A Shared Wet Fetish Ch. 02

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Here is another true story into a personal fetish as told to me by my friend Jeff. This is his story.

The next experience in my life involved a lady of 75 years of age. Her name was Margaret and I was in my early 50’s at the time. She was a very over intelligent lady, so much so, she tended to have slightly silly times, but this didn’t mean that she didn’t enjoy an almost normal life.

She’d never been married, but had two boyfriends over the years, one of which stole money from her, which made her very cautious of relationships.

I found out later on while chatting with her, she’d not had any sex with anyone for over 15 years. She had masturbated a lot and had solo enjoyment of various kinds though.

She was a pleasant lady, slim and never wore a bra, only had small breasts, but nice nipples, a slight belly, smooth and rounded, and a pert little bottom with hardly a wrinkle in sight.

She had no teeth and refused point blank to wear dentures, unless it was absolutely necessary but for me, that wasn’t a problem; kissing is kissing as far as I’m concerned.

How it all started between us was quite innocent.

She lived in my apartment complex at the time and often needed little chores doing.

One evening, she couldn’t get her television to work. Well, I’m no tech guy, but said I’d have a look. Without going into details, I got it working.

She was well pleased and as I went to leave, she came over to me, “Give me a kiss.” She said.

I thought it was going to be a little thank you kiss, but how wrong I was. At first it was a thank you kiss, but then she opened her mouth, her soft loose lips engulfed mine, and her tongue entered my mouth.

It came as a bit of a surprise, a nice surprise and I responded, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth.

She’d known me for only awhile, really. “I’ve wanted to kiss you for some time.” She said.

After what turned out be a long kiss, a very long gummy kiss, with the exchange of lots of saliva, something I’ll never complain about, I felt aroused. My cock was bulging in my pants.

I must admit that even though we’d kissed quite passionately, I never suspected what was too follow..

“Will you come around again?” She asked.

“If you want me to,” I replied.

“When?” She asked.

“Any time.” I responded.

“Have you got something else for me to do?” I asked, smiling.

“Oh! Yes.” She said and winked.

I think I got the message and left.

A few days later, I went around, to see what “job” she wanted me to do.

As soon as I went in, she put her arms around me any we were kissing.

I put my arms around her and lowered one hand down her back and cheekily squeezed her bottom, pulling her closet to me.

Just kissing had got my cock bulging in my pants and as I pulled her to me, she must have felt it, as she pushed herself against me.

She reached between us and rubbed her hand over my bulge.

“Ooh! You’re a bit hard down there.” She said.

“You keep doing that and it’ll be more than hard.” I said.

I decided to help her and reached down to undo my zipper and put her hand inside my pants. She fumbled around a bit, eventually getting hold of my erect cock and taking it out.

“Oh! It’s really hard.” She said, as she pushed back my foreskin,”it’s a big one!”

I’m not as big as some guys, but at 7 1/2″ I’m happy with it. I’ve had no complaints.

I reached up under her skirt and she parted her legs to let me feel between her thighs.

She gasped as my hand reached her panty and I squeezed her over the material, which was warm and damp.

Through the material, I could feel the ridges of her pussy lips.

“Your panty is a bit damp.” I said, as I felt inside the elastic of them.

“Oh! Sorry, I sometimes forget to wipe after a pee.” She said “And I have a bit of a weak bladder anyway.”

“Don’t apologize. I think it’s very sexual.” I said, without disclosing the fact that I have a pee fetish.

“You think it’s sexy that I’m wet?” She asked.

” I do.” I replied.

“Oh! Dear.” She said, “You fiddling about down there is making me want to pee again and I only went 20 minutes ago.”

“You’d better go to the toilet then.” I said.

She headed to the bathroom…

“Can I watch?” I asked.

She seemed a bit surprised at first, then smiled, “If you like.”

She lifted her skirt and pulled her panty down and sat on the seat.

She didn’t mind when I pushed her skirt right up and gently opened her thighs.

She leaned back and I looked down, and watched her piss gushing down into the water below.

“You’re a naughty boy, aren’t you?” She said.

