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Adam? Yes, Matty.

©2019 by Gamin Paramour

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1) This is fiction, although it”s Based on a True Story! (Unless the guy was bullshitting me, but I don”t think he was.)

2) Stay safe. Don”t break the law.

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Last time:

Susan knew all along.

Part 22

I was in our bedroom putting away the socks and underwear that I had just washed, dried and folded when I glanced out the window and saw David”s car pulling around the corner into our street. It was only a quarter after twelve and I was momentarily surprised that the boys were home so early. Then I remembered that the final day of the school year was always a half-day. I slid the drawer closed and listened to the happy bustle of two sprung-for-the-summer teenagers invading the house.

“Hey guys,” I said when I was halfway down the stairs. “Does it feel any different to be seniors instead of juniors?”

I was very glad I hadn”t said anything more risqué when I got down far enough to see them standing in the hallway, for with them stood another, much smaller boy. He was about ten, dishwater-blond with a fetching smile and steel-gray eyes that danced with joie de vivre.

Automatically my eyes traveled over him, his skimpy summer clothing allowing a visual feast that I consumed greedily. I had really missed these beautiful sights since the boys had gotten older. His colorfully tie-dyed t-shirt and blue jean cutoffs looked out of place next to the neat school clothes of the two older boys until I remembered that the elementary schools always let out for the summer a few days earlier than the high school.

His legs were slim, beautifully sculpted and baby-smooth, while his arms were childishly unmuscled and, again, utterly hairless. His oval face was pretty, yet masculine — he”d never be mistaken for a girl despite his longish dark-blond hair that might reach his collar if he was wearing a shirt that had one. I began to fixate on a tiny dash of freckles across his small nose that were so light they could barely be seen, and I abruptly realized I was staring.

“Oh,” I said, regaining some composure. “Who have we here?”

“Dad,” Matty said with a big grin, “meet Lucas. He”s my friend Aaron”s little brother.”

“Sure,” I said. “I remember Aaron. You guys did a science project together a few months ago. Nice kid.”

“He”s real nice,” Lucas said in a high and sweet voice, music to my ears. “But I have to say that or he”ll pound me.”

I looked at him open-mouthed and Lucas laughed. I found it utterly delightful.

“I”m just kidding,” he said. “Aaron”s a cool big brother, and he”s really nice to me.”

“Yeah,” David piped in. “Really nice.”

The subtext crept in on me. I looked to each boy in turn, noting their almost identical sly smiles.

“Something tells me you two have been pretty nice to him as well,” I said.

“Just look at him, Dad,” Matty said. “Who could resist?”

And look at him I did. Lucas blushed brightly, but he never broke eye contact or lost his smile. After a second he thrust his hand toward me. “It”s great to finally meet you, Adam,” he said. “The guys have told me all about you.”

I realized then that they had told him all about me. Unlike ninety-nine percent of kids meeting me for the first time Lucas had not bothered with the ultra-polite kid-to-adult thing; no `Pleased to meet you, sir” to which I would have to insist that he call me Adam. No, it was Adam from the get-go, a good sign that he already knew how I felt about boys.

Which, of course, meant that he was cool with it.

I clasped his small, incredibly soft hand and was instantly transported back in time to when “my boys” were that age. I flashed on my first contact with little Jason, who had the softest hands I”d ever encountered regardless of the age or gender of the owner. Lucas was in that same delicious ballpark. His grip was at once tender and solid, and his bright eyes held mine effortlessly.

Who could resist, indeed?

“It”s very nice to meet you, Lucas,” I said, reluctantly pulling my hand away but being sure to give him a fond smile before turning my attention back to Matty and David. “I have to ask exactly what”s going on here. Is this what it seems like?”

“We”ve been getting to know Lucas for the last couple of weeks,” David offered, “ever since Aaron had us over one day after school and nobody was home except for Lucas.”

Lucas blushed again, but grinned as he said, “Boy, that was a fun day!”

Blushing looked great on him.

“So you like older guys then, Lucas?” I asked.

He grinned up at me, and I noticed a boyishly cute chipped front tooth. “I like everybody,” he said. “Fooling around is fun.”

“Matty,” I began, trying to tone down the reproach in my voice, “you know how I feel about giving away people like gifts.”

