A New Beginning

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Carla sat in her car in the parking lot of the sex shop. Staring at the front door and working up the courage to go inside. The Fantasy Adult Fun store had just opened a week ago, but she had been thinking about this moment for a long time.

Ever since she found out Jim had been cheating, through the divorce, and the year between then and now. It hit her hard, the betrayal and insecurity that came with being traded in for a younger woman, and even worse a swimsuit model. She couldn’t compete, not with a model.

Two kids had done a number on her body, but if she were honest. She’d let herself go, gotten complacent and lazy. Now the kids were grown and on their own, and she was too.

Looking in the mirror she realized that unless she made some drastic changes, she might be alone for the rest of her life. The fear and loneliness overtook her, she sank to her knees and cried herself to sleep on the bathroom floor. The next morning when she woke up Carla made herself a promise. Staring in the bathroom mirror at her tear stained face, she promised she would not become another angry, pathetic middle aged divorcee.

That was over a year ago and she had kept that promise. Watching her diet, five days a week at the gym, and a little plastic surgery brought her body back to knock out status. She wasn’t afraid of swimsuit season, this year she wore a thong. A new body meant a new wardrobe. Mini skirts, yoga pants and tight fitting shirts replaced sweats and baggy dresses. She was a MILF and proud of it. She not only appreciated the looks and leers, she fed off of them.

Her body wasn’t the only thing that changed, her needs and desires had changed through her rebirth. The loneliness, and lack of physical attention was hard at the beginning. She bought a new vibrator and started watching porn. It was all pretty vanilla at the start, but little by little she explored more and more of the deviant lifestyle. Anal, glory hole, and then the fetish category. She was intrigued by fetishes, that forbidden desire kept secret from the world, and driving human nature. When she talked to friends or met someone new, she wondered what their kink was?

One night while surfing the net, she came across a pegging site, and spent the night watching women fuck men. To say she was turned on would be an understatement. Pussy dripping, she slowly rubbed her clit and thrust the vibrator in and out through several videos before climaxing with multiple orgasms.

She found her kink. She spent the next few months defining and understanding her fetish. Watching pegging porn, joining pegging and strap on blogs, and reading erotic stories. She liked mild BDSM and pegging, but not hardcore female domination or humiliation. Controlling a man, making him yours and having that secret, deviant need. That was her desire. Kind, loving, nurturing, but controlling. There was one more thing. She wanted to her new lovers to wear panties. It was a way to show her control and their complete submission to her.

So here she was, a year after her marriage fell apart, sitting in the parking lot of a sex shop. This was the moment, the final piece of a year’s work and self examination. In order to fulfill her kinky fantasy, she needed a cock of her own. She tried buying online, but there were so many options, and the one she bought fit so poorly she threw it away. Dressed in baggy sweats to cloak her identity, she put on a ball cap and tucked her hair inside it. Turning off the car, she took a deep breath and went inside.

The store was well lit and clean, like any other retail store, expect for the obvious product differences. It wasn’t that busy for a Friday night. The few male customers looked at her, and then went back to their shopping. Carla was a little unnerved this was her first visit to a sex shop, and it was a lot to take in. There was a wall of videos with every possible act or fetish. Milf, Stepmom, anal, bukkake, and more it was overwhelming. There was a dildo section that had a huge selection, from small vibrators to a “King Dong” that couldn’t possibly fit inside a human being. A sales clerk approached her, and in her embarrassment she almost walked out, but then it hit her. Everyone in the shop was there for the same reasons. They were horny and needing relief in their own way. This was as natural as grocery shopping, buying what would satisfy your hunger.

The clerk looked like she had been born for this job, tattooed, pierced and dressed so scandalous that there was nothing left to the imagination. Carla asked her about strap ons and harnesses.

“Well the harness I recommend is a bit spendy, but it’s so worth it.” The clerk said enthusiastically. “I personally like the Sasha by Spare Parts.”

The clerk led Carla to the display, and showed her the harness. It looked like a pair of panties and not the weird jock strap look of some harnesses. This was a big plus.

“These are so comfortable, and feel more natural than other harnesses to me.” The clerk said. “Plus they look sexy and you could wear them bahis siteleri anytime without it feeling odd.”

