Again, Please

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Between Breasts

To the reader:

This is just a tale about a guy and his gals. My apologies in advance, as it will become quickly apparent that I am not a seasoned writer. Although it is xxx, I tried to keep it light-hearted with a touch of humor. Hopefully it will make you smile and may even give you a few chuckles.

Again, please

Imagine a world free from the weight of guilt, deceit, hate, and envy, and where love and sex are exchanged as freely as the time of day.

1. Mina

Young, carefree, and unattached, I had the world by the tail. I lived in a beautiful city, made a great salary as a software engineer, had a different girl every other week, and didn’t need anything or anybody. And I certainly didn’t want to complicate everything by falling in love, or so I thought, until she came into my life. It was just by chance that I met her one Saturday. Needing a trim and a shave, I wandered into the Barberia where she worked.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would meet a girl like Mina, or that one such as she even existed, and I loved her at first glance. She was Venezuelan and I loved her accent. She was five feet and two inches of pure loveliness, somehow both sleazy and demure, soft-spoken, kind, gentle, blue-eyed, golden-haired, with creamy white skin and the face and body of an angel, and so wonderfully tight. The last time with her, I came so hard I think it pulled a vacuum on my face! Then came the sweet oblivion of rest, and we slept soundly as babes, locked together, I on my back, she on top. We woke in mid-morning, I kissed her, “Morning, sweetie. How about some hot chocolate, if I make it?”

“Mmm, nope. Let us please have chocolate later. Right now I have a better idea,” she said.

“Okay love, what?” I said, still deep inside her.

“I just want that we stay like this, for a little while. Then por favor, you fuck me again please, okay?” she said, then kissed me very tenderly.

“Okay sweetie, I would love to love you again, just as soon as I am up to it. Just give me a little more time,” I said.

“What do you mean?” she said.

“Well, it’s a little tired after working all night, you know,” I meekly replied.

“Que pasa? Why tired? I keep it nice and warm and snug all night!” she said impatiently.

“Si, and I love you for that, but—“

“It maybe just needs a wake-up call,” she said.

Reaching down, she gently caressed that pouchy part of me.

“Ai Caramba!” she giggled. “Where did you get these nice plums? Hmm, I am feeling something. That train in my tunnel is getting longer, and thicker, and harder too!”

“You have hands of gold, sweetie,” I said.

“Time to start your engine, Casey Jones!”

With that, she sat straight up on me, pushing me in as deep as she could, then leaned forward so that my face was between her heavenly soft breasts. I gently kissed them, then her lips, as I gently kneaded and caressed her dreamy soft ass, then helped her move it up and down slowly, being careful because she hates it when the cock slips out. We pumped like that until she was sweating and her breathing was ragged, and her sweet skin tasted pungently of honey. Somehow I had managed to remain fairly calm until then, but like an idiot, I broke the silence and said,”You know, love, this is fast becoming my favorite pass-time!”

Her voice was raspy,” What? Oh, hold me! Tight! Tight! I am cumming! Ai! Por Dios! Huaah! Aaaaaaaah!”

“Sweetie, you alright? Want something cold to drink?”

“No, I am okay,” she panted. “Just hold me and stay in, then when you are ready we do it again. Por favor just one more time, otra vez?”

“Again? Bless your heart, love, this was our third time this morning, and believe me there is nothing else I’d rather do! You know I’ll do anything you want, Querida, anytime you want. But please, you should rest and sleep a little,” I said.

We dozed then for a few minutes, but were awakened by a tapping on the wall of the adjacent apartment, and the muffled voice of Janie, our neighbor,

“Hey, you kids okay? Sounded like you had a wildcat or somethin’ in there!”

“Oh, sorry Janie, TV was too loud, we turned it down,” I answered, while Mina giggled.

“Oh, okay then, g’day,” Janie said.

“We gotta get an apartment with a soundproof bedroom,” I said.

“We can look for one next week,” she said, uncoupling. “You have been such a good little boy, so let me make chocolate for you now. And I whip up some bacon and eggs for you too.”

“Bacon and eggs? I love ’em, but I try to watch the cholesterol.”

“It’s okay, we don’t have them too many times. Why don’t you take a nice shower, and everything will be ready when you come out,” she said.

“Okay, sweetie, I’ii be just a few minutes.”

“And don’t get dressed, just a robe, okay?”

“Okay, whatever you say.”