“No Dad, it”s not like that,” Matty said. “Lucas joined in with us and Aaron that first time, and he was really into it.”

“It was my idea for him to meet you, Adam,” David said. “And we made sure Lucas knew it was strictly up to him.”

“Yeah,” Lucas said. “I came because I wanted to. David told me how everybody gets to have exactly what they want except you, and I thought that was no fair.”

“It”s very sweet of you to sacrifice yourself, Lucas,” I said, turning away, unable to hide the bitterness that rose in a tenth of a second. “But that doesn”t make it any better. It still makes me some kind of charity case.”

“No!” Lucas insisted. “That”s not it at all! I love to do stuff, and these guys say you”re the most fun of anybody!”

“Really, Adam,” David said, placing a gentle hand on my arm. “I love being with you. It”s just that I know my body doesn”t really do it for you anymore, you know, the way it used to.”

I looked at my son”s lover, lost in his kind eyes. I loved him almost as much as I loved Matty, and I knew deep down he didn”t think of me as a charity case. I was just feeling old and passed-by, discarded by life.

“Don”t be like that, Dad,” Matty said softly. “Lucas really wants this, honest.”

Lucas looked up at me with puppy-dog eyes. “Honest, Adam,” he said, in what I knew must be his never-fail pleading voice that surely got him an extra hour staying up on school nights and ice cream before dinner. Good Lord it was cute.

I gazed down into those mesmerizing gray eyes and felt myself giving in. I smiled and Lucas knew, his grin broadening and lighting up his face. I bent and held out my open arms, and Lucas stepped into them so that I could pick him up. He wrapped his long legs around my waist and his arms around my neck and we drifted together into a kiss, which almost instantly deepened into something hot and probing.

“Whoah!” Matty cried in delight, while David grinned his approval.

The kiss went on for a long time as first kisses go, and our tongues played tentatively at first and then more aggressively. Our lips finally broke apart and Lucas grinned happily.

I said,”Somebody taught this boy how to kiss!” and all three of them laughed.

“Aaron kisses pretty good,” Lucas said, his eyes still locked with mine, “but I learned mostly from my friend Karl. He”s twelve and he really likes to kiss.”

“Please thank him for me,” I said and pressed another one on him. It was even more passionate than the first.

Coming up for air I said, “Well then, shall we move the party upstairs?” I set Lucas on his feet and turned to the guys. “I guess we”ll need the big bed for the four of us.”

“Um, actually, Dad, I need to be at work in, like, half an hour,” Matty said.

David looked equally apologetic. “And I”ve got to get home and help my Mom. She”s painting the guest room and she can”t move the dresser by herself.”

I gave them a sideways look. “You guys are sneaky,” I said, then to Lucas, “Were you in on this?” but I was smiling indulgently when I said it.

Lucas gave me an exaggeratedly innocent `Who? Me?” look, and I laughed and hugged him.

“I don”t mind driving you home,” I said. “How far away is it?”

“It”s only three blocks, Dad,” Matty threw in. “Even shorter on foot because he can cut through the alley.”

“Yeah,” Lucas confirmed. “I can walk home easy… and I can walk here next time.”

“Oh,” I said in my boy-teasing voice, “You”re awfully sure of yourself that there”s going to be a next time.” Meanwhile I was already hoping for about a hundred next times. I”d have driven the kid home to Budapest if necessary.

Lucas brought me up short with a serious look. I fell silent as our eyes locked.

“And that”s our cue to exit, stage left,” David said. “C”mon Matt, I”ll drop you at work.”

I was too absorbed in Lucas” haunting gray eyes to register disappointment with David calling my boy Matt instead of Matty. He was growing up much too fast as it was and I didn”t like reminders.

“Shall we go upstairs?” I asked, and Lucas nodded silently, our eyes still locked.

I took his soft little hand and led him up to Matty”s room. It was still the default playroom after all these years, although a little crowded now with a full-size bed and desk. I no longer really had to hide cum-stains and wet spots from Susan but Matty didn”t know that so we had continued to use his bed.

When we stepped inside Lucas began looking around, nosing through Matty”s things with interest. I flashed back to the early days again, remembering this room full of the valued possessions of a ten-year-old: games and toys, a baseball bat and glove, comic books. Lucas seemed to appreciate its current décor, no doubt finding it redolent of teen coolness.

