A Piece of Art Pt. 06

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WARNING: This chapter includes the following “kinks”: futa, hourglass expansion, giantess growth, breast and ass expansion, hyper growth, female muscle, FMG, dick growth, size worship, public nudity, masturbation, mind control, dual cocks


“This is fucking nuts,” Grace muttered to herself when she entered the building.

The euphoria she felt when finding another message from Christina on her nightstand was almost gone when she saw how many women also followed the futa’s invitation. One would be tricked into thinking that the invitation of a supernatural, growing dickgirl came with secrecy Grace thought. Yet there she was, one among easily 200 women in all shapes, ages and colours. While the artist thought of herself as someone who knew exactly what type made her mouth water, Christina seemingly had a much more elaborate palate. There were equally as many women who were well beyond their prime and ones who just have to grow into their own, just like Grace. Also, in regards of body type there was a plethora of women to draw from each possible pool. Thick, thin, tall, petite, top heavy, bottom heavy, it was much harder to think of any possible body types she was not seeing than the ones in front of her. Too many to count and too many between her and her goal.

Grace shrugged when she accepted the fact that she could not force her way through the ever-denser horde of women flocking towards the stage. Four hours she drove with her flatmate’s car and that was what she was met with. A fucking Christina expo.

Even the hall, too big to be anything else than an exhibition hall, was somewhat disappointing. For such a sensual and elegant woman like Christina this bland wooden interior felt subpar at best, insultingly inadequate at worst. A part of the blonde was thankful she had the chance to first met Christina in a much more stylish and genuinely more fitting location back in the marble Odeon of her college.

She had rubbed herself senseless countless times by reliving the pounding she took that night. Right under the stunned eyes of her classmates unable to feel the same bliss she was experiencing. Never would she not be aroused when remembering this essential detail.

“Mmmh,” Grace bit down a moan as she rubbed her plump thighs together.

Just the prospect of bathing in a fraction of the orgasmic sensation that Christina infused into her, would have prompted Grace to ride 500 miles without a second thought. A sigh escaped her lips when she realised that every woman here was probably as desperate… and craving for the futa’s dick as she was.

Not only were they probably in the same heat as her, but they seemed to be equally as irritated and confused about the ever-growing crowd. Silent gazes were wandering all over the hall coming from every possible pair of eyes seeking something that deserved their attention. Christina did not arrive yet and only very few found any familiar faces to talk to. So, they kept staring into the mass, observing the women they clearly did not expect or wished to be greeted with in the first place and holding out for the futa’s infectious smile. Almost as much as for her glorious dick.

Grace crossed her arms and looked around like all the others. Occasionally her eyes met the gaze of someone else, just to find the same mute confusion and frustration she knew graced her own face.


The blonde almost jumped when she felt a soft hand on her shoulder.

“Ms. Stemper?” Grace asked in awe.

Like last time when her teacher introduced Christina in her students’ life the 40-something old proved that buried deep under her antics and eccentricity there was a staggeringly beautiful and classy lady to be found.

“Looks like my trust in you wasn’t misguided,” Ms. Stemper said.

“I…uhm… did my best, Ms. Stemper,” Grace replied awkwardly.

“Please, call me Heather. It’s not like we both don’t know why we are here. If things turn out as we want to, then we both will get to know a new site of each other. A far more intimate one. No need to be formal.”

Grace nodded, not sure what to say, but her teacher cleared her doubts before she could even open her mouth.

“I am talking about getting fucked. By a huge growing cock.”

“Alright. We are on the same page then, Heather,” Grace chuckled timidly.

Unlike her student, Heather openly showed what she expected from the invitation and her clothes reflected that. Her sizeable breasts and hips were on full display in her very tight-fitting dress, her make-up and heavy use of lipstick was better suited to a professional escort than a woman earning big bucks with art. She would have made for a proper escort though, Grace admitted to herself, as she cautiously observed the certified MILF’s seasoned body.

“Have you seen Christina yet?” the brunette MILF asked.

“No. I guess we are all a bit early,” Grace said.

“Probably she is fucking already a good dozen of women on her way here,” Heather said with a grin.

