Almost Grown

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William wasn’t sure how he felt as he slowly climbed the stairs. He wished his mother wouldn’t call him Billy, he knew that much. And he wished he’d tried harder and studied longer and brought home a more encouraging report card. He’d smiled nervously as he’d presented it to her but he’d known all along what her reaction would be.

The stairs turned near the top and afforded him the opportunity to glance behind and see her starting up in his wake. He was almost sure she loved him, it was just that she had a strange way of showing it. There were guidance counsellors at school, students were actively encouraged to go to them with any problems they might have at home. In William’s case it wasn’t an option.

His mother’s expression was hard to describe as she followed him upstairs. She didn’t look angry, she hardly ever looked really angry, and she rarely raised her voice. She simply looked like a woman who had a job to do. She might have been going upstairs to make the beds for all her face revealed of her true purpose.

As he opened his bedroom door he thought about another aspect of his feelings. They were more complicated than the vague wish that he’d tried harder in school. If he’d worked harder his mother wouldn’t be taking him upstairs, and although he was reluctant to admit it, there was a part of him looked forward to the things that happened when she followed him into his bedroom and slowly closed the door.

Williams mother was a traffic warden. All day long, five days a week she wrote parking tickets and pulled off the sticky backing paper and slapped the ticket onto the windscreens of illegally parked cars. Now she closed his door shutting the two of them into his small, untidy bedroom and folded her arms. She still wore her black uniform skirt, plain white blouse, and flat, sensible shoes. She was big but not fat, shapely in an old fashioned way. William was sometimes tempted to tell her that she looked a little bit like a prison warden, especially the way she stood with her solid, shapely legs a little apart and her arms folded under her large breasts as she looked at him. He’d never told her because he didn’t want to hurt her feeling but also because he was a little worried that she might stop wearing her uniform when she took him upstairs. Even though he knew it was only a traffic warden’s uniform it gave her an air of authority.

“I’m very disappointed in you Billy,” she told him now. “You said you’d try harder and now I have to bring you up here again because you didn’t keep your promise.”

As usual she didn’t raise her voice or sound particularly angry but she did look quietly exasperated with him. He knew when she was exasperated because a certain look came into her eyes. To William it seemed a combination of love and regret, a mixture of the two.

He fatih escort nodded slowly to show he understood but at the same time his heart began to beat a little faster and he felt butterflies in his stomach. Both were manifestations of the complicated feelings he always felt at this time.

“You’re nineteen now, almost grown,” she told him next, “but I’m not going to waste time talking about it again. You know why we’re here and what we have to do.”

William took off his striped school tie and rolled it and placed it neatly on the bedside table. He didn’t look at his mother as he unbuttoned his shirt but he knew that she was watching him all the time.

A strange dark excitement came over him whenever he took off his clothes in front of her. In some ways he resented that she made him do it, in some ways it seemed forbidden and wrong, but in another way it gave him pleasure. Sometimes his fingers shook as he unfastened his belt and took down his dark, school trousers. Sometimes he could hear his mother breathing as he turned away to put them carefully on a coat hanger and hang them in his wardrobe.

Now he turned to face her and pushed down his underpants and as usual his cock was beginning to get hard. He blushed as he dropped his underpants beside his bed. Sometimes his cock became completely hard and stood out in front of him as he waited naked in front of his mother. The strange thing was that she never seemed to take any notice no matter how hard it became or how much it stuck in the air or swayed when he moved. It was almost as if she didn’t see it or pretended it wasn’t there. To William it was embarassing and exciting in equal proportions.

His cock stiffened a little more then as he looked at her in her black and white traffic warden’s uniform. The look of exasperation in her eyes had been replaced by something much harder to define. In some respects she looked the same as always, a practical woman with a job to do and nothing more. A mother who took her responsibilities seriously. But in another way William thought perhaps this new, harder to define inward looking expression in her eyes, belonged to a completely different woman.

Now she moved and a floorboard creaked and she sat carefully on his bed and looked at him, the same but somehow not the same. William found himself looking at her knees and how tight her skirt was and the fullness of her breasts inside her white blouse and the way they stretched the crisp white cotton and strained the small white buttons and he blushed again as his cock suddenly jerked all the way fully erect and throbbing.

“Come here,” she said and he went to the bed. Up close he could smell her perfume and the fabric conditioner she used and mixed with that her own smell underneath and mingled with it all.

He etiler escort had to hold his cock to keep it in a comfortable place as he self consciously lowered himself across her lap. When he took his hands away it lay stiff and hard beneath him. Her hand was warm and gentle on his hip as she helped him into position and when he was ready she kept it where it was to hold him there and stop him sliding off.

