All About the Ass

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Big Dick

As she began to straddle my face, I could smell the sweat between her ass cheeks. It was sweet with a slight onion-like aroma. Her ass seemed to grow twice as wide as she sat down. The large fatty buttocks were stretched tight, removing the wrinkles and small cellulite dimples that had previously decorated her posterior. The hair on her ass was prominently displayed. The sweaty odor became more intense, yet just as satisfying, as her cheeks began to separate. The pale-white milky skin began to get darker. First pink, then magenta, then a reddish-brown. I could see the skin starting to pucker as if it were circling down a drain. She inched closer. Shallow wrinkles became deeper as her buttocks spread farther apart. Seconds before her ample butt made contact with my face, I was washed in a slightly tainted, sweet smell. I moaned.

As she landed, the feeling of her weight on my face, her most tender skin on my lips, and the smell of her ass in my nose instantly made me fully erect. The very tip of my penis peeked out from behind my foreskin, slick with pre-cum that was slowly leaking out. As she wiggled around, making herself comfortable, I caught several whiffs of the pungent aroma that was emanating from the crack of her ass. Stale sweat, old farts, and the musky smell of her crotch. It was far from a nasty smell. It was intoxicating. My hard penis began to throb, drooling more sweet lubrication. It began to pool around the tip, levied by my foreskin. I reached down and grabbed my dick softly, pulling the foreskin back and exposing the head. More juice trickled out of the tip and down onto my thumb. I parted my lips and quickly stuck out my tongue. It found the path of least resistance, following the wrinkles to where they collected like the knot of a balloon. She gasped as the end of my tongue sank deep into her anus.

“Ugh. Get your tongue out of my ass,” she commanded. I slid my tongue back into my mouth. When it cleared her sphincter, it brought a small pocket of air with it. The tiny fart was inescapable. Since my mouth was covered by her ass, the only way for it to escape was out of my nose. I was lucky. When I exhaled, there was no foul odor. It was just a whiff of musk. “Don’t stick your tongue so far up my ass,” she complained. “It’s not comfortable.”

I pushed her off my face with my free hand so that I could speak. “I’m sorry, but your ass tastes so good. If you don’t let me eat all of it, then we might as well do something else.”

“Fine,” she capitulated. “Just don’t be so forceful. Your tongue is big when you stick it out like that and my asshole isn’t relaxed enough yet.”

I pulled her hips back down, burying my face in her ass crack. Opening my mouth, I positioned my lips around the outside of her puckered anus and sucked gently. As I did, her butthole began to blossom, turning slightly inside-out and exposing the tender folds at the end of her digestive tract. I began to slide the tip of my tongue inside her. Licking around the rim of her dark hole, I moistened it with my saliva and gave her a chance to relax. It was like the start of a deep kiss. Gentle and exploratory. I was making out with my wife’s poop hole and it was wonderful.

She hummed quietly. “Do you like eating my ass?”

I replied the best I could with a mouth full of ass, “Uhmmhmm!” I wrapped my free arm around her hips, maintaining a good suction on her ass, and continued to stroke my cock. She began to grind her ample rear on my face as I French-kissed her farthole. With each trip around the rim of her hole, I slowly moved my tongue deeper and deeper. It pushed between each fold of her anus, revealing small treasures of salty-sweet residue. My mouth was watering, forcing me to release my pull on her hole so that I could swallow. As I did, I pulled my face back and took a deep breath, awakening more taste buds. I was completely drunk on her flavor.

“You’re so nasty. Why do you like this so much?” she asked.

I took another deep breath, not realizing how long my face had been buried up her butt. “Believe it or not, your ass tastes amazing.” My cock was slobbering pre-cum at this point. Sticky strands of the sweet liquid formed each time my foreskin spread open.

Saliva was still flooding my mouth, forcing me to swallow again. With each gulp, I could taste more of the different flavors from between her ass cheeks. Sweat was predominant. Salty with a bit of allium like a mild shallot. I could taste that her hole was beginning to produce its own lubrication. It was sweet and creamy like condensed milk and was starting to coat the tip of my tongue. This was the flavor that I loved the most. It meant that her asshole was relaxing and was closer to accepting foreign objects. There was also a slight hint of a tangy flavor. Not quite sour, not quite bitter, but distinctly different from the other pleasant tastes. Not that this was entirely unpleasant, though. This was, most likely, the inevitable mineral that is found at this source.

“It’s salty, sweet, creamy, musky. It’s such an erotic rush to do something forbidden in a place where it shouldn’t be done!” I kissed her puckered crater, pecking at it a few times, watching it flinch.

