Admiring Her Asshole

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We haven’t always lived in this fancy house with the many rooms, a large backyard, and in-ground pool. While it seems like long ago, it really wasn’t so, that we lived in an apartment building with only two bedrooms and neighbors on the other side of the wall. I must admit that while I made sure the TV wasn’t turned up too loud, or we didn’t play music at really high levels, we were probably a little more noisy than not when fucking. We did all sorts of it too, back then even more so than now, because I was local. Mrs. Dadbod would role play with me and we were extremely vocal. Of course that was fine, as we were doing it in the confines of our own home. Though you never think about if someone can hear you when you’re in your own bed. You do, if they’re in your kitchen or your living room, but you don’t if they’re in the apartment above, below, or to the side of you. Amy was the young woman that shared the bedroom on the other side of the wall from ours, she was the college age daughter of our neighbors. Neighbors we didn’t really socialize with very often.

“We’d like to invite you over for dessert and coffee, maybe have a chat, you know, about life, the neighborhood, and stuff?”

Mrs. Dadbod looked at me for permission to say yes. She didn’t need it, but she knew that I worked hard in a factory production job back then. There were so many chemicals and heavy lifting that sometimes I just wanted to come home and collapse. This was before we had any of our three children and she knew I needed a good nap before she could wake me up to fuck. Of course I smiled and to her that was the affirmation she needed.

“We’d love to come over one night soon. When do you have in mind?”

The two wives talked it out as we two men made some small talk. I noticed that their daughter wasn’t with them and wondered if she’d be there for the dessert? She was a cutie for certain. The wives came to a settlement on a week from that night at 7:00 PM and we both parted ways.

“I’ve noticed him scoping me out while I’m working on the garden around the patio.”

I’d noticed him scoping out my young wife too and it always turned me on. I asked Mrs. Dadbod if she thought this was an elaborate plan at wife swapping? She laughed at my suggestion and then went to her knees, unzipped my trousers, fished my dick out, and slurped it into her mouth. A few minute later she asked,

“Is this what you want to see me do to the neighbor’s cock, honey?”

She bobbed her head up and down on my erection and I nodded that I would. Now the truth be told, her sucking that neighbor’s dick hadn’t crossed my mind till that moment, but now the seed was planted and I wanted to see it. At least while she was sucking me off I did. Mrs. Dadbod’s next suggestion, combined with the combination of her mouth and hand action, pushed me over the line. She asked,

“Perhaps while I’m sucking his dick, his wife and daughter could double team yours?”

That was it, I tensed up and came. I blew my load all over my wife’s pretty young face, confirming that I liked every idea she’d put forth. She used her fingers to collect the cum from her face and put it in her mouth. She showed me all the cum resting on her tongue, swallowed a little, and then shared the rest with me in a kiss.

“Let me change the laundry and then we can fuck.”

The next week came around pretty fast and we were set to go see our neighbor’s apartment for the first time. Much of it looked just like ours, but it was a three bedroom and therefore looked a little different. The one thing I’ve always found awkward is the tour of the house people give, and I even do that myself, but it’s weird no matter what side of it I’m on. Yet it was in that moment that something was revealed to my wife and I, their daughter’s bedroom was right up against our bedroom. We both wanted to turn and run away when he knocked on his daughter’s door announcing,

“Hey princess, we’re showing the place off to the neighbors, can we come in?”

The young college student called out that it was good to come in and after the door opened both her and my wife’s faces blushed. I’m not sure anyone else noticed, but I did. The young college aged woman had probably heard a lot of our sexual escapades over the last year. She was very polite and got up to greet us, exchanging that weird woman hug with Mrs. Dadbod and gently shaking my hand. I asked,

“Will you be joining us for dessert tonight?”

She told us that she couldn’t, because she had some assignments she put off for the last minute, but maybe some other time to make up for it. Then she blushed again.

“I’m sorry, her mother and I tell her it’s not good to always be working up to the deadline!”

The coffee and dessert were a pleasant experience that Mrs. Dadbod and I hoped would happen again, but the night went by too fast and we got the feeling that our neighbors were more or less on the mundane side of life, or maybe just normal. After we said our goodbyes and went back to our apartment bahis siteleri Mrs. Dadbod asked,

“It look’s like our little fantasy didn’t come true, are you sad?”