Carla took the clerks advice and then they walked to the dildo section and she picked out two that were designed for pegging. They were both life like, but one was thinner and longer and the other thicker and would squirt lube like jizz. The clerk talked her into buying some Spunk lube that seemed like real cum for the squirting dildo. Carla paid cash, and almost ran to her car. She sat in her car for a moment taking the experience in. Her heart was racing, nipples poking out of her shirt, and panties drenched. She wanted to reach down between her legs right there but took a breath and started the car.

The drive home was a blur, as she thought about her purchases, and that her fantasy was one step closer to reality. She pulled into the driveway, grabbed her shopping bag and rushed into the house. She went straight upstairs to the bedroom, stripped and fucked herself with the long skinny dildo she just purchased. In a matter of moments, she came screaming her body thrashing all over the bed.

Carla woke the next morning naked with the dildo lying next to her. The orgasm had been so powerful she had passed out and then continued into sleep. She got up, made the bed and took a shower. She dried off, grabbed the harness panties and put them on. There were two draw strings on the side that cinched them to fit. She pulled the draw strings and the panties formed to her body and a ruffled in the back. Except for the ring in the front to hold her cock, the harness just looked like a cute pair of panties. She decided she would wear them all day, and picked out a mini skirt to wear with them. She thought about sitting in public and positioning her skirt so the ring could be seen by others. What would their reaction be? Her pussy throbbed at the thought of a man seeing it and becoming hers. She finished dressing, grabbed some coffee and decided to go get some breakfast.

Carla picked out the Sunrise Cafe a breakfast spot on the other side of town. This was risque enough, no sense getting caught by someone she knew. She doubted her bosses approving of their accounting manager running around town looking for an ass to fuck.

The Cafe was crowded and she had to wait for a table. Sitting in the waiting room in her mini skirt,stockings and tight shirt emphasizing her breasts and pierced nipples she was quite a sight. The wives all disapproved, but most of the husbands appreciated her efforts. Finally the hostess led here to her table. A corner table with a view of he whole room, it was perfect for her plan. She ordered coffee and a lite omelette, and surveyed the room. Most of the customers were couples or families, but there were two single guys. Maybe there was a chance. She watched the men, but neither seemed to notice her. They seemed uninterested, so she checked out a news app on her phone.

When the waitress brought her breakfast, she saw the two single men follow the waitress to her. Their reaction was awesome, both men stared as if hoping for a peek of something more. Carla ate slowly, seductively licking her lips now and then, and grabbing at her skirt when she picked up her napkin. She teased the men relentlessly, dropping her napkin and bending to pick it up, her breasts almost falling out of her shirt. Taking a deep breath pushing her hard nipples against the fabric of the shirt. It was time for the big reveal. She grabbed her napkin and stood up pulling her skirt up to her belly as if by accident. The ring of her harness was now exposed for all to see. She looked at both men, but neither seemed game. Acting like it was a mistake and feigning embarrassment, she walked through the tables to the restroom. Stepping into the restroom she freshened up her lipstick and then walked back out.

Returning to the table both men had gone, her experiment was a failure. She waved to the waitress and asked for the check.

The waitress came to her table “Oh, one of the guests paid for your breakfast. He even paid the tip.” She smiled.

At least the experiment wasn’t a total loss, no sex, but a free breakfast. Carla smiled back. “That’s nice, thank you.” She got up to leave.

“And” The waitress said coyly “He left you a note.” She handed Carla a small envelope.

Carla took the envelope and walked casually to her car. She wanted to run as fast as she could to get in and read the note, but she played it cool in case he was somewhere watching. Once in the car she opened the note.

It was a plain white card, with a red heart drawn on it. Inside the heart was written; I saw what you did there! Drew. Below the heart was a phone number.

Carla’s heart jumped and her face flushed. She put the note in her purse and drove home. It was another blurry drive, her head full of thoughts and her panties wet at the thought it was really going to happen. She decided to wait until evening to call, anticipation is a great aphrodisiac.

Waiting until the evening to call was almost torture, but finally canlı bahis siteleri it was five thirty. She took a deep breath and dialed the number, her hands trembling.

“Hello this Drew” came the voice from the other end of the line. Deep and smooth like a Radio DJ, his voice was soothing and confident.

