Amy in Thailand

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“Look over there Amy!” squealed Bella, pointing out the taxi window to the pink and orange hues blanketing the western side of Chiang Mai.

Amy sat up, still half-asleep, and peered out the window. It really was a beautiful city, she thought, but after a long day of travelling, she was too tired to appreciate it in full.

Her travelling companion, on the other hand, hadn’t slowed up since they left Brisbane. The two girls had planned to travel through Thailand over the brief period between finishing high-school and starting university. They had each saved up for the best part of two years, finally managing to pay back Bella’s father for their tickets just a month before departing.

The girls planned to make their way down Thailand spending a few nights in each city. Both being just 18 years of age, they had decided to fork out on cheap hotels rather than stay at dodgy backpackers’ accommodation, much to the delight of their parents.

The taxi pulled up at the door of a fairly decent-looking building. The driver stepped out and began unloading their luggage from the boot. Amy blinked a few times and stepped outside before paying the driver and entering the hotel with Bella.

Both girls exchanged delighted glances as they looked around the foyer. It was pretty spacious and well-decorated, Amy thought, given how cheap a twin room was. A large painting of an elephant, as well as some smaller pieces of cheap artwork, hung on the walls above two brown faux-leather couches either side of a glass coffee table. Some lavender and other flowers were displayed in vases all around the room.

Together, Amy and Bella walked up to the reception desk and checked in. A young Thai woman with straight, black hair and heavy makeup directed them to the elevator, which would take them to their room on the third floor.

It took more effort than Amy anticipated to drag her tired body and heavy backpack up to the room, so when the two girls finally got inside Amy dropped her bag on the floor and flopped onto the bed nearest the door. It was even more comfortable than she’d hoped – a soft, double bed with a thick purple duvet on top and two decorative sprigs of lavender placed by the pillows. Bella threw her bag onto the adjacent bed and walked over to check out the bathroom.

Amy heard water start running; Bella must have decided to take a shower. The idea of a shower sounded brilliant, so Amy reached into her bag and grabbed a singlet and a pair of short-shorts to change into before walking over to the bathroom to jump in the shower after Bella.

She tossed her clothes on the small black metal seat in the corner of the bathroom. It was a decent enough room, Amy thought. A large mirror stretched over most of the back wall, from the sink right up to the ceiling, and the shower had a big frosted glass door with some spiral patterns around the bottom, between which Amy could see the lower half of Bella’s legs covered in soap.

Amy looked at herself in the mirror. Surprisingly, her makeup still looked pretty good after a long and stressful day. Her shoulder-length, ginger hair was a bit of a mess, but her mascara still highlighted her bright blue eyes.

Bella got out of the shower, leaving the water running, and put a towel over her naked body – though not before flashing herself to Amy. Her dark brunette hair rested on her left shoulder as she dried her face with a hand towel.

The two girls had been friends for years and had seen each other naked enough times that it no longer phased either of them. Amy took off her t-shirt and undid her bra, letting out a sigh of pleasure as she did so. It felt amazing to get her breasts out after being stuck under her top for so many hours. She unbuckled her belt before removing her jeans and hopping in the shower.

Amy stood there for a minute enjoying the feeling of the warm water running over her hair, face, and breasts. She washed her body with the cheap lavender-scented shower gel before jumping out to put on some fresh clothes and reapply her makeup.

The girls decided to go out and get some food. Amy had been dozing off as the taxi drove to the hotel, but Bella was sure she had seen plenty of cheap-looking bars and street vendors just a block away.

The area Bella had in mind was literally just around the corner from the hotel. It was full of tourists, many of them similar ages to Amy and Bella. An abundance of bars lined both sides of the street, all boasting 2-for-1 mojitos and cheap beer. Both girls were pretty hungry and keen for a drink after the long day, so they wandered into the first cheap restaurant that looked half-decent.

It wasn’t particularly busy; a few groups were sat at tables scattered across the room, but it was a quieter atmosphere than many of the bars nearby. At the back corner was a group of four guys in their early twenties chugging back bottles of Tiger beer and laughing raucously.

