An Awkward Moment

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Big Dicks

Warning this story contains incest and scat sex with lots of cursing.


My name is Jane, I am a black, eighteen, with C cup breasts, a chubby build and I am roughly five foot seven, an only child and recently my life has become very confusing. It all started after I finished my senior year of high school and I was hanging out with friends or going to parties every second or so night. One particular night I was getting ready to go out with a couple of girlfriends, when I realised that one of my favourite pairs of high heels had disappeared from my wardrobe. I immediately turned to the most obvious culprit… Mum. My Mother is a gorgeous 36 year old black woman with B cup breasts, who is pushing five foot nine and has a nice slim figure. Ever since my parents got divorced my Mum has been a mess; drinking, lots of casual dating and I even found a joint in her purse once! My Mum had been trying to get laid no stop for weeks and she must have borrowed my heels for one of her pathetic blind dates or something.

I stormed into Mum’s room; knowing that she was out, I pulled open the doors of her walk in robe and started looking through the clutter which covered the floor for my shoes. I was throwing everything out in a frenzy slowly digging deeper and deeper into my Mother’s possessions. Finally I was at the back of my Mum’s closet and the only thing left, at the very back was a shoe box.

“Mum you sneaky bitch,” I said, “trying to hide my own shoes from me.”

I picked up the box moving to my Mum’s bed I removed the lid of the shoe box.

“Holy Shit”

These weren’t my shoes at all, in fact I had stumbled upon my Mum’s dildo box! Looking down into the box I could see a little pink vibrator and a large black rubber dildo. I picked up the vibrator inspecting it, slowly I turned on twisted the bottom and as it sprang to life I was instantly aroused. As I licked the tip all I could think about was the fact that I could taste my mother and she tasted good. I then proceeded to stroke the vibrator on the outside of my panty crotch thinking of my Mum’s perky tits and hot ass. Juices pouring from me I could no longer let the vibrator satisfy me, I looked to the huge black dildo. Shaking with excitement I grasped it and took it to my mouth, I hesitated. I smelt the tip carefully and if I was not mistaken this colossal black prick was indeed my Mother’s anal dildo. My pussy became more wet. An anal dildo? How exciting! I continued and started to taste my Mum’s filthy ass. It tasted sweet, earthy, comforting, dirty and was overall the biggest turn on I had ever had. Slipping off my now cum soaked panties I prepared for first impact. I had istanbul escort never tried anal and was intrigued, placing the dildo against my ass hole. Slowly it I pushed into to me, I screamed, my ass was tingling, pussy pulsing, juices dripping off me. It felt sensational as my ass hole now adjusted to the thickest part of the dildo. I was too tight though my anus began to clinch up preventing me from movement. I could feel shit in the way of my dildo, but through all this I powered through pumping my Mum’s dildo wildly in and out of my ass whimpering, groaning, and yelling with joy.



I froze, as I looked to the doorway I saw my Mum with her jaw gaping looking at something that just couldn’t be explained. I pulled the big dildo out of my ass only to realize that my poo was kinked all down the sides, with no time to clean it I put it and the vibrator back into the box and slipped back into my soaking panties.

“Mum I was not expecting you home so soon.”

“I could see that,” my mother exclaimed smugly, “what are you doing in here anyway young lady?”

“I was just looking for those cute pair of heels I got last month and thought you might have borrowed them.”

“They’re under my bed sweaty, but we have to have a very long talk.”

I sighed but at that very second I heard the doorbell ring, it was my girlfriends coming to pick me up!

“Sorry Mum we will have to talk later,” I said, “Denise is here.”

I pulled my shoes on and skipped to the door happy to see that my friends truly saved me from an awkward situation.

That night things were very awkward between my Mum and I, barley a word was shared all night and I felt really embarrassed about the confrontation and thought that my Mum was quite confused and not sure if she should confront me about the situation. I decided to take the first step and late that night a headed to my Mothers room for a dreaded ‘talk’. It had to be done. As I approached my Mothers room I was not sure if she was awake but her door was open a crack so I peeked through only to see something almost unbelievable. My Mum was lying on her bed slowly licking the tip of the black, shit covered dildo. With only licking the top quarter clean she proceeded to slip the dildo into her wet vagina. She was panting and moaning and that’s when I heard her say,

“oh Jane you naughty little cunt.”

Now I could feel myself getting wet, joining her was something I wanted more than anything in the world. I accidentally leaned into the door causing it to creak, panicking I pretended I had just entered.

“Whoa Mum, what the fuck are you doing!”