After a shave and shower, I put on my terrycloth robe, no shorts, and went to the kitchen where a beautiful sight awaited: there she was, standing over the stove, flipping eggs, completely naked except for a little white apron, her beautiful golden hair flowing casino siteleri down her back to her lovely, lovely derrière. Nowhere on God’s green earth could there be anything as beautiful. I had seen her naked many times, and every time I did, she looked more beautiful than the time before. She turned to me smiling,

“Ready to eat, love?” she smiled.

“Uh, yeah, ready,” but my thoughts were not of eggs. I let my robe fall open and walked over to her, and her eyes opened wide as she looked down on me.

“My my, your bacon looks nice and crisp and tasty! Um, may I?” Reaching down, she stroked me a few times, kissed me, those blue eyes flashing. then knelt and kissed my rock-hard cock.

“Hard and crunchy, just the way you like it, Querida,” I said.

“Mmm, let me cover these eggs, then we get to bed so I may taste your bacon.”

“Okay, and while you’re doing that, I can sample your vanilla pudding. Should we bring maple syrup?” I said.

She smiled, “No need, there will be plenty of our own.”

Then we lay down on our left sides in sixty-nine array, and as she satisfied her craving for bacon, I kissed her warm belly, pulled off her apron and grazed the soft golden lace of her womanhood. Then I gently licked and sucked the bud of her pleasure until her body spasmed with a violent orgasm, and even with her mouth crammed full she could not suppress the sound of her urgent climax, “Oomph! Mmmmm! Ummmm!”

I tried to hold back, but hearing her cum triggered my own violent release, as I ejaculated a huge load into her sweet rosebud mouth.

Then we just lay there and quietly rested a while.

“Thank you, sweetie,” I said. “Your vanilla pudding was delicious, as always.”

“Te gusta? Your bacon was okay Querido, but just a little salty. Haha! Maybe you should eat less salt and more vanilla pudding!” she laughed.

“You know I love you, don’t you, Mina?”

“Si, mi Queridito, lo se.”


“You come in shower with me, soap my back, please?” she asked.

Standing behind her in the steaming shower, I drew her close. My dick was really tired now, as I nestled it between the dreamy soft pillows of her tush, while I soaped and caressed her belly and delectable full breasts. She turned her head, saying,

“You please soap me up back there, hon, en mi cula? It is a little itchy in there.”

A little surprised, I said, “Uh, okay love.” She reached behind herself with a soapy hand. My tired dick miraculously sprang to full attention as she stroked it a few times, then she coaxed it gently into the tight anal passage.

“Ay, what a relief, the itching finally stops! Por favor, can you pump a little so it makes a good scratching?” she said.

“Happy to oblige, sweetie,” I said, slowly, gently stroking in and out as I kissed her beautiful neck and shoulders.

“Ah good, that feels so nice…don’t stop,” as she guided my left hand to her erect nipples, the right between her legs.

“My lil’ friend there needs soaping, too,” she said. “Ahh good, so good. I come a little now, but I try to not scream too loud. She shuddered as she came, “Ai! Ohh! Hwaah! Aaaaaah!”

Looking down, I watched my soapy cock disappear, reappear as it sawed in and out between her beautiful buns, and after she came, I did too, spurting huge wads of hot cum deep inside her. I didn’t have the energy to scream, though. Then exhausted, I sat down on the shower bench, and she sat across my lap, as we enjoyed a nice relaxing warm rinse. With my arms around her, we kissed long and tenderly, like innocent teenagers kissing for the first time.

Almost afraid to say it, I said, “I think the only way I haven’t ravished you, sweetie, is between your sweet, lovely breasts, so maybe this weekend we could try—“

“Hmm…actually I have some other good places you can screw too, but we save those for another day, okay? If you want to fuck me between the boobies, let us do it now while we are still slippery,” she said.

“Okay, then how do we start?”

“Just sit a minute, aha! I see already I have your full attention! That is the hardest part!” Giggling, she got down on her knees in front of me, then took me deep into her mouth, licking and stroking a few times. My dick was hard before, but now I could crack walnuts with it! She moved up on me so my cock was between her heavenly breasts. She squeezed them together, nestling it firmly between. Then she moved slowly up and down, her soapy breasts stroking me tenderly, gently, pausing now and then to lick my tip on a downstroke. Her nipples were fully distended now like ripe cherries, and she looked into my eyes lovingly, unabashedly, seemingly relishing this. It was so fantastic, I knew I would not last much longer, and a few strokes later I tapped her shoulder to warn her I was about to cum. She said “Uh-huh” but did not avoid it. Instead, she just gently took me into her mouth, swallowing my whole white-hot load. Then licking her lips, she cupped my balls and smiled up at me, eyes twinkling, and said, “Was it good for you, love?”

I was too weak güvenilir casino to answer.


