Another Addicted Story ch. 6-8

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This isn’t my story, however I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it.
It has 24 chapters and you can find it on storiesonline. If you don’t like any of the themes, you don’t have to read it. I hope you enjoy the story.


by Pariahsol

Chapter 6: Flashback Daddy Duties

After hearing what my vivacious 16 year old just told me I remembered a conversation that I had with Philip Johnson, the starting defensive end at IU, all those years ago. He had a baby girl the same month as Barbara was born. We were at Visions Gentleman’s Club and started talking about raising daughters and what if they wanted to become a stripper. Philip said that seeing his daughter naked on a stage would be like watching his parents fuck; it shouldn’t happen. My response to him was to ask him if that meant he had to quit shagging his wife when the kids hit puberty. Hell no he said, he was going to be a horny old man shagging anything and everything.

I noticed that a svelte young black girl had entered the stage to disrobe while slowly walking from one side of the stage to the next enticing tips. I pointed her out and Philip said her name was Destiny, but it was actually Farnece and she went to IU. He liked her hard nipples but didn’t think her ass was big enough. I told him to imagine that she was his daughter, how would he feel?

Without hesitating, he said that he would rush up to the stage to get her off of it. When I asked why he said was because that was his job, to protect her. What was he protecting her from? From guys like him and I who were looking at her like a piece of meat, wanting to eat her up. But what if she wanted to be looked at that way? Too bad he had said, that was the role of the father, to protect his baby girl.

This conversation confused me. Before I could ask more, his regular lap dancer showed up and ground her big ass on his crotch, asking him if he wanted to give her a ride and then he was gone. I left not much later, went home and stood over my girl as she slept in her crib. Ann’s father was very protective of her; the time I went to pick Ann up for our first date, her father pulled a shotgun on me and pulled the trigger. The gun was empty but the threat that if I harmed his girl, I would get both barrels was not. I thought about why fathers protected their girls so vigorously. I didn’t like the answer I came up with.

The only answer that made any sense to me was that the fathers were jealous. Some snot nose punk was going to do something to their little angel that society said they weren’t allowed to do. That answer made me sick to my stomach and here I was wondering how I could protect my girl.

“Let me ask you this Barbara. How would you feel when girls you go to school with say things about you because you posed naked?”

“Honestly dad, no different then I feel right now?”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that I don’t have a lot of friends at school because all of the guys and some of the girls want nothing more than to grab my boobies and the rest of the girls are extremely jealous of my boobies. There has been at least six break ups at school because the girls caught their boyfriends ogling my chest. Which by the way, I find hilarious. Daddy, you have told me time and time again to be happy with who I am. Who I am is someone who likes the attention my chest gives me.”

“But what if it is the wrong attention?”

“What is the wrong attention daddy? I don’t drink or smoke. I have no desire to do drugs. I want to have sex before I try something like Ecstasy.”

I wanted to point out to my angel that Ecstasy was a drug but instead blurted out, “You are a virgin?”

“Well yeah.”

“But you hang out with Josh and Tony.”

“Who hang out with me so they don’t get tormented for being gay.”

“They are gay?”

“Yes daddy, they would rather hook-up with you then me.”

“Oh. Do me a favour baby, will you?”

“Anything daddy.”

“Before you make any decisions about posing nude or what not, make sure we have another sit down discussion. And just so you know, the wrong type of attention is where a guy can’t control his urges and rapes you or worse. Think about that too.”

“I think I can easily do the first one for you dad, as for getting raped, I am not walking around teasing the guys, half my clothes aren’t even skin tight, so my chances of getting raped is no worse than when Mrs. Willow was last year.”

Mrs. Willow was a widow who lived three streets down, she was targeted to be raped not because of her looks but because she was seventy seven. Her sons made her move into a retirement home after the rape occurred.

“What about losing my cherry? Do you want to talk about that one ahead of time too?”

Where the fuck did that one come from?

“I, uh, thought that was something your mother was going to cover.”

“I have tried talking to her about it. A couple of times.”

“You did? And what did she say?”

“The first time she said I was too young to talk about something like that and the second time I brought it up, she screamed at me that I was going to be a virgin until I was twenty eight.”

Why am I not surprised that was my puri-tyrannical wife’s response.

“Would you like to talk to me about when you feel like you are ready to take that step?”


“Whoa, calm down there baby, you about knocked my eye out with those things.”

“Sorry daddy.”

“No problem. Now, let me talk to your mother about you and sex and this surgery she wants you to have. Okay?”

“Okay daddy, you are the best.”

And then she hugged me real tight and went up to her room.


Chapter 7: I Have the POWER!

The next day I get another call from Dr. Cole’s office; Shannon said that it wasn’t an emergency this time but Dr. Cole would still like to see me if possible. I told her I had a couple of hours free at lunch time and would be there around eleven, eleven thirty.

Shannon gave me a queer look when I entered, so I asked her if everything was alright, she hesitated before stating that Dr. Cole religiously took her lunch with her husband from eleven thirty to one but today she made an excuse to see me and had her cancel the rest of her appointments for the afternoon. I wanted to ask Shannon if she thought the good doctor was cheating on her husband with me, but I knew that answer.