I chuckled, “I hope so!”

As she continued to pee, I reached kaçak iddaa down between her thighs, and clasped my hand over her flapping pussy lips, inserting my finger into her vaginal opening.

She closed her eyes, and gasped. “Oh! You naughty, naughty boy. Oh! Don’t stop.”

Her voice became a series of gasps and panting as she had an orgasm.

I think she must have gotten the idea that I liked pee fun by now.

When she’d finished peeing, I removed my hand from underneath her and she watched amazed as I licked my fingers, tasting her fluids and juices.

She wasn’t put off by seeing me licking my fingers, in fact after being surprised, she seemed quite interested.

“Do you like that, tasting my pee pee?” She asked.

“I really do.” I replied. Then, I disclosed my secret fetish to her, telling her everything, that I love anything to do with peeing.

“Anything?” She asked.

“Anything.” I said.

“Oh! Dear, you’ll have to teach me.” She said.

I asked her about her sex life, and she confirmed to me everything and that’s when I found out about the two guys she’d had, the thief and the other one who wasn’t much better, apparently.

For some reason, she seemed to trust me.

“You must have enjoyed yourself, if you know what I mean.” I said.

“If you mean naughty things, yes I have had some fun.” She admitted.

I felt honored that she trusted me enough to confide in me that much. Masturbation is a private function for anyone, especially as she was a lady of 75 years of age.

She got up off the toilet, without wiping herself and pulled her already wet panty up.

Despite having licked her pee and juices from my fingers, she still wanted to kiss me and her tongue licked inside my mouth.

At this point, with my erect cock protruding from my pants, I took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

She began to undress. “Do you want to see my body?” She asked.

“Yes, undress and let me see you naked.” I replied.

As she undressed, I took my clothes off as well and finally we were both naked, looking at each others bodies.

We lay down on the bed, kissing again, our tongues searching each others mouths. There was so much saliva, I was swallowing it.

I decided to treat her gently. I felt it right, considering her past.

I moved down her body, kissing her breasts and nipples, down over her belly and into her pubic area.

“Oh! Are you going to…oh! oh! you are.” She gasped, as my mouth found her wet, sticky pussy.

I’d just been tasting her juices, so I didn’t think she’d object to me going to the source, as it were.

“No one’s done that to me before.” She whimpered, as my tongue licked along her wet valley.

I pushed my tongue into her vagina, and then sucked on her ample clitoris, making her quiver with another orgasm.

“Stop…stop… I’m going to pee.” She cried out.

I didn’t stop. I clasped my lips over her old, well used pee hole, and sucked as she leaked hot pee.

At that point she let loose, which came as a bit of a surprise. “Oh! Fuck, you naughty boy, you’re a dirty, naughty boy, drinking my piss, for fucks sake, don’t stop. Oh! Fuck! Don’t stop, I’m coming…fuck… I’m coming.

I lifted her legs, and buried my mouth deeper into her soaking valley, so she could enjoy the whole orgasm.

She gripped the mattress, and squealed out as she orgasmed, all the time leaking urine.

Several minutes passed before she calmed down.

“I got a bit carried away didn’t I. I used rude words, sorry.” She said.

“Don’t worry about it, you enjoyed it didn’t you, it just means you let yourself go.” I said.

“Will you fuck me?” She said.

I didn’t need to be asked twice and I climbed on top of her. she wrapped her legs round me and my cock found it’s own way into her open cunt.

I must have lasted all of 5 minutes before shooting my load into her, while our mouths were locked together.

It felt very wet down there, as she peed while we both came at the same time.

It was one hell of a session.

With cum still dripping from my cock, she took it in her mouth, licking it and her own juices.

I visited her on a regular basis, after that first time and it’s surprising what we got up to.

She even got into sucking my cock, as often as she could.

After getting a mouthful of my cum the first time, she couldn’t get enough.

As for me, with no teeth to bite me, I was gummed to the highest pleasure.

And having swallowed her pee, she wanted to taste mine too and after that time, she kept my cock in her mouth till I peed and drank it.

