A Sticky Situation Ch. 03

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Sunlight filtered in through a crack in my drapes and caused me to wake up before my alarm went off. Groaning I reached for the clock and discovered it was 6:30am. Ewww…I thought to myself. I rolled out of my four poster bed and stood in the middle of my disheveled room. I began stretching out my muscles, reaching my arms over my head, rolling my neck and shoulders and leaning down, stretching out my hamstrings. After my morning ritual was complete I went into my small bathroom and took out my toothbrush. My mouth tasted kind of funky and I brushed my teeth and tongue for what seemed like an hour, in all actuality about five minutes. I checked myself out in the bathroom mirror, pleased with what I saw. My hair had begun to get lighter from all of the time I was spending in the sun, and my skin had a nice healthy glow. My arms were a lot more toned and I was starting to be able to see my ab muscles. Hard work really does pay off, I thought to myself.

I left the bathroom and stripped off my pink tank and pink and white striped panties and didn’t bother putting them in the hamper. I began digging through my drawers, looking for an outfit. Today was Saturday and I planned on going to my Uncle’s pool with my sister. I found one of my cutest bathing suits; a white bikini top with a silver “C” clasp, and black and white boy shorts. I piled my light brown hair onto the top of my head and tied it in a loose bun. I put my sunglasses on the top of my head and slipped into a pair of nine west sandals. I left my room in search of breakfast.

What I found, was my father, sitting at the dining room table, munching on toast and drinking black coffee. It had been a week since we’d really talked, a week since I’d had his cock in my mouth. I’d stopped jumping on him as soon as he came home and he seemed to want to spend a lot of time on the computer. Everything felt so wrong now, and I almost regretted what had happened. At least at night, when I was alone, I could think about him and Kyle and rub my pussy until I came. I’d never had such intense orgasms since the day I’d dabbled in what was considered taboo. Kyle had been away all week at basketball camp and I missed him. I kept wondering what he was doing there, if he had told any of his friends about what had happened between us. My thought process came to an abrupt halt as my father got up from the table and without a word walked into his office. I looked down at my feet sadly. His half drunk coffee was on the table and I walked over to it and smelled the earthy aroma of it. I sipped the coffee gingerly as it was still very hot, but couldn’t resist running my tongue around the inner ring, trying to taste my father’s lips. A familiar tingle ran up my stomach, originating between my legs and I sighed. I wondered if it was all worth it.

I set his cup down and walked into the kitchen, retrieving my favorite asian looking bowl and pulled out some Fruit Loops. I poured the cereal and then dug around in the refrigerator until I found my soy milk. I poured the milk over the cereal and found a spoon. I ate quickly and some milk splashed down onto my swimsuit. “Damn.” I muttered to myself.

“What happened now?” my twin sister asked, giving me a critical look as she walked into the kitchen. “What did you do?”

“I spilled milk on my suit.” I retorted.

“You mean, on my suit.” She corrected.

“Oh yeah…sorry.” I muttered. I’d forgotten that I hadn’t given it back to her after the bonfire.

“I mean, really Kerry, you always borrow my shit and you either forget to give it back or you spill stuff on it!”

“Whatever, it’s not like you don’t borrow my stuff. I’m just going to wear it today, all right?”

“Um…let me think about that…how about no? I don’t have another suit and you have like three. So give me mine back.”

“Fine!” I yelled at her, and unhooked the “c” lotusbet güvenilirmi clasp. I pulled the top off and scooted out of the boy shorts and flung them at her. She caught them deftly but not before giving my body a once over. I suddenly realized I was butt naked in the middle of my kitchen. I felt a little stupid as it dawned on me.

“Nice tits!” Emma said as she started to giggle. I vainly tried to cover my breasts and turned my back to her, my face more than a little red.

“Oh whatever Kerry. It’s not like I haven’t seen them before.” Emma taunted. “Although they haven’t really grown as fast as mine.”

I swore inside my head. It really pissed me off that her breasts were so full and round, and mine were well, b-cups. Everyone always stared at her chest when we were out in public, although, I knew that my ass was better. I played sports, Emma didn’t. I turned around reluctantly and tried to walk by her and as I scooted by she reached out and pinched one of my nipples.

“Owww!” I shrieked and rubbed the sore nipple softly. “How would you like it if I did that to you?” Before she could respond I reached out and grabbed both of her nipples in my fingers and pinched them hard. She howled and twisted away, her hands protecting her breasts.