Elizabeth wasted no time, once she shut the door behind her; she took off her white lab coat and pulled off her turtle neck sweater, showing that she was not wearing a bra. The turtle neck also hid the hickeys all along her neck and down to her nipples. I couldn’t help myself and asked if she had fun last night. She grabbed another sample container off of her desk, shaking it as if to say, ‘we have some unfinished business’ before telling me that yes, her husband took real good care of her last night, just as he always does before she engulfed my hardening rod.

I let my self savor her talented mouth before I got down to the business I was interested in, asking her if she found anything out or did she get greedy and devour the second sample last night. She stopped what she was doing to confirm that she did what I told her and used the second sample to run tests on; in fact she was actually rather productive. She wanted a third sample to send out for tests that she couldn’t do at her office and if I was willing, she would also like another sample for her palate. I asked her to tell me what she found out and if she couldn’t talk with my stalk in her mouth then to stop the sucking until she was done telling me what she knew. She was not to be deterred from enjoying herself on my dick, but she did pull back from the sucking and concentrated on licking with the tip of her tongue, all of the sensitive spots she could find.

She did think that my sperm was indeed addictive but that she thought it was limited to be addictive orally and rubbing it in the skin doesn’t seem to be very effective, nor did she think vaginal insertion would have an much of an effect, but she wasn’t sure why. She theorized that the high levels of pheromones in my semen was the main culprit causing the addiction but that the pheromones hitting the olfactory glands was not strong enough, but the supplementary gray liquid being produced seemed to make the pheromones much stronger to ones sense of taste, which is why she wanted to send the next sample to an outside lab.

When I asked her if she figured out anything else, she paused for a long moment and then released the real kicker. She wasn’t sure but from what she experienced with me yesterday and some chemicals she thought she detected in the sample, that someone who imbues my sperm would be susceptible to my wishes and commands.

That one took a few minutes for my mind to wrap itself around; during my silence Elizabeth wasted no time lavishing my leaking dick with her exquisite oral attention.

“Why do you think that my sperm will give control over another person?”

Elizabeth didn’t pause to answer me until she had taken me all the way to the root twice in quick succession. “Two things, the strength of your pheromones in your sample and each time you asked me a direct question yesterday, I had every intention of lying or disguising the honest answer from you, I definitely was not going to admit that I had scarfed down, let alone touched one of your sperm samples, but I couldn’t lie to you. I just couldn’t. After my husband satisfied me last night, well actually, we got done early this morning, I still couldn’t sleep as my mind replayed everything we said, and how my first response was to tell you the truth even with responses that I had agreed to lie to you about. The outside tests should confirm what chemicals are active in your sperm but I am pretty sure it is going to come back filled with something akin to what is found in the so-called date rape drugs, only more potent.”

“Is there a possibility of this coming back to haunt me? That some company or even the government will want to test me like a guinea pig?”

“No, your sample will not contain anything to reference you; the item number will be a six digit number I am going to think of on my own. No social, no name, no address will be connected to you.”

“Thank you.”

Elizabeth muffled a ‘your welcome’ when she went back to deep throating my dick. I wasn’t ready, my mind was on too many other things than sex, but damn did she feel good.

“How long will this leaking last? How long will the effects last?” Dr. Cole didn’t pull my dick out of her throat to answer; she just looked up at me and shook her head; she didn’t know. I had more questions but I wasn’t sure if any answers were known so I let myself get distracted by Elizabeth’s excellent technique and soon I was announcing the pending explosion out the tip of my penis. At the last possible moment she pulled her mouth off and I filled the sample container. The three small dollops that missed and landed on her hand, Dr. Cole promptly licked up.

Sated, I sat back while Elizabeth stuffed my flagging dick back her mouth. The warm, soft, gentle sensation she was giving me was enough to want me to take a nap. After my head nodded once or twice, I raised and looking down I asked the only question I thought mattered at that moment.

“What next? Where do we go from here?”

Pulling her mouth off of my limp penis, Dr. Cole teased the end with the tip of her tongue before answering.

“I want to try a couple of irrational experiments.”


“Yes, things no good doctor should ever think of ordering.”

“And that is?”

“To submit your sperm to two, maybe three different test subjects and annotate their responses.”

“Test subjects? Submit? You want two or three more people to suck on my dick?” I am not sure my dick could handle any more action then quenching Dr. Cole’s needs.

“Sucking them? No, I came up with another idea this morning when I was in the shower. Your pre-cum, that you are constantly leaking has the same chemicals it seems as what is in your sperm; it is just not as strong. From the reactions you have told me about other peoples responses, the levels found in your pre-cum isn’t strong enough. So we dilute your sperm. Additionally, I am beginning to think that your sperm will not have any affect on males, or at least Ankara bayan escort straight males. I am not so sure about males that are homosexual.”

“So how do we dilute my sperm?”

“That is what I came up with in the shower; mix it with inert gelatin.”

“And have them eat jello?!?”

“No, not jello, when the gelatin hardens, it should be a nice waxy substance.”

