Anything For Mum

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Anything for Mum

This is a repost of an old story, there have been no changes to it. Thanks to my editor and proof-reader who strives to make my work better. All comments are welcome, be warned anonymous negative comments will be deleted. I hope you enjoy the story.

My real dad died suddenly when I was just ten years old. Mum explained a few years later that he had a heart problem that nobody knew about. The day it happened I don’t think I had ever seen my Mum cry so much, she cried for a lot of days after as well. Things were hard for us both at first particularly as Mum had to return to work full time. My grandparents looked after me when I finished school until Mum collected me in the evening. We would go home, have dinner and talk before I went to bed.

Just before my thirteenth birthday Mum said some man had asked her out to dinner and she hoped I was okay with her going. I said it was okay as I understood she needed to go out although I was a bit jealous as it had been just the two of us for several years.

The following day Mum told me all about her date with Richard and how much she liked him. I was pleased to see her happy and she explained that she would never forget my Dad. Richard seemed a nice guy and although he didn’t try to replace my Dad we got along fairly well, that was until he married my Mum.

After that things changed rather quickly he suddenly took a strong dislike to me and was always moaning at Mum. I remember as a kid my Dad coming in from work and talking with us while Mum finished getting dinner ready, with Richard he wanted dinner ready as soon as he got home, if it wasn’t he moaned all night blaming Mum for spending too much time with me.

I started to ignore him and once dinner was done with and I had helped Mum do the dishes I went to my room and stayed there, there was another thing I noticed that Richard never helped Mum out at all. Over the next few years I grew to hate Richard. I made up my mind to get even one day for treating my Mum so badly.

When I left school I started working as an electrician, working on building sites for a few years, I soon filled out and I stood at just under six feet tall. Eventually I started working for myself and was doing quite well.

I bought an old house that needed a load of work doing but after a few years in the building industry I knew enough to do some of the work myself and had mates do stuff I couldn’t manage.

I used to visit my Mum once a week, usually on a Saturday morning as Richard would be playing golf with his cronies. This particular week he was there when I arrived and gruffly asked what I wanted?

“I’m here to see my Mum, if that’s okay with you?” I added sarcastically.

He just grumbled something and returned to reading his newspaper.

“What’s up with him this morning?” I asked Mum.

“He’s hurt his back and can’t play golf,” Mum replied.

“Oh shame,” was my sarcastic reply.

Mum smiled as much as to agree with me but also looked a bit wary as if she didn’t want to upset him. She asked me how things were with work and the house.

“Not too bad, work is really busy at the moment and the house is coming along fine. I might get it finished one day if I get some free time.”

“How about other things, are you dating yet?” Mum asked.

“No nobody on the horizon Mum, to be honest I don’t have the time right now.”

“Don’t leave it too long, you don’t want to end up on your own forever.” Mum replied.

I felt like saying maybe if she had waited a bit longer she might have met someone better than Richard but I decided against saying anything.

Now would probably be a good time to describe me and Mum (Cathy), she was forty-three years old but looked a lot younger, she had a great figure and jet black hair and dark brown eyes that she got from my grandmother’s side of the family. At a guess I would say her breasts were a 34d and she was a size ten (UK) in clothes. As for me (David) I seemed to get my genes from Dad’s side of the family, I had brown hair and grey eyes, for my build I definitely followed my Dad.

Before I left I asked Mum if she would call round sometime as I wanted her opinion on some decorating and furnishing ideas, she said she would be happy to and promised to pop round next Saturday. I said my goodbyes and Mum hugged me as she usually did, Richard grunted something at me as I left the house. Not bothering to respond to him I got in my van and headed off home, or rather the building site I called home.

The following Saturday Mum called around as promised, actually she arrived a bit earlier than I thought she would. I had just got out of the shower when the doorbell rang so I threw on some old shorts and answered the door. Mum stood there for a few seconds looking at me kind of strange.

“Is everything okay Mum?” I asked with some concern.

“Yes, yes everything is fine David. Sorry I just couldn’t get over how much you look like your Dad, you have grown up to be a fine bahis siteleri young man just like he was.”

“That’s down to you Mum and the way you raised me.”

