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This is fiction, contains peeing and masturbation, and takes absurd license with the standards of architecture and plumbing. It’s also the first such story I have written. I hope you enjoy it and please send any comments.


The locker room was so quiet my sneakers echoed on the carpet. There was a neatly folded stack of white towels at the door and as I yawned I grabbed the top one. The clock on the wall was off. During the tour the guy had said well it’s right twice a day! I had thought about arguing and thought better of it. He didn’t seem too concerned about time. “Get here early and we’ll get after it!” It was five AM if my watch was right, or two fifteen in the morning or afternoon if the trainer turned out to be correct.

I had overslept a little and rushed out the door to make it on time for early which I assumed five was. I felt my way through the front door of the gym and past the desk carefully. I yawned. Guess someone’s here but I don’t see them. The lights were dim and I followed the wall to the locker room to get changed.

The changing room was sparse but almost clinically clean. I made my way to the back and dropped my bag on the bench. I opened it and started to extract my shorts, socks, a shirt and a right and left shoe into a pile next to me. Underwear? I thought and reached in deeper until I found a pair of gray briefs. I stripped out of my clothes and looked in the mirror on the wall.

“A little heavy,” I thought. But that’s why we’re here. I straightened up my posture and say the hint of where a stomach muscle might be again. “Still. Pretty strong.” My legs were thick and muscular and my chest was broad. We can work with this. It felt good to be back in a gym.

I looked at my cock “yeah well, nothing to be done about that.” looking at myself straight on it my shaft was nearly invisible and the head wasn’t anything to write home about. My balls were fairly tight. I shook a little from side to side and I bounced around a little.

I also realized I really had to pee. I hadn’t had a chance after rushing out the door and the pressure was building. I walked towards where I guessed the bathroom would be.

It was where I suspected but not what I suspected. Near one wall there were three shower poles with heads pointing in four directions, on the other wall there were three toilets, and in the middle was a knee high trough urinal. There were no curtains dividers doors or partitions of any kind. It was wide open. “How did this happen? Who said, ‘this is what we want?'” well whoever it was here we were.

I stood at the trough with my back to the toilets and closed my eyes about to let go when I jumped.

“Hey man! You did get here early!”

I opened my eyes and the guy who had given the tour was walking into the room. He looked like he was in the process of changing and walked in wearing white briefs and nothing else. He was strong. Thinner than I was but clearly very strong in the legs, torso and arms. I was more aware of my nudity with someone else here but he didn’t seem to notice or care.

“Yeah I said overslept a little but I got here. Looking forward to getting back into a workout.”

He walked to the side of the trough opposite me so he was facing the toilets and slipped his thumbs in his briefs. I looked ahead but could still see as he pulled out and out and down.

“Holy shit,” I thought as I saw the movement out of the corner of my eye. His cock is rock hard. I tried to casually look left towards him and I realized I was wrong. He was soft he was just huge. I mentally measured. I was just over five inches when totally hard and he was definitely longer than that. Definitely thicker too.

“Should be a good workout today,” he said glad you’re here.

“Like I said looking forward to it.”

My cock felt tiny in my hands next to his monster. A few seconds passed and neither of us was peeing.

“Sorry!” he said, “stage fright!”

I laughed, “me too give me a second.”

“This bathroom is a little crazy he said, you’d think you’d get used to it.” he closed his eyes and cupped his balls. Talking about it was actually relaxing, less awkward.

“NICK! The women’s locker room toilets are brokend” and a woman in workout clothes wearing headphones walked in, pulled down her shorts and sat on the toilet.

“Oh shit! Hi there.”

She was almost directly behind me, I stayed facing forward with my cock in my hand and looked back over my shoulder. She had black curly hair big eyes. She was wearing a bright blue sports bra and had black shorts around her ankles. She was leaning forward with her elbows on her knees but even in that position I could güvenilir bahis tell she was thick and strong. She had defined arms and shoulders, thick thighs and hard calves. She was smiling broadly and took out her headphones. As I turned back so as not to stare I also got a better look at Nick. He had a shaved head and a strong stomach. His arms and chest, were well defined. He looked more like an athlete than a body builder. He had the base of his cock in his left hand and the shaft stretched down and covered the entire hand with room to spare. Damn I thought.

