A Supreme Loving Mother

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This is the only way I had finally decided, I had tried everything I could think of, and this was the only thing that could possibly work, right or wrong, this had to be the way. Legally it would be rape, but I had it in the back of my mind that if it went my way then things would smooth over. Even if they didn’t, then I still believed that she would be kept under wraps.

For the last three to four months I had tried to seduce her, and for the last three to four months she had rebuffed me. She had been gentle about it, she even told me she understood how I felt, but insisted that there was no way it was going to happen. I knew she wanted to, or had wanted to, she had almost given in once or twice, but each time I had lost out.

I am Daryl Jacobs, and I know at my age I shouldn’t be entertaining these kinds of thoughts. But I am so needful for her it overrides my equilibrium. I live with my mother, my oh so beautiful mother Molly Jacobs. Why she answers to the name of Molly I have no idea, her real name is Annette, I’ll have to find out later, I hope. She is utterly beautiful and utterly nice, never has a cross word with, or for anyone, she would rather die than insult anyone, pass on gossip, malicious, true or otherwise.

She is a widow, my dad died in an accident when I was five, and I barely remember him. His dying words to mom were apparently. That he wanted her to move heaven and earth to protect me.

She related those words to me as I grew up, and I have to say she has carried them out to the letter. She did have boyfriends and I suppose lovers now and again, but none were known to me until I was at least twelve years old. When I understood what and who the men were I hated them, I wanted mom to myself. I also knew that I had loved my mother from the cradle, and I mean love her. It wasn’t a jealousy thing, or a possessive desire, she wasn’t just my mom, she was my angel in every way.

Mom is around 5ft 8″ is perfectly formed, long dark hair, she wears it in all sorts of ways, and each is better than the last. She is slender and sleek, walks so fine it stops my heart. I know what her body actually looks like, I have seen her many times semi naked, and once, apart from a pair of knickers, completely. She is as fit as a butcher’s dog, but doesn’t exercise. None smoking and an odd glass of white wine.

I was used to jacking off, and like most lads I imagined all sorts of things when I did, from girls at school, to teachers, my friends sisters, my friends mothers, women and girls I just knew, film stars on TV, but most of all my mother was my focus. The scenario’s I used, and some were so outrageous, I sometimes wondered where my mind had conjured them up from.

So now for the last two months I had been running this idea through my mind, and as I said before, I had settled on it because I could think of no other way. And I was also now settled to the likely outcome, that my mother would, once she knew of my total determination accept it. I also knew that my fertile mind was out running reality.

So now it is Friday night, I hadn’t decided it to be Friday, it just happened to be when I was ready, I had jacked off about an hour or two ago. It was 2.45 in the morning. I had set my watch on my wrist to vibrate at 2.30 just to wake me up, and let me find out if I was ready this time, I was. I had done this for the last two or three weeks, and now, tonight was the night.

The fear and the excitement gave me a hard on, I was naked, I left my room and stepped to my mothers. I pushed the door open and looked in. She was laid mostly on her back, her left arm lying on the pillow next to her lovely head. There was only a cotton sheet covering her on the warm night. It was shielding her breasts from my veiw, but only just. Her perfect form was laid under it and I could just about see every sleek line of her. My cock twitched as if it was urging me on.

In my hand was a small bottle of baby oil and a cloth. I looked at my mother with more love than I could ever remember. This really was it, I thought, I’m going to do it! She was lying in a great repose for me to commit the act. I walked silently to the foot of her bed, poured some oil on to my cock, and rubbed it all over. Now I was myself ready. There would be no resistance if I got it centred on to her.

I had a small change of plan, I had seen myself sliding in next to her, rising over her and plunging in, now I lifted the sheet at the bottom, bent down and sneaked in from the foot. Unbelievably her left leg slid away to bend at the knee, as if inviting me in. I was half expecting her to waken but she never as I slipped under. I was now between her long legs. My arms were outside of her as I walked on my hands and knees swiftly up.

I slid smoothly, silently and swiftly up. Now I was more or less over her, my cock I knew, was pointing down at its intended target. My hands were level with her shoulders, my knees inside of hers. I bent my head and just about made out in the gloom just where I was. There was no hiltonbet giriş going back now, if I did, mom would wake up for sure.