Amy and Bella sat down at an empty table. A young waiter rushed over and took their bahis şirketleri drink orders – two mojitos, both double shots. The girls chatted for a few minutes before ordering their food, which was a bit of a lucky dip as the menu had no descriptions apart from the generic “spicy noodles” or “sweet and sour sauce” alongside some pixelated photographs. Not that either of them was fussed; they just wanted to eat.

The pair chatted about their various plans for the trip over dinner. Amy had become somewhat less groggy after knocking back a couple of cocktails and some food, so she was beginning to notice the group of young men across the room more and more. While Bella was rambling on about some rom-com she’d watched on the plane, Amy exchanged a brief glance with one of the guys, who smiled slightly before turning back towards his mates. He looked about 20, with short, dark-brown hair and some stubble. He was about 5’11”, maybe 6′, and wore a grey singlet with the Chang beer logo on the front.

Bella stopped talking.

“Shit, sorry”, Amy said, aware that her friend must’ve noticed her lack of attention. Bella turned her head around to see what had caught Amy’s eye. Amy could see her scanning the group of men for several seconds before turning back around to Amy, grinning.

“You slut!” Bella joked, “our first day in Thailand and you’re already after the D”.

She wasn’t entirely wrong. Amy had been too focused on her senior exams over the last couple of months to care about chasing after guys, but she had been secretly hoping to experience some physical intimacy during their holiday. So had Bella, who had broken up with her boyfriend earlier in the year and mentioned her desire to “get back in the game” to Amy just before they left.

“He’s pretty hot, don’t you think?” Amy asked. “That guy in the grey singlet”.

Bella turned around to have another look. “Yeah, I’d say” she replied.

The four men were talking quieter than they had been before. One guy tapped the shoulder of his friend wearing the grey singlet and gestured over towards the Amy. The man in the singlet stood up, quickly regained his balance by putting his left hand back down on the table – there must’ve been over a dozen beer bottles in front of the men – and began walking over to where the girls were sitting.

Noticing this, Amy gave Bella a brief smile before taking another sip of her drink.

“Hey,” said the man in the grey singlet as he reached the girls’ table. Amy instantly noticed two things. One, his voice was slightly deeper than she had imagined – not that she had imagined it being especially deep, but still, it was enough to grab her attention. Two, his arms were sexy as hell up close. He wasn’t a bodybuilder by any standard, but he had just enough vascularity in his forearms that Amy and Bella both noticed.

“We, um, just thought that you two might want to come over and have a drink with us,” he said, clearly not a natural pick-up artist but with enough alcohol in his system to feign confidence.

The pair looked over towards the group of guys, who were staring back at them and did that chin lift thing that young men often did. They were obviously keen to entice the girls over to their table.

Bella looked at Amy before answering on her behalf. “We’d both love to.”

With that, the girls grabbed their drinks and walked over to the table across the bar. They each took an empty chair and sat down.

For the next hour or so the group of six young holiday-makers talked about their various backgrounds, jobs, favourite shows on Netflix, beer, sport, and aspirations for the future. The guy in the grey singlet, George, had just finished his second year of university where he was studying to become a geography teacher.

The group of six were soon well-acquainted and felt as if they’d known each other for months. It turned out that the guys were staying at the same hotel across the street as Amy and Bella.

Amy was engrossed in the conversation, thoroughly enjoying her night, but was still feeling quite sleepy from the day of travelling.

The group decided to head out from the restaurant and explore some of the nearby clubs. Amy, being as tired as she was, decided instead to head back to the hotel for an early night (it was almost 11 pm, but early for an 18-year-old on holiday, at least). She told Bella to head out and enjoy herself, which Bella was quite happy with given how well she was getting on with everybody.

George said he would walk Amy back, an offer she swiftly accepted. Bella gave her a “you go girl!” look from across the table.

With that, Amy and George departed and began walking back to the hotel as the remaining four walked in the opposite direction towards the sound of loud dance music.

Amy had had a few cocktails over the past couple of hours, enough to boost her confidence so that when the pair reached the door of the girls’ room, and George was about to head off, she turned to him and asked if he wanted to bahis firmaları come inside to ‘chat’ for a bit. Her heart raced – she hoped it wasn’t too forward to ask George like that, but damn he was sexy – she couldn’t help trying her chances.