Mum freaked avrupa yakası escort out throwing the dildo on the floor and covered her naked body with her bed sheets.

“Hi sweety, sit down, we really need to talk.”

My Mother started to lecture me but all I could think about was fucking her.

“You see Jane honey all women need to release some sexual frustration and that can be done through many kinds of activities, such as masturbation.”

I could see the patch of bed sheet where my Mum’s cunt was because it was covered in her juices, I wanted her so bad, but she just continued with her rant.

“I caught you releasing that pressure this afternoon, which is only human and what you just saw then was…”

“Mum!” I interrupted.

“Yes dear.”

“Can I lick your pussy?”

My Mum just looked at me, I could see that she was thinking. She slowly lifted the sheets off herself exposing her juicy gaping cunt. I smiled at as she gestured me to get inside her and I launched myself at her as quickly as possible.

I started to pull my Mums Labia apart and put my tongue as deep as I could inside her. I could taste the flecks of shit from the dildo she was using and tried to lap up as much crap as I could. My Mum loved it so much.

“Oh Jane, shit shit shit, so good baby, AHH, yet so wrong, JUST FUCK ME.”

As she screamed this I could feel her vagina contracting, legs shaking and her juices soaked the area within a foot of her cunt. I just made my mother cum, I looked up at her and she was panting heavily with the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face in a long time.

“Good?” I asked.

“Of Jane I have never cum so hard, you are an angel, now your turn.”

I smiled and lay back on the bed waiting to be serviced. My Mum came across kissing me, shoving her tongue right down my throat. She then looked down at me smiling, I could see shit stuck in-between her teeth, my panties were soaked all the way up to the my clit, and I wanted her to fuck me so hard. I pulled off my shirt and Mum unclipped my bra for me, before forcing me back onto my back and started massaging my tits. Grabbing my breast with one hand whist licking my nipple. I could feel my juices had soaked the bed linen under me and yearned for her to touch me there. I pushed the top of her head down to my crotch, she got the message unzipping my skirt and sliding off my panties.

“Wow your wet baby,” my Mum pointed out.

“I just want this so much.”

She started by teasing me, licking the sides of my pussy.

“OH Mum.”

Two of her fingers then entered me as her lips moved bahçelievler escort to my clit. I let out a yelp in excitement. My cherry popped almost instantly and Mum started fingering me faster and faster.


I was so wet that as she fingered me my juices spat up onto Mum. I could feel a burning in my pussy and my legs were flailing uncontrollably, I couldn’t last for much longer. I could feel my Mum’s other hand pushing against my ass hole. As it entered I came, my pussy contracted forcing my Mum’s fingers out and to both of our surprises I squirted all over my mother shaking uncontrollably.


As it ended I lay on the bed panting and nearly immobilised. My own mother had given me my first and what would be one of my biggest squirting orgasms. I felt something drip onto my chest.

I looked up to see Mum standing over me with her squirt soaked hair and new this was not over yet. She spread her ass cheeks and slowly a sloppy shit slid out of my Mothers ass and onto my chest.

“Mum how did you know?”

“I saw the way you licked your shit out of me.”

The scent wafted to my face and it smelt superb.

“Fuck yes,” I whispered.

My Mum then lay on top of me pushing her breasts against mine smearing the shit against both of our chests; my Mum spread it as she wriggled backward and forward across me. I had squirted nearly a bucketful merely minutes ago, but at this moment I felt more turned on than ever. We continued to slide across each other allowing the brown gunge to spread further to our stomachs and necks sighing and groaning with pure pleasure. My Mum sat up with her legs over mine; I admired the faeces glistening on her torso. I pushed her onto her back and decided to lick her clean of shit. I placed my face to her breasts softly licking her nipples, tasting her muck.

“Of Jane keep going,” Mum pleaded.

I could feel that her nipple was now hard and I knew she wanted a taste as well. Scraping her sternum with my lower teeth I now with a mouthful of her steaming crap and I moved to her face. I kissed my Mother, feeling our tongues spiralling together with her sludge swirling to and from each other’s mouths. After the end of this lengthy kiss I sat on top of my Mum staring into her eyes. We looked at each other’s shit covered torsos.

Finally my mum said, “We really should wash up, I mean we are both covered in my shit.”

I giggled and replied, “We had a great time Mum, you can use the shower first.”

Watching my Mum’s cute but wiggle down the hall to the shower I knew this was only the first of many sexual confrontations between my Mum and me. And wondered whether I should join her in the shower.


Thanks everyone for reading and please tell me what you think and if you want more. Do you think that Jane should join her Mum in the shower?

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