Accidental Fem-Dom Ch. 08

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This story contains multiple fetish themes and may not be for you. This series includes cheating wives, cuckold, Black cock superiority, small penis humiliation, female domination, incest, and humiliation. I appreciate feedback, it helps keep invested in writing and is always welcome.


RECAP: Jay has a small penis and is married to Shelby. Katie, also called Kat is Shelby’s sister who is taking care of Jay who has two broken arms while Shelby is on a cruise. Mike is Kat’s large black husband. Jay has been a bit of an asshole to Kat for several years, all the while being massively sexually attracted to her. Kat has been mercilessly teasing Jay for several days with her large breasts, and overtly sexual lifestyle.

Jay has pretended to be upset with Kat but has recently had to confess that he loves the teasing and has longed to see his wife cuckold him.


My wife’s sister sat beside me in a side hug position, her arm draped across my lap as she rested her head on my shoulder. My breathing was fast and strained and I shook in fear and excitement.

“Shh,” Katie calmed, and leaned in sitting up on her knees and pulled my face to hers. She kissed me softly on my lips looking me in my eyes as she ran her hand through my hair. She kissed me with several soothing brushes of her lips. “It’s going to be good. I know you’re nervous, life is about to change for you, and change is always scary, but I am here for you. Just take deep breaths, watch and let yourself enjoy this.” She comforted and took the sling off allowing my cast covered arms to hang to the sides.

“You look…amazing.” Malik’s baritone voice came across clear through the speakers on the TV. He wore a suit with no tie and his shirt was untucked and the top three or four buttons were undone giving him a classic night out look. He was a few inches taller than Shelby, but not quite six feet tall. He made his way to the bed and sat down and watched my wife as she walked over to the counter and poured them a couple drinks.

“Thank you,” She blushed, her hair flopped in front of her face, something that she does when she’s feeling flirty but insecure.

They both took big gulps of their drinks to calm themselves, and Shelby sat down next to Malik on the bed. She touched his shoulder and he said something inaudible to us, but Shelby laughed a nervous schoolgirl laugh and shifted her legs.

“You know I am married right?”

“So… why am I here?” He asked.

“I just want to make sure we’re clear.” She said with a tremble.

“Ok… make it clear, what am I doing here?”

“I want you. I want you to take me, right here. I want to feel you deep inside me. But…” She took a deep breath.

“But what?’

“I won’t cheat on my husband…”


“No. Cheating is dirty. I am not a cheater. So, I need you to know… he knows about this.”


“And…” She finished her drink, “he’s watching us right now.” She nodded toward her phone. Malik leaned in taking a good look at her phone on the dresser.

“Let me guess…” He smiled, “He wants to watch you fuck a big black cock.”

“Yes,” my beautiful bride answered. “He wants to watch, and I want him to watch. But I want you to know about it too. I didn’t want you to think I was doing something without your consent.”

“Nah… I get it. It happens more than you think.” He smiled, “I am cool with it. As long as I get to fuck your tight married pussy.”

“Daddy, you can fuck me any way you want,” She stood up and slipped her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor revealing she was wearing a gorgeous white shelf bra and panty set. The bra cupped and lifted her slight breasts and elongated her torso. My wife’s breasts seemed smaller now, maybe I had spent too much time focused on her sister’s giant tits, but either way Shelby’s breasts seemed small on her longer body. The open bra held her tits high as if offering them to her black lover.

“Daddy? Is that how you want to play this?”

“Mm hmm.” She nodded and smiled. I knew her daddy issues ran deep, but she had never called me daddy and never told me she wanted to play like that.

“I want to suck your big cock daddy, can I? Please?” She got down on her knees and rubbed her hands up his legs finding his cock down the left side of his trousers, she leaned forward and kissed it through his pants. My wife unbuckled Malik’s pants and quickly reached in and found what she had been desiring for so long. She looked at the camera and smiled at me then back to Malik as she pulled his long thick stick out. He appeared to be about eight inches long and much thicker than me and his uncut flesh cloaked his head.

“Fuck,” She breathed in delight and ran her tongue up his length and pulled the skin back revealing his head. She flicked her tongue under his fat helmet and shoved him into her mouth.

“It’s so big. So much bigger than my husband.” She slobbered over his cock licking, kissing and bahis siteleri sucking him as far down her throat as she could. “He’s really small. Like 3 inches small.” She sucked his superior cock. “Seriously, three inches hard.” She smiled holding up her thumb and index finger to Malik’s manly cock showing that I wasn’t even half his size.