“I used to eat some waxy candies growing up as kid, but I don’t much care for waxy candy these days, why would anyone else?”

“Not candy, lip balm.”

“Lip balm?”

“Lip balm.”

“Will it work?”

“Let’s test it now.”


“Yeah, in college I used to make my own lip balm in chemical class; I remembered how to do it and used what was left of your sample to make a few batches.”

“You did?”

“Yes, proud of me?”

“Confused really, but if you want me to be proud of you then I most certainly am. How many samples were you able to make?”

“Thank you. Three, but after testing the first sample, I found that it was too strong; I thought your pungent smell would be too much for someone to want to put on their lips.”

“Pungent? I thought you love the taste of my sperm?”

“Oh, I do, but it still has an odour to it that is on the strong side. Someone with a sensitive nose wouldn’t like lip balm made out of your sperm at all.”

“Gotcha, like my wife, who moved out of the bedroom because of the smell.”

Nodding, “Exactly.”

“How do you want to test it now?”

“Because I gave the second sample to Shannon, she is constantly chewing on her lips and I told her this was a new lip balm that was recommended to me. Shannon is always in need of lip balm and tried it right in front of me.”

“She did? But the smell?”

“Diluted, like the sperm’s effect, I called the balm Ocean Breeze and she loved it. She has been putting it on non-stop since I gave it too her this morning, each time she does she licks her lips to taste the balm, which I can only attest to the balm working on her in a more subtle way. So, let me call her in and you ask her some questions, like if she likes roast beef or the Beatles, say they are too things you like because I know she abhors them.”

“That is fine but what about you; I can’t come by here everyday so you can satisfy your addiction with my dick in your mouth.”

“You shouldn’t have to now, not with the lip balm. I have been using it on myself and it definitely curbed the edge of my desire for sucking your dick.”

“But you attacked my dick as soon as I got in the door?!?”

“That is because I was being greedy. I didn’t need to see you, I wanted to, big difference. Yesterday, I had to see you, for me it was an emergency. Today, with the lip balm the urge is there but controllably.”

“Stop and go stand in the corner with your nose touching both walls.”

I don’t know why I did that, maybe to test my control over her or test the effects of the lip balm, but I did and Dr. Elizabeth E. Cole did exactly what I said with no hint of regret or remorse. I sat there looking at her slightly sagging pale white ass with a bit of cellulite present and was surprised that my dick was hard.

“Dr. Cole, how do you feel about me ordering you to stand in the corner?”

“Embarrassed, humiliated and extremely horny. I can feel my pussy juice run down my legs.”

“Do you want me to bend you over your desk and fuck you?”

“Only if you shoot your phenomenal seed down my throat!”

“What will that do to the affect of you using the lip balm?”

“Unknown, but I am thinking that it will take up to three to ten days for your control to wear off.”

“Why is that?”

“Because that is about how long it takes for a body to flush its system completely of impurities.”

“So even if you hadn’t of had the lip balm or sucked my dick when I first came in, you would still respond to my commands?”

“Yes. Well, I think so.”

“Bend over your desk.”


Chapter 8: Infidelity Flashback

And that is how I cheated on my wife; for a third time. There I was sliding in to Elizabeth from the rear and I suddenly remembered a few years ago, when I cheated on Ann for the second time, the first since we had been married.

Business was slow and out of the blue I got a call from a Sandy Bergman who was desperate to move to Phoenix, Arizona; an emergency move with everything happening at the last moment; the worst kind of move. My jobs were mostly small local stuff, maybe a really small company move or a trip down to Cincinnati, but that was it, anything more and the big boys got the job and here was Ms. Bergman calling me, begging me to drive her car and her household items to Phoenix. I said, Sorry, not interested. A move to Phoenix would take five days minimum. I don’t charge enough for one trip to make it worthwhile and I just wasn’t interested in driving my old dilapidated second hand truck to Arizona and back.

But I am in a rush; I will pay you a thousand dollars over your asking price! I need to be on the road there tomorrow!

Lady, a thousand bucks is way over my asking price and is akin to highway robbery! There is no way in hell I will charge you that much! The big shipping companies can get you there for that price. Yes, I am not a very good capitalist.

Then you will do it? I was told to ask for you because you can give me the personal service I require. The hope and pleading in her voice got to me. I just knew I was making a mistake when I accepted and we ironed out all of the details; I just didn’t realize how bad of a mistake it would be on my part.

The worst thing about my little business was finding good help. I didn’t ever short anyone out of a fair days wage but I had no tolerance for the endemic anemic work ethics of today’s generation and the heavy lifting the job entails precludes most of the older generation from being able to last at the job long. The guy I had working with me at that time was an okay enough guy, so long as he stayed away from the sauce.

So after I got off the phone with Ms. Bergman, I called Charlie and told him about the job I had just accepted. His first response was to ask me if I was crazy and didn’t bite on the line when I told him how desperate she was. I then told him what he wanted to hear: he would be paid for 12 hour days, 8 hours regular, 4 hours over time with the move projected to take five to seven days and at the end of the trip he would get a $250.00 bonus.