“Um hi,” I said.

“What are you guys up to?”

Nick said, “we were changing for a workout and had to stop in for a pee first and we were just talking about the difficulty of peeing in this room with an audience. But now that you’re here Holly everything should be fine. By the way, this is Brian he’s working out with us this morning.”

“Hi Brian!” she said. “I’m Holly.”

I turned my head towards her. “Hello.”

“So who’s going to go first?” she asked?

“Ladies first,” said Nick.

“But you guys were already here and look really desperate to go,” Holly said, “I would hate to make anyone uncomfortable.”

I didn’t know about Nick but I was getting pretty desperate. I could feel the pressure building and all I wanted to do was release a huge stream into the trough. I wondered how badly they had to go and how much they would go. I might have a small cock but I had a large bladder. I was curious to see. And even if the situation was awkward it was getting to be a turn on too.

“You must be pretty desperate to have come into the men’s locker room.” I said.

“I can wait if I need to, said Holly”

“Tough to wait when it’s a really big one though.” I said.

“Is it going to be really big?” she asked.

“The pee will be really big, for other kinds of really big I’ll defer to Nick.”

“Ha,” Nick laughed.

Holly said, “don’t compare yourself to him he’s an alien.”

“I’m from Wisconsin.”

“That’s a lie said Holly, one look at that cock, it’s clearly not natural. Two, there’s no way someone with your deviant tendencies, such as this, would be allowed in a respectable place like wisconsin.”

“Well you can see I’m not there anymore.”, Nick said. “You want me to go first?”

“Yes I do” said Holly, “let the pee out of that alien penis, i’ll time you.”

“That clock is questionable at best.” I said.

“Not set to terrestrial time zones.” said Nick. “Ok here goes.”

He closed his eyes and adjusted his feet then he breathed in deeply and out slowly. He adjusted his hand on his shaft and pulled back the foreskin. He was still for a second and then his stream hit the trough. It was strong and there was a deep pong as it hit the metal. I watched and listened and guessed by her sudden silence that holly was doing the same.

Seeing Nick’s giant cock peeing increased the pressure on my own and I hoped he would finish soon.

“Fifteen seconds” said Holly.

Nick laughed, “you’re actually timing?”

“Twenty seconds and yes.” she said.

I saw and heard his stream slow a little. The tin roof sound grew less loud and then stopped. Nick shook his cock from the base and it flopped up and then thudded down against his sack. He looked even bigger and I wondered if he was starting to get hard. Part of me hoped he was.

“Thirty seconds. Impressive but decidedly human.” said Holly.

I really was getting desperate but I didn’t want to let on.

“Do you want to go next?” I asked?

“No no, your turn, but do me a favor?”

“What’s that,” I asked.

“Go around to the other side of trough next to Nick. I want to make sure I’m timing accurately.”

“You don’t think the sound is enough?” I said.

“Not even close, there’s a science to this. Move it.”

I was a little reluctant to show Holly my cock right next to Nick’s but it would give me a better view of her turn. I decided not to argue and walked around to the other side of the trough.

“A member of the human race for sure.” I said as I presented myself.

As I did I looked directly at Holly for the first time. She had sat up a little bit during Nick’s performance and her nipples were starting to poke through her sports bra. She had a strong stomach that definitely had a lot of muscle but had a thin soft layer on top. Her hair was black and curly and went down in a pony tail past her shoulders. Between her legs she had a thick bush of black hair that went from a happy trail on her stomach and looked like it didn’t stop all the way to her butt. She smiled sweetly and mischeviously. She knew exactly güvenilir bahis siteleri what she was doing and she was having a lot of fun.

“It would appear human,she said but you never know.”

“Is the testing extensive?” I asked.

