All in The Family Ch. 02

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Anri Okita

Karen was wonderful wife. She was attentive, always beautiful and great in bed. It was hard not to think of the sex I’d had with her mother but not a single word about the incident had gone between Marie and I in the ensuing two years. Karen graduated summa cum laude from Catholic University. Her parents had a big party planned for her when we got back up to Maine.

I probably should note that much to our dismay Marie did get pregnant from our encounter. I couldn’t believe it and almost freaked out when she told me. My mind had raced uncontrollably but Marie had calmly stated that she would take care of the situation and that I should worry in the least. Of course I did worry anyway but Marie was very reassuring that our good relationship wouldn’t be hurt and it wasn’t as far as I could tell. Since she was Catholic abortion wasn’t a consideration but the pregnancy of course caused many problems not the least of which was how to explain it since it was rare she had sex with her husband. Marie calmed me by telling me it had already been taken care of. She had confided in her gynecologist of her indiscretion without letting on that it was me she’d had sex with and had gotten him to agree to shift the conception date forward. When the baby arrived he’d assure everyone that the baby had come early and since Marie was a mere four weeks into her pregnancy when it was discovered it wasn’t likely anyone would figure it out.

But the baby had its own plans and was actually a little late in arriving. Her doctor was concerned because of this. The baby came about eight days late and somehow no one seemed to notice that she’d arrived “early.” At least no one ever said anything about it. When Marie asked me what I though we should name her I’d said that I’d always wanted my first daughter to have her mother’s name. Marie responded that she thought Marie would be a wonderful name for the new arrival and even though of course that wasn’t what I had meant it worked perfectly.

Because we’d maintained our residence in Virginia while Karen finished school we hadn’t seen a lot of her family even over the summers. Mike had gotten married the summer before and moved to San Francisco to take a job as a risk analyst. But also the same year Karen graduated from college Leah was graduating from high school. Like her sister before her Leah had graduated with high honors. So her parents had planned a party for both of them and as they described it, no expense would be spared.

Karen and I moved up to Maine on Memorial Day weekend. We’d put most of our stuff in storage until we settled on where we were going to live. Since neither of us had a job at that point her parents had insisted we live with them.

When we got to Maine we found the first of the “surprises” her parents had promised Karen. The back yard was still humming with workers as the swimming pool was being put in. It was mostly done but of course it needed a lot of landscaping around it. Her father assured us that the landscapers would be done and gone long before the late June party they had planned. In fact both the pool and landscaping were done by the first weekend in June.

Karen loved to swim. I looked at swimming as staying alive in the water but still loved the idea of sitting around the pool on a hot day enjoying a beer and a good book while taking in the sun. Maine, however, can be rather cool in early June and so it was that year.

The big bash, as we called it, was schedule for the last Saturday of June that year. Two days prior Maine got hit with a heat wave as the temperatures suddenly soared from şişli escort the mid-60s to the mid-90s and suddenly I was glad to have the pool right there. Even though the ocean was only minutes away with the water temperature hovering in the low 50s even the slightly sea breeze would render the beach very chilly.

On Friday Karen’s father had talked me into going out to a local driving ranger to hit a feel balls. Even though I protested that I didn’t have any idea of how to swing a golf club let alone hit the ball he prevailed. We went in separate cars because he needed to go to Portland on business when we were done. When we left Karen and Leah were busy calling people about the next day’s party. Marie had a late morning appointment with the pediatrician.

Jack and I got to the driving range early. I was thrilled with myself the one time I accidentally hit the ball 200 feet. Jack, of course, was able to lob them that distance almost every time. We parted ways around ten thirty and I was home ten minutes later. As I went through the house I called out, “Karen honey, I’m home!” There was no answer. I went upstairs thinking maybe she was up there but she wasn’t. Our bedroom faced the rear of the house so I looked out of it and down on the pool. I caught the sight of both Leah and Karen there. I saw Karen sitting behind her sister rubbing what I assumed was sun block on her back. But then I noticed that neither of them had the tops of their bikinis on. I couldn’t see either of their breasts but felt tied to the scene.

