And Then You Can Do It To Me

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Author’s Note: I was flattered by the immense response I have received regarding the ending of this story. Sorry it has taken so long to get this posted, but I wanted to wait until the responses stopped coming in. And after that my whole system crashed and took forever to get fixed. But here I am back, and by an overwhelming 4to1 demand, the main character from “You show me how it is done…” will descend further into sissiness. Thanks to all who wrote in to vote… I’ve tried to include as many of your suggestions as possible, but obviously not everything can happen in one story. Look for other stories along this theme in the future. As well I am writing another ending for those of you who wanted to see the main character regain his manliness; look for it in the future.


The whole time I was doing the dishes I could hear the murmur of them talking and laughing in the living room, and it was driving me nuts. After the required half an hour I entered the living room carrying a tray on which sat the dessert Cindy had instructed me to serve; A large bowl of strawberries and a can of redi-whip whip cream. As I entered I saw Cindy curled up in Jim’s lap, leaning sideways into his chest, his arm draped easily around her shoulders, fingers tracing the neckline of her scoop-neck dress. Her hand, the one visible at least, was caressing his chest thru his shirt.

Cindy saw me enter and demanded I kneel before them and hold the tray above my head for them to snack from. The position placed me roughly between Jim’s knees, and my head was just a little bit higher than Cindy’s hips. I held the tray as they fed each other the strawberries and cream, and watched shaking as their lips and tongues teased each other’s hands as they ate. As was bound to happen Jim dropped a particularly coated strawberry, and it landed on her bare chest. He went to pick it up but she told him no, that he should use his mouth. He grinned in my direction as he lowered his head to her bare chest, sucking up the strawberry and passing it to her with his mouth. She ate it as his head returned to her chest and licked up the cream as she moaned approval.

After a few moments she looked me in the eye and ordered me to put my tray down; I did as I was told, placing it on the side table. She directed me to open all the buttons of her dress “so that my lover can see my body.” I was nauseated, but with shaking fingers I began to undo them, starting at the top and working down until her dress fell completely open, exposing her beautiful body to his gaze. He smiled at her and then proceeded to work his way down to one of her rock hard nipples, licking it and sucking it. She reached up and held his head to her breast and moaned. I sat sickly but obediently by as I watched his hand push her thighs apart and begin to finger my wife. I watched as she fucked his mouth with her firm tit while he pumped his now cum-slicked fingers in and out of her tight cunt, her hips bucking up to meet his intrusions for several minutes before I heard her moan, “Jim I need you inside me.” I almost puked! My sexy wife was going to fuck him! But even that didn’t prepare me for what came next.

Jim smiled darkly and easily lifted Cindy up as he stood. She moaned in protest bahis siteleri as his hand slipped from her snatch, but quickly responded when he pushed down on her shoulders. She knelt beside me facing him and I watched as she welcomed him into her mouth. He groaned and stroked her head as she swallowed his length relatively easily, despite the fact that he was larger than I am. I tried to look away, but Cindy noticed and reached over and grabbed my head and dragged it next to hers. Jim’s cock left her mouth with a loud pop, and she harshly whispered into my face, “If you don’t want to watch bitch, then you do it!” I saw fire in her eyes and before I had a chance to protest she pried my mouth open and jammed Jim’s cock into it!

Jim laughed and grabbed my head in both hands, making it impossible to break from his strong grip. She rocked back on her feet and began laughing as Jim violated my mouth, first slowly but then faster and deeper. I brought my hands up to fight but Cindy grabbed them and pulled them behind my back, tying them there with my apron strings. After that she stood and walked around, surveying the scene, laughing at me and telling me what a whore I looked like. I caught glimpses of her as she strut around, stroking Jim’s body, kissing him, pumping his hips into my mouth harder; several times I almost gagged but managed not to.

After awhile she got down on her knees behind Jim and I watched as she slid on her knees between his thighs, head tilted way back and mouth open like a baby bird begging for a meal. The meal turned out to be Jim’s balls, which she managed to get into her mouth – I watched as she sucked and moved them around in her mouth. Jim went nuts! He moaned out loudly and fucked my face harder… I gagged and began to dry heave as he pulled his cock out of my sore mouth. He reached down and motioned for Cindy to stand, and she did so with one last lick of his sack.

He positioned her over top of me, so that my head was sandwiched in between her thighs; she clamped tight so I couldn’t move. He roughly jerked my chin up, forcing me to stare up. I was terribly uncomfortable, kneeling in my maid outfit between Cindy’s legs, my forehead pressed against the skin above her neatly trimmed bush, but then again I had no choice. From this position my world consisted of her bush in front of my eyes, my nose against the top of her VERY wet slit, and about 6″ of space behind her. I could barely see him as he stood behind her, looking down laughing at me. “Good boy… I mean girl,” he laughed. “You’re going to love this part.”

With both hands he maneuvered his cock, which looked huge from this angle, towards her pussy, and I watched and heard as he penetrated her slickness, only a bit at first but easily sliding deeper. I thought I was going to puke as I listened to her cry out “Fuck me, fuck me harder Stud. Yes, that’s it, give me a REAL man’s cock. Oh god, you’re so BIG!” Indeed he was, as I watched her stretch to accommodate his girth. I then started to feel something moving against my forehead, and after a few minutes I realized with horror that I was feeling the tip of Jim’s cock thrusting deep inside Cindy! I had little time to think about it because next thing I knew he was buried completely canlı bahis siteleri in her, which meant his wet balls were slapping me in the face with each thrust.