“Hi Drew, I’m Carla you left me a note” She did her best to sound calm and sexy.

“Oh, Yeah.” He said and then went silent.

Carla realized he was at a loss for words and jumped in “Your note said that you knew what I was doing. What was I doing?”

“Well, um, I saw, I saw” He stammered, his voice trailing off.

“What did you see Drew?”

“I saw your panties” drew said as if he wanted to say more.

“Yeah?” She paused. “Drew haven’t you seen a woman’s panties before?”

“Yes, of course.” He replied confidently “But, not like those.”

“What do you mean?” She asked coyly.

“Look, you know what i mean” His voice trembling “That ring in the front.”

“That ring is for my cock” Her voice was strong and confident. “Is that why you left the note?” She tried to picture his expression.

“Yes” He spoke quietly as if unsure of her reaction.

Her heart raced, as she realized she was in charge now. “Tell me Drew, what are you thinking?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never done anything like this, but” His voice shaky.

Her heart jumped, he was a virgin like her. “But, you’ve thought about it?” She finished the sentence for him.


“Drew have you masturbated to the thought of being fucked by a woman?” She tried her best to sound sexy and sweet.


“Have you been thinking about me? Tell me everything.” She commanded him sweetly.

“Well i fantasized that you followed me home from the diner, and.” He went silent again.

“And? C’mon Drew this sounds good.” She coaxed him on.

“And you bent me over and fuck me.” He blurted out as if the words were trying to escape his mouth.

“And did you cum sweetie?” Her words soft and sweet.


“Drew, I want to fuck you so much. to see my cock pushing in and out of your tight ass. and if you really want me too, then we can meet,. But you have to do whatever I say and abstain from all sex until then.” She listened to his breathing “Is this what you want Drew?”


“Then stay by your phone, and no sex. You belong to me now.” She hung up, took a deep breath and tore her harness off. She was so turned on she need to cum. This time she used the other new cock. It was thicker, then veins stretching her opening. She thrust the dildo inside over and over before cumming so hard she felt her cum running down over her ass. After the waves subsided, she grabbed her laptop and found a hotel across town. It had good reviews and the rooms looked good. She booked a king suite and texted the information to Drew.

The Crown Suites, room 722 at Seven PM tomorrow.

The next morning, Carla woke up and started her preparations for the big night. She showered shaved her legs and pussy,and then oiled them both. The oil felt so good on her smooth, clean shaved cunt. She pulled on a pair of silky panties, some short shorts, and a t shirt. After some coffee it was time to hit the mall for some new clothes.

Victoria’s Secret was a crazy mess, there were so many shoppers, but she needed a silky thong for the evening. She looked at what seemed like a hundred pairs before she found one that said naughty on the front. She guessed the size, bought them and was off to find a skirt.

The leather store had just he skirt she was looking for it fit perfectly, but had room for her cock. She purchased it and a matching leather thong. That was it, her shopping was finished. She grabbed a burger from a fast food joint and headed home.

The rest of the day seemed to drag on and on. Carla had a glass of white wine to help her relax, and keep her out of her head. Finally five o’clock came around and she started getting dressed. She took off the panties she had worn all day and set them aside. She put on the Sasha harness and pushed the skinnier of the two cocks through the ring. It hung and swayed in front of her magnificently. This was the first time she had worn it all together, and she loved the way it looked. Then she pulled on the leather mini and tucked her cock up against her leg. She was so excited, she could feel the heat radiating from her cunt. The bustier pushed her breasts up and displayed them perfectly. Looking in the mirror she decided that boob lift was worth every penny. She slipped on the stockings, stepped into her heels and took one more look in the mirror. She felt amazing, confident and comfortable with her body. Carla grabbed the Silky thong she purchased earlier, the other cock, her soiled panties and the Spunk lube. She put them in her purse, and left for the hotel.

Checking into the hotel, and trying to remain calm, she told the clerk she was in town for business. Once checked in, she rushed to the room to get comfortable canlı bahis with her surroundings. Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries from room service arrived at six forty five. She set them out and waited for her guest.

At seven O’clock exactly there was a soft knock on the door. Carla opened it to find Drew dressed in a suit like a perfect gentleman. He said hello and stepped in to kiss her, but Carla put her hand in his chest.