I wasn’t and I told her so, but I did tell her that I saw both her and their daughter blushing.

“I think that young lady has been hearing our fuck sessions for quite some time. Now I know why she always blushed and turned away when I saw her in the parking lot.”

She took me by the hand and lead me to our bed room, pushed me to sit on our bed, and started a sexy strip tease telling me,

“Pull your penis out and play with it.”

I did as I was told. First her shirt came off, she had no bra on and her nipples were hard. This made me excited to get them in my mouth. She turned around and lowered her pants, slowly, revealing her g-string panties, spreading her cheeks to reveal her sexy asshole peeking behind the string.

“Take your pants off, Boxhead.”

I did as I was told and stood there with my erection poking out of my boxers. She kept her g-string on and walked up to me, reached for my shirt, and lifted it over my box head. Her fingernails gently raked across my hairy chest and her hand ended up around my cock. She kissed me and said,

“Our neighbor is right on the other side of that wall doing her homework, in a minute I’m going to fuck you and I’m going to get really loud and naughty. I need you to go along with it, hubby, okay?”

I nodded that I would and she rewarded me by sucking on my cock. A few minutes later she pulled off my boxers and lightly nudged me onto our bed.

“Oh baby, I need your hard cock in me so bad!”

Normally she looked at me when she talked like that, but this time she was talking through our headboard and past our wall. She wanted our neighbor to hear her.

“You’re going to have to fuck me with my panties on, Boxhead, “you’ll need to pull me g-string aside!”

It was so odd to have my wife lowering herself onto my boner while talking through the wall like that. Don’t get me wrong, I liked what she was doing, but it was strange. She kept talking as we fucked and it was so surreal, almost as if she were fucking the young lady next door and not me. I was so turned on I didn’t think I could last much longer, then she said quietly to me,

“Call out her name.”

I did as I was told and called out the girl next door’s name,

“Amy, oh Amy, you feel so good!”

I can tell when a switch is turned in my wife when she’s fucking me. Her eyes glint and her hip twitches.

“Oh Mister Dadbod, please don’t tell my mom and daddy we’re fucking!”

Holy shit, my wife was turning up the dial pretty damn high. She was role playing that I was fucking the neighbor’s daughter and she was the neighbor’s daughter. On top of that she was trying to make sure that the girl next door could hear it.

“Do you want to cum inside my young college pussy Mister Dadbod?”

At that moment I wanted very much to cum into Amy’s tight college pussy and I honestly answered,

“Yes, I want to cum in your pussy, Amy!”

Another switch was hit when I said that, Mrs. Dadbod’s pussy gushed and I came inside her while she, too, had her orgasm!

“Yes cum in me Mister Dadbod, yes!”

My wife let my dick slide out of her and cleaned it off with her mouth. She kissed me and cuddled up next to me playing with me chest hair. When I made a move to go down on her she stopped me saying,

“I want to get pregnant, so you can’t eat your cream pie tonight. I’ll let you eat one later, I promise.”

She kept her word, the next morning she woke me up with a nice fucking and sat on my box head letting me eat out her cream pie. I got ready for work and when she hugged and kissed me goodbye for the day she said,

“I’m going to wait till she’s alone and go ask to borrow a cup of sugar, maybe strike up a conversation.”

I can’t tell you how distracted I was at work that day, but I can tell you what my wife told me about her day while she played with my dick before dinner.

“So I went next door to borrow a cup of sugar. Amy answered the door looking so cute in daisy dukes and a light t-shirt on. I must confess that my pussy get wet. She got me the sugar and I noticed that between the time she had answered the door and brought me the sugar that her nipples got hard and poked up that tee. I told her, ‘we missed you at dessert last night, I hope you got your assignment done?’ She told me that she had and that she still managed to, ‘fit in a little relaxation before bed.’ That’s when she blushed deeply, dear.”

I waited for her to tell me more but she laughed and said,

“This is not the beginning to a girl on girl sex story, honey, this is just me getting some sugar from the neighbor’s daughter. Literal sugar, not kisses.”

I guess my face showed a little disappointment because she shifted over to kiss the head of my hard penis, licked it and said,

“Don’t be down, even though we didn’t have naughty sixty-nine fun canlı bahis siteleri time, I invited her over here for dessert tomorrow night. Just her, and she accepted.”