He glanced out the window to the back ankara türbanlı escort yard and instantly brightened.

“You have your own trampoline?” he gushed.

“It”s Matty”s, of course,” I said. “His eleventh birthday present.”

“I”ll be eleven soon,” Lucas said. “Well, next February. I hope I get a trampoline.”

Nowadays you drive down a suburban street and see a trampoline in every third yard. Back then virtually no one had one, not so much because they were horrendously expensive or anything, but just because they weren”t trendy yet. Thus it was enormously cool for a kid to have his own. And there were no protective screens around them in those days, either. Indeed, Matty and friends had each bounced off a few times and skinned their knees and elbows or twisted their ankles. Fortunately there were no broken noggins.

Lucas flipped through Matty”s record collection. (Yes, vinyl. That, eight-tracks and cassettes were all there was.) Matty had good taste: Talking Heads, The Pretenders, Dire Straits, U2. Lucas didn”t react to any of them, so I figured he was still at the “bubble gum music” level.

“I like Matty”s room,” he said, turning back to me with a smile. “Aaron”s room is kind of messy, but I like things neat.”

“Do you have your own room?” I asked, stalling a bit because I sensed that he was still easing into it.

“Yeah,” Lucas replied. “When we were little I used to share with my sister April in our old house, but Mom and Dad said we had to get a bigger house when she started getting little boobies.”

I must have smiled when he said the word “boobies” because Lucas broke into a grin and became animated.

“I got to see them a bunch of times before Mom noticed me looking and made April change her clothes in the bathroom,” he said with a giggle. “April didn”t care, though. We”d been seeing each other naked our whole lives, so when Mom wasn”t around she went ahead and changed in our bedroom anyway. They were getting pretty big the last time I saw them.”

“You liked seeing them, I can tell,” I said, noting the gleam in his eye.

“Yeah, why not?” he said. “Sexy is sexy, right? Whether it”s a boy or a girl.”

“So you like girls, then, too?” I asked. “For fooling around, I mean.”

Lucas considered for a moment. “I guess I do,” he said finally. “I never did anything with one, but I think it would be fun. How about you?”

“I like everybody,” I said, echoing his earlier statement. “I”m married to Matty”s Mom, remember?”

“Oh yeah!” he said. “Matty told me. And you fuck her and everything, right?”

“And everything,” I said with a conspiratorial smile. I wanted him to know I was being open with him, letting him into the inner circle, so that he would be open with me. It”s hard to please someone when they don”t open up about what they want, and I really wanted to please Lucas.

“And you fuck Matty, too,” he said, “even when he was my age. Matty said it was really great.”

“I love to fuck Matty, and he loves to fuck me.”

Lucas looked uncertain about his next question, but ultimately plunged in. “Do you fuck other boys too, or just Matty?”

I couldn”t tell which way he was leaning on this. Was he hoping it was exclusively for Matty, thus letting him off the hook, or did he hope I would bend him over and drive him home? I decided to go middle-ground.

“There are a few other boys who like it,” I said. “I never do anything unless the boy wants to.”

Lucas looked relieved. “Matty says that”s, like, the Golden Rule, that nobody ever has to do anything they don”t want to do.” After a pause he added, “That”s kind of what made me decide to come over today.”

“I”m really glad you did,” I said sincerely. I mentally scratched fucking off the menu, which of course was perfectly fine, and decided it was time to get the ball rolling. “So what do you want to do?”

“I was thinking maybe you could take my clothes off of me,” he said, with exactly the right amount of shyness mixed with just the right amount of urgency.

“That”s my favorite way to start,” I said with a smile.

“Mine too,” he said, an unmistakable glint of lust appearing in his intense gray eyes. He wanted the ball rolling as much as I did.

I guided him to the side of the bed and knelt before him. “Sit on the bed a minute,” I said.

He scooted his butt onto the bed, his gym shoes swinging several inches above the floor. I always loved seeing kids sitting when their feet don”t reach the floor. The image is so emblematic of childhood that I never fail to find it heartwarming.

I took one shoe in my hand and pulled it off without unlacing. They were cheap tennis shoe knockoffs from K-Mart or something, years before kids this young were wearing Nike and Adidas, and decades before springy laces that don”t need to be tied. He smiled at me, the lust in his eyes doubled. I pulled off the other shoe, then made a comical show of taking off each powder blue sock by rolling it all the way down to the toes rather than just to where they passed the heel. Lucas smiled in amusement, but I detected some impatience there, too, with how long that took.