That was good enough for him, except that he wanted some of that money up front to give to his girl for food. That I flat out refused, I had had two previous employees who would show up on Friday morning and asked for their check. By lunch time they were gone blowing their money at the bar or track and I would be lucky to see them by the following Tuesday.

Ms. Bergman was the young executive or executive secretary type. She met us at her apartment wearing a smart business suit her blonde hair in a tight bun and promptly took off her blazer to direct our packing, the worst thing about the job, some people have no clue how much shit they have until I show up to start packing it up, in her silk blouse and tight knee length skirt. She was also tall, almost six foot out of her heels with her heels making her about six two, almost eye to eye with me. Her legs were very slender with just the right amount of curves for someone so tall. And her silk blouse displayed the arch of a set of very proportional breasts, if she would have been six inches shorter they would have looked rather large on her and if she was Ann’s height, they would have looked enormous. All in all, very pleasing to the eyes.

The pack-out was one of the easiest I had every done, mostly because Ms. Bergman had boxed a fair amount and what she hadn’t boxed was either sorted or labeled. The six hours I had projected to box her up and load on to the truck lasted just over two. The only snag was when we went to load her Suburban SUV onto the two wheel hitch I had rented to tow behind my truck. It seems that Ms. Bergman had forgotten to mention that she was afraid to fly and wanted to drive with us, there was that personal attention she mentioned. Charlie got all excited about having the jasmine smelling Ms. Bergman squeezed between us in the cab of the truck. Again, I had to lay the law down the law; the cab simply was not big enough, especially for a three day drive to Phoenix.

Ms. Bergman then meekly asked if one of us could drive her SUV and she would ride with them. Charlie, having all the couth in the world asked point blank and rather loudly if she was fucking nuts and suddenly she had her offer of a bonus back up to the thousand dollars from the more respectable seven hundred and fifty dollars I had negotiated it to.

Soon our little convoy was on the road heading towards St. Louis. Ms. Bergman asked if I would start the drive behind the wheel of her Suburban, an oversized vehicle she had no reason owning and to this day I think she bought is as a power statement, but I told her that I needed to drive the truck first to see how it was going to handle on the highway; old trucks like mine have a very loose steering and I was not very confident that the truck would make the trip. So Ms. Bergman rode in her SUV with Charlie driving it.

Three hours later when we stopped for gas and food, Ms. Bergman pulled me to the side and said that she was not comfortable riding with Charlie, he was creeping her out by spending more time mentally undressing her instead of watching the road. I could see that, Charlie was a bit of a creep, his hair was long, scraggily looking and very oily, which gave his face an overall dark look. I am a guy so I didn’t sweat things like being alone with him but I could see a female wanting to cross-over to the other side of a street so she didn’t have to pass by him.

I told her that I understood her situation but I could not, would not have Charlie drive the moving truck the entire way to Phoenix, I needed to be in the truck as much as possible in case something went wrong with the truck. She nodded and went to the ladies room and I wasn’t surprised when it came time to mount up and get back on the road, she joined me in the moving truck.

I had purchased a set of long range walkie talkies so Charlie and I could coordinate the driving, Charlie made it abundantly clear that he wasn’t happy driving by himself. We stopped for the night closer to Tulsa than St. Louis and Ms. Bergman paid for two hotel rooms. I felt like a nagging mother when I told Charlie to stay away from the bars because I did not want him driving drunk the next day, then I went to soak in the hotels hot tub before calling it a night.

The hot tub wasn’t very hot but it helped a little ease the stiffness out of my body; I think it would have done a better job if I wasn’t dreading where Charlie had gone off to. The hotel had a pool next to the hot tub and I was serendipitously enjoying the sights of a few females in the four or so families swimming or lounging by the pool when I saw a vision of beauty exit out of the lobby of the hotel and walk towards me, or rather the hot tub.

The bikini she wore was practically sacrilegious because it covered next to nothing on her tall, svelte form; from her long legs, shapely torso to long flowing blonde hair. While I thought her wearing sunglasses at night were a bit presumption, damn did it add to her allure. And then it hit me; that was Ms. Bergman walking towards me. Fuck, my rapidly filling cock told me I was in trouble.

The three or so hours she rode in the truck with me passed very quickly once we started talking; a conversation I did not start but had no objections to partaking in. It also gave me an excuse to look at her periodically; with the loose steering of the truck I constantly had to keep my eyes on the road but a brief glance here or there wasn’t out of the question. I don’t know how her Suburban rode but even on Interstate 44, my truck bounced and shook a lot, that meant her sweet looking mammaries did their fair share of jiggling and on a bad patch of highway, out right bouncing. Still, other than enjoying someone’s company, the conversation gave me no real vibes, good or bad about Ms. Bergman, other than she wasn’t as bitchy as I had pegged her to be.

Mind if I join you? The hot tub wasn’t very large, it had enough room for four adults Escort bayan Ankara to sit together, even so with our two oversized frames, it was understood that we may bump into each other. My initial thought was to call it a night and hit the sack, or at least try to get some sleep while the image of Ms. Bergman sauntering towards me in that joke of a bikini tormented me.