I knelt there, abused and battered as they fucked a mere inch from my face, watching as her cunt desperately clung to his cock as he pulled back, only to eagerly accept his length with each thrust. She was so wet it began oozing down my nose; the smell of her hot sex was all I could smell. They were very vocal, Jim describing how good she felt around his meat and Cindy begging him for more, promising him anything if only he’d continue. After awhile Jim thrusting became more urgent and I knew he was close. Except the bastard had something else in mind… he reached in between them and grabbed my chin and forced my mouth open and let his balls drop inside! They felt heavy on my tongue and filled up my whole mouth. I heard Jim command “Suck my balls Sissy, suck my balls while I cum in your wife!”

I was numb as I began to suck and use my tongue to roll his nuts around in my mouth, but it must have been good because he shouted out “Yes!” and began fucking her slower but much, much deeper. This continued only for a few minutes before I felt them begin to tighten and his motions became jerkier. I also felt Cindy begin to thrust against my nose, and from all the time going down on her I knew that she too was ready to cum. Then almost without warning I felt his sack clench and begin to pulse while I sucked on it – he was cumming in my wife! I started to cry as I realized my sucking his balls was almost like milking him dry, squeezing all his cum inside of her. Cindy came then and I thought she was going to break my nose as she bucked against it, lost in her own orgasm.

When things had subsided I could hear them laughing, you know the “that was a great fuck” giggle that couples get after mind-blowing sex. I opened my sore mouth and allowed Jim’s balls to slip from me, hanging loose, their load spent. When he slipped out of Cindy the dam was opened and all his cum came running out of her freshly fucked cunt, coating my nose, lips and chin. When I was cover there she moved further up my head, coating my eyelids and forehead… he must have cum a gallon! When she was finished draining on me she slid off my head, wiping her pussy on my hair. I was paralyzed and defeated as I knelt there, my upturned face coated in my wife’s lovers cum; I dared not open my eyes for fear of getting cum in them.

I knelt there listening to the sounds of their afterplay, kissing, giggling, and imagining them pressing their bodies against each other. After what seemed like an eternity I felt a whisper at my ear… it was Cindy soft, still sexy voice. “Well Jenny, that was fun… we’re going to get a shower now, try to cool off a bit. Here’s the thing though; Jim’s cum is very important to me and I don’t want to see any of it wasted. So you’re going to stay right there and not let a single drop mess anywhere but your body. If you do lose a single drop you’ll be sorry.” And with that I heard them leave the room towards the bathroom.

I knelt there for a long time, trying to fathom how my life got here, as Jim’s cum dripped down my face and neck, soaking into my skin. By canlı bahis the time I heard them return I’m sure my face looked like a glazed donut. They were laughing and I could imagine them walking hand in hand towards me. I heard their soft footfalls as they circled around me, then suddenly I got a smack in the back of the head and I heard Cindy’s angry voice. “You stupid slut! You let some drop on the floor!” My head was forced to the floor like you would do to a dog who made a mess… she began calling me down as useless, unable to even act as a cum receptacle for her lover’s jizz… I couldn’t do anything right, etc. To tell you the truth I was going to have to take her word for it… all I could smell was the cum up my nose and my eyes were crusted shut.

After calling me down some more she roughly grabbed me and dragged me over to what felt like the couch and bent me over the back of it. I was wondering what was going on when all of a sudden I felt a burning pain across my ass… she was spanking me! She gave me twelve good lashes with who knows what, all the time yelling at me what a waste I was. I numbly took it, unable to fight anymore. After twelve I heard Jim suggest that there was a better way to teach me a lesson, and then some mumbling. Cindy laughed out loud and cried “Excellent!”

I heard them move around, the back of my skirt was raised, and I felt a pair of hands begin to pull my panties down… Jim’s hands! Enough was enough! This was not going to happen! I tried to fight but Cindy pinned me to the couch with her body and Jim’s hands held my thighs in place. They were laughing at my struggling and at me, and I felt Cindy’s hands reach over my back and spread my ass cheeks apart. Something wet is squirted between them and I feel her fingers begin to work it into my asshole. It had been so long since she touched me at all that I found myself getting aroused by her attention. All too soon they pulled away and I felt the head of Jim’s cock begin to push into me. I clamped shut as tight as I could, but he kept pushing… I felt him force into me. It burned as I clenched and I began to cry. Cindy began slapping my ass hard and telling not to be such a baby. In surprisingly little time Jim had invaded me completely, and thankfully he gave me a tiny bit of time to adjust to his size before he started fucking me.

Cindy sat in front of me, holding my head in her hands. It would have been sweet had I not been being ass-raped by her boyfriend. She kept up a running monologue, cracking jokes about how well I was taking it, the look on my face, telling me what a natural cock slut I was, etc. After a thankfully short amount of time I felt him unleash is jizz deep into my belly… Cindy maked me moan as if I was a woman having an orgasm, then laughed at me. He pulled out of me quickly, causing me to gasp and moan in distress… my ass felt so violated. He laughed, “Maybe you can hang onto my cum this time, it being inside you and all.” I lay there bent over as they talk for a bit, and Cindy asked him to stay for the night; he agreed. Before they head to our, I guess I mean their, bedroom Cindy comes over to me and whispers in my ear once again.

“You better get used to the feeling of a cock up your ass Jenny, because I like watching that. Tomorrow I am going to put an ad in the newspaper to find guys who want to fuck a pathetic little sissy like you… That’s your future Cunt… sleep well.” As I listen to them walk away laughing I begin to sob quietly….

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