A Team Effort Ch. 03

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I was tired… it had been a long day and a longer night. I was sitting at the kitchen table wearing a clean tee shirt and blue jeans. My coffee cup was full and the coffee was hot… the pot was down one cup and three clean cups waited to be filled.

Mom walked in, slowly, gingerly, like she hurt everywhere all at once . I imagine her head certainly did. Her blonde hair was un-brushed, her worn terrycloth robe was loosely tied at the waste, revealing her nakedness underneath.

Our eyes met, she lowered hers in embarrassment, then raised them again as I brought my cup to my lips… I inclined my head to the counter with the coffee pot and, with a weak, but sober smile, she went and poured herself a cup.

She leaned against the counter, but after two tentative sips came over and sat at the round breakfast table with me.

For 5 minutes we sat there and sipped our morning coffee, then I got up, grabbed the pot and refilled my empty cup, and, as I topped off hers, I said, “Guess we need to talk.”

A tear formed in the corner of her eye, slipped out and ran quickly down the center slope on the side of her cute nose, her head dropped and her shoulders hunched and the tear, the first of several, dripped off the tip of her nose and landed in her coffee.

When she lifted her head, her emotions better under control, she looked at me and smiled, red eyes and all.

“Connie will be down in a minute… maybe we should wait for her?” mom suggested.

“We can wait if you want…” she nodded her head.

“Then we can all talk… “

After a moment of silence, “Do you remember what you asked me to promise?” I put my hand out and touched her arm as I asked.

She dipped her head again, her eyes downcast again.

“So do I.” I squeezed her arm reassuringly. Mom raised her head, eyes full of tears again, but, if the smile was an indication, out of relief, of joy, this time rather than shame or embarrassment..

Connie walked through the doorway wearing one of mom’s old men’s shirt, just long enough to cover her ass. She sat at a chair, head in her hands. She looked like a ball of hurt and a pile of tired. I poured her a cup, sat it in front of her, then sat back down.

“Thanks… ” and after a few sips of “hot life in a cup”, she asked about Terry.

“Asleep in my room. I was going to let him sleep as long as he wants. He was in pretty bad shape last night… this morning when he went to bed.”

Mom looked to her left at Connie, sitting right next to her. Connie looked back.

“It was a dream we shared…” mom said.

“But yesterday the dream ended and became reality.” Connie finished. She glanced at me, her red hair framing her freckled, questioning face. “Yesterday was real right? I did not just dream all of that right?”

“Yep… it was real all right.” I confirmed.

Connie leaned over and kissed mom on the lips… then deeper. Their hands stayed on their coffee cups but that was the most sex filled kiss I had ever seen anywhere. All of a sudden my cock was jumping for joy and blood was rushing to the party.

“So…” I said. “How long have you both been lesbian?”

Mom chuckled. “We are, at the most, bi, but not really. We both prefer men, but safe men are hard to find. We decided to be friends with benefits for safety sake.”

Connie blushed a little.

“How did you keep it secret? We never suspected a thing? I mean we fantasized, we talked about how great it would be, but we never suspected.”

“Really? It does not gross you out?” Connie asked.

“Oh hell no! You two together just raised some serious wood just a minute ago. You two are hot together!”

Connie blushed deeper, mom chuckled again.

“Connie was always afraid you two would find out and hate us for it.”

“Nope! I can, with the utmost confidence, assure you that we both want you to continue together… but now, you can include us.”

“So tell us, what happened yesterday?” Connie asked. “Everything is a blur and very vague.”

Now it was my turn to blush.

I told them of our plan and then step by step what happened and what everyone did ending with covering them up and tucking them in.

Mom was standing at the coffee pot, leaning on the counter. “Do you still have that hard on handy?”

My eyes got wide and I nodded. Connie smiled and said, “Stand up and show us.”

I jumped up and dropped my pants. Mom walked ikonbet giriş over to Connie and said, “Nice! Take all of your cloths off Matty.”

Connie stood up, kissed mom on the cheek and then grabbed a hand full of her blonde hair. “You sneaky little slut!”

“I tried Connie! Ask him! I tried to make it right!” mom pleaded.

“Oh I know,” Connie growled. “But you still have to pay… just not as much!” Connie licked her cheek and mom’s knees sagged slightly while her eyes closed and her breath caught. Connie stepped behind her, releasing mom’s hair. She grabbed the collar of mom’s robe and pealed it down and off.

Now both of us, mother and son, were near naked again and there was no room left in my cock, not for another single blood cell. Connie did a reach around, cupping moms big boobs in her hands, fingers digging in to the firm flesh. “Come on Matty, get undressed for us… your mom’s mouth is watering so much she is in danger of drowning… “

In the micro second that it took me to step out of the pile of denim around my ankles and skin off my tee-shirt, Connie had pushed mom down, across the small café style table that served as our breakfast table. That put moms face on a level with my balls and just a short few inches away from my blood swollen cock. Mom had her hands on the table edges for stability, her weight pressing her tits out to the side. Connie had her thighs pressed hard against mom’s ass, rocking slightly, as if her cock was buried root deep. Her hands were busy unbuttoning the dress shirt she wore.

