All About Zack Ch. 12

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Danny had gone off to the pub with his friends, and Zack had stayed in with me. Again I had quite a few glasses of wine. I sat in the chair watching the telly, and I put on a little display for my son. I crossed my legs letting my skirt ride up. Zack watched me and I smiled at him. I crossed my legs the other way, making sure the nylon rubbed together.

“Do you really like mummy’s legs darling?” I cooed.

He nodded and gulped. His eyes trailed down to my foot as I slowly let my shoe slip off.

“Would you go and run me a bath honey?”

He smiled at me. 10 minutes later I stood behind him in the small bathroom. He gasped slightly at the sight of his mother in her purple panties and bra. I sat on the edge of the bath.

“Take my stockings off for me. I’m afraid I laddered one this afternoon.”

I watched his fumbling fingers as he pulled the black hold up stockings down one at a time. He seemed mesmerised as the black nylon slid down my leg to reveal a tanned leg underneath. He just knelt there when he had finished, as I stood up. I’m sure he could see the dampness in my panties. Still, just to make sure I reached up to get the shampoo. I moved forward and looked down to see his face 2 or 3 inches from my panty covered pussy. I held myself there as he moved forward. His lips brushed my pussy with just the purple panties between us.

“Can you smell mummy?” I asked.

I was now panting as much as he was. I gripped his gorgeous black locks and pulled him tighter to me.

“Oh Zack,” I groaned.

His lips gripped my panties and my pussy and he held them. I whimpered in shock and surprise, as he flicked his tongue over my wet pussy. He mumbled something deep into the folds of my panty covered pussy. My legs shook a little as he worked on me. I felt light headed, and I had to lean back on the wall. The sound of him sniffing deeply at my wet pussy made her run even more!

“Come and kiss mummy’s mouth now darling,” I panted with a gulp.

He looked so hot and flustered as we met eye to eye. He took my hand and held it gently, I felt him put it on his cock. I looked down in shock.

“Is that what you do with mummy’s underwear?”

“You don’t mind do you mum?”

I gripped his cock and began to gently pull it back and forth, through the stocking that he had put on it! I wriggled my panties down with my other hand. His sexy black eyes seemed to burn right through me. I slowly worked the hard nylon covered cock in my hand. Zack moved forward and kissed me. His tongue was forceful and yet gentle. I spread my pussy open and rubbed Zack’s cock along my pink lips.

“See how wet, you, you’ve made mummy?” I gasped.

He pushed up and slipped easily into my wet opening. He groaned and mumbled in taksim escort my mouth as he continued to kiss me. I sucked his tongue in eagerly now. Lust had bubbled over; we were both so hot for each other. He fucked me still with the stocking on his cock. It was a weird sensation, but the soft black stocking seemed to stimulate every nerve in my dripping pussy. My strong boy lifted me up and backed me against the sink. I managed to get a foot on the toilet seat and another on the bath. He pounded into me with lust filled grunts. I lapped it up just as much as he did! I gasped and groaned with every thrust that lifted my whole body. I felt like a whore the way Zack fucked me. My son was fucking his mother like he would an eager slut!

“God Zack I don’t, believe you’re so, good!” I hissed frantically in his ear.

“Well you better you fucking bitch!” he growled.

The way he said the words shocked me. He wasn’t making love to his mother he was fucking the whore I mentioned a few lines ago, but it did feel good.

“You’re mine now mum, you belong to me. When I want to fuck you I will, is that clear slut!”

“Oh my god,” I screamed.

“Every time I want you I’ll have you,” he hissed as he tweaked my nipple hard.

“Call me Tina, like I’m your girlfriend. Look at me as your girlfriend from now on, not your mother. Call me Tina; it is so disrespectful to me. I’m your whore girlfriend.”

“You’re a fucking slag, Tina, Tina!” he shrieked.

I tried to kiss him but he moved his head. For an instant he almost seemed to sneer at me! Just feeling his lovely thick cock in me had my juices running. He pinched and pulled on my nipple. He just watched my expressions as I winced; he almost seemed to be enjoying the little ripples of discomfort on my face.

“Do you love mummy, I mean Tina?”

He called me Tina a few years ago. I told him he was being disrespectful and rude. Now I wanted that. He gripped my hair on the top of my head not answering One long orgasm took over my entire body.

“Tina, I want pull your hair.”

“Do it then, I’m your girlfriend not your mother. I’m sure you could find someone younger than me so I’ll let you do as you want, just to keep you my darling,” I panted.

He humped me even harder now. I just clung to his back, still shocked by son that seemed so experienced! It was like he had been fucking for years. I’ve had a few men in my time, and I know the wimps from the passionate lovers. Then there’s the next level, the masters, was my son really a master? Or was this an over excited mother talking? The way he brought me to a climax gave me the answer. My mouth opened but I couldn’t manage a sound. I shuddered and thrashed about. My grip tightened on his back just as he started çapa escort yelling. I just let him hump me until he was drained. When he finally pulled out I was gasping to get any sort of breath into my lungs. I closed my eyes, still stood on the toilet seat and the bath, and my backside perched on the sink. I could feel my breasts heaving up and down. I opened my eyes and there was my son pointing his phone at me. I climbed down only to be pushed to my knees.

