An Alternative Universe Pt. 02

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Doggy Style

Equally bizarre as part 1- All warnings from Part 1 remain…

*This is very much a continuation of a strange story. With fat, drunk, chain-smoking women. Very much is messing about in the darkside of the smoking fetish. *

Life as a foursome was fun. For a while. For those interested I did check in after the birth of what we all assumed are my children. I “loved” the pictures on Facebook. Think that was as dutiful as I could be. The moms knew where I was if they wanted anything. Not that I could provide anything sensible. I was far too lazy. It would involve effort.

As for my life, I cannot complain. I had what could be said as “on tap” sex with three different women. It was exciting. As such I really did not need to worry about two more! Yes, I should never have touched them in the first place.

As the great philosopher Forrest Gump almost said in a paraphrase ‘It was like living with a box of chocolates. You never knew which one would cum next.’ It was true. At any point of day either of us would soon be playing with each other and yes, coming all over the place. Or coughing, which was far more common. We would all be coughing. Morning, noon, and night. Smoking had well and truly taken over our lives.

However, coughing was just one of the few downsides of living with three normally rather drunk hormonal heavy smoking women. Life was more often than not stressful for me. It should not have been.

I tried to have the three girls slightly different, to give my perverse delights a little variety and flavor. You have to enjoy yourself when you are enjoying debauchery? Tina, she was solely devoted to her cigarettes. She could not move without thinking about her next cigarette and the one after. To be fair with her size, moving anywhere was a struggle and required effort which she did not want to expend. Amy, her first thoughts were drink. Where was she going to get her next alcoholic glass from. Which soon meant she had to piss. She was like horse in that respect. Continually peeing all over the place. That left Vicky, she ended up in between. She liked to drink, and she liked to smoke. On average I probably preferred the moderation. I liked her, I actually loved her a lot. I think she loved me back. However, with all three I got the diversity. As for me I liked to smoke, drink, and have my ever-unfulfilled libido sorted by having sex with whoever was willing and hovering their sexy fat arse in front of me at the time.

This freedom created a downside.

What created the arguments as to whose turn it was to have sex with me. It was not uncommon whilst I was having sex with Vicky, for Tina to huff and come in and interrupt us by sitting on the bed when I was trying to focus on the pleasure that I was getting from being ball deep inside a very wet dripping Vicky. She would sit there, glass of wine in one hand, light a cigarette, and try and have a sensible deep and meaningful with me. It would be great at any normal point of the evening, but then. I was trying to have fun. Also, it was more often was a whining drunk conversation. Which every time would end up with her bitterly complaining that I was not spending enough time with her. Vicky would then get cross that I would lose interest in her and then did not cum. It’s difficult when you are being emotionally distracted.

The argument that we had slept with each other the night before was neither here nor there. I was not with her there and then. I would offer to have sex with her, and she would huff and waddle off.

For me it was almost easier, and I really did not mind when the girls decided to play with each other. I enjoyed the view. It was far less stressful. Sitting there smoking a cigarette and watching the delightfully fat arses slapping, jiggling and wobbling as they went down on each other. The grunts and screams of pleasure they gave each other. Especially when they got their toys out. Yes, at those moments I was surplus to requirements, but I got to enjoy their large fat breasts and thighs slapping together. I got as much pleasure watching that as if I was involved. Sometimes it was easier if I was not. As I could sit there naked, light a cigarette, drink a beer, and watch as if it was on Pornhub, but was live in my front room. Occasionally Tina would come over and give my erection some attention. But very occasionally. She was too busy getting eaten by either Vicky or Amy.

All the growing stress for us all, led to more eating, drinking, smoking. Which then created loads more drunken emotional grouchiness. I found that I was metaphorically and realistically trying to spread my now chubby legs and fat self too far too thin. I did try to placate everyone in their sexual needs. Some nights it was kiss Vicky, finger Amy, and penetrate Tina with my cock all at the same time. At that very moment in time great fun. Fingers were going everywhere. We had to use the living room floor, as there was not enough space on the bursa escort beds for all four of us. We were now that fat, heavy, and large we were in danger of falling out.