“Now the key here is too know a little bit about your mom… ” Connie began as she dropped the shirt to the floor. I was mesmerized by the sight of her naked and standing in front of me, it was hard to concentrate on what she said. “Sometimes we just want to fuck, sometimes we want romance and love, but most of the time we like to play and have fun. We both like to play bottom best, but we have learned to top each other as well. It will be our job to let you know what it is we want. Right now your mom is dying to suck your cock again… and I am going to let her, because I am going to punish her at the same time for breaking her promise. Connie smacked mom on the ass and made her yelp.

My cock was bouncing up and down with excitement, watching Terry’s mom come alive, mischief and lust in her eyes like I had never imagined.

“There are two ways to go with this Matthew… you can force her, degrading her verbally and treating her rough, all of which she likes, or you can tease her and make her degrade and humiliate herself, making her beg you to use her… which she loves. Either way, you get off, she gets off and I will get off…” and Connie smiled at me a devilish smile that promised so much fun.

Connie ran a hand down between moms thighs, dipping into her pussy with two or three fingers, all of which came out glistening with lubrication.

“Please Matthew, let me taste you… let me suck your cock… PLEASE fuck my mouth if that will make you happy.”

I just about blew my nut in her face… damn these two were hot… more than I ever imagined.

“Mary!” Connie scolded accompanied with a well timed smack on the ass. “Always to eager to jump to the end… you horny bitch. No surprise that you sucked them both while I was passed out, breaking your promise to do them together and share them the first time.” A few more swats made mom squirm and yelp. “I am going to make you pay now though.”

Over her shoulder mom said, “You couldn’t make someone pay if you had their wallet full of credit cards and cash in your slippery hands!”

“Oh!” Connie spun away and jumped to the counter that had a basket of mixing tools, including a flapjack flipper.

Mom, with a twinkle in her eye looked back at me and said, “She is so easy sometimes. I really do want to suck you honey… but please, make me do it.”

As Connie huffed and puffed about whether to use a metal Spatula or a wooden spoon, I came out of my stupor of disbelief, smiled down at my mom so ready and waiting, grabbed a thick handful of wavy blonde locks and pulled her closer to me. Her legs hit the edge of the table and I pulled left slightly so that her face was nearer the curve of the small table. Her mouth was open and grasping at my hardened steel rod.

I pushed forwards with my hips and struck gold on the first try. Her lips were soft and her mouth warm and wet. ikonbet yeni giriş She sucked hard trying to push her head onto me, working to get more meat in her mouth. I pulled back when I felt her gag, but went right back in, lost in the absolute ecstasy of my fantasy expectation finally meeting its equal in reality.

Connie, having made her choice, brought the wooden bread spatula over to her “work space” and applied her expert hand and eye coordination to moms lewdly displayed ass. I was on an “in” stroke when the first of many blows struck. Mom jumped and squealed around a mouth full of cock, twitching her ass and grabbing the table. In true single minded selfishness, I kept my hand full of hair, put the other hand on the back of her neck, pulled her tighter towards me and leaned my weight on her to keep her head still, so that I could continue fucking her face while Connie spanked her resisting but anxious ass.

I was so close to the edge that it only took another dozen strokes of my cock and I erupted in her mouth. I had stopped counting the swats Connie delivered, but she was still going strong as the first jet rocketed into mom’s mouth. She gagged, coughed and spewed cum out around my cock as fast as it pumped in, I pulled out and shot twice in her face, spilling on the table as well as the side of her face. Cum puddled on the table under her mouth as she gasped for breath, and the side of her face smeared that puddle as mom rocked forwards with every stroke Connie laid on her.

Connie set the paddle aside and knelt behind mom saying, “You don’t deserve this you traitorous cunt, but I certainly do!” and to loud moans of pleasure from mom, Connie buried her face in mom’s wet pussy. Mom closed her eyes and focused on Connie’s mouth and fingers, while I took my still hard cock and after scooping from the puddle on the table, put my cum coated head back in moms gratefully sucking mouth.

Connie was practiced and good at what she was doing, and to whom she was doing it, and/or mom was as close to the edge of ecstasy as I had been because it was only moments, it seemed, before mom stiffened and then attempted to crawl up on the table, at the same time pushing her hips back into Connie’s face, eventually to settle, relaxed and spent on the cum covered kitchen table. Connie stood up, her face glistening with pussy juice, slapped moms ass again, then came up to me and gave a very deep, wet, tongue filled kiss. She had a hand wrapped around my still hard cock when she let me come up for air.

“I hope,” she said, “that that is a taste you never get tired of; your mother’s pussy and my lips.”

With one hand still wrapped around my once again hardening shaft, Connie turned from me, bent down and kissed mom on the cheek, then licked moms lips, then licked the table top, carrying a glob of fresh cum right into moms now open and waiting mouth. They kissed and hummed contentedly at each other. Connie pulled my cock as she stretched her arm out towards her back side, now open and waiting.