I felt his anticipation, but rather than rush ahead I was inspired by his long, shapely legs and small, dainty feet, which reminded me a lot of little Brian so many years ago. I had no intention of getting sidetracked by any possible foot fetish Lucas might have, so I focused on his smooth, slender gams.

“Your legs are really beautiful,” I said, hearing the huskiness in my own voice as I got excited.

Lucas noticed it too. “Do you really like them?” he asked, and it seemed like he was fishing for more.

“Oh, yes,” I said. “They”re so nice and slim and smooth…” I ran both hands up his inner calves and all the way up his thighs to the ragged hem of his cutoffs. I could feel the electricity as he responded to my touch and so I very slowly traced the same route back down.

“Are my legs just perfect?” he asked, and even while I noted the strange phrasing of his question I also noted his growing excitement.

“Yes, Lucas,” I said, following his lead. “Your legs are just perfect.”

“Wanna take my shirt off?” he asked, and I realized that he was adopting a slightly younger affect, deliberately sounding more — I don”t know — innocent?

I liked it.

I lifted the hem of his t-shirt and he automatically raised his arms like every other child in the history of the world. I skinned it off of him inside-out and smiled at the slim, soft beauty of his little torso. Lucas was very pretty but he wasn”t the ten-year-old Matty of my memories, not really the personification of little-boy perfection, but somehow I knew he wanted me to tell him that he was.

I dramatically sucked in my breath. “Oh my, Lucas!” I said in exaggerated awe, “Your chest is so lovely I can hardly stand it!”

The boy”s face lit up like the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. I went with the momentum.

“And your belly looks so soft,” I said, and crooked my index finger to run my knuckle slowly across the milk-white skin above his navel. “It is!” I cried, softly but with excitement. “Oh my God it”s like silk!”

And it was.

“Do you like my belly-button?” he asked, affecting a voice much younger than his ten years. He may have been inspired by how childish the term “belly-button” is.

It was an outie.

“It”s a beautiful belly-button,” I said, “The prettiest belly-button I”ve ever seen.”

He was loving this. Lucas laced his hands behind his head and said, “Do you like my armpits?”

Again, a question I had never heard in more than thirty years of boyloving, but the delicious hollows were in fact fresh and smooth and fed a minor fetish of mine.

“I love them!” I gushed, noting his ever-mounting fervor. “I want to run my tongue through them!”

He sighed. “I want you to, but not yet. Not till I”m naked.”

Taking that as my cue I took him by the waist and stood him up, in which position I could easily discern his rock-hard little lump. I couldn”t help smacking my lips in anticipation, and when I looked into his eyes I found them shimmering with uncontained excitement.

Still holding eye contact and working by touch I found the button of his cutoffs and popped it open. I ever-so-slowly slid the zipper down and paused, our eyes still locked, and then he smiled his official consent. I slid the shorts and underwear down together and his turgid boyhood sprang out before me.

Damn, it was beautiful! I wouldn”t have to lie to Lucas to tell him how lovely his dick was, because it truly was. Large for his age and frame, the taut, rigid cock angled slightly upward from horizontal. It was gun-barrel straight and thick as my thumb, with a perfectly symmetrical circumcision scar behind its deep pink, helmet-shaped head. I thrilled to it, watching it quiver with the boys” palpable excitement.

I hadn”t been so turned on since the first time with Matty.

“Oh, Lucas,” I said in genuine awe. “Your dick is amazing.” I didn”t look up, but I felt him beaming down at me.

“Do you love my dick?” he asked, also sounding completely genuine.

“I absolutely love your dick,” I said, meaning it.

“Do you think it”s perfect?”

There was that “perfect” thing again. It obviously had some history for him, something he wanted to relive. “Yes, Lucas,” I breathed, my brain fogging with pheromones. “Your dick is absolutely perfect.”

“Do you want to kiss it?”

“Oh, God yes I want to kiss it,” I said and began to lean forward but he stopped me with a touch on my forehead.

“Wait,” he said, and knowing it was making me crazy he quickly added, “Just one more minute, I promise.”