“I bet you are hungry now, love? I heated the eggs and bacon, and I make some toast and chocolate, okay?” she said. “And I found a nice ripe peach we can share.”

“Yes, now I am rather famished. Hmm, I wonder why,” I said.

“Ay, pobre chico! I have been working you so hard! But you’ll be home the rest of today and the weekend, so you can rest up.”

“Okay, but still, why all the bacon and eggs?”

“Well, protein for you and your little friend,” smiling and playfully tugging on my soft dick.


“Por que, for stamina, of course!”

I thought: This is going to be one hell of a weekend! Hope I survive it!


After we ate, we had some nice red wine, then watched the original “King Kong” {1} on tv. When Kong died Mina said,

“I feel sad for the big monkey, he never hurt the girl, just wanted to love her and be with her and protect her.”

“Not to mention ravishing her, which might have presented a compatibility problem,” I laughed. “But nothing is so sad as unrequited love,” I said.

“What does it mean, unrequited?” she asked.

“It means the love is one-sided,” I said.

“Poor monkey. He died for her, but she cried, so at least she loved him a little.”

“Don’t be sad. I think maybe in the later movies, the ending will be happier.”

“Good. Movies should not be sad. We have enough sad things already. I like to watch happy things.”

“Let’s go to bed. Maybe we will think of some happy things there,” I said.

So we hit the hay pretty early and had a nice long restful sleep. I woke at dawn, and as always I let her sleep and lay there for a while just watching the gentle rise and fall of her sweet breasts. She was so very beautiful, especially in repose. I wanted coffee, but this morning I felt so relaxed and satisfied, I stretched about a mile, put my arm softly across her warm belly, then fell blissfully asleep again beside her.

I am the luckiest guy in the world.

2. Chani

About 9:00 a.m, we were awakened by the crackling of a thunderstorm. I had a quick shower, then while she showered I brewed some coffee and made toast. With the storm, the apartment was dark, but cozy with the sound of falling rain. We sat in the kitchen for breakfast.

“Sleep well?” I said.

“Si, y usted?”

“Very well, because of you,” I smiled.

“Mmm, glad to help,” she said, returning my smile. “And gracias, toast is just the way I like.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. I know you like it crunchy.”

“Mmm…yes like other things. Oh, and I have a little surprise for you. Did I tell you I have a sister? Her name is Chani, she works at the Barberia across town.”

“No, I didn’t know about her. Is that the surprise?”

“Part of it. I asked her to come over for supper tonight. I hope that’s okay?”

“Of course it’s okay. Will she be bringing a boyfriend or husband?”

“No, by herself. I told her to come about five-thirty.”

“Okay, I’ll go and pick up some vino and steaks.”

“Oh, and also grab a dozen eggs and some bacon, please

Supper time was getting close. We couldn’t grill the steaks because it was still raining, so we seasoned them for pan-frying. The doorbell rang and I got the second part of my surprise as I opened the door for our guest.

“Hi, I am Chani. You are Damion, si?”

Trying not to stammer, “Si, welcome Chani, please come in, Mina will be with us in a minute.”

She was beautiful, and except for skin color, Mina and she could pass for twins. Chani was a very light shade of cafe-au-lait, with blue eyes and blonde hair, just like Mina’s. I handed her a glass of wine, then Mina came into the room.

They embraced happily and kissed, and I ducked into the kitchen to start the steaks, while they caught up on girl chatter.

A few minutes later, we sat down to eat. I thought the conversation was going to be awkward, but Chani broke the ice nicely:

“So Damion, I guess you are wondering why Mina and I are different flavors?” (they giggled)

“Well Mina and I have been together for only about a week, and I don’t know much about her family.”

Mina jumped in, “We are half-sisters, and I am one year older. My mother and father were Venezuelan, and Chani’s father was Peruvian. But we are still a matched set!” (we all giggled a little)

“A beautiful matched set, I must say,” trying to tread carefully.

“Gracias,” they said in unison.

“Your parents are still in Venezuela?”

“Si, but buried there. Our fathers were killed in a revolution years ago. Then after mama died, we came to the states, New Mexico first, then we moved to Santa Barbara so we would be near the ocean.” Mina said.

“I am so fortunate that you did,” I smiled.”How did you like the steak?”

“Oh, very good. I never had it pan-fried before. Very tasty and tender,” Chani said.

“They have to be covered while frying, otherwise they get tough,” I said.

“Si, pero sometimes tough meat canlı casino is mucho mejor!” Mina said, looking directly at Chani, then they laughed.

That remark struck a chord, but I just let it pass.