“I guess so but you were always a good kid anyway. I never had to go to the school because you were in trouble or anything like that, and that is you knowing right from wrong.”

“Tea or coffee?” I asked as I walked through to the kitchen.

“Tea please,” Mum called back.

“So what did you want my opinion on?” Mum asked as I made the drinks.

“Colours and styles I guess.” I replied carrying the cups through to the lounge.

I had finished all the building and repair work but I couldn’t make my mind up over colours that would suit the place, I suppose I am the same as most men in that regard. Mum looked around and asked a few questions about what type of furniture I was thinking of. When I explained that she seemed to know straight away what colours I should paint the walls, and what type of curtains would be best.

“Mind if I look around?” Mum asked.

“Sure Mum, go ahead,” I walked around with her as she looked at the work I had done and still had to do.

The smaller bedroom had become my office and the second bedroom was being used to store materials at the moment. I told Mum I would move all the junk once the garage was secure and a spare bed was planned for the room. My bedroom or the master bedroom if you like was the only finished room in the house. Mum commented that I had done a great job of the house so far and she looked forward to seeing it when I got it finished.

“You’ll be the first to see it,” I assured her.

“Will it be before I am old and grey?” she asked jokingly.

“It will be, and you are a long way off being old and grey anyway.” I replied.

“You keep your chat up lines for the young ladies David, I know I am getting on.”

“Seriously Mum you look ten years younger than you are no matter what time of day or whatever you wear.”

“You should see an optician David, you might need glasses,” Mum giggled.

“Yeah right. Okay if you think I am pulling your leg here’s the proof, remember the other month when I saw you in town as I was chatting to someone outside the builders supply store? That guy thought you were my girlfriend. He nearly fell over when I said you were my Mum and I explained that you were not a teenage bride either.”

“Really!” Mum asked, surprised.

“Yeah Mum really. I told you that you look a lot younger than you are.”

“I wish someone else noticed it as well,” She said quietly.

“You mean Richard?” I asked.

“Yes I do. I mean he never says anything to me anymore no matter what I wear or do, I swear I could walk around naked and he wouldn’t notice!”

“And you say I need glasses,” I joked as I looked at my Mum, then it hit me I wasn’t just looking but checking her out.

“Yeah probably.” She replied adding a comment about him maybe needing Viagra as well.

“Too much information Mum.”

“Sorry David. I didn’t mean to unload on you, especially as you asked me to visit and give my opinion on the decorating.”

“No problem Mum, but if you need to talk you know where I am.”

Mum nodded and then said she had some errands to run before she went home. I thanked her for her advice and said I would see her next weekend as usual. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek before letting herself out. I wondered if things with her and Richard were as bad as I imagined or was I making more of it in my mind. I set about getting some more work done on the house as I had no plans for the rest of the day. I also wanted to tidy up some of the tools and stuff lying around.

During the week I was asked to quote on a job in the local park pavilion, I met the council guy there and he explained what they wanted to do. I said I would send them a quote within a week, driving through town later that day I saw Richard talking to a woman outside the office he worked in. I had no idea who she was and presumed it was a colleague, as we don’t get along. I didn’t stop to talk like I might have otherwise done. On Saturday when I visited Mum and she was really bubbly for a change, we sat down and chatted whilst drinking our coffee and I sensed Mum wanted to ask me something.

“Something on your mind Mum?”

“No, well sort of.” she replied. “I have joined a local women’s group mostly to stop me getting bored throughout the week as I don’t work anymore, we meet every Tuesday and go swimming at the leisure centre.”

“I’m pleased for you Mum at least you won’t be stuck indoors all day,” I replied.

“I haven’t worn a swimsuit for years and I want to know what you think of mine. If I go and put it on, will you tell me what you think?”

“Yeah sure Mum, you go get changed and I promise I will be honest with you.”

About five minutes later Mum walked back downstairs into the kitchen, she had a robe on then she stood a few feet away from me and said, “ready?”

“Yep go on Mum, let’s see what the suit canlı bahis siteleri looks like.” I replied not wanting to sound overly keen.

Mum stood there undid the belt of the robe and shrugged it off her shoulders, she was wearing a pale blue bikini. I spent what seemed like ages just looking at her before she said “well what do you think?”

