An Intruder’s Assistance

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She was sitting alone on the couch. She had a book nestled in her lap. It was mid afternoon, and the sun was warming her through the open window. A light breeze blew a strand of hair out of its loose pony tail, making it tickle her neck. Sighing, she tucked it back into its place. How long had she been sitting here? It seemed like just a few minutes, but the sun had sunk to just above the trees. It had been high in the sky when she sat down here. She needed to get dinner started soon. Her love would be there within the hour.

Setting aside her book, she stood and stretched. Her legs were slightly cramped from sitting in the curled up position she had been in. She scratched both dogs’ ears and headed off to the kitchen. After scanning the fridge and pantry, she decided on pasta for dinner. She set the water on to boil and turned on the oven. She was swaying back and forth to the music playing in the background. Today had been a lazy day. She’d managed to get the laundry done, and the bathroom and kitchen clean, but nothing else. Her book had been to strong a draw. So she’d turned on classical music and disappeared into the fantasy for hours.

As she was putting her dish together, she heard the car pull into the driveway. She loved the thrill she still got when her love came home. Her heart fluttered, her breath caught in her throat, and a warm pull started in her belly. She pushed the pan into the oven, and stood up straight, to feel him standing behind her. His arm came around her in a warm embrace.

“Hey baby. How was your day?”

“It was fine. I’m glad to be home. Mmmm. Something smells delicious. Dinner smells good, too.” He nuzzled his nose down against her neck just below her hear, and pressed a kiss there.

“I’m making ziti. We haven’t had that in a while. You want something to drink? I picked up some beer this morning.”

“Sure. Mind if I go change real quick?”

“Not at all.” Their routine was fairly set. They hardly ever strayed from it. This day seemed no different. It was safe to say, their lives had become comfortable. But she didn’t mind.

She popped the top on the cold bottle and sat it on the counter. She peaked in the oven, and turned it up to broil. Nothing better than crispy cheese on top of pasta. Her hand rested on her belly. She couldn’t wait to tell him the good news. He came back in and scooped his beer off the counter, not noticing the dreamy escort ankara look in his wife’s eyes.

They ate their meal, and discussed his day at work. Toward the end, she could hardly contain herself. She started fidgeting and picking at what was left on her plate restlessly.

“Are you ok? You can’t sit still.”

“Well… I need to tell you something. I’m…”

Just then a loud bang sounded through the house. The both jumped and looked at the door, It was still locked. But when they turned around, they found a man standing at the entrance to the kitchen with a gun in his hand.

“Good evening folks. Just passing through. I need a place to hide for a little while. You don’t mind if I rest here do you? There are some people looking for me, and I expect they’ll be here any minute.”

She could see the look of terror on her husbands face. He knew what she had been about to tell him. And now this man was standing here threatening it all. But what could they do? They were sitting at the dinner table with nothing more threatening than a fork near them.

“If we tell them you aren’t here, will you leave?”

“Oh sure. No problem. I just need to sit here for a bit, until I know they’re outta the area. Your pretty wife here, could get me some of that nice looking pasta while we wait.”

She didn’t waste any time. She stood and went to the cabinet for a clean plate. When she turned back around, the intruder was right behind her.

“Just making sure you weren’t going for a weapon of some kind.”

As she passed him with the plate he slapped her ass. She glared at him and dropped the plate of food onto the table.

No more than five minutes passed before there was a knock on the door. Her husband went to the door while she shuffled their “guest” off to the bedroom. She met her husband at the door and smiled at the police officer nervously.

“Sorry to disturb you tonight. We’re looking for a man who escaped custody after a murder tonight. We are checking everywhere near where he was last seen. You haven’t seen anything have you?”

Her husband replied firmly, “No sir. He isn’t here.”

At the same time, in a soft whisper, she said, “He’s in the bedroom!”

