-around.

They spoke for a while about school and family, what had happened in the neighborhood while he’d been away at college.

His sister’s face turned more serious. “No girl with you back home? What happened to the chick you talked about on Skype? Victoria?”

“Oh yeah.” He said, suddenly not all that eager. “Vicky. We broke up.”

“What?!” Her eyes widened and she leaned forward towards him. “Why the hell would you guys break it up? You even told her you were gonna bring her home to meet Ray and Debra!”

“…Mom and Dad.” he corrected her with a wry smile. Ever since she’d watched Everybody loves Raymond, he’d picked up on the style that mom and dad sometimes bickered and fought — down to grandma’s attitude towards mom, and given them nicknames.

“Why?” She insisted, crossing her arms beneath her c-cup breasts, currently shielded from view by a pink tank top with the text ‘Unicorns betist giriş kick ass’.

He inhaled deeply. He knew that she was going to pry this out of him sooner or later. “Because she cheated on me.” Her eyes widened but he continued — might as well get all of it out in the open. “With my roommate”

“Vicky cheated on you with Mike?” She exclaimed. Mike had been his best friend through his senior year in high school. Actually until he’d decided that a drunk Victoria was an easy Victoria. Though it wasn’t as if the black-haired beauty had done anything to object or discourage, from what he’d seen, heard and found. Oh no, the little bitch had been quite compliant once her clothes were off.

He didn’t reply, compressing his lips.

“I’ll kick his scrawny little ass.” She growled, walking over to him again and giving him a sisterly kiss on the cheek and a hug. “I’m so sorry, bro. Means you’re better off without that little slut though. And without him too.”

“I’ve already moved.” He confirmed. “As of two weeks ago.”

“Mom and dad know yet?”

He shook his head. “I got their hopes up with Vicky, especially mom. Don’t really feel like dealing with this on Halloween and shit.” He shrugged.

“Makes sense.” She shook her head, sighing. “You’ll find someone else. You’re not half-bad looking, and your head isn’t always filled with crap.”

“Thanks” He replied dryly.

“Wanna watch some Game of Thrones? The new season’s good, you’ll like it.” She was trying to cheer him up by baiting him with his new favorite show.

“Sure thing.”

The lounge was a well-adorned area of their. A 42-inch flat-screen stood on the TV-table and a massive leather couch positioned against the wall. They sat, watching the latest episode of the fantasy show that he had loved since she had gotten him the books as a birthday gift. Well, more of a gag gift.

She had called him ‘dork of ages’ for a while while he found a surprising love for reading fiction.

“I like Emily Clarke, the chick who plays Daenerys.” He commented, nodding at the screen. “Reminds me of your friend, Emelie. Same name too, near enough.”

“She’d like hearing that, i bet.” Amber giggled. “Maybe tell her that tonight. I’m pretty sure she’ll be at the party.”

“We’re heading out. We need to get some wine and other things for tonight. You two behave!” Their dad called out, mom already out the door and in the car.

“Alright, later!” They replied in unison.

“So!” He began when the episode was over. “What are you going as then? Tonight, i mean.”

“I’m not sure yet. Actually-” Her eyes widened in alarm. “Oh fuck.” She rose, rushing to the window. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

He watched her, a little confused. “What?”

She turned, her back to the window. “Actually…Maggie is bringing over our costumes.”

“Maggie?” He repeated, suddenly wanting to smile. Maggie was a year older than her — his own age, as a matter of fact, and from another school in town. She’d befriended his sister at a party, and they had been close friends since.

Their friendship hadn’t even taken that harsh a blow when Amber found her fucking him one afternoon. Maggie was…well, she was Maggie. She’d thought it all very amusing.

“Yes, goddammit And now you’re single…fuck.” She stepped up to him. “Listen to me, Tiger. You’re not telling her that you’re single! I don’t wanna listen to the two of you go at it until mom and dad get back!”

“What makes you thi-” He began, unable to repress his mirthful smile.

“Oh PLEASE!” She growled. “Promise me” She insisted, arms crossed and eyebrows lowered for an argument.

“Fine, fine.” He said with a sigh. “I promise i won’t tell her.”

“Good!” She nodded curtly. “If anything, there’s tonight at the party, alright. I’m sure you can find someone there, if that’s what you want.”

“Hey, Amber. Isn’t Taylor’s house the one next to the old mansion on fifth street? The one…”

“Yup!” She grinned. “The one where people say it’s haunted. Good stuff, huh? Some are even saying we should make people play the games in there instead. Would be a blast!”

A knock on the door interrupted them both.

Amber gave him a stern look and blew a strand of hair out of her face. Very stern. “Behave, tiger.” She growled.

“I’ll do my very best. I promise, sis.” He assured her with mock-severity.