I pressed my knees back, and pushed at her with my rigid bell end, I felt it feel her pussy lips and then as I thrust forward she awakened. I fell on her as my oiled cock slid in, and it slid in all the way. I reached for, and flipped on the switch for her side light. This was so she would see who it was, and realise what I was doing.

“What, Oh my God, who… Daryl” she cried, “what are you… Oooooh, oh Daryl, what are you doin… Arggggh!”

“Mom, its only me, please relax, it’s okay mom, its only me. I love you mom, I’m sorry but I have to do this, I just have to, I love you so much mom please!” I begged, I had rehearsed in my mind what I would say if I had got as far as I had right now. Most of it was what I had said, but it didn’t come out in the way I had said it in my head.

Then my boy hormones took me over and I started fucking her with utter abandon. I had seen myself making sweet love to her, she would wrap her arms and legs around me. She would beg me to do her because she loved me too. She needed me desperately, she always had.

“Daryl, get the hell off me right now, get off,” she screamed. She tried to push me off, she squirmed under me, she struggled, but I wasn’t about to give way, not now. I just drove in and out. I was two people now, I was the loving son who needed his mother so badly, and I was the forceful man on top of her fucking her half to death.

“Daryl please, you mustn’t darling, this so wron… Oooooh, oh Daryl no…” she pleaded.

What I didn’t realise, and I’ll bet my life on, and that she didn’t know either was, that mom had clamped her heels over the back of my legs and was hooking me to her. I was on auto pilot, just pumping away at her, in my mind was the knowledge that this could be the one and only time that I got to do this, I never once lost sight of that. I was grunting, my hips were mashing into her, and I could feel my rock hard cock pounding in and out, like an avalanche of sexual rawness.

I forgot about her, my cock had focussed me totally on what it was doing, what it had wanted forever. To be where it believed, rightly or wrongly, belonged. Pleasure was climbing over me, the soft feel of my mother’s love channel was consuming me. A telling point, another I hadn’t considered was, the oil I had tipped over me to aid my insertion, was masking the fact that my mother was getting wet.

That despite herself, and despite what she knew shouldn’t be happening. Her body, but not her mind, was slowly, and begrudgingly, accepting, and then enjoying the feel of (my) strident cock. As it was giving her what she already knew, because of her devotion to me, and the vow she had made to my dad all those years ago, she missed.

I was nearing the end of my tether so to speak, I was drilling my mother into the mattress wholesale now. When suddenly, I felt something I never had, her nails dug right into my back, it was the most wonderful pain I had ever experienced. Her feet, unknown to me, were now hooked under my ass as I rose up and fell harder and harder.

I was just about to blow my load when she half yelled and half hissed at me. “Yes Daryl yes, oh God yessssss!” I was already looking down at her, she had a wild grimace on her face. It wasn’t until later that I knew it for what it was. I was thinking she was in pain, she wasn’t, she was gripped by a climax, one I never knew I was making her have.

I came then, I crashed into her one last time and blew what I had into her. I felt my cock seem to split in two along its length, it was so powerful it frightened me for a moment. My mother’s grip on me tightened, she bolted me to her good and tight while her own climax killed her off.

“Mmmmm, oh Daryl, oh Daryl, hmmmm, Oh my God Daryl, this is so…” I kissed her then, but as we were breathing so hard it wasn’t possible for a lengthy one, we pecked at each other, nibbled and licked. As I came down from my massive high, reality set back in, my cock was limp, and it slipped out.

“Mom,” I said, “oh mom I don’t … er, I erm, mom, what…” I was utterly lost for words, I had none. This again wasn’t what I had rehearsed in my head, how I had imagined the conversation to go. I had talked to her, she had told me how fantastic it had been, what a fabulous lover I was. How much she loved me, and needed me, how she would never let me go, ever.

“Daryl, I think you had better go, and now,” were her words. I was lost, now I knew that even though I had achieved my dream, it was over. I just hoped she wouldn’t hate me. I knew she wouldn’t take it further, she would let it go and hopefully I would be her son again. I slunk away, desperately hoping she would tell me not to. That I was to get back into bed with her, that we would become the one, and not the two I was hoping for.

I went back to my room, and lay there all night, I refused to go to sleep in case hiltonbet yeni giriş she called for me, she never. As the sun rose that Saturday morning, I knew my world had shattered, and it had been I that had shattered it. I was dying to go to my mother and talk to her, tell her how sorry I was. It wouldn’t happen again, that I loved her more now than I had ever done.