After she oohed and ahhed a few times while bumping my legs twice, she finally settled into her desired position. I had to look away because the cool night air had given her nipples a reason to be aroused and the buoyancy of their supporting boobs lifted them further off her chest and could be seen poking out of the water.

You know, you are a very good looking man. That wasn’t a vibe, that wasn’t tease, that wasn’t an innuendo that was a come on. My dick throbbed painfully as I looked at her hiding behind her shades at night.

You, as I am sure you know, are a very good looking woman. Criminally good looking.

Thank you. I will be honest with you; someone sleazy like Charlie looking at me does creep me out, but knowing someone big, strong and good looking like you is checking me out gets my pussy running.

Oh, fuck was I in trouble.

And there was that ride tonight in your truck. The vibrations that truck gives off are almost as good as riding on back of Harley. Do you own a motorcycle? Have you ever ridden a Harley?

Harley Davidson? No, but I have ridden a couple of motorcycles, I didn’t buy one though. Thought about it, but decided that wasn’t the mature thing to do as a new father. That’s it, throw out that I am a family man, and twist my wedding ring in front of her. Of course, I knew there was some girls who preferred to chase after married guys.

Oh, you should have. You do know the nick name for Harley’s, yes?

Other than Harley, no.

Ha, well, maybe it is a nick name only the girls use because they also call Harley’s ‗moving vibrators’ and I can tell you that is not an exaggeration.

Whew! Time to nip this in the bud I thought.

Ms. Bergman,

Please, call me Sandy.

Ms. Bergman, I have to tell you I am a married man, though I think you already know this.

I do. Are you happily married?

There was that evil question. One of those questions you have to wonder if the person asking really wants to know the true answer.

No, but I have two wonderful kids and I don’t want to chance losing them.

What is to chance? You are driving me to my new home in Phoenix and I am never going back to Indianapolis, so your wife won’t find out about anything from me.

It isn’t you I am worried about.

Forget about Charlie. He is either drunk in some bar, getting his rocks off with a hooker or up in the room watching cheap porn.

It is not that simple.

Yes, it is. To which she diligently started rubbing my crotch with her slender foot, ignoring my jerking hips. Yum, nice and hard. I love that particular reaction that this suit gets me.

Ms. Bergman. I am sure that came out like a whine, not at all manly. I wanted to run; to be faithful but my dick wouldn’t let me. It didn’t help that it had been over six weeks since Ann and I last had sex. Yes, women, guys may come across as insensitive, but trust me when I say that in the back of our mind, we definitely know when the last time we got laid. Ann had been sick a lot during that time but the times when she felt fine she had no desire and I wasn’t to the point where I would beg. I wish I had.

Please, call me Sandy. My hips continued jerking but no longer were they trying to dislodge her foot from my crotch; I was pushing against her foot, enjoying entirely too much the sensation down there while watching her knee of that leg poke out of the water. Even her knees were sexy.

I can’t Ms. Bergman. I just can’t. I pleaded the last vestige of my marriage vows but she was not to be denied. Moving towards me in the tub, I was expecting her to sit next to me when she straddled my lap, pushing her barely covered crotch directly on to my throbbing manhood.

I just love having sex in public places, don’t you? Looking at the pool, two of the families had gone inside leaving two families with kids screaming and splashing.

Yes, I did like sex in public places. Ann surprised me our first year in college when we went to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break and asked me if I wanted to go at it on the secluded beach spot she had found. We did but quickly gave up because sand was getting everywhere. Later she pointed out a park within walking distance of our apartment that had some picnic tables on the edge of some trees overlooking the road up to the park.

The location of the tables were ideal and one night after eleven pm we snuck in and had fantastic sex where Ann lying with her torso on a table with a thick blanket under her. If she would have been a few inches taller her feet would of touched the ground, instead they hung freely as I lifted her flowing skirt to reveal her panty-less ass and proceeded to pound her good albeit quickly. Ann never wanted to do that fantasy of hers again and eventually I quit asking.

Ms. Bergman must of took my non-answer while my mind wondered down memory lane as a yes because she reached into my wide legged swim suit and fished my more than ready cock out of its mesh container. Looking up at her sunglass face in disbelief she guided me home to her hot pussy.

HOLY FUCK! I screamed and jerked to look beyond Ms. Bergman to see if my outburst blew our cover. I think one of the heavy set mothers who had no right wearing a bikini knew what was going on. She didn’t give us a disapproving look, but when one of her kids was running towards the hot tub she called them back.

When I looked back at Ms. Bergman, Sandy she was giggling at me.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

You have no idea.

Been a long time?

Sadly, yes.

Good. More pleasure for me.

I had to quit looking at her lust fuelled face but looking down at her perfect titties did not help. And then it got worst as she slowly began to move her hot box slightly up and down on my screaming dick. I could feel her thong pushing on the left side of my dick; she must have pulled it to the side when she was moving to mount me.

Abruptly I was lost; I lashed on to both of her arms and squeezed, she looked at me with worry until she felt my dick unleash my torrent up into her and then she smiled wickedly as I spasm and shook through my orgasm.