George smiled, “sure thing,” he said, “I’m feeling a bit tired myself, to be honest, so if you want to watch a movie or something I’m down.”

“Oh, yeah, definitely!” Amy squealed, barely able to conceal her excitement at the thought of being alone with George.

George texted one of his friends to let them know he wouldn’t be going back out to town that night while Amy plugged her laptop into the TV and put on the first movie she could find.

They both jumped up onto the bed and began watching the movie. Within five minutes, George had placed his arm over Amy’s shoulder, and within ten the pair had started kissing and feeling each other.

It didn’t take long for the kissing to become so passionate that George had removed his singlet and tossed it to the floor. He rolled over the top of Amy so that she was lying on the bed while George kissed her from above. He began to trail his kisses down from her lips over her left cheek and onto her neck, which caused Amy to exhale sharply and moan a little while he did so.

“You like that?” asked George as he propped himself up over Amy, his bare chest and arms clearly on display.

“Fuck yes,” Amy responded, placing her hand behind George’s head to direct his lips back onto hers.

They continued kissing for a couple of minutes until Amy sat up and took off her singlet. She had on a black, lacy bra which accentuated her D cup breasts.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed George, staring down at Amy’s chest. “Your boobs are amazing!”

Amy smiled at the compliment and removed her bra. It felt great to get her breasts out in the open again.

George’s mouth dropped slightly at the sight. Amy took his hand and placed it on her left breast, which George began to massage gently. He placed his other hand on Amy’s right breast and continued massaging them both. He placed the thumb and forefinger of each hand over Amy’s nipples and tugged on them gently. Amy moaned in pleasure as he did so.

“That feels so good,” she said, cocking her head backwards in sensual pleasure. She looked forward again at George’s half-naked body, this time noticing the bulge that had developed in his shorts. Amy reached forward and began undoing his belt while George continued to play with her breasts. She undid the buckle and unzipped the front of his shorts. Then, placing her fingers in between George’s waist and boxers, she slowly began to lower his shorts and underwear simultaneously.

George had stopped playing with Amy’s breasts and had leaned back slightly to allow her to remove his shorts. Amy went slowly, noticing George’s slight V-line becoming visible once his shorts were a couple of inches lower than they had been. Amy kept moving them downwards, exposing George’s short black pubic hair (Amy thought he must’ve trimmed it) and finally revealing the base of George’s semi-erect cock.

Amy looked up at George, biting her lip almost reflexively. George’s breathing had become faster; so had Amy’s. She looked downwards again and in one swift motion pulled down George’s shorts to expose his cock.

Amy gasped slightly as it flopped out in front of her. It was big, but not huge – although then again he wasn’t completely hard yet. He had shaved the pubic hair from around the base of his shaft and also, Amy noticed, his balls. There was one feature that completely took Amy by surprise though, something she had never seen in any of her past boyfriends.

George was circumcised.

Amy’s attention was immediately drawn to the circumcision scar that sat about an inch behind the head of his cock.

“Oh… I… um…” Amy stuttered as she spoke. She didn’t quite know what to say.

“What is it?” George asked, somewhat concerned.

“It’s just, well… your skin,” Amy replied, still staring directly at George’s cock.

“My skin?” George replied, unsure what she meant.

“You’ve been… you know… circumcised,” Amy said as she looked up at George.

“Well, yeah,” George said. “Is that a problem?”

“No, no. Definitely not. It’s just… different. I’ve never seen a circumcised cock in real life before.”

“Oh right,” George replied, slightly relieved. “Well, I mean, it’s common for guys to be circumcised in some families but not in others, I guess.”

Amy moved her hand towards George’s cock, which had become slightly softer than before.

“Can I touch it?” she asked.

“Of course” George replied.

Amy took hold of George’s cock with her right hand. She gently held in her palm and lifted it up so that she could see it from various angles. George became slightly harder as she did so. Amy leaned in closer to get a better view. The skin at the base of George’s shaft was slightly darker than the rest of his body, almost as though kaçak bahis siteleri he had a tan there. The skin above the scar was lighter in colour than the lower half of his cock, highlighting the cut line.