“Hopefully kaçak iddaa not. She better not be already drained and exhausted by the time she gets here. And not before we got our turn,” Grace muttered.

Heather next to her laughed out loud, one of the few occasions Grace heard her teacher doing so.

“I see we are on the same page, Grace. But something tells me, regardless of how many women flock to her, we won’t be able to satisfy her fully.”

“Let’s hope so,” the blonde said while slowly unzipping her hoodie.

“Nice tits,” her teacher said bluntly.

Every other time Grace would have been stunned and unable to respond to such a remark by a teacher of hers, but nothing seemed out of place given the circumstances that brought all these women here.

“Th-thank you, Heather,” the busty teenager said and blushed as she revealed her cleavage bursting out her tight shirt. “Yours are also pretty… nice.”

The MILF smirked seductively and elegantly jolted her long, groomed brown hair back and allowed a better look at her assets.

“Maybe we should continue this conversation another time. Maybe some time when we don’t expect a proper fucking in public,” Heather said with a husky voice that made April’s body tingle in all the right ways. “How about my place?”

“Sounds good, Heather,” the student gulped and almost wanted to reach out to Ms. Stempers inviting hips.

“Just one condition,” Heather said.

“I am listening.”

“Don’t hide your curvy body under such an ugly hoodie next time… and in class as well,” the teacher smiled.

Grace’s cheeks were on fire and nodding wildly didn’t offer any relief. Instinctively she pushed her arms together and felt the weighty softness of her proud set of DD’s squeeze into her. Surely, she could show them a bit more often in class from now on… and on other occasions too.

The two were back to silently waiting for the redhead’s arrival and to ogling all the other women also awaiting a “proper fucking”.

Grace and Heather would point out the women that deserved a closer inspection and rated them from a far. Turned out, that her teacher shared her taste when it came to thick and well-endowed women, especially those who kinda resembled Grace. She would have to come back on that earlier offer for sure.

Eventually, when Grace was about to lose the thrill of checking out the crowd, she discovered one particular woman that stood out. Figuratively and literally.

“Heather, look,” Grace said and pointed at the blonde amazon in the middle of the crowd.

“Damn! Solid 9.5 out of 10, good catch,” Heather said and bit her lower lip. Grace could not blame her.

The blonde amazon stood at a height that towered above literally everybody else around her. Heather was not exactly a small woman and neither was Grace, but this bulky girl stood easily over 6 feet. Looked almost closer to 6’5″ than the other way around.

Grace stood on her toes to catch a better glimpse on that frightening blonde and found what she was looking for.

“She is ripped, holy shit,” Grace gasped.

“She for sure is well-proportioned. Look at those arms,” Heather joined in.

The smaller student had to find a box to stand on to see past the wall of women that blocked the view on the marvellous amazon. And she was more than happy she found one.

“Fuck me,” Grace muttered and almost openly drooled.

The blonde had nothing short of the body of a proper bodybuilder, not just like the usual gym rat, but a proper heavy weight lifter… while also sporting a massive pair of knockers.

“Later,” Heather interjected with a grin, but kept her mature gaze fixed on solid muscle.

“I wonder what she can lift with those guns,” Grace almost moaned.

“Your sweet ass for sure, probably mine as well. At the same time. You have to give Christina credit, she knows how to indulge herself,” Heather said as her arousal oozed through with every word.

The duo kept loudly debating about what they would do to such a powerful woman and how they could put her strength to good use — until the blonde amazon eventually noticed them blatantly staring at them.

“Твою ж мать… “Varvara growled between grit teeth.

She crossed her bulging arms when she spotted another pair shamelessly staring at her body and pretended to ignore them. Like all the other watchful eyes undressing her from all sides she could not fully shut them out, partially because of her outfit she reluctantly admitted.