I backed off and waited. With a coy smile he turned his back to me and bent over onto the bed, his elbows tuzla escort tucked in under his chest and his round, beautiful bottom directly in my face.

“Do you like my butt?” he asked playfully, teasing but also entirely serious. “Do you think it”s cute?”

“Oh, I think it”s very cute!” I said with enthusiasm that was now entirely genuine. I leaned forward and gave each cheek a big, florid smacker.

Lucas clearly relished this interplay. He reached around and pulled one cheek open, revealing the tiny, bright pink pucker within. “Do you like this too?” he asked, wiggling his ass suggestively. “Is my butt hole just perfect?”

It was tiny and moist and pink, and to my eyes perfect indeed. “It”s perfect, Lucas,” I said softly. “Truly perfect.”

His grin grew wider as he stood and turned to face me again. He sat on the very edge of the bed, leaned back and opened his legs as wide as he could.

“Do you like my balls?” he asked. “Do you want to suck them?”

I gazed upon the tight sack with its two cherished little eggs clearly visible. “Oh, yes, please,” I said. “I love them.”

“Go ahead,” he said, and I was somewhat surprised that the first genital contact he wanted was ball-sucking, but I had realized by then that he had a whole script he was enacting and I didn”t want to mess it up. I wondered who had originated the role I was now playing.

I ducked down and slurped up both small nuts at once, gently massaging them with my tongue. They were, in fact, wonderful to roll around in my mouth, his soft, hairless sack loosening in the warmth. I looked up to his smiling face past the raging hard-on that quivered and quaked an inch from my eyes.

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” he sighed. After perhaps a minute of this he said, “OK,” which I took for an order to stop.

He crawled backwards up onto the bed to where he could lay his head on the pillow. His legs came open and his entire body language was an open invitation. His full, achingly hard three inches stabbed into the air as he offered himself to me, and I accepted him eagerly. There is no stronger aphrodisiac than enthusiasm, and Lucas had enough for an army.

I found his hands gripping my head as he thrust himself into my mouth, his hot little cock sliding deliciously along my tongue while his taut, hairless sack caressed my chin again and again. I loved the silky softness of his pubic region against my nose, and I managed to get one hand under the firm roundness of his butt, easily cupping both cheeks at once. I helped him thrust between my lips and thrilled to his excited undulations.

“Suck, Adam!” he whispered. “I think I can get there!”

I sucked like a madman, my lips sliding up and down his magnificent hardness, thrilling to every tiny texture, every bump, ridge and hollow along its length. His spongy cock head nearly reached the entrance of my throat, and I could feel his exhilaration every time he reached his maximum thrust. My nose delightfully touched his silken pubic area, and my lower lip registered the softness of his sack. My own pulse matched his as our hearts hammered at peak velocity.

One minute of this wonderful frenzy, two minutes, and then I felt his stomach tense and release. Suddenly it wasn”t just Lucas” hands holding my head, but his entire body clutching me as he humped into my mouth. His torso curled up from the bed, his sternum against my forehead and his chin on the top of my head. His thighs squeezed my cheeks and he held me with every strong little muscle he could bring to bear.

And then he came, fierce contractions heaving his stomach and legs. His cock quaked and throbbed in my mouth and I half-expected to taste some sweet, watery boy-juice, but he was much too young for that and his intense spasm remained dry. We lay coupled as he came down, breathing heavily and his heart pounding against my forehead until he finally relaxed and released me, falling back to the bed. His beautiful, hard little dick was still on my tongue, still thrumming with his ecstasy.

“God you suck so good, Adam!” he exclaimed through heaving breaths. “Just like the guys said.”

“Really?” I panted with some surprise and pride. I knew they liked it, but I didn”t know they praised me among themselves.

“Yeah, man!” Lucas said. “I”ve been looking forward to it ever since they told me about you.”

“Well nobody told me about you, you little ball of fire,” I said, and kissed his beautiful, smooth pubic mound. “You are a naughty naughty boy,” I teased, “And I love it!”

“I like to do naughty stuff to other guys, too,” he added.

“Oh, yeah?” I said slyly. “What do you like to do?”

“Well…” he said invitingly, “if you take those clothes off I can show you.”

I stood and stripped, not hurriedly and not slowly. I enjoyed the look in his eyes when my stiff cock sprang forth. I never knew what all these little guys saw in grown-up cocks, but I wasn”t going to complain. He patted the bed next to him and I slid in and took him in my embrace. We kissed with passion, and then he nudged me onto my back.