I heard a clatter, it had come from downstairs, she had got up and I hadn’t heard her, mom was in the kitchen. I got out of bed and showered, I never went down, I didn’t dare. I was dressed and wondering if I could get out of the house without her hearing me. That was a complete no no!

“Daryl, your breakfast is ready, are you coming down?” she called. Her voice was my moms, her normal loving voice. Had I mistaken it, or was she waiting to get me there before she castrated me. For what was in legal speak, raping her. I hated that thought, I loved her, I do, and always will, but now I was mortified, stricken with fear and regret.

I went down slowly, and even more slowly entered the kitchen, she heard me and turned.

“Well Daryl, good morning, did you sleep well hmmmm?” she said, and before I could answer, she carried on. “I did, and do you know why Daryl, do you know why I slept so well?” I was dumb struck, what could I say.

“You had better eat your breakfast Daryl it might be your last.” I looked at the plate before me, and I was nearly sick. “Go on Daryl, eat your breakfast, NOW!” she yelled. I could feel her stood behind me, I picked up my fork and held a piece of bacon to my lips. Mom picked it off and held it there for me. “Have you lost your appetite Daryl, why is that do you think hmmmm?”

I had nothing to say, what could I say? Mom moved to my side, I saw her out of the corner of my eye, she took the fork out of my hand and put it down. Then she swung a leg over me and suddenly she was sitting on my lap facing me.

“Was what you did to me last night wrong Daryl, was it?” she asked directly into my face, all I could do was nod my head, glum wasn’t even in my vocabulary.

“Why did you do it Daryl, what made you do that to me?” I still couldn’t answer.

“Why didn’t you talk to me Daryl, do you have a problem with me.” I just shook my head.

“Do I must excite you or something, do I dress provocatively in front of you?” I shook my head again.

“Do I tease you sexually?” another shake.

“Do I parade around the house half naked in front of you Daryl?” I shook my head more.

“So if there is a problem Daryl, it must lie with you, do you have a problem Daryl?”

“No mom,” I croaked, “Yes, I do,” my voice was squeaky even to me.

“No Daryl, then yes, which is it?”

“I love you mom, you know I do,” I bleated like the little boy I really was.

“Ah well that’s okay then, you have a problem, and the answer to it is to sneak into my bedroom and r…, fuck me, is that it Daryl?”

“No mom, I’m sorry,” I whispered, I was beaten and I knew it.

“Sorry Daryl, well that’s good to know, I was beginning to wonder. So just how long have you been feeling this way, wanting to fuck your mother?”

“It’s not like that mom,” I whined, “I just wanted to love you, honestly, that was what I wanted, it’s all I have ever wanted.”

“And did you enjoy doing that to me Daryl?” All I could do was look into her deep dark eyes. “Answer me Daryl!”

“Yes mom I enjoyed it, I loved it, nothing in my life has ever been as good as that!” I was louder now.

“Well Daryl, I am glad about that, I’m glad you enjoyed it, because it would have been a complete waste of time if we hadn’t enjoyed it wouldn’t it, hmmmm?”

“Yes mom,” I was dying right in front of her, and I hadn’t heard what she had said. Her arms went around my neck, my face was locked into her neck, and I blubbed, sobbed, I had never been so sad ever. “Do you love me Daryl?” she asked. My face was full of her flesh, all I could do was nod into it.

“Then we need to talk darling, don’t we?” It was a question for me, I nodded again. She moved, she was in my lap, but she moved closer, her breasts were pressed against me, she was right up against me and I got another hard on. I considered throwing her off me so she wouldn’t know. But that was futile, I was in the deepest shit I could be.

I could feel myself getting harder, and no matter how much I told myself not to, I did. I was still behind the eight ball, I still hadn’t registered her words about us enjoying it. Her arms tightened, her breasts grazed me, her mouth was against my neck, and my damned uncontrollable cock got bigger and harder!

“Mom,” I muffled into her neck. I wanted to get out, get away, if she knew I was getting hard again she would definitely tear my head off!

“Yes Daryl I know, I understand baby,” she said.

Understand I thought, understand what. That I had a big hard on and it was because of her, for her, because of where she was sat, and because I was wrapped hiltonbet güvenilirmi up in her arms.

