A Little Wrestling Match

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On Tuesday, I was at the office, just another cubicle rat congregating with the other cubicle rats in the snack area. A couple of the women were talking about how they had been doing a little wrestling among themselves. My ears immediately picked up on this conversation. I found out that there were several women from the office who would participate and that it got a little rough sometimes.

For some reason, that struck me as funny. Cecelia, a co-worker that I have never gotten along with, took offense to this.

“I can kick your ass,” she said.

I looked at her: a white woman of about 30, 5’6″ and maybe (maybe) 125 pounds with not much up top and a solid-looking butt. I, however, am mid-forties, 6’1″ and about 175 pounds. I’m not in great shape, but I don’t have a gut, either.

“Did you hear me? I can kick your ass!” she repeated.

This got the attention of the other women in the room.

“I’m bigger and stronger than you are. It wouldn’t be a contest,” I told her.

“Oh, yeah? Then prove it. If you have the balls for it,” she said. The women all went, “Woooooooooo!”

“What are the stakes? Gotta be good,” I said.

“Winner gets total obedience,” Cecelia said. “Same as always.” This drew some more laughs from the women. “And, you’ll be playing by our rules.”


“You’ll get a call on Friday telling you where to go,” she said.

On Friday, after work, I received a call on my cell phone giving me an address. “Bell time is six o’clock!” the voice said.

“What should I wear?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about it, just come as you are.”

I arrived at a modest home out in the country. Cecelia met me at the door wearing a white bathrobe. “I was afraid you’d chicken out,” she said.

“No way.”

She gestured me into the house and I walked into the living room. It had been cleared of furniture and there were eight women from work gathered there. Some were drinking beers, some had glasses of wine, it looked like.

“I thought it was gonna bahis şirketleri just be the two of us,” I said.

“No way. I need to make sure you play by the rules and don’t cheat!”

I took off my jacket. I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt, jeans, and hiking boots.

“Stephanie over there has your wrestling gear,” Cecelia said.

Stephanie walked over with a small (and I mean very small) wad of black material in her hand. She had a wicked grin on her face.

I held up a pair of Speedo-like briefs. “I’m supposed to wear that?”

“Do you have something to hide?” Stephanie giggled. “Or not have, as the case may be?”

I was definitely not crazy about being in front of a bunch of co-workers wearing such a small garment. This was obvious to everyone in the room.

“Not too late to chicken out,” Cecelia said.

“Yes it is,” I said as I grabbed the briefs and headed for the back to change.

Once I had undressed and put on the briefs, I was shocked at how little they disguised. Too much butt was hanging out in the back and my bulge in the front was very much on display. They would be able to see way too much of me in them, but it was too late to back out.

When I entered the living room, there were whistles and catcalls and giggles from the ladies. Cecelia was wearing a modest one-piece swimsuit. That was appropriate since she (like me) had a lot to be modest about.

Debbie, a fifty-something secretary from the boss’s office, spoke up and said, “Best two out of three falls, pin or submission for the win. No punching or biting or hair-pulling. Other than that, go for it!”

I squared off and faced Cecelia. We moved in and she made a run at me. I side-stepped her rush and grabbed her from behind. I overpowered her and forced her to the floor. I grabbed her behind the knees and lifted her legs into the air with her shoulders on the floor. Debbie came over and counted her out, “One, two, three!”

I felt a big adrenaline rush. I had won the first fall and it wasn’t even bahis firmaları close. I felt triumphant! I already knew what I was gonna do to old Cecelia when I won the match. Her co-workers were going to get a chance to see her demonstrate her oral skills, up close and personal.

Then I looked at Cecelia: what I saw was sobering. She was way past angry. She’d been beaten way too quickly. She reminded me of those nature shows that show a mama bear protecting her cubs. I knew then that I was in for a fight.

We started toward each other and once we started grappling, neither one of us could gain an advantage. She’d try to get me in a hold and I’d break free. Then I’d try and she’d break free. And, she was getting madder by the second.

Finally, I managed to get behind her and wrap my arms around her waist. I was just getting ready to slam her to the floor and finish this off when I took a sharp kick to the balls.

I grabbed my crotch and went down. I almost threw up on her. I couldn’t breathe and while I was incapacitated, she took me down and got the pin on me. The women all laughed at my predicament and I just wanted to crawl into a hole.

Once I got my breath back, I sat up and tried to pull myself back together. Gwen, a nice middle-aged lady, came up and asked me if my nuts were okay. I couldn’t speak and just nodded.

Finally, I stood up and prepared myself for the final round. Cecelia was still angry, but looking just a little too smug to suit me. I felt like that would be the edge I needed to finish her off. I could feel her lips on my rod already!

We squared off and started grabbing each other. She was stronger than she looked and I was not as strong as I thought I was, but I still felt like I could take her.

She worked her way behind me to try to take me down. She was grabbing at my waist and suddenly I felt a draft. I also heard some giggles and “woo hoo’s” from the crowd.

I looked down and my penis was hanging out of the leg opening of my briefs. I reached down and tucked kaçak bahis siteleri it back in. This gave her an opening to get a better grip on me and force me down to an all-fours position with her on top.

Once in that position, she grabbed the back of my briefs and gave me the wedgie-to-end-all-wedgies. This did not feel too great after that kick in the balls I’d had earlier.

While I straightened out that problem, I realized that she had figured out a new strategy: instead of attacking me directly, she was attacking my modesty and exploiting the opening it would give her while I tried to undo the damage.

I rolled over with her on top and trying to pin me. As I reached to move her off me, and Debbie was standing by for the count to begin, Cecelia adjusted my briefs enough that my sack fell out (to the cheers and whistles of the crowd). I took the time to put it back and Debbie gave a quick count to two before I got a big rush of adrenaline and managed to get out from under and throw her away from me and get back on my feet.

Cecelia was done. She had zero energy left and my sudden escape had left her reeling. All I had to do was rush her and take her down!

As I started to run to where she was, someone (I think it was Stephanie) stuck out a foot and tripped me. I went down hard face-first and whacked my forehead on the floor. Cecelia laid down on top of me and that was that.

The women were cheering and Cecelia was ecstatic. I felt lucky to be able to stand up. The ladies all gathered around to see what happened next. Cecelia walked up with a great big smirk on her face.

“I told you I could beat your ass!” she cried.

“You had to cheat and you had help doing it, but you won,” I said. “Just keep that in mind.”

“A win’s a win!” she said. “Now, I believe I said ‘total obedience.'” She thought for a moment. “Hand over the briefs. I want my trophy!”

The women clapped and whistled and cheered. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and handed the sweaty briefs to Cecelia.

“Not much to see, is there?” Debbie said.

“Step right this way, ‘Stud,'” Cecelia said. “I’ve got plans for you.”

I knew it was gonna be tough to face this crowd at work every day after tonight’s wrestling match

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