A Sudden Spark

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Eve and I came home past 1 AM after a long party, eager to relax and recuperate from a night of excitement.

We’d been roommates for over a year, and grew very close to one another in that time. We frequently spent days and nights together, shopping and having fun in addition to studying and living together, as college girls do.

We stumbled through the door, giggling, and threw our bags down. We took off our shoes at the front.

“I feel gross, I’m gonna take a quick shower,” Eve said as she stood up from unstrapping her heels.

“Alright. Mind if I sit in the bathroom?” I asked.

“Not at all!”

Though we hadn’t been lifelong friends or anything, the two of us were incredibly comfortable around each other, and we were both “Free the Nip”-type feminists anyway. We frequently walked around the apartment naked or in robes and thought nothing of it.

She ran the water and undressed, stepping in quickly.

“Throw my clothes in the laundry, if you don’t mind!” She shouted from the shower, despite that I wasn’t very far and could hear her just fine.

I retrieved her clothes, threw them in the laundry, and walked back to the bathroom.

I relieved myself, brushed my teeth, then sat on the toilet with the lid down.

Eve was opening and closing lids, shampooing, and washing her face as we casually chatted about the night. She’s one of the quickest showerers ever, I swear, as she finished just a few minutes after I sat down.

“I left the water running so you can get in,” she smiled as she stepped out of the shower, her hair and body already wrapped in towels.

I undressed and stepped into the shower, under the warm water, tilting my head back. I put shampoo in my hair and ran the soap bar along my body as Eve talked, she now sitting where I had just been.

“Did you see any hot guys tonight? I think Tre was the only attractive dude I saw at all, and even he was pretty boring.”

Eve was always searching for another romantic interest to pursue, whether short- or long-term.

“Nah, the guys today were all pretty shitty. Tre’s alright but not my type,” I agreed.

“I haven’t had sex with a dude in so long, like over a year. It’s a good feeling,” Eve remarked. “Women, though. Can never get quite enough of them.”

I laughed, rinsing the product out of my hair before pumping face wash into my hand.

“Yeah, well, we know I’m still a virgin. Still kinda scared..” I replied.

“You deserve someone who will make you feel good, babe! I’m sure I could help you with finding them.” Eve loved playing Cupid.

“I don’t kn-“

She promptly interrupted. “Hey, I think I forgot güvenilir bahis to rinse some soap off my leg. Can I hop in there?”

“Go ahead, I’m almost done anyway,”

Before I even opened my eyes, she was already behind the curtain. I stepped aside and let her step into the water.

This talk of sex, though, combined with an invigoratingly hot shower, had aroused me to some degree. Eve and I had both smoked a bit of weed shortly before we got home, and being high had sparked some confidence in me.

As Eve bent over to make sure the soap was off her legs, I noticed her figure and couldn’t help but stare for a few seconds. From that angle, I could see her thick ass and the outline of her pussy lips.

I was still staring as she stood up and her tits fell into place, plump and big as ever.

“Whatcha looking at?” She said with a smirk.

“Eve, I- You are so fucking hot,” I spat out with a single exhale.

Shades of red flooded my cheeks as soon as I said that. I had never been one to make a move on anyone; Eve was always outgoing, and I was the shy one.

I immediately feared her response, but she continued smiling.

“Is that so?” She replied sexily, moving forward and putting her arms around my waist. “I’d be honored to pop your cherry, babygirl,” she whispered into my ear, turning me on like hell.

I looked up at her and whimpered, “Please fuck me,” the closing syllable silenced as she pressed her lips into mine.

The hot water was still running and the bathroom was steaming as she pushed her body against mine into the shower wall, our lips touching and our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.

She reached her fingers beneath, tapping my clit softly with the tips of her fingers.

I jumped and gasped. She felt every movement I made and took it as her initiative to tease me. She continued to lightly tap my clit as I pushed myself into her hand, begging for her to finger me.

We stopped kissing long enough for her to growl, “You’re mine. My perfect little slut.”

I looked up at her, blinking my eyes like a doe and nodding. Her one hand still dancing on my clit, her other hand stroking my hair as she started kissing me again.

This continued for a little longer before her fingers started to flutter along my cunt lips. I moaned into her mouth and she pulled away, saying, “You’re gonna be quiet for me and take it like a good girl, isn’t that right?” I licked my lips and nodded twice.

She moved her head down, kissing me behind my ear and down below my jawline. She sucked my neck, leaving hickeys, and I bit my bottom lip to contain my moans as she teased me.