“Let’s make some wine coolers and go out on the balcony to chat,” I said.

“It is okay if I take a quick shower first?” Chani asked.

Mina said, “Sure. Towels and stuff are in the bathroom, then join us on the balcony.”

“Okay, gracias.”

Mina and I cleared the table, then took the drinks outside.

Mina said, “We can talk a little before she comes out?”

“Sure, what?”

“Okay if she stays over tonight?”

“Absolutely, she is so very welcome.”

“Thank you, love. The other thing is–“

“Si, go on.”

“She has been so very sad lately. She learned a few weeks ago that her boyfriend was killed in action in Afghanistan.”

“Oh my, that is sad. And she is such a doll…I look at her and I see you.”

“Si, I knew you would love her. And that is why I thought we could maybe help to cheer her. She has not seen or dated anyone, nor has she even been out since losing her man, and she is in a deep ditch and must drive out of it. I thought maybe if she is with us and gets to know you, and your loving ways, and our loving ways, it would help her to emerge from her grief. What do you think?”

“Do you mean what I think you mean?” I said.

“Si, love, I do. And I would be with you, mi amor. There is no need to feel shame or guilt, this is only love that we three would share. I have discussed this with her, and she is in agreement. And I know she is very attracted to you. So will you do it, por favor?”

“I love you Mina, and I promised I would do anything you wanted. Of course I will do it, if it will make you happy. And I know it will make me happy!”

And thus the third and final part of the surprise was out of the bag. Chani, clad in one of Mina’s terrycloths, finally came out to join us, and she raised her eyebrows at Mina, signifying a question. Mina smiled and nodded her head and said, “You are on, girl! Rock y roll!” Chani immediately came over to me, put her arms around my neck, kissed me ever so sweetly, then hugged me, and even through her thick robe I felt the soft warmth of her ample breasts. Mina was looking on, smiling ear to ear, and I knew her smile was sincere. As Chani hugged me she whispered softly,

“I love thee, lover of my beloved sister, and if any part of me pleases thee, it is yours,” eyes twinkling.

“And I love thee, beloved sister of my beloved. And si, every part of thee does please me!” I said.

Then Mina came over, tears streaming down her face, then Chani’s waterworks started, and then I started, and the three of us stood there, bawling, hugging, laughing, and kissing, while the torrential cold rain came down in sheets all around us. At that moment I felt so fortunate, even blessed, to be with these precious ladies.

Trying to lighten the mood, I said, “Let’s have a drink, to toast the forthcoming consummation of our loving friendship…or friendly lovingship!”

“Vida y amor!” they both said, and we drank heartily.

We stayed on the balcony, sipping wine and chatting until midnight. As the rain finally settled down to a light sprinkle, we called it a day.


Chani, seeming a little apprehensive, asked, “How do we sleep?”

“Well, there is a big king-size bed in the master bedroom, and a single bed in the guest room,” I teased.

“So I take the single, then?” she asked wistfully.

“No, Querida. The king is more than big enough for three, and Mina and I want you to be with us, please, Chani. We are three, but we are…one,” I said.

Chani had tears welling as she kissed Mina and me, saying “Muchas gracias, I have to fix up a little in bathroom, just a few minutes.”

After she closed the bathroom door, we heard her softly sobbing.

“Too much wine, maybe?” I said.

“Too lonely, for too long,” Mina said.

We finally got settled in bed, and the lights were out. I was in the middle, Mina on my right, Chani on my left. The silence was deafening, as we just stared up at the ceiling. I thought I had better say something, anything, to cut the tension. This was a new experience for me, and I was a little apprehensive myself.

“Does anybody want to give me a goodnight kiss?” I said.

“Me first!” Mina said, snuggling and kissing my right cheek. Then Chani rolled close to me, kissing my left cheek.

“Okay, now I need two on the lips.” Chani kissed, then Mina.

“Now you girls should kiss. But first, all clothing must be removed!”

The girls giggled as they quickly got naked, then proceeded to pull off my pajama shirt, then pants, giggling again as my magic twanger sprang up out of nowhere.

“Jeez, I hate it when it does that!” I lied.

“That’s okay love, it is scary but we’ll tame it down!” Mina laughed.

They kissed, then Mina began to stroke and lick my dick, while Chani gently laved and caressed my scrotum. I was mildly but pleasantly surprised.

I said ” Now don’t be shy, girls,” and they giggled. I could tell that Mina was getting hot as she started to stroke me faster, and she was masturbating. She was breathing fast now, and gave me that wistful little girl pouting expression and said, “Hon, I get on now, please?”

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