“I won”t be able to take you like you took me,” he said, “but I still think you”ll like it.” With that Lucas lay prone between my open legs, bent my cock toward him with a small, soft hand and began to lick my cock head.

If I have a thousand blowjobs in my life I don”t think anything will ever beat the tiny, hot mouth of an eager ten-year-old. I gasped as his tongue caressed me, and he looked up at me with an excited twinkle in his beautiful eyes. Soon he had the head between his lips and he worked the tip like his favorite lollipop, causing me to shudder and gasp and squeal.

“Oh, Christ, Lucas!” I moaned. “Damn you can suck a cock!”

“I like the stuff that leaks out,” he said. “It tastes good.”

After several minutes of this exquisite torture Lucas gave it one big — and apparently final — slurp and sat back on his heels between my legs, still holding my shaft and intently appraising my cock. I smiled as my mind conjured up an image of Lucas with a jeweler”s loupe evaluating my dick for color, clarity and carat weight. I saw an idea come into his steel-gray eyes and he looked at me in some seriousness.


“Yes, Lucas.”

“You know how you said some boys like to get fucked?”

“Yes, of course,” I said.

“I… I like to get kind of fucked,” he said with apprehension.

“What does that mean, Lucas?” I asked gently. “How does a person get kind of fucked?”

“Well,” he said, “I”ve been all-the-way fucked, but only by my friend Kyle.”

“The twelve-year-old who likes to kiss,” I said.

“Yeah,” Lucas said. “He fucks me sometimes, but he has a really small one. Mine is bigger than his even though he”s two years older.”

Thinking of little Mikey I said, “Is Kyle very small for his age? Are all the other kids taller and heavier?”

“No,” he said. “He”s regular size, but his dick is just really small.” Quick to defend his friend, though, Lucas added, “It”s a really nice dick, only little. I love to suck it and suck it `cause it feels so good in my mouth and I like how he jumps around and squeals and says how great it feels. Once when I slept over at his house I sucked it for about an hour and made him cum three times!”

“Can he squirt?” I asked, always collecting hot images for my stroke fantasies.

“No,” he said. “He doesn”t have hair yet or anything. He just gets the feeling, like me.”

“Then that”s what you mean by kind of fucked, because his dick is too small to hurt?”

“Well… no,” he said. “He puts it all the way in and it feels nice I guess, but I let him do it mostly because he likes it so much, and because he lets me do it back to him, and that feels amazing. The kind of fucking I like is with my brother Aaron.”

I was a bit surprised. “He doesn”t have a small dick, does he?”

“No-o-o,” Lucas answered with a gallows-humor laugh in his voice. “His dick is really huge.”

“So tell me how kind of fucking works,” I prompted gently.

“Well,” Lucas began somewhat nervously. “He really only puts the head of his dick in. Not even the whole head, `cause Aaron”s dick head is really wide, like the top of a mushroom. He pushes just the tip just enough to spread open my hole and then he backs off and lets my hole close again. I really like it when my hole opens up almost wide enough for his dick to go in, but then he backs off again just before it would hurt like crazy.”

“Wow,” I said in admiration. “You must really trust him not to go too deep.”

“He”s my brother,” Lucas said. “He wouldn”t hurt me. He loves me.”

I felt very close to Lucas right then, sensing the love and trust he had for his brother.

After a pause he tentatively said, “Your dick head is only a little bit wider than the rest of it, not huge like Aaron”s.”

I stared at him, reading the meaning he telegraphed with his facial expression.

“Matty and David say you”d never hurt a boy in a million years.”

“Oh, Lucas,” I said gently, “you should know that I did actually hurt Matty the first time we did that. It was pretty bad, too.”

“Not so bad, though, right?” he said hopefully. “I mean, Matty still wanted to do it after that.”

Apparently they had discussed the matter. “Of course I didn”t mean to hurt him, but it did hurt.”

“Yeah, but now you know you have to be more careful, right? I mean, you haven”t hurt any other boys since then, have you?”

“Well, no,” I said.

“And you”d do it just the way I wanted it, right?” he said hopefully. “If I said stop you would, right?”

“Yes,” I said firmly. “I told you I never do anything unless the boy wants it.”