William contemplated the weave of the carpet as he waited and his cock lay stiff and aching sandwiched between his stomach and his mother’s sturdy but shapely legs.

“-You-must-try-harder,” she said, and each word was punctuated by the sound of her hand falling on his bottom and accompanied by the sharp, stinging pain that flared suddenly from nothing.

He closed his eyes against the pain and his bottom jerked involuntarily.

“-You-promised-you-would-try,” she said, and her hand rose and fell, from cheek to cheek.

William gasped and gritted his teeth as his bottom trembled under her sharp, fast blows. It was humiliating and painful. He felt helpless and vulnerable, but at the same time, somewhere below the level of the pain and humiliation he was aware of his cock, rock hard and straining as his mother spanked him. He was alternately aware of the ache in his cock and then suddenly the tingling and smarting of his bottom.

“-You’re-almost-grown-but-you’re-not-too-big-for-this,” his mother said as if through clenched teeth and starting to sound a little breathless.

He saw his fingers hooked like claws into the carpet when he opened his eyes. Without thinking about it he had begun to squirm and writhe on her lap as he tried to evade the next hard slap. Held there like that it was impossible to escape one after the other after the other as they rained down, but he continued to squirm nevertheless. It was a natural reaction and beyond his control.

“-You listen to me Billy,” his mother said, and she stopped spanking him, and spoke a little louder.

William stopped squirming. He could hear her breathing quickly. His bottom burned and smarted.

“Make sure you learn from this,” she told him, and then she spanked him again, one solid, stinging hard one.

He didn’t think it could hurt anymore than it hurt already but it did. He gasped and nodded at the same time.

“You make sure you try harder in future,” she told him.

He waited, suddenly aware that her hand was lying on his left cheek. He could feel it resting there and then she raised it and spanked him again, another hard one, this time on the other cheek.

“I will,” he whispered.

There was silence then apart from the sound of her breathing slowly returning to normal but she didn’t signal for him to move and he knew better than to try to get up before he was told.

He beşiktaş escort waited with his hair hanging in his eyes. His mother didn’t usually drag his spankings out so long but did what she had to do and left him.

“You’re not a bad boy,” she said, “you just need to be kept in line sometimes.”

She spanked him again, another hard one. It surprised him and he cried out. At the same time he felt his cock stiffen and swell, coming dangerously close to climax.

“Are you listening to me Billy?” she said, and spanked him again.

This time she didn’t do it so hard but he felt his cock strain between them and suddenly realised that she undoubtedly felt it too.

He nodded slowly. His bottom was stinging but now he was more acutely aware of the urgent ache in his cock.

She spanked him again, not hard, but more slow and deliberate and he suddenly saw the two of them as they must look to an observer. His mother with her full breasts straining the material of her blouse. Him lying naked across her lap. He saw her hand rise and fall.

If she’d wanted it to be over by now it would have been.

He closed his eyes, not thinking now. There was only his stinging bottom and his aching cock. She spanked him once more and William bit his lip as his cock began to spasm. He tensed against it and she spanked him again. He began to move his hips, rubbing his cock between them. She spanked him again and he began to cum. He felt it inside and then he felt it rising in his cock and he moved his hips more urgently. His whole body stiffened in anticipation and her hand slapped his ass again and he let himself go with it. Let it happen.

The force of it took his breath away. There was nothing in the world but his pulsing cock and the cum rushing from it, pumping from it, ejaculated in three, long shuddering spasms more intense and explosive than anything he’d ever experienced before.

He lay unmoving, gasping for breath as his mother’s hand moved lightly over his still smarting bottom.

“You’re a good boy Billy,” she said. Her voice sounded normal again.

He slid embarassed from her lap into a kneeling position at her feet. His cum was smeared on her black skirt, already beginning to soak in, but she didn’t seem to pay any attention to it. She looked at him as if nothing had happened. She might have been any mother anywhere. Her eyes were soft and gentle and a small smile touched her lips.

Williams cock lay against his thigh but he made no attempt to cover himself. He noticed that his mother had lost a couple of buttons from the front of her blouse. He could see the soft, upper swellings of her large pale breasts, and the delicate white lace of her bra. He wondered what she would do if he reached out and cupped a nervous hand under one of her breasts, or if he leaned closer and kissed her there, pressing his hot face between them. If he would get as far as exposing one of her nipples. He wanted to but he hesitated, and while he thought about it, she got up and quietly left the room.

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