She rolled her eyes and went to the door.

Maggie looked even better than he remembered. Her hair was much like his sister’s, perhaps a shade or two darker. Where Amber was slim, she was just a little fuller with more breast and more ass to her. Her eyes were perfectly green and always sparkling with one plan or another. She was a very active person, playing both soccer and track & field. He knew she’d been trying to get Amber to begin, but his sister was lazy sometimes, at least compared to her and to him.

Her sister’s friend greeted her with a hug and a smile, waving two plastic-wrapped costume betist yeni giriş packages over her head. “You’re going as an Indian dancer, like you wanted, Am. I’ll be taking that pirate costume, yes sir.”

Her eyes fell on him and her eyes widened. “Eric! Erico! Captain Eric!” She ran forward, embracing him in a tight hug and pressing her body against his chest. “So good to see you again.” She grinned.

He felt her full breasts through the thin fabric of her tank top.

“Maggie!” Amber said sternly.

“Just saying hi, kay!” Her friend protested with a smile tossed back over her shoulder.

“You did! Let’s go!”

“I’ve missed you.” She whispered, as though his sister wasn’t there.

It was a bit…odd. The last time he had been with her, physically been with her in one room, they had fucked only minutes before she had left. Having her this close, it brought back all of those memories. He shuddered and felt himself harden against her. She had always had an easy time getting a ‘rise’ out of him.

Eric cleared his throat. “I’m not exactly single at the moment, you know. Sorry to say.” He lied, adding the last part.

“Oh, i see.” Her brows rose, but the smile didn’t disappear.

Why the hell would she smile? She didn’t disengage that hug either.

With a frustrated sound in her throat, Amber grabbed her friend by the shoulder and pulled her back. “Show me my costume! I want to make sure you picked the right size, alright.” Despite his sister’s slightly smaller size she managed to pull her friend back away from him and proceeded to hustle her up the stairs. She shot him a dark glance that promised retribution if he did anything…dumb.

Eric sighed and went up to his own room, picking one of the magazines and leafing through it. From time to time, laughs and giggles as well as muted conversation would drift from his sister’s closed room. No doubt the two of them trying out their costumes.

He had a good time imagining Maggie in a pirate costume. Knowing her, it would probably show more skin than most strippers did when performing.

Late afternoon was approaching. After about an hour of their muted talking, he heard his sister’s door open and seconds later, her voice muted by the door.

“Just gonna be twenty minutes tops, okay? See if you can make it fit.”

He heard her enter the bathroom and the shower turned on.

Moments later, someone tapped across the hallway and slowly cracked the door to his room before entering, a grin decorating her lips and dimpling her cheeks.

“Hey, sweets.” She greeted him, coming to sit down on the bed without asking.

“Maggie…” he said warningly.

She rolled her eyes, disturbingly similar to the way his sister did at times. “Oh Eric. Facebook. I knew the second you decided to break up publicly. You forgot you added me?” She inched closer, shaking her hair and looking around the room. “It hasn’t changed a bit.”

“Well…i suppose i did forget.” He admitted slowly, cursing himself silently for it. It was hard to keep track of 250 facebook ‘friends’. “But that wasn’t what i meant. You know as well as i that if Amber finds you here, she’ll tear your hair out pulling you out of here.”

“She’s in the shower!” The vixen countered quietly. Her soft hand came to rest on his lower abdomen and she stroked his chest and stomach through his shirt.

“We don’t have time.” He whispered to her, fiercely and not relishing the fact of breaking a promise to his sister, no matter if it was pulled out under what he would consider to be coercion.

“Make time.”


“I’ve missed you.” When force didn’t work, she turned on the charm. Her eyes widened slightly and she moved closer still, her head now practically in his lap. She looked up at him coyly, through her soft, dark eyelashes.

“We broke it off.” He reminded her.

“We did, and we still are. That doesn’t need to stop me from wanting to…” She bit her lower lip “…console you?”

“You carry a dictionary around with you now?” He smiled.

“I read!” She protested, her face turning serious. “Seriously though, Eric. I could tell by your few facebook messages that you really liked Vicky. She’s a real cunt for doing that.”

“How the hell did you find out?”

“I asked Mike. He admitted it.” Maggie shrugged and her face turned hostile, brows furrowing. “I told him I’d snip his balls off if he ever came back again.”

“People cheat. It happens.” Eric sighed. He was a little tired of having people defend him that way. Sure, he’d liked Vicky, but what was done was done. He didn’t need every woman defending him and telling him what a bitch Vicky was.

“Still.” She insisted. “I want to make you feel better.” She moved closer, her face on his level. “Cheer you up a bit, aight? Is that so bad?” She planted a kiss on his lips. A very chaste kiss for her.

“No…” he agreed, kissing back and parting her lips, giving her a bit of tongue. “Not bad.”