“You bitch!” she said, her face red. “I’ll get you back for this Kerry.”

“Yeah whatever Em.” I said and walked away. I skipped down the hall and peeked into my dad’s office. His back was to me but I could see the monitor. He was looking at pictures of me from last summer. He reached out and gingerly touched the screen, right where my breasts were. His finger ran down toward my crotch and then he lifted his finger as though it burned. I was more than a little shocked and backed away from the door. I continued down the hall to my room and shut and locked the door behind me. Suddenly I was engulfed with memories of his mouth pressed against mine, hot and searching, his fingers deftly parting my pussy lips, his eager but gentle exploration of my cunt. I was wet with desire and crossed the room toward my bed. I pulled out the dildo I kept in the nightstand drawer and inserted it into my sopping wet pussy. I pushed and pulled on the lifeless thing and tried to make it fuck me the way his fingers had, the way Kyle’s cock had. It seemed useless but I continued trying. Suddenly the doorknob jiggled and Emma was banging on the door.

“Open the door Kerry. Why do you have it locked anyway?”

I pulled the dildo from my still aching pussy and dropped it on the floor. I crossed the room and pulled open the door to see Emma standing with her hands on her hips, dressed to go to Uncle Bart’s house.

“Why are you still naked?” she asked incredulously, and walked into my room, looking around.

“No reason.” I mumbled and walked toward my dresser, pulling out another swimsuit. I put it on and noticed with a wince that it was a little tight. I turned around and saw Emma holding my wet dildo in her hand. She smiled at me mischeviously.

“Where’d you get this Ker?” she asked softly.

I knotted my hands together nervously. She looked at it and ran her fingers over it. When she pulled her fingers away a sticky wet strand linked her finger to the dildo. “Wow. so that’s why your door was locked.”

I nodded nervously. Suddenly she let out a laugh. “God, I’ve always wanted to try one of these things. Does it feel like the real thing?” I didn’t know how to respond so I stood there mutely, watching her inspecting it. “Do you prop it up and straddle it or what?” she asked, looking at me.

“Um, well I just sort of lay on my back and push it in and out between my legs. It feels ok. Not like the real thing, but enough to make you cum. You want to try it?” I had no idea what made me ask that. I wanted to punch myself in the face as soon lotusbet yeni giriş as the words were out. I couldn’t take those words back, even if I wanted to.


Her response floored me.

“Lock the door Ker.”

I walked over and turned the lock until I heard it click. “Do you want some privacy?” I asked tentatively, hoping that she didn’t. For some reason I really wanted to watch her. It would kind of be like watching myself. She was my twin, after all.

“I don’t mind if you want to watch.” She said a little huskily. I nodded and sat on my chair, as far away from her as I could be while still having a nice view. “But you have to do it too. It’s no fair for you to see me and I can’t see you.” I nodded my consent and slowly stripped out of the tight swimsuit.

“Ok, so I guess I have to take this off first.” She was talking to herself and not to me so I didn’t respond. She undid the clasp on her suit and I gasped as her full tits fell out from the bikini top. They were round and full and perfect, with small aereolas, and cute pink nipples. I let my eyes drink her in and slowly pulled my gaze away, running down her smooth white stomach and gently curving hips. She shimmied out of the boy shorts and my gaze rested on her pussy hair, dark and wet, glistening.

She laid down into the bed, her pussy open, facing me. She held the dildo in her hand and placed the tip against her wet cunt. Without waiting she slid it inside of her, deep until the fake rubber balls were against her inner thighs. She let it sit there inside of her and she let out a little whimper. She looked at me with passion in her eyes and keeping her eyes focused on me, she slid the cock in and out slowly. I dropped my gaze and watched it traveling in and out of her, so slow, so smoothly. I noticed the gathering white wetness, slick on the rubbery surface. My pussy was throbbing wildly and I let my hand slide between my legs, cupping my moist mound. I let a finger slip into the sweet wetness and rubbed my clit, which had grown taut and full with desire. I looked up and saw that Emma was intently looking at my hand, and fucking herself a little faster. My eyes were glued to her cunt as the fake cock worked itself in her pussy. I let my finger slip down and lifted my leg so that I could finger myself. I didn’t bother taking it slow, I wanted and needed to cum. I finger fucked myself hard and fast and the slurping slapping sound of my pussy filled the space between us.

“Oh yeah Kerry, work your pussy for me.” My sister said as she panted. “Fuck that cunt.”