“Three and half,” I mumbled as if that was the biggest sin going on at the moment.

Kat reached down and played with my engorged balls and ran her hand over my caged dick, tugging at it with a condescending sigh. She got the tiny flaccid “Mr. Limpy” fake dick and placed it in on my lap and shook the tiny member like it just took a piss.

“It’s just not fair is it?” Katie teased.

“Hold on,” Shelby paused her cock worship just long enough to grab her phone bringing us closer to her lover’s lap. She held the phone and sucked Malik’s dick looking at me and smiling the entire time. “It’s so tiny baby. I bet you wish this was your cock, don’t you?” She teased. “God… just imagine if you had a cock even half as big as this?” She handed the phone to Malik who continued to film her for me, as she measured his fully engorged cock placing her hands one on top of the other.

“Look I could fit three hands on his dick. How many can I fit on your little mushroom? Not, even one. It’s more like three fingers.” She laughed. “Oh! Is this turning my little baby on?”

I realized I had been subconsciously thrusting my hips trying to fuck Kat’s hand while she held the tiny dick against me. My dick was incredibly hard but shoved inside me and crowned with the metal cock cage.

“Are you ready to watch me get fucked by a real cock? Are you ready to see your wife cum on another man’s cock? Are you ready to spurt your little cum? I know you are.” Shelby placed the phone back down and slowly undressed Malik, kissing him and fondling his large cock and balls. His frame was fit and lean, but not much bulk to his muscles. She handed the phone back to Malik as she slipped her bra off. Her perky B sized breasts stayed in the exact same place that the bra held them. She looked in Malik’s eyes as she slowly turned around and bent at the waist lower her panties to the ground and giving him a delightful view of her tight small ass and pussy. She turned back around, and I quickly noted her cleanly waxed pink mound.

This was it, she was fully naked with another man, there was no stopping now. Not that I really wanted it to. Malik grabbed his suit coat and pulled a condom out of the pocket and handed it to my wife.

“I was really hoping to feel you… just you…deep inside me.” She huffed.

“Maybe next time.” Malik urged the use of the condom and watched as my inexperienced wife fumbled with the package and slowly rolled it down his massive tool.

Kat pushed me back against the arm of the couch and laid down between my legs playing with the little dong like it was my dick.

Shelby was now on her back on the bed and Malik held the phone as he prepared to take my wife. She sat up on her elbows watching as he teased her clit with his head and rubbed her entrance with his thick dick. She grabbed the base of his rod and guided him inside her.

“Fuck!” She called out as he pressed past her lips stretching her open and inserting the first couple inches of his cock.

“That’s so much better than a dildo,” She laughed as if finally getting the punchline of a joke. Her whimsical revelation was a direct shot at the many times we had played with larger dildos and tried to convince ourselves it was enough.

Malik gently inched his thickness into my wife allowing her time to adjust to his size and really enjoy the sensation. And from the deliriously happy smile on her face, it was evident she was enjoying it very much.

“Don’t worry, it takes a long time for pussies to get stretched out till they don’t bounce back.” Mike spoke up from the recliner reminding us he was still there, I looked over and he had taken his boxers off and was slowly jerking his monster cock to my wife.

Malik had gingerly been working himself deeper inside my wife rocking back and thrusting forward patiently and compassionately waiting to fuck her hard. Shelby arched back and gripped her tits sliding her hands across her tight stomach and landing on her stretched opening, feeling Malik’s cock fucking her. He had more inches inside her than I have total and she was still able to put her hand on the base of his dick.

“Oh, Fuck me daddy!” My wife called out as Malik’s cock sent her into her first ever dick only orgasm. She convulsed and impaled herself deeper on Malik’s cock rotating her hips feeling him and riding him until the swells of bliss subsided.

Kat was stroking the little dong on my lap and licked my throbbing balls. I honestly thought I was about to cum and started panting.

“Nope,” Kat reprimanded and went to hit my balls, but planted her fist just under them painfully punching my taint.

“Keep going,” Shelby drilled like a marathon runner convincing canlı bahis siteleri herself to keep going. She was determined to get him to the finish line. Something she had never had to work at with me.

Malik didn’t waste any time, she was sufficiently loosened and lubricated with her own orgasmic juices. He placed the phone down on her chest, and for a moment all we saw was Malik from the chest up as he grabbed my wife’s legs pulling her to the edge of the bed. Shelby picked he phone up as Malik rammed himself inside her with powerful and hungry thrusts.