“A matter of minutes depending on the subject,” said Nick.

I had a strong urge to let this pee out and I suspected Holly did too even though she was playing it cool.She kept that mischevious smile but she was squirming a little and her thighs were pressed together. Glad it’s not just me I thought.

“Ok I said here it goes.”

I spread my feet out a little and closed my eyes breathing in and out slowly. I put two fingers on the head of my cock and pushed down pointing into the trough. In my head I pictured the stream coming out of Nick’s huge penis and then thought about what it would look like to see a strong stream coming out of Holly’s hairy pussy. Even though I was desperate to pee I felt my cock start to grow. It wasn’t totally hard but it was stretching out and definitely wasn’t totally limp.

I stood there for a minute between erection and release and smiled as I thought about Holly squirming. My erection won the battle and stuck straight up. I was embarrassed but also really horny. I opened my eyes.

“Sorry I said, a little stage fright.”

Holly was getting noticeably more desperate and had crossed her legs but she still played it cool.

“Hmmm she said and looked at my hard cock, no that’s not exactly stage fright but it’s something. Looks like Nick is getting a case of it too.”

I looked over and saw that Nick’s penis was sticking up at a forty five degree angle. He had to be twice my size. Seeing how hard he was made me even harder. He had it in his hand and was stroking the bottom half of his shaft slowly.

“Wow” I said. “Impressive.”

“Pretty impressed how hard you got while having to pee so badly.” he said.

“Speaking of having to pee badly,” said Holly.

“Sorry, do you need to take my turn?”

She laughed, “no I’m doing fine but I’m curious now just how much pee you have with a hard on like that.”

“There’s plenty.” I said “trust me.”

“We’ll see.” and she stood up off the toilet leaving her shorts and panties on the floor. She walked a little awkwardly toward the shower behind me.

“Close your eyes,” she said and turned on the water.

The water was cool and it hit me in the back. It was alarming at first but it didn’t feel bad.

“Stand still and breath deeply.”

I did and I felt the need to pee becoming stronger and my erection going down a little. But not quite enough.

After a minute Holly asked “how do you feel? Can you go?”

I sensed a little desperation and when I opened my eyes I saw her standing next to me with her legs crossed.

“Very close I said.” the water and the sound of water was helping.

“Let me help,” she offered.

“This will only hurt a little, keep your eyes closed.”

She reached down with her hand and pulled my balls out, the gently but firmly she gave them a flick with her finger. It hurt and I winced but the need to pee got stronger and I got a little softer.

“Ok?” she asked.

“Very.” I said. It helped and I wanted to pee for them. I looked over at Nick whose cock was close to straight up.

“Mmm,” she said. Still with he thighs pushed together she pulled my balls down with one hand and gave light rythymic slaps with the other.

“Very close now.”

Tug tug slap slap.

“Think you can beat 30 seconds?” she asked.

“I’ll try, maybe I have an alien penis too.”

I was totally soft now and she gripped my balls firmly.

“Let it out,” she whispered.

The damn burst my little cock let out a huge stream that made a loud ping on the trough.

“Wow,” she said.

“Am I on the clock?”

“Fifteen seconds.”

I pushed harder trying to add to the intensity. The stream got stronger and louder.

“Twenty five seconds.”

I felt her lightly twist my balls and I loved it. I kept pushing.

“Thirty five seconds.”

“Nice.” said Nick still gripping his rock hard cock. “Very nice.”

I let off the pressure a little. The stream started to slow.

“Forty seconds.” she said.

It was dwindling now and my cock was starting to feel good in her hands.

“Forty five seconds,” she said as she grabbed my cock and shook the last drops out. “You may have an alien penis too.”

As she said this my cock was instantly rock hard in her hand. I looked at Nick who was still stroking slowly, very slowly in fact. And then at Holly. She was clearly desperate iddaa siteleri now. Her legs were crossed and her smile was shaking a little.

“And already hard again. impressive.”

She reached behind and turned the shower water to hot.