There was one downside to the pleasure. The arguments afterwards were definitely not fun. The crying emotional arguments. Vicky should have been penetrated, Amy kissed, and Tina fingered or a variation of. After drinking all evening, they could never remember whose turn it was for what. I certainly could not. I just wished that we could enjoy the moment. It was not meant to be a chore. I was really enjoying my sex life until the arguments.

Plus, to be honest our stamina for long foreplay and then sex was getting pathetic. We were smoking too much. We were happier sitting down drinking and smoking, than climbing on all fours on the bed. Sitting down was far easier and equally enjoyable for all concerned.

One Wednesday morning after waking up next to a hungover Amy and between urgent drags on her cigarette she had given me a rather nice smokey blowjob to deal with my morning glory. At that moment, I knew things had to change. Looking up across the room Tina was leaning her weight against the doorway, her face was reflected in the red glow from her cigarette. As she pulled the smoke into lungs the light showed her moody face. It told me that she was again looking incredibly cross at both of us.

We were rudely interrupted by the doorbell. It was nearly eleven, it would be Tiffany the post girl. Why she had to ring the doorbell, when she could have easily used the letterbox was beyond me. Part of me thought she enjoyed seeing us partially dressed opening the door. It had become a game.

She was a really pretty young blonde thing. Nice swinging ponytail. Always wore tight shorts that showed off her assets even in the depth of winter. Nice looking stocky thighs and the shorts highlighted her gorgeous chunky buttocks. I enjoyed watching her through the windows of her walking around the streets. That was of course when we had the curtains open. Because we were naked most of the time, we never really opened them.

This time Vicky collected the post. The three of us on the bed were in no way dressed enough to do so.

It was at that point, looking on at my sexy but very undressed companions, I determined that life for me and for all of them had to change. I had to get control of my life. It was spinning out of control again.

That day I concentrated for the first time in ages. I did not have drink. So, with a bit of soberness and with great reluctance. I sadly had to set to work hard trying to coerce my sexy, wonderful, smoking, and drunk housemates to move out. We all needed a change of scenery.

It took a while of subtly and not so subtly comments. After a while suggesting almost repetitively to Amy how brilliant it would be to move back in with her parents, as they could fund her now incredibly drunk life and look after her better than we could. She drunkenly agreed.

Vicky was angry with me for suggesting splitting us up and set about loudly declaring her love for me. Again, I persuaded her to move in with her mom, mostly because she could not cope living on her own once we moved out.

I also had another problem. I had to fix the car. We found a friend of a friend who managed to charge the battery and put some fuel in it. Eventually it started.

It finally meant that we could all move out.

Tina and I were so tired that we weekend. We spent hours either binning clothes that we never wore or sadly they were now far too small for us to fit into. We did pack what did fit. Then eventually got our belongings in the back of the car. I hated climbing the steps by the end of it. It was like actual exercise. Cleaning the flat took hours. All the soft furnishing, in all the rooms were ruined. Our bodily fluid stains and drink spillages were everywhere. The carpets, sofas, and mattresses were full of holes from far too many cigarette burns. It was a state. As with everything in this strange world, I needed a skip, one appeared. It took us a while, as we both needed to stop for drink and cigarette breaks, but eventually we dumped everything soft in it. Ripping up the saturated carpet was fun. Tina squatted for fun one last time in the middle of it. Nothing was salvageable.

Tina and I agreed to move closer to Tina’s parents. Well, why would I not want to be closer to the practically naked, fat, drunk, chainsmoking mother? She was identical to her daughter! We were lucky to find a nice flat on the net. It was fully furnished which was a result. We now had nothing.

But first I had to get Amy home.

I had enjoyed dropping her off rather too much as it was a pretty sexy and lovely moment. As the quarter of a bottle of vodka for breakfast meant she was again drunk that fell on her ass no sooner had she eventually coordinated enough to legs got out of the car. I enjoyed the moment she sat there with her legs spread wide bursa escort bayan apart in her very short skirt for her fat size. She was revealing between her chubby thighs what we already knew- that she had again forgotten to put any underwear on.