“OK, then,” he said. “I want to try it, but first the way Aaron does it and then if I think it”s OK then maybe avrupa yakası ucuz escort the whole way.”

“OK,” I said, “if you”re sure.”

“I”m sure that I want to try,” he said. “I”m not sure it will work, but we”ll see.”

“OK, Lucas,” I said. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Kneel down next to the bed, OK?”

I complied and he quickly arranged himself on all fours on the bed, his “perfect” butt right in my face. He put his face down to the mattress and his sweet little hole opened itself before my eyes.

I was pretty sure I knew what he expected of me. I leaned in and grazed my lips against the tender flesh of his ass cheek, then pecked several tiny kisses around in a circle. I nudged his cheeks wider apart to fully relish the sight of his tiny, fresh pink anus, and I guess he heard me take an exploratory sniff because he softly murmured, “It”s OK. I”m clean all over. They told me how important that is to you.”

Lucas sighed deeply as I brought my mouth to his backside and gently licked his crack from stem to stern.

Actually it might have been stern to stem, but whatever.

I licked back down to the tiny orifice that waited so patiently and I swirled my tongue around it. The way he opened himself and sighed with contentment I knew this was how Aaron got him ready and that it was exactly how he wanted it.

I rimmed with every ounce of love and tenderness that I could conjure. He moaned softly, murmuring things like “Oh, yeah,” and “Right there… right there!” Unlike Matty, who liked the deepest probing my tongue could provide, Lucas wanted light flicking of the very tip of my tongue all around his hole and the tender surrounding cleft.

After a while he said at normal volume, “OK, go deeper now.” I probed and he let me in, giving a loud sigh of pleasure. The probing and sighing and moaning went on for several minutes.

“Do you have lube?” he asked.

I pulled off long enough to answer, “In the drawer.”

“Get it!” he commanded as he flipped himself onto his back with his butt a few inches from the edge of the bed, his legs in the air held by his hands under the backs of his knees. “Hurry, Adam!”

I tore open Matty”s nightstand drawer and found the toy harmonica box containing the lube. I slathered a generous amount onto my raging cock, then some more directly into Lucas” open little hole.

“Lean your thighs against the edge of the bed so you come in from underneath me,” he ordered.

I positioned as described and Lucas lowered his legs so that his hamstrings rested on my hips, held there also by my hands. After small adjustments my cock was lined up directly with his hole.

“Go easy now,” he instructed. “Not inside! Just push against me, like I said.”

I moved forward and my cock head slipped off the mark, but I backed off and tried again and this time, with Lucas” hand helping to guide, the very tip centered on his pucker and pushed it slightly open.

“Ohhh!” he moaned, but not in pain. It was sheer ecstasy. “Oh, yeah, Adam,” he sighed with equal ardor. “Oh God yes.”

He was tight for sure and it would have taken some amount of force to push in, had we been doing that. I began to rock back and forth, feeling his hole partially opening over my tip and closing again with each rock. What I remember most is the sound the lube made as my cock head moved, a kind of a squish as I pushed and a suck as I pulled. It was rhythmic and hypnotic and intensely erotic.

Lucas” began a stream of soft mutterings: “Oh yeah, oh God, oh yeah, right there, oh yeah…” and I suddenly knew that this would be the exact ticket to get both of us to the finish line.

“A little more,” he moaned, and I gently pushed a little harder with each thrust until the widest part of the head was at the point where a fraction of an inch farther would make it pop inside. His mouth opened silently for a moment, then he settled into the “Oh yeah” chant again. I was getting a lot of stimulation with this and wondering how long I could last. It was excruciating but wonderful.

His head lolled to one side and he lost himself in his pleasure. His chant became almost a drone. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh God, oh yeah, oh shit, oh yeah, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh shit, oh yeah….”

I felt myself boiling over. “I”m gonna cum, Lucas!”

“Shoot it on me!” he cried, still in command. “Shoot it right on my dick!”

I pulled away and upwards just in time and shot a big, creamy load right onto his stiff little cock and hairless balls. In a few seconds a second glob gushed out and covered his privates even more.

“Oh yeah!” he cried one more time, then using my jizz as lube he began feverishly jerking himself off. “Put it back in my hole!” he ordered, and I readily complied, poking my still-hard rod back to that same magical spot and thrusting again and again.