Wow, that was nice. It has been a while for you! I nodded as I released her. Looking back at the two families, the heavy set woman was staring at us with a smile, she definitely knew and didn’t object as my penis quickly went limp and slipped out of Sandy.

Lifting my chin to look at her, Sandy bent down to kiss me tenderly.

Now that we got that bad boy out of the way, what say you come up to my room and fuck me good like I need?

I was a lost married man who vaguely nodded yes. Any guilt that would have been trying to exert itself on my conscious was washed away when Sandy climbed out of the hot tub and dried off her exquisite form for my viewing pleasure. My dick wasn’t filling back with bloodlust but it did override any objection I may have had about continuing to cheat on my wife; until we ran into Charlie in the lobby.

He couldn’t keep his exclamations to himself about how hot Sandy was. She must of really have been creeped out by him because she quit her sauntering and stormed off to her room, I did not follow. Taking Charlie with his totally inappropriate and yet very accurate mouth by the wing, we went to our room on the opposite side of the hotel and after a quick shower, I went to bed. I tried to sleep, but the thoughts of Sandy over rode my senses until I passed out hours later.

The next morning, Charlie asked over breakfast if I wanted him to drive the moving truck and as I was about to say, ‗sure’ I saw Sandy barely shake her head while she was sipping her orange juice so I said that I was still worried about how the truck would handle.

Sandy of course, followed me to the truck vice her Suburban. At least today she wasn’t dressed in a business suit, instead Charlie and I got to drool over her in a pair of white canvas Keds with powder blue ankle socks, a darker blue knee length flared skirt and matching blue designer track suit zipper sweat top, zippered all the way to the elegant crook of her neck for Charlie’s viewing pleasure but as soon as she was in the cab of the truck with just me she lowered the zipper all the way to her belly button which also displayed for me her bra-less sport tank top that did not cover her belly button. Her nipples were already poking out of her lycra top as she settled into the truck fastening her seatbelt.

I was hoping you were going to show up at my room last night, you had some unfinished business to tend to.

Sorry about that but Charlie wouldn’t stop talking about you last night and I didn’t think it would have been appropriate if I walked out of the room with a hard on leading the way.

Leaning over to kiss me on the cheek and fondle my rising meat, Ohh, I would of loved that.

We talked some for awhile, mostly about my guilt in cheating on my wife; Sandy was all for my cheating for selfish reasons and because she thought it would be appropriate since Ann obviously wasn’t upholding her end of her wifely duties in the bedroom.

You know, I am tired about talking about your wife, let’s talk about me.

And what do you want to talk about?

Well, did you know that I don’t have panties on?

That brought life back to my flagging fuck stick and made me chuckle.

No I didn’t but from what I saw of you last night, not totally unexpected.

Did you know that I have had a vibrator stuffed inside my pretty pussy since I left my hotel room?

That caused me to yank too hard on the steering wheel and swerved in to the next lane; when Charlie called over I lied and said it was caused by a big sneeze. I got the shakes when I dropped my eyes back on Sandy. She had unbuckled herself and twisted her back against the passenger door; with her left leg against the back of the cab couch I could clearly see her shaved pussy with some thing black and purple sticking out!

Concentrating on the road, Sandy gave me a working commentary of how the vibrator was pleasing her; how it had been driving her crazy on its lowest setting. When she pulled it out, she sniffed it and pronounced it smelled delicious and asked me to confirm her finding by holding it under my nose. A shiver ran down my spine as I agreed with her.

Sandy masturbated with that vibrator the rest of the morning, cumming twice very loudly. Both times Charlie called to ask if I was sneezing again because I was swerving more than normal. After stopping for lunch Sandy and I talked for an hour or so before she got the urge to pull her vibrator out of her pussy and start pleasing herself again. Just as she was getting close Charlie called and I was irate with him because I was tired of hearing about my swerving but he said he needed to stop at the next rest area to take a dump. That caused Sandy to yell at him over the walkie talkie but to me she squealed and said that was fine because she needed a snack.

Charlie parked her Suburban closer to the facilities at the rest area while I parked the truck farther away where the trucks have to park. Unbuckling and turning to ask if she needed change for the snack machines, Sandy responded, That wasn’t the snack that I was thinking of.

Pushing me back against my door, she ripped open my cargo shorts and retrieved my semi-hard penis. Looking down at her in shock she swallowed me to the root and started humming. At first I kept looking around; I was sure at least one of the truckers could see what she was doing, but then her sucking mouth just felt too good and I closed my eyes as she fellated me. Two minutes later and I got aggressive as I forcibly held her head down and ejaculated straight down her throat.

Yum, now that was the snack that I had been craving!

After cleaning ourselves up and using the facilities, we were soon on our way. This time when Sandy orgasmed, I didn’t jerk the steering wheel, even though it was her loudest one yet.