The window to the bedroom was open so I could hear their banter. They were talking about who was coming to the party, who they liked and who they didn’t like. I wanted to see more but I was afraid to go out there so I just stood staring. I heard Leah tell Karen that the massage portion of rubbing in the block felt really good and so Karen continued to massage Leah’s shoulders.

I had decided that I wanted to surprise them by seemingly accidentally come upon them at the pool like they were. I virtually ran down the stairs and only slowed as I went out through the rear door to the pool.

“Hi honey I’m home!” I said almost foolishly. But what I hadn’t expected to see were Karen’s hands on her sister’s breasts. As Karen quickly withdrew her hands my jaw dropped and I said, “Holy shit!”

Leah quickly grabbed a towel to cover herself. Karen didn’t but tried to innocently ask, “What?”

“You were touching Leah’s breasts.”

Both Leah and Karen blushed and Karen blurted out, “No I was . . .” but stopped herself from continuing. We had had a conversation about denying the obvious and of course this was exactly that situation. It was a discussion we’d had only a few days before so it was fresh in both our minds although of course this context was never considered.

I just stood there staring at Karen, then looking at Leah, then back to Karen. This was the loudest silence I’d ever experienced. Finally I asked, “Are you two having . . .” I let my words trail off as I was actually afraid to finish the sentence.

After a couple of seconds Karen said, “Sex, are we having sex?”

“Yeah.” I said almost sheepishly.

Karen looked at Leah and then up at me. She gave me this look she’d given me so many times when the answer seemed obvious but it still needed to be said.

“What do you mean by sex?” she asked.

“Well,” I fumbled, “do you kiss and stuff?”

Karen again looked at Leah then as she looked back at me she nodded. “Are you mad?” She asked.

I paused and then said, “No, just surprised.” mecidiyeköy escort I knew I couldn’t be mad at her with my history with her mother. “How long have you two . . .” I was having a hard time completing sentences.

“I dunno, a long time,” Karen replied.

I needed to sit down so I took the chair closest to the two of them. As I sat down I look at Leah. She was still holding the towel to her chest. “So what do we do now?” Leah asked very sheepishly as she looked towards Karen.

Karen didn’t immediately reply and feeling emboldened and holding some power over them I looked at Leah and said, “Let me see your tits.”

The grin that had gone across my face was quickly washed away as the both said “No!” at the same time.

“Why, they’re just tits and besides which I already saw you two you know.”

I knew it was a weak case but to my surprise Leah shrugged her shoulders as Karen looked at her and then dropped the towel. Leah’s breasts were more like her mother’s than Karen’s. They were what some people would call pendulous but the nipples and areoles were puffy. I’d always had a thing about puffy nipples but prior to that moment I’d been confined to seeing them in magazines.

Finally I said to Leah, “You guys must have been out here for a while.”

They looked at each other a bit confused and then Karen said, “Why?”

“Because her tits are getting red,” I said nodding towards Leah.

As Karen looked over and Leah down at the telltale redness below the point where she had obviously tanned in previous years. “So Karen, why don’t you help your sister but putting some block on her tits for her.”

I thought this was something they’d both object to but once again they looked at each other and Karen finally said, “Sure, why not.”

Leah shifted around as Karen grabbed the sun block from the ground. She put a little on her hands, rubbed them together and then started rubbing it into her sister’s breasts. This was positively the hottest scene I’d ever experienced. It only took a few moments for her to rub it in but as soon as she was done I asked, “Can I see you guys kiss?”

This time they smiled at each other and Leah turned a little towards Karen as the sisters engaged in a very unsisterly like kiss. I thought they’d just give each other a quick peck but I could see Karen’s tongue go into Leah’s mouth and the Leah do the same to Karen. They probably only kissed for about thirty seconds but it seemed much longer.

I moved my chair over next to Karen and said, “Kiss her again.” Karen smiled and obliged and as she kissed Leah I started caressing her breasts. When I first touched her nipples I heard Karen gasp between kisses and then moan. Her nipples were as hard as little pebbles.