“Zack you can’t take photos of…..”

My complaining was halted by my son’s cock pushing in my mouth.

“Clean me up mum, Tina, like a real slut would.”

His hand gripped my hair and I began to slurp on his cock. I couldn’t believe how quick it grew in my mouth. I looked up into his eyes, or rather his phone. My objection to his filming was outweighed by my lust. I sucked greedily as his hands messed up my hair. It was like he was taunting me now. He had his mum just where he wanted her, on her knees sucking his lovely thick cock!

“You fucking whore!” he spat.

His hand was on the back of my head with his fingers spread wide. His cock just grew and grew in my mouth! I put my hand on his thigh, trying to stop his eager thrusts that threatened to choke me. He nudged my hand away quite roughly, and this time he gripped my hair. If I didn’t know better I would have thought he was trying to choke me on purpose. I suppose he was so turned he didn’t hear my gagging on his cock! I wanted to tell him to slow down a little. He was now dictating the pace, his hand was almost pulling my mouth right off his cock, and then it would plunge me back down until my lips hit the base! I coughed and struggled but I swallowed everything I could. This really must have turned Zack on, as his mouth opened and he squeaked in disbelief. He pulled out of my mouth and I left it hanging open. I wanted him to pump the dregs into my mouth; he seemed to miss the target on purpose. Spunk splattered on my chin and then a last big squirt went right up my nose.

“I love you mum,” he mumbled.

I smiled trying to catch the dribble coming out of my nostril. I hoped I didn’t look too messy, but then again maybe Zack would like the ‘just fucked slut look’ of his mother!

“So Brian has definitely left her then?”

I was still daydreaming about my night with Zack a few weeks ago, “Yeah, still I don’t think she’s much better than her sister.”

“But I thought she was having Zack to stay?” Danny asked, as he grabbed one of the cakes I had just baked.

“Look Zack has started work, I don’t want to up root him until we are sure you want the job. Besides if Zack helps her with the mortgage for awhile, she won’t bleed my brother dry.”

“Tina I mean it I really want this job to work. bakırköy escort We could buy a house there it’s cheaper up north.”

I smacked his hand away from another cake, “I told you we rent until you’re sure, I’m not dragging Zack there while he’s happy.”

I thought about Zack again. I wanted my son with me but I had to get away from sexual side between Zack and me. I knew it wasn’t right, but it felt so wonderful. As for Danny, well, we seemed to be arguing more than I liked. But Zack was here first and Danny would just have to understand that.

“Tina we could buy something, it’s worth it.”

“No!” I snapped at him.

“God you really are being selfish, this is just about pleasing him isn’t it?”

“No it’s not, I’m giving up everything to move up there, I won’t know anyone and nor will Zack,” I grizzled.

He shook his head and gave me that bloody awful stare of his.

“Maybe you should have married your boy?” he hissed, as he walked to the lounge.

I hit him on the back of the head with the tea towel. He said ouch sarcastically and threw it back.

I went in to Zack’s room to watch him pack.

“Darling you will tell me if Aunt Sylvia bullies you won’t you? Make sure you only give her the money we agreed. If she can’t manage after that then she’ll have to work longer hours.”

“I can handle her mum.”

He looked past me to see if Danny was about. He pushed the bedroom door closed and pressed his lips against me. I struggled briefly but his hot tongue soon had me gasping.

“Zack we can’t do this anymore,” I whispered.

He placed my hand on his hard cock, and pushed me to my knees.

“Go on Tina, hey maybe I should start calling you Tina in front of him?”

“Zack if Danny comes in……Oh fuck it,” I whimpered giving in, and then I sucked him into my mouth.

“I’m seeing a girl now mum, Sabrina, Tommy’s ex, you know my friend from school?”

I tried to push off him but he just held my head.

“So you fucked him did you mum? You fucked him he told me.”

I was still in shock as Zack fired into my mouth. That little bastard Tommy just had to tell him, didn’t he? But was Zack punishing me now? Zack pushed me back on my heels. I just looked up at him with a worried expression.

“My mum the local whore!” he spat.

“I love you darling don’t be angry,” I sobbed.

He shrugged pulling me up to my feet. I went to rub his cheek to sooth him, but he just caught my hand.

“I’m sorry Zack, please forgive me?”

He nodded slowly like he was considering it. He dropped to his knees and he slowly tugged my panties down. I stepped out of them and raised my skirt. I moved forward just thrilled that he was going to lick me. His hand stopped me and he pulled my skirt back into place. My smile dropped as he picked up my wet panties and put them under his pillow.

“Can you go now I need to phone Sabrina?” he said coldly.

I went back out of his room and brushed away a tear.

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