Then she moved her ass on me, front to back, then side to side, she was rubbing her ass on me and it was making me go blue.

“Well Daryl,” she whispered, “I’ll let you miss your breakfast this time, but in future you have to eat to keep your strength up, don’t you?”

What was she talking about, miss my breakfast, how could I eat when I was deeper than deep in my own shit! Didn’t she know I was almost at the point of having my dick throw her over my shoulder?

Then I was brought up to speed, the teacher taught, and I was the pupil, the lesson was just beginning. She pulled away but kept her ass down on me, she put her finger under my chin and made me lift my head. Then she looked into my eyes, and without another word she kissed me.

It wasn’t a lip smacking all embracing kiss, but it was a kiss never the less. “Mom,” I mumbled half into her mouth.

“Daryl,” she said kindly, “I know why you did what you did, it was borne out of frustration and your urgent desire for me. An uncontrollable urge took you to where you were that you couldn’t resist. And I have to say,” she continued, “that I would never have entertained you in that manner. I knew you have wanted me for some time, but it was a definite no to me. But now you have taken me in the most unusual, and arousing fashion. I have to tell you that I’m ready for you again, that’s if you want me, do you?”

My dick answered that for me by nearly lifting her off my lap.

“Mom, oh mom, I love you so much, please mom.” It was all I could say, my brain was in bits, I needed help, hers.

“Well judging by what is going on underneath me,” she told me, “I would say that your answer is a definitive yes, yes?” I just looked at her, I wanted to bang her right there on the table behind her. A man with more knowledge than me would have set about seducing her ages ago, and not be sat here with her on my lap gagging for her like an errant schoolboy, which I was.

She showed me the way, she took my hand, placed it on her breast and told me to feel it, savour it, it was her gift to me, now and for always, she told me. Then I was transported to her piece of heaven, she stood, stepped away from me and said.

“Right, the house is still locked up from last night, the windows are still closed, we are here, no one can disturb us, are you coming or not?” Then she walked out and down the hall, I was after her in a heartbeat, I still wasn’t fully up to speed but I was getting there.

I also seemed to ‘see’ her for the first time. How beautiful she was, how she swayed when she walked, she glided in front of me. And I saw what she was wearing too, she had a short satin gown on, high backless heels, that made her long legs look like gold.

She went upstairs with me open mouthed behind her, hoping I wasn’t thinking wrong, that I was being led by her to her bed and to her love. I was dying to run my hands up her calves, up her thighs, and her pert round gorgeous rump. I daren’t, I could only gaze in awe.

Mom entered her room, me right behind smelling her wonderful smell. As she got to her bed, she stopped, turned, looked at me, pulled the belt on her gown and it slid tom the floor. She was wearing a thong and that was all, she was bare breasted, long and sleek, and my dick nearly burst.

She closed the gap between us, put her arms around my neck, kissed me, and I put my arms around her too.

“Daryl, I am putting my faith in you that you will never hurt me, if you want me as much as I think you do, then I will be yours. I have never loved anyone but your dad. No one could ever have taken his place, no one that is, but you. And even I never thought or knew that either, not until last night.”

“Mom I would rather die than hurt you, I could never do that, my dad wouldn’t let me,” I told her.

“I’m glad you just said that Daryl, I prayed to him after you went away last night and he told me he loved you, that it was right that I loved you, only you.” I cried tears then, my dad was giving me his greatest gift, the love he has for me his only son, and my mother, his only love, and wife.

I don’t know how it happened but the next thing I knew was, I was lying on the bed with mom, she was kissing me, I was kissing her, it seemed like it was the most natural thing in the world for us to be doing. Her warm near naked body tight to mine, and love was in the air.

“Daryl, I think you had better get your clothes off don’t you, we have unfinished business to attend to darling,” she told me with a huge bright happy smile on her beautiful face. I was off the bed and back on naked in a nana second, it felt like I was superman doing my thing.

“Now,” she said, “let’s take care of something straight away.” She said, as she knelt at my side and started jacking me off, “On your back Daryl,” she ordered, “you are not going to last very long in the state you are in, so let’s get it out of the way hey?” I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but I did as I was told. Being as young as I was and with little experie4nce with women I just followed her orders. And with that she pumped away, and in about twenty seconds I was spouting my cum high into the air and over my shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32