“I, I Fuck me!” I replied, then apologised for the language.

I sat there still staring at Mum as she giggled and said. “I take it that’s a yes then?”

“Damn right it is. if I wasn’t your son I would be all over you right now!”

“Really David, you think I look that good?”

“Mum you look amazing, if Richard doesn’t notice you he must be bloody blind!”

“Thank you David, you know how to make an old lady feel special.” Mum said as she picked up the robe and went upstairs to get dressed.

I sat at the table with my coffee cup, unable to get up due to the hard on I got from seeing Mum dressed like that, part of me felt disgusted as it was my Mum but I had to admit she looked fucking amazing for her age. Mum came back downstairs and we continued to chat and finished our coffee, as my cock had relaxed I took the opportunity to stand up and tell Mum I had to get going.

“Thank you for being honest earlier David, I don’t want to look like a fool on Tuesday.”

“Mum you will look stunning, trust me. I will call in and see you next weekend, you can tell me all about it.”

“Honestly David we are going swimming, not having an orgy or anything!”

“Trust me Mum if they all look like you, I know some males who would turn it into an orgy!” I laughed and Mum seemed to blush at that comment.

Driving back home I couldn’t stop thinking about how good Mum looked in that bikini. if Richard was ignoring her, I started to wonder if he had turned gay or something. On Tuesday evening I went out for a drink with some pals and got chatting to a woman in the pub. I knew she was slightly older than me but what the hell I didn’t care, her name was Angela but she preferred Angie.

I took her home at the end of the evening and she invited me in for coffee, she put the coffee machine on then turned to me and pulled me in for a kiss. Moments later our tongues were mixing it up in our mouths. Her hands wrapped around my waist and she pulled me in closer to her, I could feel her nipples poking into my chest. I put my hand on her tit and she groaned then ground her crotch against mine, breaking off the kiss she looked into my eyes and asked me to take her to bed.

I wasn’t going to refuse and carried her up to her bedroom as she kissed me some more. Upstairs her clothes were off in seconds and she helped me undress as well. My cock sprang out of my boxer shorts and she gasped then gently started to lick the end before sucking it. I was worried I might explode too soon so I moved and guided Angie to the bed, but she pulled me with her and then climbed over me. She straddled me and guided my cock into her cunt I slid in easily as she was soaking wet and I hadn’t touched her yet.

“Oh god!” Angie moaned as she slid down on my cock and I filled her hot wet cunt.

Both of us were breathing heavily as we fucked like wild animals, I pounded my cock into her and she gasped each time or called out “Oh my God!”

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, I am almost there!” Angie gasped.

I pounded my cock into her harder and faster as she rode me equally as fast gasping for breath.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed as I roared out loud and with one final thrust I filled her with my semen.

I lay back on the bed as Angie collapsed on top of me, we kissed and then she suggested we get dressed and have the coffee she invited me in for.

“I don’t usually do that with men I meet for the first time but I was so bloody horny and you were there.”

“Don’t worry about it I won’t tell anyone, your reputation is safe with me.” I said with a smile.

“I like you a lot David, can I see you again?” Angie asked.

“I’d like that Angie, but I must warn you I am not looking for anything serious at the moment.”

“Just out of a bad relationship?” she asked

“No not at all, just really busy building up my business at the moment.”

“I understand David, well I am divorced with two kids, neither of which live at home so my time is my own.”

“Sounds fine with me Angie, look I am sorry but I will have to go as I am working tomorrow.”

We kissed goodnight and I hoped I would see Angie again, as I drove home it suddenly dawned on me she was probably very near my Mum’s age.

I didn’t hear from Angie until Friday night when she called and asked me to dinner at her place the following evening. I agreed I would go and we set a time of 7.30pm.

I visited Mum on Saturday morning and unusually she was rushing about and had a load of paperwork spread all over the kitchen table.

“Everything okay Mum, you look a bit worried?” I asked

“No I’m fine dear, just trying to sort out something for the canlı bahis women’s group. They have a charity fundraiser every so often and as I am the new girl they asked if I would like to have a go, I agreed and now I wish I hadn’t.”

