Akash and Sanjana: The Prequel

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Sanjana stared at the ceiling, blankly. She knew that she needed to get some sleep. It was an early takeoff tomorrow. But she was too excited. She tossed and turned, trying to find a more comfortable position.

“Ugh, I hate this,” she thought to herself. It was just a few more hours and she would be alone with him. She had to tone down her excitement for the past few weeks, so that she didn’t weird everybody else out. Yet, she let her parents and her brother know how much this trip meant to her.

Sanjana and her brother Akash were headed to Shimla, a beautiful hill station which served as the capital of Himachal Pradesh. This trip was a graduation present for the two of them. Akash had finished a bachelor’s degree and was set to join a reputed bank as a financial analyst, and Sanjana had just finished school, and was a month away from starting her own degree in psychology. This trip was a way of celebrating a milestone in their family, and their parents were all too happy to send their children by themselves.

The following morning, Akash and Sanjana were dropped off at the airport by their father. After completing the check in formalities, the siblings decided to grab breakfast.

“I’m so glad we’re doing this. I don’t really know how much time we’ll get with each other once I move to Mumbai, and you head off to college,” said Akash.

“What? You’re gonna visit me every chance you get!”

“I wish, but mum and dad will expect me home when I avail my leaves. Maybe I could plan it such a way that I come home when you have holidays too.”

“That’s a thought. But I was hoping we can do a yearly trip, just the two of us.”

“Let’s have fun on this one, before we plan on making it a tradition.”

“Always cautious! Fun isn’t far away when Sanjana is around!”

– – –

They got on their flight, and reached Shimla a few hours later. Akash had a booked a cozy hotel at the base of a hill.

“Hello sir, and welcome to Kalibari Resorts.”

“Hi, I have a room for the two of us under my name,” said Akash, handing the receptionist his ID.

“I’m sorry sir, hotel policy dictates that we refuse unmarried couples.”

“Ah, India,” thought Akash to himself. All these years of progress, and certain parts of the country were deeply conservative.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. We’re brother and sister.”

“I’m sorry for my assumption, sir. Let me get you checked in.”

– – –

Akash and Sanjana then set off on two days of sight seeing. Shimla was a cold town, even in early June, it would feel like the entire city was being chilled by an air conditioner. Akash and Sanjana did a fair bit of trekking. There were many scenic routes nearby. One evening, they walked the entire stretch of Mall Road, the main street of the city. They visited Scandal Point, named after a story of a Maharajah and a British Woman who eloped. They were also able to see the Town Hall and Gaiety Theatre. Mall Road was scattered showrooms and roadside vendors. They munched on street food and shopped and had fun.

Sanjana was head over heels. Here she was with her dear brother, in one of the most romantic scenarios possible. To her, it sort of felt like a honeymoon taksim escort without the wedding preceding it. Sanjana adored the company of her brother, and made it very clear to him that she did. Her bubbly demeanor was being amplified by these feelings.

Akash, on the other hand, was much more stoic. But under the stoic demeanor, he nursed a massive soft spot for his sister that he couldn’t quite make sense of. Akash had dated a bit in his four years of college, but was never fulfilled by any of his relationships. One of his exes, Sneha, outright told him that he had no place for another woman in his life, and she couldn’t possibly compete with Sanjana. Akash’s wisdom eluded him at that moment, and he never figured out what she meant.

After graduating, Akash had moved back with his parents while he figured out his job offers. This allowed him to spend more time with Sanjana. They had always been inseparable since childhood, but with Akash going away for college, some distance had come between them. And when Akash returned, they both started seeing each other differently. They became aware that they were both young, attractive people who may want to mate with each other. Akash spent his ruminating on Sneha’s thoughts. Did he really have feelings for his sister? Or was it just inappropriate infatuation? In many ways, this trip was a culmination of feelings that were cooking under the surface.

– – –

Mall Road had tired them both. They skipped dinner, they felt full after all the street food. They were both lazing around on the bed, fiddling with their phones, unable to talk to each other.

Sanjana broke the silence.

“Oh, this is shit. I’m so bored!”

“We had an entire day of activities and sight seeing. How are you bored?”

“Well that was then. You need to entertain me now.”

“Just go to sleep,” Akash said, throwing Sanjana’s pillow on her face.

“Ow. No fair!”

Sanjana’s mischievous impulses kicked into overdrive. How dare her brother do that to her? But this presented an opportunity to get physical with him. She got back at him by punching him in the arm.

“I’m so not in the mood for a bedside fight,” said Akash, sounding slightly annoyed.

“You started it! Now you’d have me go to sleep?”

“Yes, I would. Unless you have any better ideas?”

“We could do something! Play something!”

“We’ve been doing things all day! I’m just exhausted.”

“Alright fine. Can we at least talk? You’ve been kinda quiet all summer. Is it because of Sneha?”

Sanjana had unknowingly touched upon a nerve. Akash didn’t know what to say. He took a few moments to think.

“Actually, yeah.”

“Oh forget her. You’re moving to a new city! You’ll find someone!”

“To be honest, it isn’t her as much as what she said. I don’t particularly care that I don’t see her anymore. But when she broke up with me, she said something that I haven’t still wrapped my head around.”

“What did she say?”

“Ah forget it. It doesn’t matter now,” said Akash, eager to end the topic.

“No, tell me. You’ve always talked to me about your love life. What’s the matter now?”

“I don’t know if it’s appropriate.”


“Because çapa escort she said something about you.”

Sanjana blanked out. “Oh,” was all she could manage.

“She said that I don’t have the space for another woman in my life. And that she couldn’t possibly compete with you.”