“Exactly! bahis şirketleri It’s forbidden and it shouldn’t be done. You know the only reason I do this is because you like it, right? It makes me feel uncomfortable and I don’t get anything out of this.”

She was making sure that I knew that I owed her something. Fortunately, I had been investing in this for a while. Taking more responsibilities off her shoulders, allowing her plenty of time to relax, buying her new furniture, and keeping my mouth shut when I would have otherwise complained or chastised. I had already earned this and she knew it.

“You know I love this and I’ve earned it. This is just the beginning. We’ll do some other stuff and you’ll get something out of it later,” I promised.

She was starting to relax and fall into her role. “What will I get? Will you suck my nipples?”

What she never seems to understand, despite being in the physical position that we had assumed, is that I want her to take charge. Not as a dominating master, but as an enthusiastic partner, willing to play along and have fun. This is something we can do as a loving couple in private without being judged by others.

Sometimes she enjoys dirty talk, so I try to fuel the fire. “Oh, yes. I am going to take your large, dark areola into my mouth and suck until my lips are wrapped around your hard nipple.”

“Are you going to grab a hold of my tits and squeeze them while you suck?”

I grabbed a firm hold of her round buttock with my free hand. “I’m going to grab those large, round tits and squeeze while I suck your big tasty nipples.” With that, I turned my head and sucked a kiss on the inside of her butt cheek. Her sweat mixed with my spit tasted wonderful.

“Do you want to taste my pussy? I’m starting to get nice and wet.”

She was ready to move on. Unfortunately for her, I wasn’t done eating her ass. “Not yet. I’m not done with this tasty hole yet.”

“You want more of my ass, huh? Are you going to slide your tongue all the way in my pooper?”

That was it. She was ready. “I’m going to punch my tongue deep into your rectum. I want to taste all of your dirty little butthole.”

“Then do it,” she commanded.

Like an obedient soldier, I pulled her hips down and buried my face. After a few long flicks of my tongue across the crater, I wrapped her anus in my lips, created a suction, stiffened my tongue, and plunged it deep. I pulled her down as much as I could, trying to get my tongue as deep as possible. While we were talking, her rectum had produced a nice amount of sweet, creamy lubrication. The taste was overwhelming and I couldn’t get enough. My dick had reached the peak of its erection. I loosened my grip on the swollen rod while I stroked and let my foreskin slip back and forth over my purple head. It was perfectly lubricated and felt amazing. With each upward stroke, more pre-cum escaped and began to make sloppy wet sounds.

The soft play from earlier had also loosened her bowels. The gelatinous liquid that helped my tongue slide in and out had unearthed more of the slightly tainted flavors. As I pulled my tongue out to take a breath and swallow the sweet anal nectar that had collected in my mouth, I caught a whiff of an old dirty diaper.

“I have to fart. Do you want me to fart in your face?” she asked, thoughtfully.

“I want you to fart in my mouth!” I answered, all too enthusiastically.

My huge cock twitched with anticipation and I stopped stroking. I sucked her anus again, eagerly, making sure I was able to breathe through my nose. I could feel her diaphragm tensing up as she began to push. Her sphincter stretched her folded skin, opening a passage straight from her rectum to my mouth. Normally, her ample cheeks are pressed together and she is not quite subtle when she passes gas, so it’s often a loud event. This time, though, she is bent over and her ass is spread wide. My face is helping to keep things open and I’m assisting her efforts by sucking, so her gas is expelled with only a whisper. It’s not a large volume, so I am able to breathe it out of my nose. The smell is not what I would consider pleasant, but it does make the experience more thrilling. I literally just sucked a fart from my wife’s ass.

She took a breath. “I have another one. Are you ready?”

I answer with a muffled, “MmmHmm,” as she pushed another blast from her smelly hole. I was not as prepared for the volume of this one, however. She squeezed her anus tighter and pushed out the gas with a substantial amount of force. I felt her anus vibrating, but her noisy fart was slightly muffled inside my mouth. My cheeks began to puff out as my mouth was filled with her diaper-scented fog. It was too much for me to simply breathe out of my nose and she kept pushing. My lips lost their suction and began to clap against her farthole. The sound was like a horse nickering. It was ridiculous and we knew it. We both started laughing. As she laughed, she farted even more with each giggle. My lips had dislodged and her sphincter had puckered again, so her hole trumpeted its foul breath over me. A tiny mist sprayed on my face.

