Angel in my Bed

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I trudged through the puddle coated sidewalk, the rain pelting my umbrella. The downpour had just started a few minutes ago as my workday had come to an end, but it was really coming down hard. I looked down at my shoes as I walked. I was tired and exhausted from the day’s work. The rain wasn’t the only thing that was hard at the moment. All I wanted to do was get home out of this cold rain and into my warm bed to jack off and get some sleep.

Like the surprise of a thunder clap, something pummeled me from above, knocking me and my umbrella to the wet pavement with a splash. A little dazed, I got up and retrieved my umbrella in vain as it had broken this guy’s fall. Wait, what? I turned around to see that what had crashed into me was a young man. He picked himself up out of the puddle and grumbled to himself as he tried to shake off the impact.

“Woah, are you ok man?” I asked him over the sound of the still pouring rain.

“Yeah, I think so,” he looked himself over. “Fucking soaked though.” We laughed a bit at this together. Feeling obligated and still a little horny, I figured I should help this young man and get him out of the rain. I offered him to come dry off at my place since it was so close. He agreed, and we began to walk without much cover from the downpour.

“I’m Sarandiel by the way.” We shook cold slippery hands.

“Lincoln,” I replied. “What kind of a name is Sarandiel?” I joked.

“It’s biblical.” He shrugged. Boy was it ever.

We reached the door and hurried into the warmth behind it. We shook off the excess water in the entryway and peeled off our soaked outer layers. I couldn’t help but stare at Sarandiel across from me as he hung up his coat. He was fit in a swimmer kind of way. He had golden brown skin that made his olive green eyes pop. Short, curly, blond hair topped it all off like a ribbon on a gift. Before he could catch me staring, or before he could realize I had a boner, I announced I was going to get some towels.

I returned with them shortly and handed some to Sarandiel. I tended to drying myself and began to take off my shirt. My face buried inside it, I asked him if he’d like me to make some coffee or something to warm us up.

“That sounds great,” he agreed behind me. I made my way to the kitchen with my towel over my face. I began preparing the beverages. I daydreamed about how I would get this guy to stay longer, and what would happen if I managed to do so. My cock daydreamed along with me in my slacks.

I heard him enter the room from behind me after the coffee machine beeped. I began to turn toward him and speak, but I was cut off by complete and utter shock.

Not only had Sarandiel removed his shirt to reveal his muscular figure, but he had also revealed tremendous, soft golden brown feathery appendages sprouting out from his shoulder blades. What I was about to say became a blundering mess. The coffee mugs which I was holding had of course clattered to the almanbahis yeni giriş ground.

He saw that I was troubled but didn’t seem to realize the reason. “Wings?!” Was all I had managed to blurt out.

“Oh yeah, I thought it was obvious- I did fall like, right on top of you,” he laughed. He resumed drying off his upper half as if nothing had happened. I slowly came to my senses and elected to ignore the mess on the kitchen floor in favor of this beautiful wonder in front of me.

I approached Sarandiel in awe. He acknowledged my curiosity and offered me his towel. “Could you maybe help me out? My back is pretty hard to reach.” I accepted the towel and moved behind him, never taking my eyes off his wings. I gently dabbed the towel on his damp, delicate feathers. I found my voice again and asked, “Is this ok?” He sighed pleasantly and agreed.

I couldn’t help but reach out and feel his feathers in my hands. They were so soft. Sarandiel responded well to my touch with another happy sigh and a little flitter of his wings. The excitement was getting to my pants which was creating a now painful bulge. Sarandiel felt it pressing into his backside and responded by pushing back into it. I gasped and my mind began to race. Was this even really happening?

Sarandiel turned to face me, a wicked grin spread across his. He was a little taller than me, so looked down at my lips with hooded eyes. His bare chest pressed against my own. He pressed his palm against the front of my still soaked pants. It sent a shiver up my spine and I bit my lip.

“Do you think your bed is a little warmer than the kitchen Lincoln?” He quipped. I exhaled heavily as I took his hand in mine and hastily led him up the stairs to my bedroom.

Once I closed the door behind us, Sarandiel spun me around and picked me up in his strong arms. We plopped down onto my bed with my legs wrapped behind Sarandiel’s back just under his wings. I began to breathe heavier as he ground his crotch into mine. I could feel him stiffen against me. My thoughts became foggy as I held the face of an angel in my hands, breathing him in for a kiss. His lips pressing into mine felt like waves crashing over sandy shores.

He moved his hands down to undo my belt, still grinding into me. He reluctantly stopped and pulled away from our kiss to pull down my rain soaked slacks. He tossed them aside leaving me in my briefs under him. The air on my cold damp legs sent chills throughout my body. Sarandiel lowered his body down onto me, bringing the warmth back with him. His wings curled around us creating a warm cocoon. I pulled him in to resume our kiss as he moved his hand down again and into my briefs.

He found my cock inside and began to squeeze his hand around the tip. I moaned deeply into his lips. He smiled and laughed against me. “You like this?” He continued squeezing slowly up and down. “Mmm yes, I need more,” I moaned desperately. “What do we say?” He almanbahis giriş toyed with me. “Please,” I whined. “Good boy,” He giggled and licked the tip of my nose playfully.

