Apres le Dinner

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Granny Bogner’s was the finest restaurant in the area. The handicapped parking spot was immediately in front of the main entrance and it was empty so Fern decided to bypass the Valet. Valets were usually quite fun as they opened the door and a one legged beauty swung out of the car. Tonight though, Fern efficiently steered into “her” parking spot, hung her sign on the rear view mirror and turned to Don.

“Just because I drove doesn’t mean that you are excused from your duties as a gentleman. My door please sir!”

Don exited the car and hurried around to open Fern’s driver door. Taking her left hand he guided her pivot in the seat so that her right leg could reach out and drop to the ground. As she turned, her dress bunched up under her stump and exposed her long lithe right leg with its shiny anklet catching a glint of light from the restaurant’s entrance. She offered Don her right hand and he gently pulled her up and out of the car and into his chest for a hug and a kiss.

Fern hopped to get her balance and allowed Don to reach into the back seat for her black fore arms. Proficiently slipping her hands through the cuffs and onto the handles, she levered herself away from the car so Don could close and lock the door. She invited him to rest his arm around her waist and she began the short crutch to the front stairs.

Crutching up the stairs, Don disengaged so that he could trail behind in the safe fall back position. That, of course, gave him the opportunity to watch the slit up Fern’s dress gape and expose, first her long leg, and then her perfectly rounded stump. She briefly stopped, smiled at Don and proceeded to vault up the remaining stairs two at a time. Don took a deep breath and hustled to catch up and open the door for his lover.

As he reached for the door handle, the Maitre d’ opened the door to greet the two guests and moments later, Fern and Don were being led to a two-top table overlooking the gardens and distant mountains. The restaurant was about half full and several people stole glances at the statuesque woman on crutches gliding across the dining room. A trained eye would know that Fern was operating with half of her underpinnings but others would just notice a gorgeous woman being aided by crutches.

Dinner had been great and Fern had indeed teased Don’s manhood under the table cloth with her five pedicured toes and Don had had just enough wine to feel his oats and the two of them were heading home to the unveiling of Fern’s new stump tattoo and “coiffed” pubis. Don knew they were going to have a wonderful evening but he surely had no idea just how wonderfully his darling Fern had planned it to be.

Fern told Don that she wanted to change and freshen up while he made a couple of decaf expresso liqueur coffees. “Surprise me,” she cooed, “you know how excited I get when we bahis şirketleri have after dinner coffees.”

Almost before Don had a chance to even think about things, she hopped down from the driver’s seat, grabbed her sticks from the back seat and swished into the house. Don was just able to catch the last glimpse of her final crutch plant at the entry and the graceful swing through of her long leg sheathed in it’s white evening gown.

So there was Don. He had already lit a nice small fire in the fireplace and put on a CD of old, sensual Rory Gallagher tunes that the two had danced to this past year and he had just finished adding fresh whipped cream to the two coffees when Fern reentered the room.

The first thing Don noticed was her white puff high heeled slipper as it parted the full length of her white lingerie robe when she placed her right leg forward onto the carpet. She was now using her white painted forearms. Under the sheer robe Don saw a white lace bra and panty set and a perfectly toned and proportioned woman’s body almost ooze into the room.

Don was already ready!

Fern crutched to Don’s chest, dropped her sticks slightly behind, leaned back and thrust her tiny stump into Don’s crotch. “I’m going to go and lie down on the rug in front of the fireplace my dear and I want you to bring me my coffee.”

With that, Fern threw a quick kiss at Don, pirouetted on the ball of her foot and crutched to the fire place where she lay on her right side with her back to the fire. Just in case Don hadn’t been paying attention, she stretched out her long right leg, adjusted her negligee and flexed her tiny stump up down and all around.

Don actually stumbled as he grabbed the coffees he had finished just moments before and made his way to his absolutely sexual wife. She looked so long and lithe. From her cascading brown tresses tumbling around her shoulder all the way down the sheer curve of her hip to the tip of her five red, pedicured toe nails with their new toe ring that were sticking out from her open toed slipper, Fern was the picture of womanhood and sex.

Don knelt, deposited the coffees on the hearth and leaned to kiss his gorgeous wife. “Happy anniversary Fern. I love you completely.”

He took a sip of coffee, got whipped cream all over his mouth, and leaned in and planted a sweet white kiss on Fern’s lips. She arched her back and thrust her tiny stumplette skyward into Don’s crotch and the two kissed.

Don collapsed in heat beside his bride and began running his hands up and down her unique sculpture. It wasn’t long before he was reaching inside her panties and levering them down over her abbreviated left side. It was so easy to slip her panties over her stump and push them down her long outstretched thigh.