“Then…” betist güvenilirmi Maggie kissed again. This time she frenched him in the way he had become accustomed to when they were together, in what limited way they ever were together. “…don’t you like me anymore? Don’t you think I’m sexy?”

“You’re sexy.” Eric assured her, swallowing and going on. “Sexier than Vicky. I missed you too.” he admitted and moved one of his hands to her ass.

Her smile became a grin and she kissed him deeply. “Thanks. I’m glad you think so.”

They kissed for a little while and he got ‘reacquainted’ with her body. She gave pleased little ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s when he fondled her butt, her breasts and kissed her neck. Within minutes, she was breathing harder, her green eyes slightly glazed as she looked up at him.


“Mhmm?” He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, leaning down to kiss her again.

“Can we fuck now?” She whispered. “Please.”

“Mhmm…” He agreed and quickly got up from the bed, closing the door tightly.

He turned back to find Maggie having pulled her top from her chest, revealing a pair of impressive breasts clad in a white bra with lace.

“Remember?” She wanted to know, pulling the bra down and tossing it on the bed.

“I never forgot” He told her truthfully and went back to the bed. He leaned atop of her and kissed her deeply. She moaned and stroked the bulge in his pants,

“Stroke me, Eric” She demanded breathily.

It took him only moments to free her of the pants and push his hand down between her legs, beneath her matching white panties. “You’re wet.”

“Have been since…” She gasped. “I saw you here.” A moan came from her lips as he found her slit and began stroking it, sliding one and then two fingers into her. “Fuck yes” Maggie groaned.

“Mmm…your cunt feels good around my fingers, babe.” He whispered into her ear. It elicited a violent shudder in her and she moaned.

“Feels so good, Eric. Fingerfuck my li’l horny cunt, kay?” She mumbled thickly while thrusting her hips towards his fingers in rhythm with his pushing.

“Mmm, you bet.” He promised.

After a while, she gasped and reached down his pants. Instead of stroking on the outside, she tugged them open and pulled out his cock, jerking it with familiar, practiced movements.

“Ah, fuck.” He groaned. Wanting to feel her, and remembering how much she liked sucking cock he pulled from her and pushed her down on his bed, straddling her. He positioned himself, his cock brushing her lips.

“Ooh…” She murmured, looking up at him. “All for me?” A giggle wracked her and she parted her lips wide, engulfing his cock in her warm mouth with a wet, sloppy sound.

“Oh fuck…” He went on, stroking her soft hair and gripped it as she took him deeper.

“Mhmmmff…” She murmured with a mouthful of cock. “Let me shuck yu dry, bwaby.” A glistening trail of saliva trickled from the right corner of her mouth.

She’d always been one for messy blow-jobs

He thoroughly enjoyed her technique and groaned as she expertly sucked his thick shaft and cockhead. Her tongue danced along the small veins and ridges and he groaned. She suckled, allowing very little air in and he gasped. He hadn’t had a blow-job since Vicky had done it last, and that had been weeks ago.

“Fuck” He gasped at her. “Fuck it, baby. You’re gonna fucking make me cum if you keep that up…”

His warning made her grin. “Exactly what i want…” She told him and swallowed his cock again, sucking hard.

He groaned and closed his eyes. The image of what played out in front of him was powerful, and something he’d imagined for quite some time now. Eric reached down and touched her breasts, weighing and fondling them in his hands. He played with her nipples.

Maggie squirmed and pushed her lower body upwards in response.

“Fuck…” he groaned “About to fucking…”

“Dwo it!” She encouraged him and took him deeper. She closed her eyes and suckled, cheeks sunken in and humming softly in a way that sent vibrations along his cock.

Eric arched back and grabbed her head, stroking her hair. “Oh…fuckfuckFUCK! Baby!” He grunted and came hard inside her mouth. He breathed hard, watching her swallow steadily until he pulled back.

When he did, she grinned up at him. She then leaned forward and licked his cock clean, then each of her fingers separately.

“Mmm…wow. Haven’t cum that much since the first time we did it.” She observed. “Been frustrating?”

He nodded wordlessly and leaned down to kiss her deeply.

She grinned and returned the kiss. One of the things she had been surprised about and liked a great deal was the fact that he didn’t mind kissing her after she’d sucked him off.

“Mmmmmm…” She stretched on the bed beneath him. Pressing her lower body up against him, Maggie spread her legs. “Time for you to fuck me good, baby. You’re not the only one who’s frustrated.”

“I can tell.” He replied with a grin.

“So hurry the fuck up…” She hissed.

He kicked off the remnants of his pants and boxers still hooked around his ankles and moved down to mount her. She spread her legs even farther and without preamble, he pushed his half-hard cock into her with a satisfied moan.

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