My wife was wearing a summer dress and she slung a leg across me and slid herself onto my cock. She was so wet and ready and rode me. I said,

“I’m not sure how long I’ll last.”

She smiled and answered,

“I don’t care, I just want your cum, we’re making a baby.”

I lasted longer than I thought I would and then we showered, had dinner, and went to bed early. The next day I had another distracted day at work, but managed to get through it well enough. I was a little late coming home. Amy was already there.

“Hello Mr. Dadbod!”

I returned the greeting of the young lady and listened as my wife explained that Amy would also be having dinner with us tonight and that I had time to get cleaned up first. I went to do my business as Amy and my wife spent time talking and giggling.

Dinner was a fun event where we ate spaghetti and meatballs with marinara sauce. It seemed to me that my wife and Amy were more sexily eating the pasta than most people do, but that might just have been my imagination, or my hopefulness. Either way it was a fun dinner, as Amy was closer to our age than her parents, my wife was only a little more than a year older than her, I was about six years her senior.

“Why don’t you two talk while I clean up and get the dessert and coffee ready, dear?”

I nodded and Amy and I went into the living room and took a seat on the couch. I asked her what everyone asks a college student,

“So what are you studying?”

She told me her major was business and her minor was photography. She hoped to make a side hustle out of photography but expected that her business degree might lead to a decent job. She told me,

“Although it’s possible that I might’ve misjudged photography, I’m making enough money at it now to where I’m paying for school with cash.”

Mrs. Dadbod came into the room with a tray of coffee and she told Amy,

“Tell him what you’ve been taking pictures of, sweetie.”

Amy blushed a little and told me,

“I’ve been taking erotic pictures of couples, mostly, but sometimes individuals, though mostly the couples.”

My eyes got big, and when a man with a box for a head’s eye get big they get really big. Amy giggled. Mrs. Dadbod laughed too and then brought out the cheese cake. We ate the cake and drank the coffee listing to her talk about some of the situations she took pictures of and we all had a good laugh. Amy had on a pink skirt and a cute tank top, not unlike the one my wife was wearing, it being summer and all. As she talked about the photo sets she’d taken her nipples got hard, so did my wife’s. When we were done eating the cake the wife collected the plates, she bent over to pick up Amy’s plate from the coffee table and her dress rode up and I saw that she was commando and her pussy lips glistened from wetness. I choked on my coffee a bit when she bent over the same in front of Amy. Amy’s eyes went wide and she grinned.

“I like your wife’s dress.”

I told her that I liked it too. When wifey came back in with a coffee refill Amy spread her legs for us to see that she was pantie-less too! This night was about to take a turn for the naughty and my dick was now ready and hoping for action.

“I just love your skirt Amy.”

“Mrs. Dadbod, I like yours too, do you think we wear the same size?”

“Let’s find out!”

Mrs. Dadbod put the coffee down and turned away from Amy, looked into my eyes and pulled her skirt down. Amy looked me in the eyes and did the same thing. They were both naked from the waist down with their shaved pussies before me. My wife reached over and touch Amy’s pussy remarking,

“Look honey, we’re both shaved down here, we could be pussy twins!”

Amy’s nipples were already poking from talking about her photography, but they were bigger and harder now! My dick strained against my pants at the sight of these two beauties. I watched as they put on each others skirts. I was licking my lips and they giggled at my lusting. Each one grabbed me by each hand and walked me towards the bedroom where I was put in a seat. Mrs. Dadbod told me,

“Just sit there and watch as we put on our thigh highs and take off each others shirts.”

I did as I was told and watched as Amy put on a pair of my wife’s white thigh highs and the missus put on a pair of her black ones. The wife and Amy took the shirt off of one another and each of them played with the other woman’s breast by rubbing, cupping, lightly pinching, and licking. I wondered if I was going to get to join in, or maybe my reward was just getting to watch them together. Honestly, I was okay with it either way. Although I was very excited, and you could tell, when the two girls got on their knees and crawled towards me. Mrs. Dadbod spoke to Amy saying,

“Go on and free that man’s erection so we can play with it.”