We knew that as she had tried to get dressed in front of us whilst sitting on the living room floor her fat legs akimbo putting on last week’s dirty wet clothes she had forgotten about, until she tripped over and landed on top of them.

Her desperate attempt to get up was wonderful to watch. She was like a delightful large white whale out of water, her hands like flippers flapping around without any grip. She was unable to stand back up. Her legs would not do what her brain wanted them to do. However, she ensured that the bottle of vodka she was carrying didn’t spill a drop. Before even attempting for a second time to stand up with her legs wide apart for balance she lit herself a supportive cigarette. Tina was too busy looking after her own lungs with deep drags on consecutive cigarettes in the passenger seat of the car to notice. I was shattered as had just unloaded the car my hands full with her luggage and of course dangling cigarette of my own.

Her mother and sister staggered out of the house, grabbing hold of the door frame for support on their way through. I just loved seeing them in their stretched, far too small tops which had risen up, highlighting their bare bulging bellies hanging over their equally stretched tracksuits. They were so drunk and Amy too heavy their stumbling around and laughing did not help the situation. They were more focused on a bottle of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. As they took stock of the situation, it was almost rehearsed the synchronized long drag, before switching the cigarette to their beer bottle hand to free one up. They finally managed to help her back up between the two of them, before almost falling on their asses themselves. It was hilarious but also concerning.

Tina was now so addicted to smoking I was probably the only person that could genuinely find her attractive, she looked amazing with her ever present cigarette dangled in the corner of her foul-tasting mouth. I could tell every time we staggered into a store or building the smell of cigarettes emitting off her was bad from how people reacted to her, maybe it was the both of us as even I myself could rarely ever smell a problem.

She rarely went shopping because she could no longer walk down the aisles so much. It was too much effort. We tried to get everything delivered when we remembered. But our new life was great. Tina’s mom would come over and spend a lot of time in our house. And although they both smoked nearly three packs of Marlboro reds a day, Tina smoked 100’s and her mother did not. I could tell her mom was jealous of her daughter’s smoking. And Tina noticed as well.

When Tina and mom got together, they would sit there and drink and smoke. I had tried to cut Tina’s drinking down. But when she got a roll with her mom, there was no stopping her. They would get louder and louder, drunker and dunker. Smoking more and more as they sat there talking absolute shite. Mainly their conversations evolved around smoking.

It got to late afternoon, after a drink induced nap, they agreed that it was time for her mom to go home. She is heavy to stagger to the car. I dropped her off at her house and helped her to the door with her large arse covered with a freshly wetting darkening wet patch stretched across both wobbling buttocks as she stumbled to her front door. I put my arm around her waist and helped her in, I may have stroked her wet arse as she then gave me a very smokey thank you kiss on the lips. I just found this whole situation was sexy as. Tina just stayed in the car smoking.

“First let’s stop and buy some cigarettes. As I only have five left!” she slurred once I got back in the car. Tina announced as she exhaled leaning her head against the window of the car before dragging hard on her cigarette.

“Really not sure we do. We have more at home?”

She slowly nodded then coughed, “I know but it stresses me out to have so few on me. What if something happens? Like a car crash or something?” She said taking a deeper drag than usual. Just the thought of going without cigarettes caused her great anxiety.

I nodded, “Okay, we should start keeping an emergency carton in the car just in case.” I contemplated. It was exciting to me to see how much control cigarette had over our lives. A disgusting, unhealthy inanimate object somehow had great power over almost every decision we made.

Chapter 2

I now had a new problem in my life. A large hole. That was not just the size of my fat girlfriend’s stretched anus. I thought I was making my life easier. I now had a bigger problem. I had not thought this through properly. In my mission to keep Tina happy, I had screwed up. I blame it on the drinking. I escort bursa had removed and now lost two thirds of my sex life. I was living with my wonderful smoking fiend of a girlfriend Tina. Who yes, I truly loved. Her smoking was fanatical, her large sweaty body was incredibly cuddly. There was now more skin than I could ever want. But being a hot-blooded woman. She understandably did not want sex with me every day. I soon realized this. I was used to having a choice. One of the three would potentially want it. Or just play with me for fun. Or I could watch them for fun.