Sandy and I talked until stopping for dinner and her sexual cravings must Bayan escort Ankara have been satisfied because we talked more about her dreams, my kids and what we both wanted out of life. Mine was simple, lots of good sex and enjoying being with my kids as they grew. Sandy wanted to travel, which is why she was going to Phoenix, to head up a travel agency there but she also wanted to be able to have sex when she wanted but got tired of guys constantly asking her to marry them like she was some sort of trophy wife. I had to explain to her that she was the type of woman guys dreamed about marrying, beautiful, smart, and sexy and she had no sexual hang-ups.

After dinner we continued talking until we were about hundred miles outside of Albuquerque, NM, our designated stopping point for the night. She was quiet for a few minutes and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw her start to strip. There we were doing sixty five miles per hour down I-40 and Sandy was naked except for her Keds and retrieving her small purple vibrator, started a litany of things she was going to do to me when we stopped.

It getting dark so I could only see her by the dash board light; I resisted the urge to turn the cab light on fearing the sight would cause me to lose control of the truck, but Sandy’s voice and the illustration they carried made it so I didn’t need the light.

Those one hundred miles flew by faster then any I have ever driven and Sandy’s two screaming orgasms set the pace. She remained naked until I pulled off the highway, giggling as she dressed.

The hotel we stopped at did not have a pool or hot tub, but it did have an exercise room and sauna. Sandy asked me to join her in the sauna and Charlie overhearing her, invited himself. Charlie was disappointed that the one piece she entered the sauna wearing covered so much, even though it was obvious how hot she was in the high cut one piece ignoring the fact that we were all sweltering in a sauna.

That sweltering was too much for Charlie whose alcoholic laden pores probably didn’t know what to make of the sweat pouring from them and soon left leaving the two of us alone. Sandy wasted no time climbing back onto my lap and starting kissing my sweaty lips. When she was sure my dick was up for the occasion, she turned around and I saw what Charlie had failed to see, while her outfit was a one piece covering much of her front, the back was five straps joining as one, each barely thicker than my pinkie. It was a one piece that was a thong in the rear.

You wore that in here from your room?

Yes, but I had a towel wrapped around my waist. I didn’t want a flock of drooling men following me in here while I fuck you.

You actually want to fuck in a sauna?

Oh yes, build up enough steam and when you orgasm the heat make you deliriously light headed. I love that sensation and I think you will too.

If I can keep it up in this heat.

Rubbing my steel hard dick through my trunks, Oh, I don’t think that is going to be an issue.

What about foreplay? Sweat pouring off your body can be distraction.

Oh, no foreplay and you are going to take my ass too.

Your ass?

Yes, I over did it a bit today in the truck. My pussy and my poor clit are feeling a bit abused.

No kidding. I think you tried your damndest to cause our premature death on the road.

Yes, but what away to go! Without looking at the door behind her, Sandy freed my turgid rod from the same net mesh she did the night before in the hot tub and turning around, she pulled her thong to the side and after lining my dick at the proper receptacle, pushed herself down on to me with a gasp.

You … you … fuck you are tight … you lubricated yourself?

Laughing as she adjusted to my size, Yes, lubed my self real good, just for you. Now, just sit there while I do my thing.

And that is what she did, rising up and down, her ass squeezing the crap out of my dick and fuck if she wasn’t right about the heat and steam making me light headed. Up and down she slowly rode me and made me incredibly hot blooded. When I felt dizzy in lust and pleasure I reached up and grabbed those perfect titties of hers. Her nipples were hard and feeling them through her lycra suit wasn’t good enough. Â

Squeezing my hands into her top, I groped and fondled her so very soft and pliable tit flesh before zeroing in on her nipples. Her grunting as she fucked me with her ass rose when I started pinching her nipples.

Oh fuck that is good. Do that some more. Yeah, that is it; I think you are going to make me come. Yes, I definitely feel it.

She carried on fucking me and doing her running commentary that was making me loopy. She screamed when I slid a hand out of her top to rub her clit which was enough for me to send my hand back to her vacated tit and nipple; she was making enough noise as it was, in my haze I knew we couldn’t chance it with her screaming.

Up and down she flexed and my dick loved every bit of her ass. When her voice started getting horse and her thrusts more pronounced, I felt myself peak and told her so by violently raising my hips to meet her thrusts. It only took four or five thrusts before it was my turn to scream. My ejaculation coupled with her ass squeezing my dick and the sauna’s heat battering me, my orgasm must have seemed like an epileptic fit. Yes, it was out of this world and yes it was one of my more memorable fucks and orgasm, but not one I have wanted to duplicate.

When I was done, Sandy dropped off of me and I fell to the bench I had been sitting on. I think I passed out, I am not sure, I do remember laying there with a deep haze surrounding my consciousness, like I was having an out of body experience.

I don’t know how long I laid there before the door to the sauna opened and a pimply faced college aged teenager walked in. I knew we were caught, but I couldn’t make my body move. Finally I rolled over on to my side and relieved to see that my shrunken penis was completely covered by the leg of my trunks and a few moments later, when I could get up to my elbows, I was able to see that Sandy’s thong had also slid back into place. Of course that didn’t stop the kid from stopping and ogling at Sandy, not bothering to move from the door way.

