Anything for Her

20 Ekim 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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After these last four years with Dr. Roy and Nurse Ng I almost felt like being brutally honest just to tease Joya. I’d gladly give her anything she wanted without question, but what fun would that be.

Honestly, Joya was the rock that I expected after my car accident. I lost a leg and you’d think I had a tooth pulled. From that first rehab session she was a force of nature. Whatever encouragement I needed to get my ass to the hospital, she provided. Sometimes it was tender and sometimes it was harsh. But it was never sometimes. It was always and I never pitied myself for one second. Two kids headed to college and we were just turning forty. I never had time to miss that leg.

Which explains why I never signed up for the fully functioning, robotic prosthetic that Dr. Roy recommended me for. I was young and a great test case for all of the veterans they wanted to roll it out to. The technology was amazing and the work for me would be minimal considering how physically able I’d become on one leg. The real reason they wanted me was because I’d lost my leg above the knee so the hurdle to adapt was far tougher – the kinematic a as well as neuron sensors. But I was the athlete that could drive the study harder than any one prior. Joya brought it up every now and again, but never with much emphasis.

Until yesterday afternoon.

My fortieth birthday included calls from both kids and an early dismissal from work after the team devoured my cake. They practically kicked me out of the office. When I got home Joya met me at the front door with the biggest smile I’d ever seen on her face. She didn’t play the lottery so that couldn’t have been it. What was going through her mind?

With my canlı bahis plastic prosthetic leg and cane I walked up to her and gave her a big wet kiss that the neighbors would tell us about later. I knew there was going to be something naughty happening, but that smile was extra wide.

“To the den, please,” Joya requested. “The couch, big boy.” She was dressed in jeans and a simple t-shirt but her attitude was straight sex. We never were much for romantic dinners and dressing up. We’d always been best friends and that worked for us.

As I made it to my place on the couch Joya sat next to me and removed my clothes as simply as she asked about my day at work. “How was the party?” she asked as she unbuttoned my shirt. “Don’t they know you don’t like red velvet?” she reacted to my birthday cake as she pulled off my khakis. “Was there a lot of traffic on the expressway?” she enquired as she pulled off my boxers.

I tried as always go along with her innocent production as best I could but I couldn’t hide my pleasure at her production. My dick was fully erect by the time she’d finished her pleasantries.

And that’s when she grabbed the remote for the 60″ TV and pressed play. While she dropped to the floor between my thighs – always caressing my scars first – I looked up to see something I hadn’t watched in 10 years. As she stroked my dick in her hands I watched her stroking my dick in her hands on the screen. I was in the middle of a re-enactment that starred a young couple fresh out of college in their first adult apartment.

We recorded my 22nd birthday celebration in that apartment and she must have been saving this for a special occasion. Just as she was now, she was in jeans and bahis siteleri a t-shirt that almost hid her fanatically chiseled frame that resulted from a slight addiction to working out. Though the lighting in the movie was terrible I could see her abs when she finally lifted off her shirt. The only two differences were 1) she was a month pregnant in that video and 2) her upcoming blowjob skills have improved tenfold.

“Can I suck your dick now, Mr Birthday Boy?” she mouthed in unison to her younger self’s declaration. Then with a coy smile she lowered her head onto my throbbing dick. In the video I watched a loving young wife gently straddle her young husband’s dick. It was beautiful and sultry.

The woman with 40 year old was wildly tossing her Afro with no shame as she drooled all over my dick like she needed it to be extra wet. With one hand cupping my balls and caressing my taint, her other hand was undoing her jeans so she could check her own juices. The 21 year old on TV had a lot to learn.

And then on cue they both stood up and removed what remained of their clothing. Their thongs were playfully tossed on their lover’s heads. I laughed the same way as I’d done before as she lowered her hips onto mine. The younger me was focused on pushing his dick into her stomach while wiser, older me was occupied with roughly tasting each nipple as his dick explored her wet pussy. Both Joyas appeared happy but the older one was having an unplanned orgasm.

As Joya began to come I began to fuck her harder and forgot the movie was even playing. She was grinding her hips into me and I responded with controlled thrusts so I wouldn’t come before her second orgasm.

As I tried to pace canlı bahis siteleri myself I watched the young buck on the video place his young bride on all fours on the couch. Young Joya gripped the couch while she received every inch of her present over and over and over again. Both Joyas were that sort of loud you get when you know that you’re going to blow.

But while the Joya on the screen screamed “Fuck Fuck Fuck” and collapsed, the Joya on the couch squeezed the shit out me and shook like every nerve in her body had been exposed.

In contrast, I simply grunted and came. Like a real man.

As she sat on me and returned to her senses I watched the couple in the video recover from a very intense orgasm. I noticed Joya stroking my scarred leg as I reached for the remote to turn off the TV.

“Tomorrow’s appointment with Dr. Roy,” I started. “I’m thinking I should look into that robotic prosthetic.” I ran my fingers through her curly head and felt the sweat cool.

“And then we can ask him how long before you can get behind me like that again,” she replied before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Joya had only asked me for three other things in life – our house, a trip to Belize and to always be honest. If she needed me to get behind her like that, I had a new mission in life.

But before I could get her into trouble with Dr. Roy by hinting at why I had decided to volunteer for the program, Joya leaned into Nurse Ng and asked, “How soon will he be able to do everything with his new leg?”

Nurse Ng looked up at Joya with a smile and said, “Your husband should be galloping on all fours by his next birthday.” The laugh they shared was subtle but far from innocent. With a disappointed glance over his reading glasses, Dr. Roy made both ladies giggle more.

Dr. Roy turned to me like a man who had long given up hope on this topic. “This rehab has been a favorite among our patient’s wives.”

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