All Hallow’s Eve Ch. 03

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— FYI, despite the season change, I am going to continue using “All Hallows Eve” as the main title for these Cammie & Mark stories. I figure it’ll make it easier for you – and me! – to follow the ongoing story. 🙂 —


I hadn’t seen Cammie in ages and I was beginning to wonder if she was purposefully avoiding me. I had heard, however, that her dance studio was putting on a production of The Nutcracker – I imagine that that would keep her quite busy. As much as it may make me sound like a love struck, sappy dork, I did continue to keep my eye out for Cam whenever I walked my dog near her neighborhood.

I had the house to myself for a long weekend so, on Friday evening, I went to the local market to pick up a six pack of beer in preparation for the big game which was on Sunday. I was fumbling for my wallet when I hear a snotty, feminine voice behind me, “Could you please hurry it up, Sir?”

I turned around, ready to apologize when I found the beautiful face of Cammie smiling back at me! “Shit! You scared me, I thought I was holding up the line!”

“Nah, it’s just me!” Cammie grinned, her bright green eyes twinkling happily.

We continued to talk as her groceries were rung up and I ended up walking her to her car, a mid-size black SUV. She began loading her purchases into the back seat, explaining that the trunk space was filled as she just bought one of those do it yourself kits for a new entertainment center, “Actually,” she began slowly, tilting her head and smiling innocently up at me, “Any chance you could come over and help me set it up?”

Of course, I was more than happy to offer my help so we agreed that I would follow her to her apartment. Once we got there, I helped her carry şişli escort everything inside and then took a look around. The apartment had Cammie written all over it, from the plush black leather couch to the photos of friends and dance memorabilia covering every surface to the Christmas tree decorated with deep purple and hot pink decorations. Very fun and youthful.

It took us no time at all to get her new piece of furniture all set up. Once finished, Cammie asked, “Thanks! How can I repay you? Oh! Would you like to stay for dinner?”

Trying not to sound too eager, I said yes and asked if there was anything I could do to help.

“Well, actually, I’d love to take a shower.” Cam explained, lifting her long hair up off her neck. “I’ve been dancing all day and it’d be great to freshen up a little. Would you mind getting the spaghetti started?”

While what I really wanted to do was follow Cammie right into that shower, I easily agreed and began puttering around the kitchen as she headed down the hallway. While Cam was in the shower, I got to pasta started and the table set, complete with candles and two glasses of wine.

Cammie emerged from the next room, running a comb through her still damp hair. “Sorry I didn’t dress for dinner.” she shrugged, gesturing at her white t-shirt and pink pajama bottoms. “But, after being the Sugar Plum Fairy for two performances today, I’m all about being comfy right now.”

“No worries.” I grinned, secretly thrilled at what she was wearing as the t-shirt was just thin enough for me to see the warm pink of her skin underneath, and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Mmmmm! “Why don’t you come sit down? mecidiyeköy escort I think the pasta’s ready?”

Having dinner with Cammie was wonderful, the conversation flowed as easily as the wine. She’s such a bright and bubbly young woman, amazing company. And, much to my delight, Cammie asked if I’d like to stay even longer! “I’ve really been enjoying your company, Mark, do you wanna stay and watch a movie or something?”

We decided on the romantic comedy “50 First Dates” and settled in on the couch; we were sitting side by side, but not touching. About twenty minutes into the movie, I noticed Cam shiver. “Oh, you must be cold! Here….” and I covered her with the blanket which was laying across the top of the couch. “Better?”

“Almost…. there’s one thing missing…” Cammie coyly said as she entwined her fingers with mine and leaned back into my arms. “Ah, now that’s better!”

I tried to relax and watch the movie, but that was very difficult with Cammie curled up in my arms! Her hands were so soft and delicate and I could smell the faint vanilla scent of her shampoo. Knowing that I’d kick myself later if I let this opportunity pass me by, I gently kissed the top of her head. Cam didn’t move, but she let out a little happy murmur. Encouraged, I leaned over a bit and kissed again, this time on her cheek.

Turning to face me, Cam said “That feels nice, don’t stop there!”

Without saying another word, I wrapped my arms around her waist, drawing her tightly to me. I kissed her deeply on the lips. It was a heavenly experience! Her mouth was so soft and warm, her lips tasting faintly of bubble gum lip gloss. Her slender arms encircled istanbul escort my neck as she returned the kiss, deep and hard.

As we kissed, I slid my hands under her t-shirt, gently running my fingers up and down her back. Cam pulled away for a moment, “Here, let me make that a little easier for ya!” And, with that, she brazenly pulled her t-shirt over her head, casually discarding it on the floor. She sat before me for a moment, allowing me to drink in her beautiful upper body. The soft swell of her breasts, the curve of her waist, her tummy, toned from years of ballet, and her delicate diamond navel ring, winking up at me in the soft light.

“Looks like you’re still cold!” I teased, playing flicking my fingertip over her very erect nipple. “Mmmm, lemme help you out with that!”

Wrapping my arms around the curve of Cammie’s slender waist, I pulled her close to me as I drew her nipple into my mouth. Cammie said nothing, but the soft purr of pleasure that escaped from her rosy lips said it all for me. It was obvious that she was enjoying herself! I had her squirming with delight in my arms as I gently nibbled at the warm soft skin of her breast.

“Ooooh, Mark,” she moaned. “You can’t believe how long I’ve been wanting to do this with you!”

“Prove it!” I challenged, giving her a playful bite on her side.

Taking my hand in hers, Cammie led me directly down her pajama pants. There I learned that she wasn’t wearing any panties and, even before actually seeing it, I could tell that she had a beautiful pussy. She was completely shaven and her skin felt so smooth and hot. I slowly slid one finger inside of her and she was so wet and tight around my digit.

“Lay down.” I encouraged, guiding her back to the couch. “Relax and let me take care of you.”

With an easy grin, she did as asked, her movements were very fluid as she eased her long body onto the soft leather of the couch. Locking eyes with Cam, I quickly rid her of her pants, tossing them somewhere to the side. Eagerly, I got down on my knees to further please her.

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