She loved it so much, once I filled a glass, drank some myself ,and offered it to her as she drank most of it.

I kaçak bahis told her to keep a mouthful and spit it into my mouth, which she did.

Of course we reversed the roles, with her doing it in a glass and both of us drinking it, even both of us doing it in the same glass.

She was turning into my piss whore.

She’d done things to herself for pleasure and despite it being private and personal to her, I managed to get her to confide them to me, even though, at first, she was a bit embarrassed.

On one occasion, we were laying on her bed naked and I came straight out with it.

“What do you do to yourself, you naughty lady?” I asked.

She seemed a bit shy at first, but started to tell me.

“I put my finger in myself and I rub my clit.” She said.

“Yes, yes, go on.” I said. “What else? You’ve been at it for years, there’s more, I know there is.”

“Yes…well…um…but …um,” She hesitated and her face flushed a bit.

“I put things up myself.” She said, ” up my…”

“Up your cunt.” I said.

She nodded.

After having said “cunt” to her, she relaxed a bit more.

“Yes, I put things up my cunt.” She said.

“Like what?” I asked.

With more confidence, she replied.

“When I was younger, anything, usually handles on things, like a hair brush, some kitchen utensils…”

“And now?” I asked.

“I use a cucumber.” She said.

“Really, I’d love to watch you play with yourself.” I told her.

“We both know each others secrets now.” She said, then added, “And I like using naughty words, it’s exciting.”

I kissed her open mouth, enjoying running my tongue around hers.

She rubbed my cock and I played with her nipples. A few minutes later, she said, “I need a piss.” Smiling, because she’d used the word piss.

I told her to put her panty on and we went to the bathroom, where I lay down in the shower and got her to stand with her legs either side of me.

I looked up and watched and told her to go on and piss in her panty.

They were already damp, where she’d leaked a little, but then suddenly urine was gushing from them, a steady stream pouring onto my body. Some ran down the insides of her thighs. As the flow decreased, she half squatted, strained a bit and the rest of her hot pee splashed over my face, some of course went into my open mouth.

I wasn’t complaining though.

My fetish for pee knows no bounds, so I told her to take her panty off. She was still dripping as I helped her to squat right down and press her hot, wet, sticky cunt on my mouth.

The taste of her was fantastic.

For quite some time I licked and sucked her, occassionly getting the odd dribble of pee.

After a little orgasm, she leaned down and kissed me, tasting her own juices and letting saliva dribble into my mouth.

I pushed her down, while I still lay in the shower and impaled her on my cock.

She let it slip straight into her cunt and rode it like she was on horseback. I didn’t hold out too long and raised my bottom upward as I came, she had an orgasm as well, quite a strong one, making her overworked bladder leak more pee, which ran down my body.

On subsequent visits, I found out she had even deeper secrets she hadn’t mentioned yet, probably a bit too embarrassed about.

One time when I went around, we engaged as usual in wet kissing, she knows how much I like wet kissing, and dribbles as much saliva as she can.

We were laying on the bed, fully dressed, I wore pants, t-shirt, underwear and she wore a t-shirt, skirt and panties, which were as usual, a bit damp.

“Have you put a cover on the mattress?” I asked.

“There’s always been something on there, because of my weak bladder, but I put a better sheet on now, since we got together. I’m not that nuts.” She said.

“Good, things have got a bit wet lately.” I said.

We spent a while kissing and while she had my cock out, to play with, I had my hand up her skirt and down her panty, feeling her cunt. She had a couple of orgasms, during which, there was the usual leak from her pee hole.

She was starting to get a bit bolder now, because as I moved down, lifting her skirt right up and pulling her wet down, she said, “Are you going to lick my cunt?”

I rolled her over and helped her into the doggie position, while she buried her face into the pillow, I buried my face into her crotch and a few minutes of licking gave her an orgasm.

There I was sucking her juices and piss, with her anus, right before my eyes.

Suddenly my tongue was licking it.

I was expecting her to object, after all I was licking her ass, but she didn’t. In fact she pushed on her anal muscles, making the rim expand outward.

She seemed keen on illegal bahis me doing it.