“Fuck yeah you’re tight,” Malik winced. “Your husbands little dick hasn’t stretched you like this before has it?”

“No, sir”

“I’m gonna make you cum again, aren’t I?” He smiled feeling her tension build.

“Yes, yes sir,” She stammered biting her lip trying to hold off a little longer.

Kat sat up against the opposite couch arm and splayed her legs showing me her naked pussy. She licked Mr. Limpy and toyed her opening with it, pushing the short soft shaft inside her and grinding her foot against my package.

“Shit, I can barely feel it,” Katie whispered and continued to play with herself.

“Oh my GOD, Oh my GOD!” Shelby bleated repeatedly as her second orgasm crashed through her. She dropped the phone as her body betrayed her falling helpless to Malik’s hard flesh.

“Stop stop stop!” She pleaded while writhing and slowly backing off of her lovers’ cock. Shelby put the phone on the counter and guided Malik to lay on the bed with his head on the pillows, she laid between his legs, rolled the condom off and sucked his cock wile jerking him.

“I want to make you cum daddy, please cum for me.” She begged. She sucked, licked and jerked until her arm grew tired.

“I need to feel you cum inside me,” She breathed and crawled on top of him.

“Wait” Malik grabbed her hips, “I don’t know you very well, promise me your clean.”

“I am, I have never been with anyone but my husband for years. I promise I am clean.”

Malik let go and my wife sat on his cock taking him back inside her warmth. A visible chill ran through her as she pushed further down his pole. Shelby rode his cock like a wild bull reaching behind her and playing with his large plumbs.

Malik picked her up and flipped over on the bed, she was facing the camera as he reinserted himself making her eyes roll back. He gripped her ass and pounded my wife’s cunt with gyrating hip action. She grabbed and clawed at the bed, her wedding ring glistening in the light of the lamp on the nightstand.

“Yes!” Malik called out finally reaching the point of eruption.

“Oh my GOD! You’re so deep! You’re so thick! Oh my God I feel you throbbing! Cum for daddy cum inside me!” Shelby was loud and unrestrained. I am certain everyone on that floor could hear her getting fucked.

“Shit!” Malik cried

“Cum inside me, don’t pull out!”

Malik drove himself hard inside my wife making her scream a flurry of vulgarities and some not so politically correct terms.

“Fuck FUCK FUCK! WHAT’S HAPPENING!?” Shelby chanted with a third orgasm.

“Yeah!” Malik roared as he filled my wife with his thick cum, pumping over and over again I imagined with each thrust another long thick stream of his seed was spewing into my wife. Finally spent Malik pulled his deflating cock from my wife and squeezed the last few drops of cum on Shelby’s tight white ass.

My wife laughed and huffed holding her chest, rolling over and feeling her swollen groin. She felt his cum oozing out of her and scooped it up with her hands feeling its thick consistency on her fingers. She grabbed the phone and pulled us to her mound.

“look at that baby,” She sighed, she looked like she had been fucked with a baseball bat. Malik wasn’t as big as the toy we had used, but his technique was much more aggressive than mine. I had always been afraid of hurting my wife, but Malik knew how to use his cock without fear. Her lips looked inflamed and she spread herself open showing me her gapping valley. She squeezed her vaginal muscles and a large glob of jizz poured from her.

“Did you like that?” Shelby gushed, I had sat up leaning into the TV, my mouth open in ecstatic delight at watching my wife so completely satisfied.

I knew she could be more sexual with the right partner, and as much as I would have loved that to be me, I knew I would never be able to pleasure her so fully. I wanted her to experience that type of sensation, I wanted her to know true sexual bliss, I wanted her to feel free to enjoy her sexuality, even if it was with someone else. And seeing her gratified gave me joy.

“Yes, I loved it, I love you. I am so happy for you; I wish I could be there and hold you and let you know how proud I am of you. You are so beautiful.” I confessed.

“Thank you, baby, I was so afraid that when it really happened you would be angry or hurt, I am so thankful that you love me so selflessly.” She validated, “I hope you’ve enjoyed my gift to you this canlı bahis past week too. I know how much you have wanted a more dominate lover, and to experience relentless teasing and objectification. I just didn’t know how much Katie would enjoy being that for you.” She revealed. “And now I think you’ve earned your reward. Kat, unlock him and let him enjoy himself.”