Lucas cried out as his orgasm gripped him. Every muscle in his little body clamped down, squeezing my tip, and I knew I shouldn”t move. He threw his head from side to side as he convulsed, until finally he collapsed, spent and empty. Panting and sweating, I steered my own collapse to the side so as not to crush the wind out of him. I lay tight next to him, the full length of his beautiful naked body in contact with mine. I wrapped one arm around him and pulled his head onto my chest, where he happily rested his cheek and snuggled tightly into me.

“Oh my God, Lucas,” I muttered between heaving breaths. “That was amazing.”

He didn”t reply, and in a moment I noticed his regular breathing and the soft rise and fall of his chest. As I gazed upon his angelic sleeping form his sweetness simply overwhelmed me. An epiphany began to form in my mind. It was strange to think of it that way, as an epiphany in the making, because I didn”t yet know what it was, but somehow I knew it was important. It swirled around and around and finally coalesced.

I just hadn”t felt quite right these past four years since Matty became adolescent. I”d still had little Mikey for another year, but he had finally grown up too, and by the time I met Lucas it had been nearly three years without the unmatched delight of a truly pre-pubertal boy in my arms.

It”s true that sometimes you don”t know what you”ve got till it”s gone. (Really, Millennials? No Joni Mitchell either?)

Before Matty it had been ten years since I”d been with a boy, and I told myself at the time that it was good, that the time had come to give up childish things. Oh, I still appreciated their undeniable beauty, and if I encountered a stunning boy scantily clad I was certain to check him out from head to toe and back again and very likely stroke myself to orgasm over that mental image that night in my bed.

I didn”t seek them out, though, didn”t initiate contact and even if a likely prospect approached me I let the opportunity go and thought myself highly moral because of it. But I couldn”t fool myself forever, and when Matty Watkins appeared in my life I was instantly and irrevocably a goner.

I realized that Matty had been completely right about me several years before when he said that I need little boys the way most men need air. Lately I”d plodded through life, enjoying my Matty and my Susan of course, but that was love and the passion born of it. Without even knowing it I”d longed for the pure, visceral sexual excitement that I had always felt with boys; sweet, soft, unspoiled boys with their lack of guile, their generosity of spirit, their willingness to accept their own true desires at face value without preconception.

Their innate goodness.

Lucas slept for about fifteen minutes while I watched him. I was entirely unable to stop smiling. He stirred and yawned, then his wonderful steel-gray eyes fluttered open and fixed on me. His smile was genuine, and it filled me with joy.

I cast the die at that exact moment. I decided that I couldn”t — I wouldn”t — live my life without this. I no longer had direct access to the young ones I so desperately needed so I would require assistance, like today, when David and Matty facilitated my new special friendship with lovely, passionate little Lucas. I would let it be known that I want to meet any and all boys who enjoy this special kind of relationship. If they want to be my friend, then so they shall. If not, then they are free to fly away like the blithe spirits they are.

It was probably foolish. Take out the “probably.” It was definitely foolish, and it was obviously dangerous. The wider the circle of friends the more likely one will turn out to have loose lips — and not in a good way. I would have to be extraordinarily careful, just as I had been when vetting adult candidates for preteen Matty, but I could no longer live without the feeling I had right then, with Lucas” satiny skin against me and his beautiful little heart in sync with mine.

“That was really great, Adam,” Lucas said. “It felt even better than when Aaron does it.”

I beamed into his dancing eyes. “It felt amazing for me, too,” I said, “even though it didn”t go inside. I”ll do it just like that whenever you want me to.”

“Next time I want to go all the way inside,” he said. “I would have done it this time, but it was feeling so good and I knew I was going to get there, so I just couldn”t take the chance of messing it up.”

“There”s no hurry,” I said. “When you”re ready just say so.”

We lay in silence for a moment, holding each other tenderly.

“Adam?” he asked in his high, delightful voice.

“Yes, Lucas.”

His eyes blazed with excitement. “Can I do one more really fun thing before I go home?”

Wow, I thought. I was sure we were done for the day. I had cum buckets full and he had cum twice, so powerfully that it knocked him out. But if he was up for another round then so was I.

“Of course, Lucas,” I said. “What would you like to do?”

“I want to jump on the trampoline!”

Next time:

Special Friends: The Next Generation

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