An Old Memory Pt. 02

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From cock to cock I went, sucking each but not taking it down my throat. The other two cocks were above average in length but not as thick as Jack’s. So when Jim began to feel he was going to shoot his load, he pulled my head down onto his cock and it slipped down my throat as I gagged and panicked. Jack said, “Don’t breath, just let it go; he’ll cum right down your throat, boy. Take it, yeah, that’s it!”

I had begun to jerk off as Jim first entered my mouth, so as he shot his load down my throat I gagged and shot my own load. When finished he slowly pulled his cock out until it still rested on my face; his hand still gripped my hair, so he began to smear his cock over my face and my tongue lapped whatever it could reach.

“Enough, already, man,” Mark said as he pulled me closer and jammed his cock in my mouth. “Take this cock, you cock-whore. Yeah, baby, suck it good.”

I began to realize I loved being man-handled and ordered about, and the idea of having a cock in my mouth all the time flashed through my mind. My cock-still as hard as steel-had me stroking it almost immediately. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and ordered me to suck his balls; I did, and he stroked his cock, his hand bouncing off my forehead. “Oh, my God,” he moaned as he jammed his cock back into my mouth and straight down my throat as he shot load after load.

Jack came back from the other side of his desk, put his hand under my chin and said, “Stand, boy, and now lean over the desk.” I followed his orders. I ultrabet yeni giriş had never had a cock up my ass, but I had played with myself, using smooth oblong objects which I lubed and inserted in my ass as I jacked-off.

Three hands fondled my legs and ass; one found its way into the crack of my ass and I felt a moist pressure on my rectum. A finger slipped in and I almost shot a load; then another finger joined him, and the pressure I felt took the wind out of me. Another hand pulled my cock and balls back up through my legs, then the fingers were pulled out and I felt someone’s mouth licking and sucking at my sphincter. The sensation was beyond anything I had ever felt and my cock exploded in the hands holding it. I heard a mixture of pleasing moaning-pleasure and giggling as the tongue entered my asshole and the face was jammed against my body. I could feel another hand scoop up the cum from my cock and it was presented to my mouth, and I licked the hand clean of cum. My mouth ached for more cock, more cum, and my asshole became the center of my universe; it spasm-ed and opened to accommodate more than just tongue, lusting after cock, my whole body was aflame with a youthful power and all-consuming lust.

Someone ate my ass for what seemed forever, and each moment brought pleasure as I never felt before. Unlike all my past experiences, I felt I could cum again and again-still rock hard and eager for the next step; and finally it came. A smearing cool sensation enveloped my entire ultrabet giriş ass crack, a finger then two entered my asshole and brought the cool sensation with it. What felt like Jack’s cock was resting in the crack of my ass, at first; then, the head began to slide up and down the slippery crack until it rested against my asshole. Jack leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Baby, this is goin’ hurt for just a moment or two; I’m goin’ take it real easy until you adjust, so don’t panic. Trust me.”

As Jack pressed his head against my asshole, Mark and Jim held my arms and shoulders. It pressed in and the pain shot through me like a knife; I tried to resist but they held me fast. “Just wait, baby, it’ll be all right,” Jack whispered in my ear.

And he was right. The pain slowly ebbed; I felt like I was going to shit. The other two let go of the hold they had on me and Jim moved in between me and the desk and slowly filled my mouth with cock, and the pain was gone and Jack slowly pushed in further, and then back out as Jim’s cock rose to full erection in my mouth and found its way down my throat. Mark stood next to me and found my cock and was slowly wanking it as I became more and more erect. Jack began fucking me in earnest and the others watched and tried to match his rhythm. Like firefly to lightening, my old sexual experiences to this amazing multiple experience-I choked on Jim’s cock as it fucked my mouth and my own cock felt like it was truly, literally going to explode, and my asshole ultrabet güvenilirmi was the center of the universe. I wanted this moment in time to last forever. My asshole and my mouth were both gaping maws that wanted to be filled with cock, day and night, night and day. Jack pounded me as Jim stuffed my gullet; I imagined a pig, apple in mouth and stuffing of some sort up his ass, on the spit. I thought, a far-away blink of consciousness, that I could remain like this forever.

Jim emptied his balls down my throat as Jack suddenly moaned and groaned as if he were dying-thirty seconds or so later, he emptied his balls in my ass, and I -with Jim pulling out of my mouth, and Jack leaning against me, breathing heavily and noisily in my ear-shot another load. I truly saw stars and fireworks. I assumed we were finished, but Jack pulled out of me and his hand wiped my ass crack and a second later another cock immediately rubbed against my hole, and it must have opened as Mark’s smaller cock easily entered me. The pain was brief as he quickly pounded away at my ass. Amazingly, my own member, having just unloaded on the desk, jumped in response. Jack’s hand came to my mouth and he said, “This my cum from your ass and your ass juices, lick my hand clean, cum-slut.” My eyes were closed as fireworks danced across my eyelids, so I obeyed immediately, eagerly licking the pungent moisture from his hand as he inserted his fingers for me to suck clean. My mind knew what was before me, but it just made me hornier and lustful for more cock, more cum, more ass juice, whatever. It was right then I became aware of what they knew already, that I was a pig that would do anything for lust.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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