The officer just stood there stunned for a moment. She could tell he wasn’t sure he’d heard her correctly. But within seconds, he was moving again. “Well thank you for your time. I’ll get sincan escort out of your hair.” As he was talking he was signaling to his partner at the car. Seconds later six more cars pulled into their yard. The first officer pulled them outside while twelve more filed into their home in full riot gear.

Time stood still. It seemed like forever before she heard shouting. Then there was silence. Moments later, the cops all started filing back out. The last three through the door were two officers leading the intruder. He looked over at the couple and smiled.

“Well thanks for dinner. Nice meeting you folks. Guess I won’t be seeing you again, since I’ll probably receive the death penalty for the stunt I pulled tonight. Bye.”

And just like that, they were all gone. She was shaking on the inside and out. Her limbs felt cold and she couldn’t breathe. Right before she collapsed, her love’s arms caught her. He guided her inside and shut and locked the door. They sat down on the couch and she screamed for him to shut the windows. That had to have been how he had gotten in. One of the screens was missing.

She sat there rocking back and forth for a while. Her husbands arms were wrapped tightly around her. He was rocking with her. Now out of his own need, but as a need to stay with her. When the ringing stopped in her ears, she turned into his embrace. He’d always been so strong. She didn’t know how he was taking this so well. She sobbed against his shoulder once, then looked up into his green eyes. She saw there all the strength she would ever need. She reached up and gripped his face in her hands. Her kiss was hot and passionate.

He met her passion with his own. He knew he could have lost the love of his life tonight, and their unborn child. The thought was too much. He groaned softly as her nails dug into his shoulders.

Her hands were tearing at his shirt. She ripped the fabric and sank her teeth into his shoulder. She didn’t know what was fueling this need, but she had to have him. She needed to feel him under her. It was as if by touching she could absorb his strength. She reached between them and slid his sweat pants down. She gripped his prick in her hand and started working it.

As soon as his waist band slid past his cock, he felt the heat coming from his wife. She was poised over him with her skirt around her waist and her hand wrapping around his member. demetevler escort She looked almost feral. He hadn’t seen this side of her in a while. He hadn’t realized how much he missed it until now. He wrapped his hands around her hips and moved her over him. In one move he was inside her. He felt her walls contract around him. Her low throaty moan almost sent him over the edge. He just held himself there, not wanting it to end too fast.

It felt like forever that he just held himself there. She contracted her inner muscles massaging her husband’s rod without moving. But it soon became too much. She started rocking on him, driving him farther into her. Her first orgasm came suddenly without warning. She shuddered on top of him and let out an animal scream in ecstasy. She collapsed, unable to hold herself any longer.

He didn’t think it was possible, but he was even more turned on than he had ever been. The woman he loved had just ridden him and cum so hard she couldn’t move. He hadn’t had to to a thing. When she stopped gasping for air he rolled them over without losing penetration. He was going to make her cum again before he got his own release. She reached her hands up to grip his shoulder and he grabbed her wrists pinning them above her head.

He started slowly, pushing in and out, building speed and strength with each thrust. Soon he was pounding her sweet pussy, making his balls slap against her ass. He was afraid he was hurting when her heard her whimper. But then the whimper turned into pleas.

“Harder! Oh god! Just like that. Don’t stop. Holy shit I’m gonna cum again! Oh god ohhhhhhhhh I’m Cuuuuummmmmiiiiiing!” She screamed and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper into her with her heels. She felt him press up against her cervix. This brought on a whole new sense of pleasure, starting her orgasm over.

He felt her cum twice in quick succession. The second time was too much. With one last thrust he spilled his seed deep in her. The after shocks seemed to go on forever. This had to have been the best sex of his life. Never before had he felt this amazing. This sated.

They lay together sweating and panting on the couch for a long time. Eventually they rose and found a more comfortable position. They just sat there holding each other, not wanting to let go.

They didn’t talk about the home intrusion ever again. But they both knew when the other had been thinking about it, because that night their love making would become raw, intense fucking. They never thought that something like a near death experience could be exactly what they needed to keep their sex lives alive for a lifetime.

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