“Why what’s the problem?” I asked.

“A venue is the problem David, I know what sort of an evening I want to do but trying to find a decent venue somewhere is almost impossible.”

“What sort of venue Mum, a hall or a restaurant, what do you need?” I asked.

“Ideally somewhere with a bar and a reasonable food menu, it would have to be large enough to hold up to one hundred people. Why do you know somewhere?”

“Give me a few minutes Mum, I’ll see what I can do.”

I went back out to my van and looked for an address and phone number of a local hotel on the edge of town. I had done some work there in the past at a slightly reduced rate to help them out so I figured maybe they could help me.

After speaking with the manager he agreed we could have the banqueting suite for the night, with bar staff and a light food menu thrown in for four hundred pounds. I asked Mum to confirm the dates and relayed them to the guy, he booked it and I said I would be over later to pay for it all. I told Mum I had got her a deal on the venue with a bar and a light food menu included, I didn’t mention the cost as I intended to pay for it anyway.

“Oh David, thank you dear, you don’t know how much this means to me. I want the evening to be a success, or at least not an outright failure.” Mum said as she hugged me.

“No problem Mum, I was glad to be able to help you out.”

I made us a cup of coffee as Mum tidied the stuff from the kitchen table so we could at least sit down, we chatted about my work and her preparations for the upcoming charity event she was organising. I told Mum it would be a great night whatever she did.

“It’s going to be a 1940’s themed evening, costumes and a band playing music from that era. Most of the women are my age or older so it seemed like a good idea.”

“Will the bar prices be 1940’s style?” I asked, laughing.

“I wish I could arrange that David I really do but no I guess that’s one thing I will not be able to do.”

“Never mind Mum, I’m sure it will be a success all the same.”

After we finished our drinks I said I had to leave. I wanted to get over to the hotel and settle up before they had a chance to change their minds on the deal, I also needed to get some errands done before I met Angie for dinner. Mum thanked me again and I said I would see her soon. I waved as I drove away from the house, it struck me as I drove to the hotel that all the time I was at Mum’s she never mentioned Richard once.

Pulling into the car park I forgot all about Richard and went inside to see the manager. I thanked him for his help and explained that my Mum needed the suite for a charity fundraiser, I also asked that he doesn’t let her know that I paid for it.

My dinner date with Angie was great. We chatted about my work, her kids and I complimented her on the meal. Afterwards I helped her clean up and then we sat in the lounge enjoying a glass of wine. Angie sat as close to me as possible and said she had really enjoyed the evening so far. I explained that it made a change for me to spend an evening with a female companion, due to working so hard and doing up my house I hadn’t had time to get involved with anyone.

“For someone who doesn’t date much you seem pretty relaxed around women,” Angie stated.

“More than likely due to me spending so much time with my Mum after my Dad died, for a long time it was just us two and even after she remarried it was mostly the same as I don’t get along with my step-father.” I replied.

“If I ever meet your Mum I’ll let her know she did a fine job raising you.” She said with a smile.

We both laughed at her comment and then as Angie looked at me she moved in closer I leaned over and kissed her, it started as a kiss on the lips but within seconds we were kissing passionately like lovers. Angie placed her hand on my groin and started to gently stroke my cock. I had my hand on her breast and was stroking and pulling at her nipple through the fabric of her blouse.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Angie gasped and stood up.

I followed her upstairs and I was undoing the buttons on my shirt and loosening the belt on my trousers, Angie stripped out of her clothes and lay on the bed watching me undress. I lay down beside her and kissed her. I kissed her neck and down across her chest to her nipples, as I sucked and licked her nipples they hardened like bullets. Angie moaned gently as I started to kiss her body moving lower until I reached her pubic mound, I kissed around her trimmed bush and on the inside of her thighs.

“Stop teasing me!” Angie gasped.

I licked her pussy lips and plunged my tongue into her cunt, I tasted her creamy cum as she continued to moan with pleasure. I licked around her clit and she started breathing heavily then she gasped.

“Stop teasing me for fuck sake, lick my clit please!”

I did as she requested and licked her clit before sucking it gently between my teeth.

“Aieeee, fuck me!” Angie screamed as she bucked her hips off the bed.

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