I struggled to breathe. It bahis firmaları wasn’t a disgusting smell, but the air was thick. I couldn’t escape, so I took a deep breath of her ass and exhaled sharply to help clear the air. Soon, though, my mouth was covering her hole again. It had relaxed enough that it was no longer uncomfortably tight. My tongue was darting in and out of her gaping anus, tasting her lubrication and the remains of her fart. I stroked my wet dick furiously for the next few minutes as I tasted her rectum. When I had my fill, I sucked her smelly hole dry and she eased her large ass off of my face.

“Did you enjoy eating my juicy farthole?”

I nodded. “Fuck yes! I love shoving my tongue in your smelly anus.”

“You really like being a disgusting, nasty little boy, don’t you? You really like when I fart in your mouth? That’s disgusting. Did that taste good, you freak?”

“The fart isn’t the best part. The best part is licking your dirty hole AFTER you fart. It’s creamy, juicy, and tastes amazing! I like that you’re basically in charge when your ass is smothering me. Sometimes I just want to be treated like a fuck toy. Some piece of meat that you can just wipe your pussy and ass all over.”

“We haven’t done shit with my pussy yet. It’s fucking dripping wet now.”

“Yep. Now I’m going to suck those huge nipples. Lay back,” I commanded.

She laid on her back. As she did, her large tits sagged to the side. I collected one of them in my hand and put my mouth around her areola. Some days they are a darker shade of pink. Today, though, they are nice and brown. They cover the entire circumference of her breast, about four inches wide when her nipples aren’t hard. When they are hard, her nipple towers above the dark field of her areola. I began to suck as much of her fatty breast into my mouth as I could. I could feel her nipple tickling the back of my throat. I pulled my mouth off slowly, growing her nipple nearly two inches off of the end of her tit.

“Mmm. I like that,” she affirmed.

I flicked the swollen tip with my tongue. This part of her flesh was tasteless. Far less exciting, but I knew that it was stoking the fire. She reached down between her legs and ran her hand over her crotch. I could hear a sloppy wet sound as her labia parted. She spread the north end of her meaty lips, exposing her magic button for easy access and began to tease it with her fingertip. I reached for her other teat and pinched her erect nipple between my thumb and forefinger. That is what she was waiting for.

“Unnnffff. Yes. Pinch it,” she said, authoritatively. “My pussy is so wet right now.” She slid her finger down the moist valley between her lips, plunging into the sloppy hole with ease. It emerged, covered in a glistening layer of mucus. “Taste me.”

Releasing my suction on her nipple, I opened my mouth to receive her finger. She slid it along my tongue and I closed my mouth around it. I began to suck her fluid from her finger, coating my tongue and swallowing every drop. I sucked her finger deeper into my mouth as if I was sucking cock. Thoughts of her wetness covering a strange penis that was in my mouth forced an involuntary convulsion in my own dick. A large wave of my own sexual fluid surged out onto the sheet.

She popped her finger out of my mouth and my thoughts returned to her fat tits. I dove onto them like a wolf devouring its prey. Her areola had firmed up. The feminine erectile tissue had been warmed in my mouth, then cooled by the air as my attention was elsewhere. It was sensitive now, throbbing ever so slightly as I ran my tongue around the base of her big nipple. As my mouth explored this breast, my hand was busy fondling the other. Her body was undulating as I pinched and released the nipple. Twitching with pain and pleasure.

“Eat me, you nasty boy.”

Without hesitation, I moved between her legs and slid my face down her body. The closer I got to her moist cunt, the stronger the musky smell became. This was certainly not going to last much longer. A few flicks of my tongue on her swollen clit would end her erotic journey. After that, things would return to status-quo. She would want to bend over so that I could pump her from behind and we could be done with this. After she came, she would be done and I was determined not to let that happen.

“Lick my clit!”

I did as she wished, but only for a few seconds. I sucked the bud into my mouth and ran my tongue around it a few times. Then, despite her wishes, I moved further down and buried my tongue in her dripping snatch. Once my tongue invaded her tissue, the flood gates opened. Evidently, the fluid on her finger was just what had escaped her honey hole. The real treasure was locked within her vagina. This fluid was less viscous than the fluid from her rectum. This was a clear, wet fountain flowing like a spring. It was all I could do to keep the flow of her nectar from being wasted on the sheets. I drank like a dog on a hot summer day, pulling the sweet water into my mouth with each lap of my tongue.

“Mmm. Does my pussy taste good?” she asked. “Do you like to drink my wet pussy juice?” As I pulled my mouth out of her pussy, kaçak bahis siteleri I must have looked interesting. “Ha! Your face is fucking soaked!”