Kat quickly bounced up and grabbed the package the cock cage had come in and fumbled around with the remaining pieces.

“Umm, I can’t find the key.”

“Please stop teasing me Kat.” I pleaded.

“No, I am serious.” And just then a loud gasp came across the phone.

“Oh baby! Shit! I am so sorry,” Shelby mourned, “With all the change to plans, you going to the hospital and everything, I am so sorry, I was going to put the cage on you myself. And I was going to take a key with me, and leave the other with Katie, but…” She held up a necklace with two small keys on it, “I forgot to leave one of the keys.”

Kat burst out laughing.

“Holy shit! You’re screwed!” Kat berated.

“Wait, is there no way to get this off,” I complained jutting out my crotch.

“Jay, baby, I really am sorry. But I’ll be home tomorrow night, you can either wait until then or maybe you guys can get creative… maybe you could cut the lock off or I don’t know maybe try an anal orgasm? You guys do whatever you want, but my phone is about to die, and I am exhausted. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She charged and hung up.

“Well, what do you want to do?” Kat scoffed finding this whole thing funny.

“I don’t know… I can’t think straight.” I mumbled.

“Do you want me to decide?” Kat asked soulfully.

“I… maybe… yes.”

“Come here,” Kat took me be the shoulder and guided me to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. “I’m going to take care of you,” She ensured as she pulled the strap-on harness up her legs and fastened it in place. We have 4 different sized attachments that fit the harness, and she dug around in Shelby’s drawer finding the one she wanted to use. She attached a slender 7″ purple vibrating dildo to the harness and slathered it in lube. She was a visual delight standing beside my bed rubbing her cock in her satin robe.

“Kat… can you take it off,” I pleaded insinuating her robe. She smiled and climbed between my legs and fingered my virgin ass with the lube.

“Just relax,”

“Katie… please.” I beseeched.

She lifted my legs and rubbed her dick against my hole and slowly inched the dong inside me. I tried to control my breathing, slowing it down taking deeper longer breaths.

“You ready?” She asked and turned the vibration on using the corded controller. She rocked the vibrator inside me gently fucking my ass, but the pressure my dick was under was substantial and kept me from fully enjoying it.

Kat rubbed my legs trailing down to my bloated and abused balls. She splashed a generous amount of lube on them and messaged me as she fucked my ass.

“Relax” She coached again, the vibration was stimulating something inside me, and I began to enjoy it.

“Katie… you’re so sexy” I breathed and closed my eyes fixating on her breasts jiggling beneath her robe.

“Look at me,” She demanded. I looked into her eyes and she untied her robe. “Here you go little Jay,” She bit her bottom lip and let her robe fall off.

I sat up as much as I could being in an ass fuck position and with my arms in casts. I was silent, mesmerized by her form.

“My God…” I finally exhorted. Kat’s breasts were perfect. I had never seen such large breasts that still had so much lift. Sure, they hung a bit, but they’re real flesh breasts, made of real feminine softness. Her nipples were a darker shade, a reddish brown and her areolas were proportionately large on her. Her tits were erect and delicious, and had I not seen her in such scant clothing for the past week, I might be in shock at how large they are compared to her frame, but seeing her now, seeing her fully bare, she was nothing short of perfect. Shelby had always seemed self-conscious about her breasts, but Kat displayed herself with a strength and power I found inspiring.

Kat fondled her tits with her lubed hands glossing them with the shimmery fluid. She didn’t have to ask if I like them, she didn’t have to ask what I thought, she knew she was gorgeous, and she owned her sexual power over men.

“Fuck, me” I snorted in response to her eroticism.

“I am baby.” She teased, “does it feel good?” I nodded yes and laid my head back down. Kat continued to work my ass. I am not sure it felt good, but it didn’t hurt either. I think I enjoyed the sensuality and feeling dominated, but it just wasn’t going to bring my orgasm. She leaned forward letting the weight of her chest fall on me, her soft warm flesh pressed against my chest as she kissed my neck.

“Can you cum for me?” She asked with a genuine tone wanting to know if I was going to be able to orgasm this way.

“I don’t think so…” I frowned, “can we try to break the lock off?” She turned the vibrator off and pulled out of my ass, then climbed up my body brushing her tits against my face and offering her nipple to my mouth. I joyfully suckled her rubbing me face all over her heavy fleshy.

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