Eve güvenilir bahis siteleri picked me up off the bathtub floor and propped me higher against the tile wall, holding me up with one of her hands as she began sucking my nipples. There was a huge risk of disaster considering we were in a running shower in a lousy NYC apartment, but I think that made it even hotter.

My hands gripped the back of her head as she sucked, and she slyly slipped a finger into my pussy. A moan escaped my throat.

As soon as I moaned, she removed her finger from inside me and pulled her head from my breasts. She wrapped one hand around my waist to hold me steady against the wall and used her other hand to slap my right tit hard.

“I told you to be quiet, baby,” she smirked, slapping my left tit, and then taking advantage and slapping both numerous times.

I yelped, struggling to not moan again, getting insanely aroused by her dominance.

From there, she picked me up and sat me on the platform on the side of the shower. She forced my legs apart, my cunt glimmering from how wet I’d gotten.

She knelt down, hugging my waist with her strong arms, pulling my body to her.

“What a little whore you are, so wet and ready for me.”

I blushed and bit my lip again.

Eve lowered her mouth to my cunt, licking along the folds and slurping up my juices. She made a note of sucking my clit, knowing I’d lose control. My legs began shaking and I threw my head back, one hand over my mouth to keep from moaning.

She inserted her middle and ring fingers into my pussy and started to go in and out as she ate me out. By this point, my entire body was shaking from pleasure, and I whimpered, “Eve, I-I think I’m gonna cum,”

She heard me, but found amusement in teasing me whenever she could. She pulled her mouth away from my cunt, saying, “What was that, baby? I can’t hear you,”

I quickly exclaimed, “I’m gonna cum!!” to which she replied, “Go ahead, baby, you earned it.”

She continued to eat me out and finger me intensely as my body erupted in orgasm. My legs shook around her and I felt a load of liquid drip out of my cunt, onto her fingers and into her mouth. I couldn’t hold in any more moans, throwing my head back and letting whatever vulgarities came to mind escape me.

“Fuck, you taste so good. Just like that, baby, cum into me, fuck, you’re so adorable, fuck…” Eve too struggled to find the words.

I collapsed along the platform and looked at her.

“I think I’m gonna cum soon too, babygirl.”

She kissed me and I let my hands find her cunt, which was dripping by now. We switched places, only iddaa siteleri instead of kneeling, she demanded I stand on all fours as I ate her pussy. I obliged, my sensitive cunt shocked by the intensity of the showerhead as it rained down. Water droplets just barely brushed my cunt and I felt as though I myself might cum again.

I lowered my head to her pussy, licking her clit and swallowing all her glorious juices. I closed my eyes and tasted her, lifting one hand off the ground to rub her clit.

I pressed down on it, making circles with four fingers, my thumb now about to enter her pussy. I then rubbed her clit as fast as I could and she began moaning. “Fuck yes, just like that!”

I rubbed all over her pussy, adjusting my position for what I planned next.

I was now sitting, my legs underneath me and my pussy away from the water. I started fingering her pussy with one hand, and with the other, gathered some of her wetness along my fingertips before plunging a finger into her asshole.

I knew Eve was a fan of anal from many talks of sex, and I wanted to send her over the edge. The double penetration made her whole body shake, and I felt both her pussy and anal walls contract around my fingers. I stroked her G spot and then decided to eat her out again. All this stimulation at once sent her into hysterics.

“Oh my fucking God, babygirl, fuck, oh my god, yes, I can’t take it, I’M CUMMING!!!”

She shook now like crazy, and I made no effort to stop what I was doing. I felt her unload into me and she spilled all over the place. I gave her an orgasm she’d remember forever.

As she calmed down and came to, she grew dominant again.

“My precious girl, you made me cum so hard I think you deserve a treat. Lay down against me, beautiful.”

She was sitting with her legs out, now on the floor of the shower. Before I sat, she instructed me to pull the shower head off its mount on the wall.

I laid down, my body in front of hers. She grabbed the showerhead from me, changed it to the massage setting, and told me to spread my legs wide.

I turned my head and she kissed me with deep intensity, directing the spray of water onto my clit. I spread my pussy lips even more and I could feel another orgasm nearing.

Eve took her other hand and placed it around my neck, choking and holding me still. I moaned into her as the water sent waves of pleasure along my body.

I came hard, for a second time, wrapped in the security and warmth of her arms. I couldn’t stop moaning and whimpering, even after she shut off the water and carried me out, the both of us wrapped in a single towel.

She placed me on her bed and we laid there, damp from the shower. She played with my clit and slipped her hands into my pussy and we fell asleep in that position – spooning and fingering.

I wouldn’t have preferred to lose my virginity any other way.

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