Amber’s Mother

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I know I’ve been behaving like an ass. She was just too hot, and I too frustrated. And I should stop making up excuses for what I did.

I’m walking up the driveway to her house, unsure about what to say to her. I was drunk last night. We both were. The party was boring and Amber… she was giving me all the right signs. At least that’s what I thought. So in the corridor I snatched her. I let her know how much I craved for her body. We’d been together for four months and I’m 18, controlled by my hormones. I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did.

I grabbed her, touched her, told her she was hot… At first she was just irritated. ‘Stop it Ryan, you’re drunk.’ I put up with that shit for months. I thought we were ready to take our relationship to the next level. Unfortunately the moment I lifted her skirt and searched for her panties, one of her friends showed up and Amber slapped me. She screamed a few insults at me too which I can’t remember.

Yea, I know shouldn’t drink. At this moment it’s my only defense though. I’m going to blame it all on the booze and make it up to her with gifts and polite peck kisses. She wouldn’t have sent me a message to come see here if she hated me forever. I ring the door bell.

Okay maybe she just invited me over to dump me. I sigh and scratch my head. It’s my own fault and there’s no excuse for what I did. So if she dumps me I’ll just honestly swear I’m sorry, and hope she forgives me because I was drunk.

Her mother opens the door. I feel a bit awkward when the woman smiles at me. She’s wearing a pink blouse and I can’t help but notice the deep cleavage.

God, stop it Ryan, I can’t have thoughts like that about Amber’s mom. I’m sure she doesn’t dress like that on purpose. And she can’t help that she’s so hot, even if she’s in her late thirties already. I look at her short blonde hair as she walks in front of me, leading me to the living room. My eyes go all the way down to her ass, barely covered by a black mini skirt.

Again, I urge myself to stop my thoughts.

“Would you like something to drink?”

As if she caught me on my dirty thoughts Amber’s mother looks at me as I feel my cheeks burn slightly. “Where’s Amber?”

I’m confused. My girlfriend sends me a message she wants to talk to me and she’s not here?

“She’s out for the moment. Sit down.” As always she sounds like a woman who doesn’t take no for an answer. I sit in the couch, slightly uncomfortable. I go over the things I want to say to Amber again.

Her mother puts a glass of ice tea before me on the small table. She knows that’s what I usually drink. I’ve been here so many times. Only this is the first time Amber’s mom comes to sit beside me. I nervously drink from my glass. I can feel she’s looking at me. I look back at her, cursing myself for blushing like a kid that got caught stealing candy. She’s giving me a strange look, her eyes narrowed, as if she ‘s trying to guess what I’m thinking.

“Amber told me she never wants to see you again.” the woman says.

I almost spit my ice Ankara escort tea back into the glass. I cough after gulping, and I look at her. She’s fucking smiling at me! That bitch! She thinks it’s funny Amber’s angry with me. Oh my god! I can’t believe Amber would ask her mother to break up with me. That would be wrong on so many levels.

“She won’t tell me what happened,” the woman continues, “so I called you.”

I frown. I don’t understand. Amber sent me a message to come over here. I don’t remember speaking to her mother. Did she…?

“I sent you a message with Amber’s phone, ” the woman explains seriously.

I stand up. This is insane. So Amber is actually using her mother to break up with me? What the fuck?

“Sit,” Amber’s mother commands.

I look at her. She’s leaning back in the couch. Her legs comfortably crossed. She taps the pillow beside her. I think I had a fantasy about this once. It’s disturbing. I don’t know why I sit down again.

I think it’s remorse that makes me sigh and look at her. “I’m sorry mrs. Williams. I…” I sigh again. “I’ve been a jerk.”

Her eyes narrow again, and she looks at me, as if she ‘s got invisible tentacles poking around in my brain. “So, what did you do?”

For a moment I consider telling her I was drunk, but I decide it’s better not to. I feel my cheeks burning even before I say the words, looking at my glass. “I kinda… felt her up.” It’s the best I can come up with. “I was a little aggressive. She called me a rapist and ran off.” Somehow I expect to get slapped. I’m very surprised that she’s giving me a devious smile.

“Are you a virgin Ryan?” she almost sounds as if she’s laughing at me.

“I never slept with you daughter, I swear!”

“I know honey, but that’s not what I asked.” She gives me a horny look. Her entire body seems to turn toward me. I instantly get a hard on.

I’m panting. It’s all in my head. Amber’s mother is not coming onto me. If this is for real it must be a joke. Amber ‘s standing behind a curtain, watching her mom make a fool out of me. “I’ve never…” I clear my throat, interrupting my confession. This is too embarassing. My face is red. God that woman is so hot, I ‘m completely forgetting why I’m even here.

I feel her hand on my inner thigh. Within a few seconds she ‘s going to feel my erection is almost burning a hole through my pants. With her other hand she touches my face. “Look at me Ryan,” she says.

He dark brown eyes give me the horniest look. I close my eyes when I feel her fingers caress my crouch. “You’re big,” she whispers.

Now it’s going to happen. Amber and all her friends are going to jump out and take a picture of me, proving…”

I feel her lips on mine. I open my mouth and her tongue slips in, entwining with mine. Fuck, I’m kissing Amber’s mom! A big alarm bell rings through my brain, but I can’t stop. God, this feels so good. Her hand is now steadily stroking my cock in my pants. Her soft moans turn me on so much I almost can’t breathe.

When we break apart she looks Ankara escort bayan at me. “How do you like that, Ryan?” she asks with a husky voice.