Sarandiel kissed down my neck and pecs as he slowly pulled down my briefs. My hard on sprung out and he tossed the underpants aside. I was completely naked beneath him. He wrapped his soft strong hand around my cock again and kissed me deeply before lowering his tongue onto my cock.

I gasped and threw my head back into the sheets upon entering his hot mouth. He giggled and the vibrations sent shockwaves up my spine. I arched my back and he put his hands under me to hold me in place. His tongue wrapped around the underside of my dick and he pumped his head up and down. I became so lost in the sensations that I had neglected my angel. “What about you?” I gasped between moans.

“What about me?” He giggled, looking up into my eyes, my cock still halfway in his mouth.

“Come here,” I breathed through my gasps. Sarandiel took one last long stroke of my dick with his mouth before moving back up my body, meeting me at the top with another deep kiss. He kissed me like we had known eachother for years, but it was only minutes ago when we met in the drenching rain.

I reached down between us and fumbled to undo his jeans. He reached down to help pull them down and get them off. I found my angel’s dick in his boxers and began stroking eagerly. “Off off off!” He exclaimed as he pulled down his underpants himself. I continued pumping my hand around his cock, twisting my hand around it and bringing my thumb around the head. We began moaning into eachother’s mouths as we kissed and drowned in pleasure.

My cock ached for more attention, so I held both of our dicks in my hand and stroked them together. Sarandiel began to slowly fuck my hand like this. I reached my other hand around him to squeeze his ass in my palm. His wings began to flitter excitedly. His moans were getting more intense. I wasn’t ready for him to cum just yet, so I sat up underneath him. He looked a little disappointed, but he got the message when I flipped around onto my stomach.

Sarandiel took my left ass cheek in his hand to steady himself as he adjusted his position. He grabbed the other cheek firmly and spread them apart before diving tongue first between them. I gasped and moaned as he ate me out. He plunged his tongue deeper into me and moved it all around inside. I began to squirm under him. I needed more or it felt like I couldn’t go on.

He got up on his knees and turned me over again to face him. He bent over me for a kiss as he toyed with my hole with his fingers. I groaned into his mouth when they slid into me. I needed his fingers to be replaced with his cock. I took it in my hand and began stroking to excite him about what was to come.

He giggled again as he pulled his fingers from me and brought them to my lips. I sucked them into my mouth and looked almanbahis güvenilirmi deeply into my angel’s eyes. He smiled and took my lips into his again as he lined up his dick to penetrate me. Sarandiel’s wings enveloped us again and he began to push himself into me. I hissed and reached out for his thighs on either side of me, gripping them tightly. My own were pressed against my chest; I was all folded up so I could get fucked by this beautiful angel.

Once Sarandiel bottomed out, he stopped there and turned upright, my legs now in his hands and his wings splayed out behind him proudly. He looked down at me expectantly through hooded eyes. “Don’t make me beg,” I breathed. He knelt there still and unmoving. “Oh I’m making you,” he grinned. “Beg for me Lincoln.”

I arched my back and tried to hump into him. “Come on, beg for what you want.”

“Ngk, please move, oh god, please fuck me Sarandiel,” I panted.

“Fuuuck, there’s a good boy,” Sarandiel replied. He began to fuck my ass painstakingly slowly. With each thrust and drawback, I wanted more and more.

I pressed my palm into his chest and pushed him backwards onto the bed. I went forward with him, still connected, but now I straddled him with his wings spread out beneath us. I leaned forward to kiss him and laid out my hands in the feathers of his wings on either side of us. I ran my fingers through the soft downy feathers. This received a squeal from my angel and I was elated.

I sat back and began to ride him. Our hands grasped at eachother’s bodies desperately. My hands laid across his chest occasionally grazing his nipples. His hands rested on my hips. He squeezed them and dug his nails in. Our moans melded together in the air as we were lost in the pleasure.

Sarandiel moved back on top of me again to free his wings. We looked strongly into one another’s eyes while he drove his cock in and out of my ass. I hooked my ankles together behind his ass. He took hold of my throbbing cock and I closed my eyes, completely enveloped in pleasure. My hand joined his on my cock to help meet the rhythm of his own dick which was sending shockwaves through me.

His wings began to flap about above us and he sped up his thrusts into me. “Lincoln- ahh, Lincoln I’m gonna cum,” he moaned. All I could muster then was “Mmmm,” as I already was myself. I clenched my asshole around him. Our hands around my cock squeezed out spurt after spurt of cum. My head tilted back into the sheets and I cried out in ecstasy. Sarandiel continued pounding my ass. Suddenly, his wings were thrashing all about. He bit his lip and groaned, “ugh fuck, fuck-” He pulled out of me and grabbed hold of his dick, stroking it wildly as sloppy spurts of cum evacuated from his balls. He sat gasping on his knees for a minute before collapsing onto my own heaving chest.

I let my hands explore the feathers behind him and kissed his cheek. He twitched in response and folded his wings around us once again. His fingers found my hair and played with it absentmindedly. We laid there in a heaving pile before we spoke again. “Are we warm enough now?” We laughed raspily and drifted off to sleep in one another’s naked embrace, the angel’s wings blanketing us in a warm and soft cocoon.

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