The chiselled athlete wanted to leave an impression on the only woman that left such a lasting impression on the blonde, that she could not find a full night of sleep ever since she met the futa. Varvara’s days and nights were filled with images of her lustful encounter with the supernatural redhead and longing to meet her once more. Maybe next time she could take things down another direction, not just beautiful, mind-shattering sex, but maybe, just maybe, they could find a common ground that went beyond just lust. Regardless kaçak bahis of the outcome she would cherish the meeting either way she told herself, as long as she had her chance to be with Christina. Just, this didn’t turn out to be an intimate reunion — but a rally of Christina’s entire harem.

The blonde bodybuilder exhaled angrily when another woman next to her almost mustered the courage to speak to her, after visibly drooling for minutes without any decency. Varvara tensed her arms and pierced the small raven-haired woman, more a girl than a proper woman, with her blue eyes. The girl retreated without ushering even a single word.

“What was I thinking?” Varvara muttered to herself and sighed in exhaustion.

She had such high expectations for this invitation, which turned out to be nothing but foolish. A fool, that’s who she was she thought. A fool for turning up in her best dress to impress a woman that clearly fancied only the thrill of one passionate night before sailing to new shores. What a fool she was to expect anything different.

Ever since Christina left her gym something was missing, almost nagging onto the Russian amazon. She found no relief in just masturbating or in the occasional hook-ups with her properly built clients, they all just felt… unfulfilling. Even more so than usual.

Only her workouts made her forget this tormenting hole burning within her for a while. Rarely longer than for a few hours, but they were a welcome diversion either way, only much more frequent than ever before in her life.

Even when preparing for national competitions or back in the circus she could not remember pumping her weights this often or this hard. And the results were undeniable. Varvara perked an eyebrow when she allowed herself to appreciate the effects of this Christina induced frustration to her body.

Her arms and legs had gotten simply massive over the last few days, with delicate veins travelling especially along her forearms and calves while her biceps and thighs were solid blocks of iron. She never felt stronger in her life and more importantly, never did she ever feel this sexy before.

Every morning after her first workout Varvara would take her time and marvel at the sheer power of her bulging body. What should have taken her weeks of proper diet and careful training came naturally to her within hours. Surely, because of Christina’s influence, or at the very least due to the lack there of.

Varvara’s fingers went over her triceps while her cleavage pushed into her crossed arms. She looked good in her deep cut black dress; she knew that. The way her arms and back were pumped to their fullest just half an hour before she drove here must have been a sight to behold for anyone. Seemingly, many women silently and more often than not openly agreed on that. Her massive legs in particular also put on a proper show in her scissor-slit cut dress, exposing both of her beautifully sculptured thighs and ready to burst calves. Every part of her body felt sore after the non-stop training she went through over the last days, but if she could make Christina’s beautiful mouth drop by just an inch everything would be worth it. Sadly, she seemingly achieved that only with those who were not of any particular interest to her — a reoccurring theme throughout Varvara’s life.

“I should just go, spare myself from the humiliation of waiting even longer,” Varvara thought before suddenly a bright green light erupted from behind the drawn curtain on stage.

A loud thump accompanied the piercing light and the fraction of a second before the light vanished, a massive silhouette could be seen behind the curtain.

Varvara’s heart almost skipped a beat and many of the women around her also gasped in excitement. One could tell there was only one woman with such a body, and such an aura. The tension was almost breathable when the blonde recognised the futa’s melodic steps, which sounded much mightier than she remembered them.

“Christina!” some girls already started to blur out, with others clapping and cheering without an ounce of class.

Varvara liked to think she was different from such women. She would not reduce herself to a drooling groupie like many willingly did. She would be the woman that at first entranced Christina so much that she could grow through her gym’s ceiling and given the chance she would do the same again… and much more.

The shadow behind the curtain appeared to grow bigger and bigger until the redhead’s elegant fingers pulled back the fabric and revealed herself. All of her, which turned out much more than many were used to.

“Holy…” Heather started.

“…FUCK!” Grace finished.

The two could not believe their eyes when they saw Christina’s new frame. Christina, already massive when she first entered through the college’s door returned even bigger. Much bigger.