“Mrs. Williams…”

She sighs as if I broke the magic of the moment. “Call me Lily.”

I touch her face, and look into her longing eyes. I forget that I came here to see someone else. “Lily,” I smile at her. The name suits her perfectly.

We kiss again. She unbuttons my pants and lets her hand slide into my boxers. I shiver at her touch. She lets go of me to remove my pants completely. I blush, feeling naked and exposed while she’s still completely dressed. Her horny smile makes it all good though.

She kneels in front of me and takes my cock in her hands. I can’t believe this is really going to happen. Amber’s mom… Lily looks at me while she opens her mouth and touches the tip of my cock with her tongue. For a moment I fear I’m going to come already, but thank god I don’t. I want to feel more of her first.

I watch my dick disappear into her warm mouth. I moan. It feels weird, but good. I feel her tongue while she starts sucking. This is hotter than anything I’ve ever imagined. Almost the entire time her eyes are locked with mine, and I look at her open mouthed.

“Lily…” I gasp, way too soon but het incredible hotness is all too much for me to handle. “I’m gonna come…”

I moan loudly while I shoot my load into her mouth. She moans, licking my cock while she’s smiling all the time. I’m still gasping when she comes sit on my lap and draw me in for a kiss.

At first I’m a bit resistant when I realize Lily wants to kiss me while she still has my cum in her mouth. But I can’t stop her. My hands go up under her skirt while our tongues dance.

“How did you like that?” she asks.

“You’re amazing,” I whisper. I really mean what I say.

“So, you’re not sad that Amber dumped you?”

I laugh when I suddenly remember how I got here. I shake my head. “No Lily, I’m not.”

She’s kissing me again and I feel like I’ve drifted off to an alternate universe. My hands under her skirt discover she’s not wearing panties. My fingers slide down and stroke her inner thighs. I look into her eyes. She’s not about to stop me, no she actually moans softly, encouraging me to go on.

I can feel the wetness of her damp pussy. She’s so slippery I easily slide in a finger. With my other hand I start unbuttoning her blouse. I have to feel her boobs and knead them in my hands. She assists me taking it off, moaning louder when I start rubbing her clit.

She manages to pull away from me and urges me to lay down. “Let me feel your tongue, Ryan,” she commands when she practically sits on my face. We’re in a 69 position and she ‘s hungrily sucking my dick again.

I reach up to stick my tongue between her lower lips. Her juices are almost dripping on my face. Oh God that taste is just perfect. I love it. I try to fuck her with my tongue, eating her pussy like it’s the best I ever had. Wait… IT IS!

The work of her lips makes me groan Escort Ankara while I push two fingers inside her wet cunt. I’m going on info I got from porn so I hope I’m doing this right. She moans so I think she likes it. I certainly do like what she’s doing to me. I must have died cause I’m in heaven.

After we ‘ve been going for a while she lets go and sits up to turn around.

“Stand up.” Without protest I comply. I watch how she bends her incredibly hot and half naked body over the couch, pointing her ass and her needy pussy at me. “Do you want to fuck me Ryan?”

She doesn’t have to ask twice. Of course I want to fuck her! Instead of answering I grab my cock and push it inside.

“Oh yea… ” she moans. She ‘s so hot inside. It’s like she’s burning. She feels so good she makes me shiver. I move inside of her and make her writhe with pleasure.

I’m fucking Amber’s mom, I think to myself. I’m looking down, watching my glistening wet cock disappear in her. One of her hands went down and is now fiercely rubbing her clit. Al the time I’ve wasted to try get into Amber’s pants, while in fact Lily wanted me this badly. I lean over her while I’m thrusting steadily. I grab one of her boobs and squeeze it. She’s all mine, moaning my name, almost screaming it.

“Fuck me hard, Ryan. Don’t stop! Oh god, you’re gonna make me come!”

She holds her breath, her body stiffens and for a brief moment all I can hear is the sloppy sound of my balls slapping against her. Then she screams it out. “Aah! Ryan! Fuck!”

I made her come. I can’t help but gloat to myself, thrusting into her shaky body. I feel her hand against my leg, calming me down. She turns her head and looks at me. “Lay down.”

We switch positions again. When I’m on the couch she slides herself over my cock and starts to move. “I want to see your face when you come inside me,” she whispers huskily, giving me the horniest look.

She reaches out her fingers and sticks two of them in my mouth and I suck on them, watching her face show a whole series of expressions of pleasure. Her tits go up and down. I grab them and squeeze her nipples while she keeps moving over my cock.

I can feel the orgasm building inside of me, and I know I’m going to burst soon. I open my mouth and groan. “here I come…” I warn her. I can’t help but moan loudly when I finally release my cum inside of her. My brain shortcuts and I’m floating on the waves of bliss. She keeps moving over my sensitive dick while I spurt a few more loads into her.

I’m gasping, and I’m exhausted but so completely satisfied I can’t help but smile. Lily’s lying on top of me. Her head is on my chest, and my cock is still inside of her. She caresses me softly.

“You’ll have to go soon,” she whispers while she lifts herself up to let out my limp cock, dripping with cum, her voice makes it obvious she doesn’t really want to say it. “Amber’s going to come home…”

She looks me in the eyes and I caress her face. “I don’t want to go,” I protest, “I want more of you.”

She smiles deviously, “me too.”

We kiss, and then I keep kissing down her throat and lick her nipple. “Amber will be at her dad’s place all weekend,” Lily says between moans. “You can come over.”

I look at her and nod. “I’d like that.”

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