“Never know I might get stage fright too.” she said. Then she almost ran back to the toilet and sat down. Her nipples were rock hard through her sports bra and she reached down to take it off. My cock jumped and more noticeably so did Nick’s. I put my hand on my shaft and started to stroke in time with Nick. Very slow. Every stroke felt amazing.

“So,” Holly said, “my turn.”

I looked between Holly and Nick. He was slowly stroking his rigid cock. She was sitting naked on the toilet smiling at us.

“Bet it’s going to feel good to let out that pee,” Nick said.

“I think you guys are the ones who really need to let something out but from the look of those cocks pee isn’t it.”

“Just might,” said Nick and as I kept stroking I had to agree with him. Between his prick and Holly’s body I wasn’t going to last long. Maybe that’s why he was stroking so slowly. I kept pace with him going up and down the base of my shaft but staying very light near the head. I could see his foreskin slip over the top and back with every stroke. Must feel good I thought.

“Yeah, just might,” she said, “I think you’ll both blow giant loads by the time I’m done peeing.”

“Guess that depends on when you start I said. Little stage fright for you too perhaps?”

“I’m a born exhibitionist.” she said “someone watching the clock? It’s going to come soon.”

“I’ll time it.” said Nick and I was glad he volunteered. I wanted the full view.

Holly closed her eyes for a minute and rolled her neck around in a circle. Then she parted her thighs and gave us a perfect view of her hairy pussy. The hair was wet and matted already. Apparently Nick and I weren’t the only ones effected by this. My cock got harder and I was getting close to the edge. I slowed down my stroke even more and didn’t go near the head of my cock. Nick was doing the same but it was more obvious because he was so much longer.

“Mmmm looks like you’re both struggling. Are they going to be big loads?”

She reached her hand down and started swirling in a circle in her wet pubic hair. I couldn’t believe she was still holding it and I didn’t think I could hold it much longer.

“Uuuuuhhh.” she said and looked like she meant it.

Nick’s hand was still and I knew he was on the edge. I was right there.

“Here it comes.” she said

Holly spread her legs a little and lifted off the seat. Her stream was louder in the water than either mine or nick’s had been in the trough. I was amazed how much there was.

“Fifteen seconds”

She was peeing so hard I couldn’t believe it. Her stream was forceful and constant and echoed in the room.

Thirty seconds.

She must have increased the pressure because she started to go even harder. I stopped stroking and just held my cock. I didn’t think I could touch it without cumming.”

“Oh god,” she panted and she started robbing her clit with her hand.

“Forty five seconds.”

“Mmmmmm, oh damn.” Nick was stroking his prick at full speed.

“I’m going to cum!” he said and his load shot out in a thick rope. His first shot went all the way over the trough and landed a foot or so short of Holly. His next two ropes landed in the trough and then a small river dribbled down his cock. It was an amazing load and I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

Neither was Holly.

“Sixty seconds,” Nick panted as his cock stopped twitching, “wow.”

Holly’s stream went to a trickle but she started to rub her clit furiously with one hand and push a finger rapidly in and out with another.

“Fuuuuuuck” she said, as she finished peeing she started to cum hard. Her body convulsed and her legs started to shake. Her pussy was soaked enough that you could here her fingers coming in and out of it.

Seeing her finish put me over the edge, I stroked my cock as hard as I could and felt cum build deeper inside my balls than ever before. My ass and leg muscles clinched and my cock started to spasm. The first shot of cum made me gasp out loud. It was so powerful it shot over the trough and hit Holly in the stomach. The next loads landed right where,Nick’s had and then I kept stroking as several big blobs ran into the trough.

I was out of breath and so were Holly and nick. My cock had shrunk a lot already and started to look tiny next to Nick’s still massive member. But who cares I thought that was incredible.

“Damn you really had to pee.” I said.

Holly smiled, “told you you would shoot before I was done.”

“You got me.” I smiled too. “Hope you’ll get me again soon.”

“Any time with your two alien cocks.”

“Well I don’t know about alien, but they definitely cum in pee.”

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