When I stopped several minutes later, she sighed, “That was so nice.”

“I guessed you liked it.’ I said,” I think you liked it a bit more than you care to admit.”

“I did like it very much, but I’ve never had that done before, but I do like to play with my ass. I’ve done things to it lots of times when I’ve been by myself. There, now you know another of my secrets.” She admitted.

“Ok! So what have you done?”

She hesitated and finally told me that she’d been putting things up her ass as well as her cunt and anally fucking herself.

“So, you’ve been quite a naughty lady over the years.”

“Yes, but you’ve got me so worked up over the last couple of weeks, I want more.” She hesitated again, then said, “Fuck me up my ass.”

In the position she was in, her anus was protruding upward, so I placed my cock head against the opening.

I watched, as her anal rim opened and stretched as it opened so easily.

I guessed she must have been doing things to her ass for years.

I slipped straight in and she gasped out as I began to fuck her.

It had been a very long time, many years, since I’d fucked an ass and I had to admit, it felt good.

“Is it good? I asked.

“Oh! Yes, much better than anything I’ve done. Oooooh! Push it right up me, hard. I’m loving it.” She said, “cum in my ass.”

I did and it was one of the best orgasms I’d had for a long time.

Fingering her ass and fucking her ass became regular, she loved it so much.

For me it was her age that turned me on…so much sex with a 75 year old lady.

But I can’t finish this account of my earlier encounter with Margaret, without relating what happened when she let me watch, while she masturbated and did things to herself.

Although we’d done some really erotic things, she was still a bit self conscious about me seeing what she did to herself but she agreed to let me watch her. In fact, she said that it might even be more exciting.

One night, I went around and we undressed and she lay on the bed while I sat on a chair at the end of the bed.

She had a bag on the bedside table. I didn’t even look into it because she had opened her legs and with her eyes closed, she had started to rub her clitoris.

She parted her ample pussy lips with her other hand and inserted two fingers into her vagina.

Doing it in front of me obviously heightened her pleasure and it was amazing to watch her thighs quiver and shake and hear her gasping…”M’mmmmmmm…Oooh!…Yes, yes, yes!”

I looked closer and I could see her cunt pushing outward as she finger fucked herself.

Still rubbing her clit, she whipped her fingers out and I could see her pee hole spout outward and she pissed all over her legs and the bed sheet.

She reached into the bag on the bedside table and took out a cucumber. It was not a small one, probably 12″ long and a couple of inches across.

This should be interesting, I thought.

She never opened her eyes, pretending she was alone and held it to her open, sticky cunt.

Using both hands, she slid it into herself, maybe halfway and began to pull it in and out.

Eventually there were only about 3″ that were not inside her.

Her moaning, and gasping continued and she shook and raised her bottom off the bed as orgasm after orgasm washed over her body.

She totally lost control of her bladder and was pissing everywhere.

The scene before me had my cock standing uprights and I was pulling back my foreskin.

Then, suddenly, she let the cucumber slip outand I thought that was it.

Was I going to get a surprise…

She lifted her bottom off the bed and held the cucumber to her anal opening.

I thought, no, she wouldn’t, but she did. She slowly slid it into her ass and maybe all but 6″ disappeared inside her.

I’d seen it in sex books and in dirty films, but never for real.

Well that was worth seeing. The obvious happened for me, two or three strokes and I came.

Not wanting to waste it, I held my cock to her mouth, just as the cucumber slid out of her ass and she sucked me, as usual swallowing my cum.

I got on the bed with her and we kissed and I tasted my cum, coating around her mouth.

We had fun for quite a long time, maybe 3 years, but eventually she went into a care facility, due to an illness.

I had told my good friend Tony about my time with Margaret and he told me a story of how he got his girlfriend, Lisa to be his pee whore.

He told me that after he got her into nudity and doing mfm threesomes, he told her about his pee fetish and although reluctant at first, she did what he wanted and now it has become part of their sexual activities.

He told me that he was glad we had this in common and said that anytime I wanted to use her, I could, as long as he could watch.

I told him he had a deal…

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