Her language was totally unexpected and it really turned me on. I moved my fingers faster and she moved the dildo faster so that we were both working our pussies as hard and fast as we could. I started moaning and she did too so that the sounds of fucking and pleasure filled the room. The heat was steadily building in me although I couldn’t quite get there. I couldn’t fuck myself fast enough. I looked at the dildo with longing, wishing I could have it stuffed up inside of me. I knew with it inside of me I could fuck it and get myself off. I watched jealously as my sister fucked herself, her hips rising and falling as the shaft pounded her. With an animal-like cry she came then, bucking fiercely up and down on my bed, shoving the dildo inside of her with reckless abandon.

I crossed the room then and took the dildo out of her quivering pussy. I laid down next to her and shoved the hot wet rubber inside of myself. I started fucking it, shoving it in hard and pulling it out quick. My sister turned and watched me with passion filled eyes. She reached over and started rubbing my left breast. I lifted my chest to her touch and she boldly grabbed both of my tits and began kneading them with her palms. She rubbed my nipples until they were hard and sensitive under lotusbet giriş her touch. I closed my eyes, and tried to focus on my cunt, but my arm didn’t seem to be working right. I felt like crying, like giving up, like I wouldn’t get there, and as soon as that despair hit and I slowed down, I felt my hand being pulled away from the dildo. I gasped as my sister took the dildo and began fucking me with it, as fast as she possibly could. I cried and screamed her name and that spurred her on. She was fucking me hard, without mercy. Suddenly my body tensed and my pussy shook and I came, in waves, the pleasure rolling through me, hot and intense to the core. She pulled the cock from me in the midst of my triumph and replaced it with her tongue.

Her wet mouth on my pussy caused the intensity to grow and I cried out as she wiggled her tongue in my sex, lapping at my pussy juices like a kitten. I shoved my pussy into her face and she took it all, wrapping her arms around my hips, her hands cupping my ass. She licked and sucked my clit and let her tongue run up and down my slit. I moaned and groaned and she brought me to the edge over and over. After what seemed an eternity of the most intense pleasure I’d ever felt she moved away and laid next to me, her hand trembling, resting on my stomach.

“Wow.” she said softly. “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

I looked over at her. “Really? Like with me? Or just in general?”

“Just in general. I mean, no offense. I just don’t get turned on by guys the way that you do. You know I’ve been out on a lot of dates, and well, they never really work out. I let one of the guys fuck me, just because I needed to know…and it wasn’t that great.”

“Wow Emma. I don’t know what to say. I’ve experimented a little with girls, you know in slumber parties or whatever, and it’s cool, but it’s not the same for me. I really like guys.”

Emma looked at me a little sadly. “I know you do. I’m happy for you, at least one of us is normal.”

“It’s not about being normal Em. A lot of people are gay. It’s not that big of a deal.”

“It is when you’re in high school and you’re attracted to someone and you have no idea if they’re attracted to you or to guys or what. I can’t just go up to Melissa and be like ‘hey baby. Let’s go on a date.’. You have it easy Kerry.”

I rubbed my hand against my face. I didn’t know what to say. I knew that girls sort of turned me on, but not the way that Emma was describing. I’d never had a crush on a girl before. I thought back to what had just happened and realized that while it was really hot and had felt really good, the same thing could have happened with a guy and it would have been just as good.

“Well anyway…” she stood up and put her bathing suit back on. I looked at her and knew that what had happened between us was a one time thing. Unlike Kyle, who was sure to try to get into my pants as soon as he came back from camp. But with my dad…who knew what was going to happen there. He obviously was really turned on by what had happened, to see him looking at pictures of me like that…but he was acting so distant. I knew I needed to talk to him and get this out in the open.

“Do you still want to go to Uncle Bart’s?” I asked Em.

“Not really. Maybe we can go next weekend?”

Not wanting to make the situation worse I agreed. She walked out and closed the door behind her. I stood up and retrieved a sundress from my closet. I looked down on the floor for the panties I had worn the previous night and couldn’t find them. That is so weird I thought to myself. I pulled out a fresh pair of lilac lace panties, they were my “date” panties but I was running out of clean options. I slid them up my smooth legs, loving the material as it hugged my curves perfectly. The edges were silk and the lace design was intricate and see through. At least I would get a nice breeze, I thought happily to myself. It still bugged me about my other panties though. Oh well…I thought. I was always losing my clothes. I took one last look in the mirror, and tucked a stray stand of my hair behind my ear. Satisfied I walked out of my room in search of my dad.

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