His standing in the doorway helped though, with the cool air rushing in eventually I was able to get to my senses and more importantly feel like I could physically walk out of there. Grabbing Sandy from where she fell to the floor, I helped the both of us out of the suffocating heat of the sauna.


The head rush that slammed into me as we were making our way out of the empty exercise room caused me to stagger against the elliptical machine and as Sandy grabbed me she started laughing.

Told you that was something else!

That and more. I feel weak as a newborn.

Exactly, it brings on that type of rebirth to your senses.

I didn’t feel like I would be able to successfully argue with her that most guys don’t like comparing themselves to babies. Instead I offered her one of the hotel’s towels to cover herself and she just laughed as she caused quite the stir walking back to her room, going the long way I might add, so everyone, including Charlie in the hotel’s bar could see the nakedness of her rear side. I enjoyed watching her too until I noticed the glaze like liquid seeping through her thong and down her legs. When I asked her if she needed to use my towel, she gave me that wicked laugh of hers and continued her strut.

At her door, she asked if I was coming in and I told her that I was not, which she said she expected and was fine with. She had a very satisfying day and now she wanted a cool shower and clean sheets. Before I left her, the insecure man inside of me couldn’t help but ask if she came with me in the sauna; she said that she didn’t but allayed my insecurity by saying that with what she experienced, she didn’t need to cum. Kissing my cheek, she said good night and shut her door.

I think I took a shower, but I don’t know, I really don’t even remember walking the seven doors down to my room. I woke up the next morning to Charlie’s snoring, though I am sure I snored louder and after taking a shower felt incredibly refreshed. Sandy looked magnificent in tight jeans, cowboy boots and an open collared men’s burgundy dress shirt and very eager to get to Phoenix.

Charlie on the other hand closed down the hotel’s bar before making it to bed and he took forever to rouse. We left the hotel over an hour later than I had planned and Sandy had to drive her Suburban while Charlie slept off his hangover in the truck with me. I was very angry with Charlie, I knew my time with Sandy was limited and I greedily wanted to spend as much as I could with her.

That last short portion of the trip dragged longer then the previous two days with my thoughts bouncing back and forth between angry at Charlie for taking Sandy away from me to being guilty about breaking my wedding vows with Ann, but then I would get angry with Ann for not wanting to have sex with me and I would go back to longing for Sandy’s attention.

When we pulled up to the house that Sandy was going to call her new home, I got another shocker in the form of a boyfriend she had failed to mention to me. Typical tall, dark and handsome, though not as tall as me and in his front yard, where in place of grass was actually a bed of small rocks, was a Harley Davidson. John, Sandy’s boyfriend asked her if she trusted us to move her stuff into his garage, where they would sort it later; Sandy ignored Charlie’s near passed out form sitting on the back of the open cargo hold and looking at me, said, Most definitely.

With a ‗great’, John locked up his house and told me they would be back in two hours. He was as good as his word but when they returned I still wasn’t done unloading Sandy’s stuff, Charlie was totally useless to me and in my anger I was fine with unloading her stuff with just my dolly as help. Sandy looking flushed gave John one hell of a lip lock once he turned his bike off; moving vibrator indeed before she handed me an envelope with my payment inside. With just a ‗thanks for everything’ and a ‗you can leave when you are done, I trust you to not forget something’ Sandy dragged John inside his house and more than once I could of swore I heard her screaming.

I drove to Oklahoma City before stopping in the middle of the night at a rest stop. Charlie was still snoring with his face plastered to the passenger door’s window and I hung a hammock in back of the truck to sleep in for a few hours. When we arrived back in Indy late the next night Charlie and I went at it, arguing because he wanted his money and I was still pissed at him for being useless to me the second half of the move. After much yelling, much from me, he demanded his money and said he was done working for me. I was all too glad to see him leave.

The next few weeks, my psyche was racked with guilt, anger, frustration and disappointment in myself. I tried talking to Ann a few times about the trip but it wasn’t easy and Ann didn’t help by either being sick or busy with her work. A couple of month’s later; punishment for my discretion came in the form of a doctor’s notice.

After months of not feeling well or out right sick, Ann finally broke down to see the doctor and after a battery of tests were run, came back with the worst finding. Ann had cervical cancer and she had the choice of either starting chemo or having a full hysterectomy.

Between my unfaithfulness to her and her anger at the world, I more than willingly suffered whatever wrath she vented, especially when she started yelling at the kids, better she yell at me then them. Ultimately, since Ann had her two kids and had no intention of having any more, choosing the hysterectomy was easy for her, but still very troubling. It was when she was in the hospital waiting for her surgery that we were finally able to have a nice heart to heart talk and one of the things I talked about was Sandy and the trip to Phoenix.

Ann gave me a queer look but she didn’t yell, instead she told me to forget about it. It didn’t happen, she said and then we talked more about the surgery and our hopes that she would have a complete recovery. And she did, a couple of years ago Ann had her five year check up and passed with flying colors; no cancer to be found. Not once since then has Ann brought up the Arizona trip and my indiscretions; even when we argued she never hung that over me. The crazy things you think of when you are plowing your dick up someone other than your wife.

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