At times I can be dull witted and slow, but I was astonishingly coherent in taking that hint. I stepped back and she let go, reaching between her own legs, so that when I stepped up behind her, hands on her hips, I found several fingers in her sopping wet pussy. I settled the head of my cock at the gates to heaven, that sweet cunt that I had dreamed about for so long. Not only was it available, but she was actively urging me on, her fingers now guiding me, pulling me in to please her. I doubted at that moment, that life could get any better.

All my years of masturbation, all those hours spent in imagining and wishing and hoping… none of them could compare to the actual happening, the fulfillment of those dreams, as I slowly sunk my cock to the root, gliding smoothly the entire length. Her head came up and she gasped as I rode it to her depths.

Mom’s hand came up and pulled Connie’s head back down, meeting her with another kiss after saying, “Nice and long isn’t he?” I held on and stroked tip to root slow and easy, relishing every feeling I could milk out of her pussy. I could feel the difference as she enjoyed my fucking, her pussy would tighten and grip, her hips would move with me or in opposition. I had just emptied my balls, and my mom and Connie were sharing the resulting mess.

I leaned forwards, running my hands up her back to her shoulders. She parted from mom, arched her ikonbet güvenilirmi back and pushed away from the table, standing up and leaning back into me. My hands went around her, grabbing her full and firm tits, filling my hands with dreams realized. I squeezed and kneaded, exhilarating in the feel of reality; Her hands, up and over her head, caressing my face and head. My stroking had been reduced to small bumps and then she lifted away from me. She spun in my arms as my monkey brain caused my hips to hump, poking at her, trying to regain entry.

Her arms around my neck, her lips seeking mine, she lifted her hips slightly and scooted back on the table, giggling as I poked her in the belly.

Mom was suddenly beside us. She kissed me, us, and then Connie separated and laid back on the table, lifting her legs and cocking her knees back. Mom grabbed my cock and guided me quickly back into Connie’s warm inviting pussy. I don’t think I missed a beat in the moments of separation… and flowed sweetly into a synchronicity of movement.

Her heels gently bounced on my chest, my hands held her legs just above the knee, and mom moved to the side, leaned over and started playing with her tits. Her hands were busy, her lips and teeth involved with nipples and round flesh. One of mom’s hands wandered down and her fingers began to play on Connie’s clit.

I pumped, they played with lips and fingers, tweaking nipples, licking fingers, sharing taste treats like candy between best friends. Then mom moved to the other end of the table, climbed up and settled herself on Connie’s mouth. Mom was a busy partner, pleasuring while being pleasured. We kissed, she played with my nipples, Connie’s pussy and her breasts as well. She fingered herself and generally put on a fantastic show. Then they both got serious. Mom leaned forward, fingering Connie, Connie licked and fingered mom, her body also responding as my own pounding rhythm began to increase. Their reactions, verbal and physical triggered an increased urgency in me as well. A crescendo was building and I was lost in the swell, carried by the wave of passion and pleasure.

Connie went first, mom rubbing her cunt lips and clit while I jack-hammered in and out. She squirmed and bucked as her climax, also built up over years of imagination gone wild, anticipating this event, became an undeniable reality. I went next thrusting hard and deep, gluing my hips to Connie’s ass as my balls emptied again, straining to expel more than was available. Mom followed almost immediately, watching me cum in her best friend and lover tripped her switch. Connie lapped and gulped at moms wet, pulsing pleasure pot. I stayed in as long as my cock was stiff but it deflated rather quickly. Given the number of times my balls had been drained in the last 24 hrs, it did not surprise me, but mom had me pause in my exit for a moment so that she could lick and suck my cock clean. “Wouldn’t want to waste a drop or a dollop… “she said as she slurped on me like a melting Popsicle.

I sat down, mom got up and sat in a chair and Connie sat up and on the edge of the table. We three sat and looked at one another for a few counts and I said, “Wow… in all of my fantasies, in all of my imaginings, it was never this good.”

“We will have to work on your imagination then Matty.” Mom chuckled, and almost over the top of her Connie said laughing, “You have some piss poor imaginations if two old hag’s can top your best.”

“No… you don’t get it. You two have been my dream for ever… I was always afraid that I made you out to be too much, but it was THAT GOOD! I don’t know how it is going to be any better… but I sure want to try.” And as an after thought, a doubt… “if you guys are good with… us…?” I sat up straight, looking worriedly between the two of them. Mom shock her head and lowered her eyes as if she could not believe the level of stupid that I had just reached…

“What is that line from the movie you like so much? ‘You have just passed retard and gone straight to potato!’?”

Connie stood up and as she walked past me to the counter to get a cold drink, she reached out and tweaked my nipple. “Ouch!” and I cringed away.

“Hopefully that will be a reminder to not be so lame.”

Connie opened the cupboard and took down a glass. “Anyone else want something cold?”

Mom said, “Juice please.”

I said, “Water…”

Mom got up; a wet spot was left on the wooden seat. She bent down and kissed me and said, as she went over to the counter next to Connie, “You were great baby… really.” She bent over and kissed her long time friend with benefits. “Worth every minute of doubt and anxiety.”

“Yep… no doubt!” Connie answered.

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