“Compete with me? Like how?”

“I don’t want to go there,” said Akash coldly.

“Look, I haven’t done anything to sabotage your relationship with her.”

“I didn’t say that you did.”

“Then what are you saying?”


“Well you can’t say nothing! How was your ex competing with me?”

“I don’t fucking know. All I know is that I’d rather have you than her.”

Then it hit Sanjana. Was there a chance that her brother felt the same way?

“Have me? Like how?”

“Like this. This entire trip. I could’ve been doing all of these things with her. But I’d rather spend my time with you. In fact, she kinda got pissed when I told her that I would prefer going on such a trip with you than her.”

“Maybe you’re just not into her?”

“Sure, but this isn’t the first time I’ve felt unfulfilled in a relationship. It is the norm for me.”

“Maybe you’ve just not met the right person.”

“I suppose. Or maybe I did, and have not really pursued them.”

Awkward silence engulfed the room. They both sat there, staring into the distance, trying to process all that had been said.

Sanjana crept closer to Akash. He put one arm around her and kissed her head. They snuggled, as Sanjana buried her face in Akash’s chest.

“Maybe she’s right. Maybe I honestly don’t care about other women.”

“But we’re siblings.”

“Why should that stop us? If we have an emotional connection better than what I can ever have with anyone else, why should that stop us from experiencing it?”

“Well, you know I’ve always loved you.”

“I don’t know if you love me this way.”

“I do.”

Sanjana could feel Akash’s heart beating tensely. She looked up at him lustfully. Akash met her gaze. Her lips reached up to meet his. They kissed tenderly.

Akash loosened his grip, as Sanjana rose up on all fours. She placed one palm on Akash’s cheek. They kissed passionately for a few moments until Sanjana broke the kiss and looked away, while her lips formed a shy smile.

“Are you sure?” Akash whispered to her.

“Yes,” she whispered back.

Sanjana lay down flat on the bed. Akash kissed her once again and slowly made his way down. God, her smell was intoxicating. He dragged Sanjana’s leggings off. Sanjana was quick remove her undies. She parted her legs to reveal her womanhood to her brother.

Akash promptly buried his head between her calves, to taste his sister’s cunt. She was already aroused, swollen and wet. Sanjana whimpered and moaned as Akash’s tongue made short work of her. He put one hand on her stomach to hold her from flailing in pleasure. Sanjana let out a huge gasp as Akash teased her clit.

After a few moments of pleasure, the two of them broke off and started stripping down completely. Sanjana felt a tad shy revealing herself to her brother. He placed his hand on her chin, and bakırköy escort engulfed her in an embrace and kissed her with passion.

Akash then lifted his petite, naked sister and placed her back on the bed, gingerly. Sanjana giggled, excitedly. She parted her legs once again, inviting her brother in.

Akash crept closer to her. He placed his fully erect cock on her pussy, and teased her. She was fucking wet. Akash slowly entered his sister. Sanjana purred wildly. Her lips gripped his fat cock tightly, while her juices provided some lubrication.

Akash slowly slid in and out. He placed his left palm on her cheek, and leaned in for a kiss, while he held her hand with his right, tightly. He was settling into a rhythm, and Sanjana’s eyes rolled back in pleasure.

Akash broke off the kiss and said, “I fucking love you, Sanjana.”

“I love you too, Akash,” she managed between her moans.

Akash buried her face between her breasts. She wasn’t particularly well-endowed in the area, but he liked what he saw, nonetheless. He bit her nipple, which caused Sanjana to let out a loud whimper.

She was thoroughly enjoying herself. Akash was finally hers. After years of pining after him, hoping he would notice her as a girl first and sister second, she finally had him. And god, he was good. Akash was obviously the more experienced one sexually, and he was guiding her well. She used one hand to hold on to the back of his head, while he fucked her raw.

Akash was getting more confident by the minute. His head was finally clear. He loved his little sister, and that was that. He needed no one else. His confidence translated into faster thrusting. Sanjana’s moans grew louder and louder, and she was gasping for her breath while their bodies were thwacking against each others’.

Akash paused, giving Sanjana a breather. She reached out to the bedside table for a bottle of water, and took a gulp. She passed the bottle to Akash, who took a swig for himself and put it away. They stared at each other for a moment. They managed to hide their lust with meek smiles.

Akash lay down on the bed, and Sanjana got on top of him. She slowly slid on to his still erect cock, while he held her by her hips. She slowly bobbed up and down, and Akash eased the motion for her. Their eyes met yet again, as she leaned into him. She put her palms on his shoulders. Their movement was well synchronized. She rode up and down his cock, and he started thrusting once more. Akash’s hands moved, and he held on to his sister’s butt.

Sanjana’s wails grew more emphatic. She never had such an extreme rush of pleasure before. Akash’s grunts grew louder too. They were getting closer to the end.

“I can’t cum inside of you.”

“Pull out when you’re about to, I’ll suck you off.”

His thrusts grew slower. Obediently, Akash pulled out, and Sanjana wrapped hands around his cock. She pumped it a few times and then slowly slid his five inches into her mouth. Akash could feel his cock trembling as his sister’s mouth worked on it. Unable to contain himself anymore, he let out a few spurts of cum. Sanjana was taken aback, but composed and allowed herself to swallow her brother’s seed. She then plopped on the bed, beside her brother, thoroughly satisfied and exhausted. Akash turned towards her and smiled.

“Now, will you commit to the yearly trip?” she asked him, jovially.

“Absolutely,” he said, and gave her peck on the lips.

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