Amy canlı bahis undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them down. I lifted my bum off the chair to help her out, and down went my pants with my boxers and all. My cock stood out hard and proud. Both women had their faces on either side and I felt both of their tongues lick from base to top meeting and then they kissed. This was the first time I’d had two women please me orally since a few days after our wedding. A story I’ll be happy to tell you later. This night, however, it was better because my wife was as into our partner as I was and we would both be exploring her together. She was also into both of us. The ladies took turn engulfing me and then kissing each other. I was thankful for the pauses, as I was afraid I would cum too soon as excited as I was. Amy asked,

“Should we make him cum and share it?”

The wife said yes and held me at my base while Amy eagerly bobbed her head up and down on me, occasionally looking up into my eyes or into the missus’ eyes. My wife asked me,

“Will you cum into this college girl’s mouth if I promise to share some of it with you?”

I answered a happy yes and she manipulated the base of my cock a little more as Amy continued sucking. Mrs. Dadbod encouraged her saying,

“Suck my husband’s cock and make him cum into your mouth, but don’t swallow yet, I want to kiss you and we need to share it.”

I don’t think it was even thirty seconds later and I cried out,

“I’m going to cum!”

I shot a substantial load into Amy’s mouth and she didn’t let up. I thought for sure that she must have swallowed a good deal. Soon her head came off of me and my wife released my dick from her hands. She made quickly for her mouth and they kissed. Back and forth they passed my cum as they made out in front of me, sometimes showing the cum being swapped from one to the other. Naturally my erection had subsided a bit after cumming, but I never went fully flaccid, and being a young man I was growing again when my wife shared my cum with me and then more so when Amy shared a cummy kiss with me, too.

“Watch your wife and I pleasure each other until you’re ready to take me, Mr. Dadbod.”

I did as I was told and watched the two women kiss, fondle, and lick on one another. Watching my wife have girl on girl sex was an extreme turn on and my boner was back quickly, but I didn’t want to stop it by getting involved, just yet. I was patient and I watched my wife kiss her way down to Amy’s pussy and when Amy sat on the bed my wife spread her legs and kissed, nibbled, and licked her pussy. She made sure that I could see everything. I watched my wife eat our our neighbor’s daughter until she had an orgasm. She said to me,

“I took some of the pressure off of you, lover, she’s already came once.”

I wondered how my wife would get to cum, since I already came once and was about to again. Would I be able to get it up for a third round? I very much doubted myself as I walked over to the bed and took my position between Amy’s legs.

“Come on Mister Dadbod, I want you to fuck me so bad. I’ve listened to both of you fucking for a while now, touching myself as you did naughty things to your wife, wishing it was me you were screwing.”

I didn’t hesitate any longer and penetrated the college student with gusto. My mission was to fuck and cum, hopefully inside the eighteen year old girl. Would I be able to cum in her? Was she on birth control? Did I need to pull out?

“Let me ride you Mister Dadbod!”

I pulled my cock out of her and got on my back. She presented her ass to me and my wife grabbed the base of my dick and guided it in. As Amy rode me I noticed her pretty asshole. Using a finger I played with it a little. I said,

“I’m going to cum in your pussy now, but this sweet ass.”

“You can fuck my ass if you’d like, Mister Dadbod!”

I looked hopefully at my wife, who’d not let me fuck her in the ass herself, for permission. She shook her head no. She explained,

“Not tonight, Amy, maybe some other night. You see, I’m an anal virgin and I want his first to be my first.”

Amy understood and rocked harder on my cock. That’s when Mrs. Dadbod got in front of Amy with her legs spread and Amy ate her pussy while she was riding me. I stopped thrusting and just enjoyed her being on me. The slower movement allowed my orgasm to be delayed. Perhaps if I’d been able to see Amy licking her pussy it would’ve put me over the edge, but it didn’t take long before my wife cried out,

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, cum in her pussy Boxhead!”

I grabbed her hips and started thrusting with the mission of cumming in the college pussy. I wont lie, the thought of not knowing for sure if she was using protection was a huge turn on. Then again, my wife wouldn’t be so careless as to let me cum into a pussy that wasn’t on birth control, other than hers, would she. In the end it didn’t matter, I grunted and smacked her ass with a wonderful intensity as I blew my load into her. I yelled,

“Oh my fucking god, yes, you feel so fucking good!”

We wrapped the event up with her sitting on my wife’s face and Mrs. Dadbod cleaning the cum from her pussy and sharing it with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32