Grace estimated the futa at least 8 feet and half and she did not only gain height. The redhead’s breasts and hips were literally mouth-watering illegal bahis and the bulge that rested between her surprisingly firm and solid looking thighs easily reached her knee. Not only her curves, but also her muscles looked to have gotten an upgrade. The arms of the futa’s sleeveless red dress looked much more defined than Grace remembered them, not nearly on the level of the amazon they found in the crowd, but still, it looked like Christina hit the gym quite a bit.

Neither of the two had to say how much they loved Christina’s new look, not when both were drooling with wide open mouths barely able to remember to take a breath in their excitement. A problem all the women around them seemed to struggle with. After the initial jubilations of the futa’s arrival almost everyone was reduced to silent stares when the entire hall seemed to have gotten conquered by rising tension.

Christina clearly enjoyed their reaction. She slowly, but gracefully walked to the centre of the stage where everyone could catch a proper look at her bigger body. The way her hips swung with her seductive steps silenced the last few who attempted to cheer on their goddess.

The redhead paused and smiled into the crowd of her lustful lovers while resting one toned arm rested on her breast and pulled on the already overly stretched dress.

“My dear friends, thank you for coming here today. I have missed you all, more than you could imagine. I hope I haven’t kept you waiting for too long,” the futa said in her simply angelic voice.

“We missed you too!” some women replied.

Their voices sounded almost obnoxious compared to Christina’s divine tune.

The redhead smiled warmer than ever, her green eyes seemingly gracing everyone of her guests one by one as she allowed anticipation to grow.

“Why are we all here?” an accented, clearly Russian voice asked.

Grace did not see who broke the silence, but many women were turning around as they wondered about the same thing. Many of them eyed the mountainous body builder that towered above them all.

“That’s a justified question, my dear Varya. And one I knew you were the first to ask,” Christina replied and took another few steps closer to the crowd.

“I sense that most of you wished to share another moment with me alone and I apologize for not fulfilling you this wish today. But today, will be more than just the connection of two souls and their indulging into their deepest desires. Today, I require the help of you all to become more than what I currently am.”

“What would that be?” the amazon replied first again while crossing her massive arms.

Christina simply smiled and leaned forward towards the crowd, offering her massive cleavage to them.

“I wish I would know. How about we find this out together? With the help of all of you and I mean all of you. I promise, you will enjoy this as much as I will,” Christina said and rested both hands on her waist almost cupping her hefty thighs and buttocks.

The red dress slowly melted off her beautiful body and disintegrated into thin air before everyone’s eyes. A feat that should have earned some gasps of amazement, but the collective sigh the futa earned was solely due to her now exposed frame.

Grace moaned as she saw the familiar cock once more throb and its angry veins pulse from a distance. She salivated when seeing how Christina’s massive breasts led into slightly toned, but still visible abs and combined into the perfect blend of thickness and strength. And then there were her balls. Holy fuck those balls.

The artist was about to touch herself when she saw how big they already were. They looked easily the size of the futa’s fists and made Grace’s thong immediately damp at the thought of kissing and licking them — regardless of how many women were watching. Or maybe especially when they were watching.

“Mmmh… just let your lust flow through you all, my dear friends. I can feel you all. Every single one of you. Each special in your own way. I love you all,” Christina moaned on stage.

The temperature in the hall appeared to have risen by a few notches when the futa’s cock bobbed up and down frantically while visibly swelling meatier.

“Fuck, she is so goddamn hot,” Grace slurred and rubbed along the fabric of her tight jeans and slowly worked her way up to her wet pussy.

Heather next to her did not even manage that and already sunk her fingers under her dress and started going to town. And she was not alone. Quite a few women were already in full on horny mode and some even started making out with whoever stood close to them.

“Don’t hold back, my friends. Your desire only makes me more powerful. And your reward will be grand, I promise. You will all feel pleasure you never felt before,” Christina’s wavering voice echoed louder than the growing moans of her guests.

“Grow some more!” Grace shouted and doubted her pitiful voice made it far beyond the women gasping and moaning around her, but Christina seemingly heard her call.

“Yes… I need to grow, grow so much more.”

The futa’s breasts and ass ballooned fast, faster than the rest of her already curvaceous body, but her softness was clearly outpaced by her hardness.

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