“Good evening sweetie, please take a seat.” She spoke in a soft but firm tone.

Drew walked in and sat down at one of the chairs in the suite. Carla poured them each a glass of champagne. She took a sip from her glass then spoke.

“So, before we get started tonight, I want you to understand my rules. First of all I don’t believe in punishment or humiliation, but I do believe in control. I am in charge and you are my” She paused for effect. “my bitch. So if we are to do this, you will do everything and anything I say, or I will end this. Do you understand?”

Drew looked intently into her eyes and answered “Yes.”

Carla felt a surge of power and a jolt of sexual energy pulse through her as the much bigger man submitted to her. “Good, now I want you to stand up and strip naked.”

Drew stood up and stripped for her. He stood there arms at his sides and his hard cock pointing skyward.

Carla admired his body and that rock hard dick. She stared at him for a minute, and enjoyed the effect she had on him. She reached into her purse, grabbed the silky thong and handed it to Drew. “Put these on.”

Drew hesitated for a moment. He hadn’t prepared for this, and was unsure.

Carla pushed the panties into his chest “Put them on or get the fuck out!” Her voice was harsh and commanding.

Drew took the panties and stepped into them. He stood before her his cock barely fitting in the pouch and throbbing.

Carla noticed a drop of precum staining the front and smiled. “Do you like wearing panties?”

Drew blushed “Yes” He whispered

She stepped forward, grabbed his dick and whispered in his ear. “I’m going to make you my panty wearing fuck slut.” The words just came out naturally. She wasn’t sure where from, maybe it was all those porn videos she watched. She stroked his dick softly through the panties, maintaining control.

After a few moments, she walked around to his back and grabbed his butt. “This ass is now mine, and I will fuck it whenever I want. If I call you, you better come running, or I will find another whore to take your place.” She walked over to the table and reached into her purse again. This time she pulled out the panties she had worn earlier. She put them in his face. “Do you want to sniff my panties?”

‘Yes” this time Drew answered immediately.

Carla rubbed the wet patch all over his nose and lips. “Open your mouth.” She pushed them into his mouth. “Now I’m not taking these out of your mouth unless you promise me you won’t scream like a little bitch when I fuck you.”

“I promise mistress” He mumbled through the silky fabric.

Mistress? The word sent a tingle through Carla’s body and a jolt to her cunt. She took the panties from his mouth and tossed them across the room. “Good, besides I’m gonna need to use that tongue later. Now bend over the bed.”

Drew walked over to the bed and bent over.

Carla once grabbed the Spunk lube and squirted some in his ass crack. She took his dick in one hand , and started tracing his butt hole with a finger from the other. Enjoying his reaction, she slipped a finger in his ass. It popped right in, he may have been a virgin, but this wasn’t the first time he had something in his ass. She thrust her finger in and out in time with the dick stroking. He moaned softly, and she leaned over his back. Her nipples rubbed against his back, she bit his ear then whispered. “Look at my big strong man. Wearing panties and moaning like a little bitch. Well, next time you’re gonna have to suck my cock before I fuck you.” She felt his cock throb in her hand and knew she owned him now. “I’ve changed my mind, I want to hear you scream like a little bitch.”

Carla took off her skirt, and released her cock. She rested it on his ass crack, and pushed in a second finger. This time he groaned and tried to pull away. “No, no honey that’s just a second finger. Just relax and get used to it.”

Drew took a deep breath and stopped his resistance.

“Good slut. Baby, if you can’t take two fingers, you’ll never take my cock.” Carla spoke in a soft, soothing voice. She started thrusting in and out, and then added a third finger.

Drew’s reaction was not quite as dramatic this time. He was ready for cock now, and Carla was more than ready to fuck his tight little butt hole. She poured more Spunk on his hole and her cock. She pressed the tip of her cock against Drew’s asshole and pushed slowly. The big head of her cock struggled to penetrate his tight hole, and Drew groaned and fought against it.

Carla slapped Drew’s ass hard and grabbed his hair. “Listen to me you fucking whore. This cock is going in your ass one way or the other. If you keep fighting me, I’m gonna tear your ass open.” Carla wasn’t sure where that came from, but she was so excited, and wasn’t about to stop.

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