It was. Her sloppy wet box had spread itself far and wide over my face. Her wetness covered me from the tip of my nose to the tip of my chin, from ear-to-ear, and was dripping in large strands from my jaw. I licked my jowls like a cartoon animal, trying to recover as much of her flavor as I could. Without another word, I grabbed under her thighs and pushed her legs into the air. I could hear her butthole gasp a small breath of air as it was exposed. I dove into her dirty box with as much vigor as I did with her pussy. The mixture of juices, smells, and flavors had driven me mad. There was no stopping now. The air that her fart box had inhaled as well as gas that had built up was summarily exhaled into my mouth as I sucked. The foul wind was drawn into my lungs and was snorted out of my nose. There was no denying that this fart smelled like shit, but I was working on a level beyond that now. I dropped her legs and drove my mouth back onto her throbbing clitoris. The guttural sound she made confirmed that I had hit the target. I pulled it into my mouth and made large sweeping gestures with my tongue. Her back arched into the air. I pushed my hands around her thighs and onto her milkbags. Her thick nipples found their way between my thumb and forefinger and I pinched hard. I could feel her cunt spitting onto my chin.

“Come suck my tits!” she exclaimed. My mouth was flooded with saliva, enjoying the feast of her body. As she pulled me off her clit, I slobbered all over her crotch. “I want your dick in me!”

I tightened my grip around her big floppy tits. In one choreographed movement, I pulled myself on top of her as she spread her legs and pulled her knees toward her armpits. This left her undercarriage completely exposed and at a perfect angle. Much to her surprise, my erection plunged directly into her ass. Despite her initial shock, her beefy hole was so well prepared that it greedily accepted every inch that it was given. The sound that emanated from her mouth was on the verge of demonic. Low and gravelly, halfway between an “Ooh” and an “Uhh”. It was the sound of pleasure, pain, surprise, and surrender.

Her ass began leaking like a faucet. There was plenty of fluid to ensure an easy entry and plenty more to spare. I pulled her down onto my dick, slow and steady. Her gaping anus took the whole shaft without a hitch, engulfing every last millimeter down to the hilt. When I bottomed out, a ring of off-white cream was expelled around the girth of my dick with a sloppy, slurping sound.

“You ok?” I asked. “I didn’t mean to go there yet, but that’s where it ended up at this angle.”

She offered no response. I could tell that her eyes were rolled back into her head even though they were closed. She reached around with both hands and grabbed my ass. I didn’t think it possible, but she pulled me deeper. The tip of my dick was past her rectum, entrenched in her colon. I had never been this deep inside of her. The feeling was amazing. She began to grind her pelvis into mine, forcing out more of the off-white cream around my cock. After a few minutes of grinding, she released her grip on my ass, put her hands on top of mine, and made me squeeze her breasts. She opened her eyes and said, “Grab these big fat titties, pinch my huge nipples, and fuck my juicy asshole!”

My wife was a completely different person at this point. She had gone from a prudish, reluctant woman to an anal-hungry harlot. This was probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I did as I was told. I slid my hard penis out of her colon, past her rectum, and back to her anus. Then, with a slow, steady stroke, I pushed it back in just as deep. It forced out a sloppy wet fart around my dick. I pulled halfway out and ran her through again. My pace began to quicken until I was egregiously fucking her willing bunghole. The experience of this was mind-blowing. She was completely drunk on whatever chemicals her body was producing. Unfortunately, the flood gates had been opened and her anal glands were vomiting waves of lubrication. Her sphincter was so relaxed that I wasn’t able to get much stimulation while pumping her gaping anus. That didn’t matter for now, though. She was, surprisingly, in extacy. I tweaked her nipples, squeezing her tits as if I were milking a cow’s udder. I continued to ream her farthole and she continued to squirm.

After a few minutes of heavy pounding, I heard another ungodly sound in her throat. It was a low “Unhhh” that seemed to reverberate in the room. I looked down and saw her pussy convulsing. A few seconds later, the various muscles in her ass began contracting. She was having an anal-induced orgasm. The amount of sticky liquid that was flowing from her holes was creating puddles on the sheets, but I continued my barrage. Another wave of contractions rocked her nether regions. These weren’t like the small orgasms that she gets from clitoral stimulation. Those come on quick, last a few seconds, then leave her spent and ready to go to sleep. These contractions are slow. These lasted several minutes each and left her wanting more. I was more than willing to oblige until she wanted me to stop. After twenty minutes of concentrated buttfucking that included five separate anal orgasms, she finally opened her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32