The scar didn’t actually look as big from close up as it had first appeared. It formed a thin ring that was even around the circumference of George’s shaft. Although it had initially shocked her seeing it for the first time, Amy quite liked the look of a circumcised penis. It was sexy seeing the pinkish-purple head entirely on display without anything to cover it up.

“It looks… very neat” said Amy.

“Thanks,” said George with a chuckle, slightly amused by Amy’s intrigue.

“When did you get circumcised?” she asked.

“When I was a baby. Soon after I was born, maybe even still at the hospital.”

“Oh, okay” said Amy.

She was still holding George’s cock in her hand. She didn’t know why it had taken her by surprise so much when she saw George was circumcised. After all, she had seen circumcised cocks before in porn. But in porn, the men were already rock hard, so other than the skin being tighter on the shaft than an uncircumcised shaft, there wasn’t that much difference. George was still only at a semi, which made it all the more obvious he didn’t have a foreskin.

Amy wrapped her hand a little tighter around the shaft of George’s cock. He got slightly harder as she did so. Amy began stroking his cock up and down. The skin was even tighter than she expected. Even when she pulled it forward as far as she comfortably could, it was nowhere close to covering even the ridge of the head.

Just then Amy remembered she had some moisturiser lotion in her bag. She reached over and grabbed the bottle out of her backpack, then squirted some into the palm of her right hand. George had taken the opportunity to lie down on the bed, so Amy sat down between his legs and began stroking George’s cock. He moaned as she did so and became a lot harder. A couple of strokes later, he was fully erect.

Handjobs were certainly different for circumcised cocks, Amy thought to herself. Without lube, it would’ve been very difficult to stroke George’s cock, but with lube, Amy enjoyed gliding her hand up and down the shaft. She liked being able to feel the ridge of his glans against her fingers without any foreskin in between. It was kind of more intimate, Amy thought, touching his cock directly rather than just using the foreskin to provide the pleasurable feeling.

Amy released her grip for a second and looked down at George’s cock. It really was a sight to behold, she thought. The head was now a bright pink colour and stood out clearly from the shaft. As it stood erect in front of her, Amy felt her mouth beginning to salivate. She could see the head of George’s cock so clearly; there was no extra skin to get in the way. The scar really didn’t look bad at all, she thought. His circumcision had been very neatly done. Amy had seen a few uneven scars in porn, but George’s cut line was perfectly symmetrical around his cock.

She leaned in and kissed the tip of George’s cock before licking the precum and staring up at George with her big blue eyes. She heard George breathe in, so she decided to use her tongue to gently lick around the head of his cock in a circular motion, which made George moan with pleasure. Amy gave his cock another lick up and down before taking it deep into her mouth and beginning to suck.

“Oh fuck!” exclaimed George as he leaned back.

Amy continued to suck his cock, this time taking it deeper into her mouth and partway down her throat. She liked how she didn’t have to hold any foreskin back while sucking George’s cock; instead, she could focus entirely on technique and making the blowjob feel as good as it could. It was great not having any skin rolling forward over the glans while his cock was in her mouth. Amy had always disliked that aspect of blowjobs with previous partners, but with George, it wasn’t an issue.

The feeling of the ridge at the back of her throat was also something she enjoyed. Just like when she had been giving George a handjob, Amy found it very intimate being able to feel the ridge of his cock in her mouth while she was sucking.

Amy continued sucking George’s cock a little while longer. George had placed his hand on top of her head, directing Amy as she sucked his cock, which she found incredibly sexy. Amy liked it when the man took the lead. She could feel her pussy getting very wet now, so she took her mouth off George’s cock and looked up at him.

“I want you to fuck me so badly,” Amy said, staring directly up at George with her blue eyes.

“Oh hell yes!” George replied as he quickly got up. Amy stepped off too and removed her booty-shorts and panties.

George pushed Amy down onto the bed. She giggled a little as he did so; she really did love it when the man took charge. George spread Amy’s thighs and looked down at her shaved pussy. He stared at it for a second and Amy saw his cock jump up slightly as he did so. George reached into his shorts to grab a condom from his wallet.

Amy interrupted. “It’s okay,” she said, “I’ve got an IUD. I want to feel your cock against my pussy without anything between us.”

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