Then finally I reached over and touched the tips of Leah’s breasts. Though I didn’t think they should have been surprised by this moved they stopped kissing and looked at me although neither said a word. Although I had stopped moving my fingertips of the tips of Leah’s breasts I hadn’t withdrawn them and with their silence I reached out once again only this time I squeezed Leah’s breast. I was ready for Karen or Leah to protest but they didn’t. Instead Karen reached over and felt my cock which had gotten incredibly hard.

As soon as she did that I stopped touching Leah’s breast and looked down at her hand in my lap. As soon as Karen withdrew her hand I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I was suddenly feeling braver and more brazen than I had in my entire life.

“Someone’s turned on,” Karen commented istanbul escort as she saw my cock.

“Well what do you expect with you two going at it like you were!” I said sarcastically.

“We were just kissing!” Karen protested.

“It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” I replied.

“Really?” Karen asked and then looked down at my cock. She winked and took my cock in her hand again and said, “well I can see that might be true.” She slowly stroked my cock and I started getting ideas.

I let her do that for about a minute and then stood up and pushed off my pants and underpants. “What are you doing?” Karen asked with a grin.

I pulled her up and pushed down her bikini bottom. “I’m gonna put this where it belongs!” I expected her to protest but when she didn’t I turned her around and bent her over. I placed my cock between her pussy lips from behind and then pushed it in the whole time staring at Leah’s tits.

After a few seconds of slowly stroking my cock in Karen I said, “Leah, let me see your pussy.”

Karen weakly protested with a “No!” but Leah lifted her ass off the chair and slid down her bikini bottom bringing her pussy into view. Although it wasn’t shaved her pussy hair was light colored and I could easily see her pussy lips through it. I continued to slowly fuck Karen as I stared at Leah’s pussy.

Then I said, “Leah, move up so Karen can eat your pussy.”

Both women protested with a rather strong “no!”

“Are you telling me that you guys haven’t done that before?”

I could tell they were now looking at each other and I was looking directly into Leah’s eyes. “Well, yeah,” Leah finally said weakly.

I could see the resignation on Leah’s face although I don’t think she saw this as a bad thing. Leah moved forward and I stopped fucking Karen long enough for her to get into a position where she could start eating Leah. As soon as she did I started fucking her again. The scene was so hot for me that I only lasted about a minute more before I came and I came extremely strongly.

But as I stopped fucking Karen I thought she’d stop eating Leah. She didn’t though and I heard Leah moaning softly. Karen did change her position so she was more comfortably between her sister’s legs. I watched as Karen slipped a finger into her sister’s cunt while she continued to lick her pussy. Even though I had come strongly a few minutes before I could feel myself becoming aroused all over again.

My cock was semi-hard when I moved near Leah’s face. She awkwardly took my cock into her mouth. I was sure Karen would protest this but she didn’t. It did, however, push Leah over her edge and she very shortly let my cock drop out of her mouth as she started to have her orgasm.

“Oh fuck I’m coming!” Leah screamed out. I had never heard a bad word cross her lips and now she was repeating oh fuck again and again. Leah’s orgasm seemed to go on forever but as it did I became fully aroused again. Just as my cock seemed to be at it’s fullest Leah seemed to finish her orgasm and relaxed.

“So maybe we should do this the other way around now since you have come yet Karen,” I said we a gleam in my eye.

“We can’t,” Karen said matter of factly.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because Leah’s still a virgin and yours is not going to be the first cock in her.”

“Oh,” I said a little disappointed.

“I don’t mind,” Leah said. She reached out and stroked my cock a couple of times and then continued, “it might be nice actually.”

Karen seemed to consider this for a minute and then said, “No, I don’t want my husband fucking my sister.”

That statement seemed to take the air out of all of us and my cock wilted faster than it ever had. I tried to jump start things by getting Leah to eat my wife’s pussy while I fondled Leah’s tits but it just wasn’t happening.

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