Both knew that the next few minutes of lovemaking were bahis firmaları going to be wonderful. Fern just loved Don’s worship with his soft fingers and strong kneading hand of every inch of her remaining thigh. Don knew he would vibrate with excitement when he whisperd with his fingers down her calf and up her thigh. He loved the caress of her ankle and he salivated as he thought of gnawing the new silver anklet he had so recently placed around her ankle. He kissed her calf, he licked the back and front of her knee and he nibbled at her toned and taught thigh.

Don swung himself over top and down on Fern so that he could nibble and lick her thigh all the while moving his attention upwards to her emanating warm pussy. His now free right hand was able to reach up and grasp the small blunted round thigh that morphed into a buttock of swooping roundness. He squeezed and caressed and twiddled the few short inches of Fern’s femur that were barely evident inside their flesh pocket.

Fern was totally enraptured. Her back arched and she pushed her thigh and calf and ankle into Don’s mouth and on to his lips. She was pulling on his back with her raspy nails. She was trying impossibly hard to wiggle a non-existent thigh against Don’s fingers. Instead the short bone and muscle bundle barely quivered and twitched. Don resisted the twitches and her stump and his fingers and his hand would tenderly wrestle in a caress of love.

Licking and savouring the faint saltiness of Fern’s thigh, Don inched upwards. When he was high enough, he removed his fingers from her stump and transferred his tongue to where his fingers had just been. He began by licking the roundness of her hip. Slowly he inched his tongue towards her faded suture line. He plied his tongue along that quietly scarred line of closure from a year ago. In the small wrinkles along her scar, Don tasted a scent of the perfume Fern earlier had splashed on her orb of pleasure.

In his rapture, Don’s eyes were closed and he actually kissed and licked Fern’s new tattoo without noticing it. But as he began to nibble and kiss and lick her love mound, he became vaguely aware of a change. Her lush, sweet pubic hair seemed to have an abrupt beginning and edge.

He licked and kissed then he gradually leaned back on his haunches. He kissed Fern’s luscious sweet lips. Then he casually glimpsed down to see what was different with Fern’s sex. That was when he noticed the shaved heart. That was when he laughed out loud, grinned, and pushed back further on his haunches. Then he saw the tattoo.

He stopped, bent over to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. When he was sure, he collapsed onto Fern’s sweaty body. He began to heave in gales of glee and laughter. He tried to smother his bride’s face with kisses but his glee convulsed him with pleasure. He was kaçak bahis siteleri weak with pleasure and happiness and he could barely keep the full weight of his body from crushing his beloved.

Fern too began to convulse with pleasure and the two shook, throbbed and sweated together in joy. Fern wrapped her long, strong right leg over Don’s left lower back and pressed and ground her stump into Don’s groin. As long as her right leg was, it wasn’t long enough to wrap all around Don and touch her stumplette. Rocking back and forth they squeezed and hugged and pudged each other.

The fire was warm and the CD had reached the spot where Gallagher was oiling the air with his erotically sensual recording of “A Million Miles Away.” Don, still erupting into the occasional spasm of pleasure, rose. He pulled Fern up with him. She wedged her anklet adorned right foot against Don’s left foot and allowed herself to be pulled upright. Naturally hopping to establish her bearings, tonight she just hopped into Don’s arms and the two began swaying to Gallagher’s throbbing guitar and experienced voice.

Don was hard, Fern was wet. They two enjoyed this moment together. They danced, they whispered into each other’s ears, Fern used what was left of her left thigh, that plump melon of muscle that defined the left side of her sweet body to poke and nudge and urge Don’s love engine.

One could say that Fern is “in better shape” than her husband because it was Don who first trembled and began to sag in joy. Fern had to short hop a few steps to help Don recover enough so the two could become a stable tripod. Fern stretched up on her remaining tip toes and let her lips reach for the sweetness of Don’s mouth.

“A year ago my darling I married you. And although we both said “for better or worse,” I know I didn’t really consider the consequences of that line. And then, less than a month later the biggest possible change to two people’s lives happened. I woke up and I only had one leg left. I guess that could have been a drag my love, but for you and I, that has become just about the best thing that could have ever happened to us.”

“Oh Gawd Fern I love you so much.” Don whispered and licked into her ear. “You are the woman of my dreams. Your gifts to me are beyond belief. Love me forever dear lady. Tantalize my mind and stimulate my body. You are the most complete woman I can imagine.”

“Play with me Don. Love your one-legged wife. Lick her leg and her stump and chew them and kiss them. Love her breasts and nuzzle her neck. Kiss her eyelids and lick her ear. Oh my darling, how blessed we are to have all of these things to play with AND we have my stump as well! Push her short round stump off to the side and fill my love with your kisses and tongue and make me so wet that I drip. It’s so easy now with just one leg to push aside my sweet.”

“Come with me Fern. Let’s get to bed so that I can ravish your body, so I can nibble on our love tattoo and I can kiss every inch of your leg, your stump, your chest and your face. Happy Anniversary my dear wife.”

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