It dawned on me, deep down I knew I was missing Amy and Vicky. Maybe even actually Bonnie and Molly. All the girls I had sex with could do something the other could not. Tina was loving, but her cigarettes took priority. Amy had that drunk reckless fun. As you could not guarantee that she could not be sober or awake enough for sex. Vicky was special. She tried her best. I really was sitting there on the sofa missing my hareem.

I needed to make amends. Sex was Tina was good when she had the enthusiasm. But with her smoking so much now the idea of being energetic was waning quickly. She got more pleasure from sitting on the sofa fingering herself whilst smoking than having energetic sex with me. For me Tina was just not Vicky. Or even Amy. I needed to see the girls. I had got use to a way of life; I needed more willing women in my life. I just could not devote myself to one girl anymore. I needed Amy, Vicky, or both back near me.

Even for my amazing skills it took a few frustrating days after that to finally reach anyone in Amy’s household. It was dawning on me that I was addicted to her as much as my cigarettes. I was getting huffy. Every time I called the phone would ring and ring. It was clear that everyone was always too drunk or asleep to answer the phone or more likely make sense of how it worked. Eventually after three days and nights of repetitively trying. I was desperate to see Amy. She answered the phone all giggly. Once she knew it was me, she soon declared her love for me. As such I invited her over to our house for dinner. Both fully aware that there was going to be much food, but plenty of smoking and drinking.

That Saturday night we knew they had arrived when Amy’s mom crashed her car into our gate with a screech and a loud thump when she came to drop off her daughter. The car windows were down and the music loud and as the three of them were drunkenly singing were badly out of tune. Amy after what seemed like ages as she fought the door handle eventually stumbled out, dangling a cigarette whilst holding two cans of beer. There were four empty ones in foot well of the car. She giggled and burped around her cigarette and smoke jumped out.

“Heeeelllooo,” she said waving her hand and cigarette around in a large loop, laughing hard and as she staggered, she almost fell backwards. Amy looked in much worse shape than before. It had only been a few weeks or months. She looked much older, her hair was a mess and her large belly had stretched up over her t-shirt and was bare over hanging her clearly days old piss-stained grey jogging bottoms. She was clearly getting fatter. From her uncontrolled hair you could tell she hadn’t showered in a few days. That was at least one thing I tried to keep on top off when she lived with me. I would wash the girls.

I pushed the car back off the gate post and we waved goodbye as it rolled into the hedge opposite. I felt good as I supportively wrapped her arm around Amy’s delightfully squidgy waist and slowly helped her up the driveway.

“Mished you twose!” she slurred as she giggled. She looked into my eyes as she stoked my face before slowly and teasingly sliding her spare hand inside my elasticated jogging bottoms. It was useful I forgot to wear my boxers as her warm hand set to work busily stoking my now easily erect member. I was genuinely pleased to see her.

I had certainly missed her too. I genuinely loved her fat extremely drunk self. As such I just had to kiss her. Partially as I was also enjoying the electrifying feeling of what her hand was doing inside my jogging bottoms. Even if Tina scowled as she looked on lit yet another cigarette and huffed. It was not long until I was standing there wearing sticky pants. I did not even care that she smiled and wiped her white gooey sticky hands on my top. Then fell down into the nearest chair and opened a beer, downed it practically in one, and then started playing with herself. I was happy I was with my two sexy girls again.

We spent the evening drinking, and smoking and exploring each other. I love playing with Amy’s fat breast and belly as Tina went down on her. It was just like the old times, and as just as before with far too much alcohol in our system we all soon passed out. At some point Tina and I staggered back to bed potentially via the bathroom. Looking at the carpet, more likely not.


The next day I woke up coughing as usual to find Tina already awake sitting up smoking furiously to catch up from a night of her dearly missed nicotine. As I shuffled up to sitting against the headboard, she handed me her lit recently lit cigarette and then got another a light for herself.

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