Aquata Cove Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Rendezvous

In a moderate, forest area at noon in Honolulu, Hawaii, a young man of 22 trudges through the thick, lush forest. He regrets choosing flip-flops over his sneakers; having had the twigs and dried out leaves poking at his toes and feet for the past forty minutes. He grunted as he made his way around the knotted roots along the ground.

Adam is wearing only his flip-flops, green camo-cargo shorts, and a backpack. A light layer of hair covered his toned chest, stomach, with a happy trail leading from his groin and up. He has dark brown, mid-short hair, along with some light facial hair on the lower part of his face.

Breaking a light sweat, Adam finally arrived at his destination:

A huge, black-rock grotto, a large waterfall from up a high river cascading into the freshwater crag, a shimmer of a rainbow glowing in the white splashes. The natural pool is a nice, inviting site, peaceful and unmarred by people. You could even see the ocean from a quarter of a mile away from this fresh watery cove.

Though it wasn’t the marvelous waterfall that Adam is here for. His brown eyes glanced around until he spotted his reason for coming.

There he is. Lying on his front on a large rock is a fair-skinned young man. Sunbathing completely naked, the male is sleeping with his head on his arms, one leg bent at the knee, with the other half hanging on the rock. This young man has short, bright blonde hair on his head, and nowhere else on his body.

Adam smiled excitedly as he made his way on the jagged path. He ditched his sandals and put down his pack before stepping onto the hot rock, and slowly came near the nude male. He knelt down behind him, laid himself carefully up to him, put his hand onto the warm arm, and brought his lips onto the other man’s neck. Adam started to softly kiss smooth flesh.

The other male giggled in his fading sleep as he felt those lips brush a trail of kisses on his neck. He smiled as his arm lifted up, grabbing the air a couple of times before feeling the familiar semi-prickly facial hair.

“Mmmm… Hehehe…” He giggled more as those playful lips tickled his skin, “Heh… You’re late, Adam…” He muttered. Adam grinned as the other shuffled himself to turn around on the rock to face him. Adam stroked his soft cheek with his palm as he looked into those deep blue eyes. He was almost about Adam’s age, but a little younger by a couple of years or so.

“I’m sorry, Merrick. A huge tree was knocked down about a couple of nights ago and its blocking the usual path I take. I had to go around it.”

“Hmph,” Merrick stretched a little under Adam, trying to wake himself up for the man “Now why does that sound like an excuse?” Adam chuckled as he rubbed his hand along Merrick’s shoulder. Adam touched and looked at the shimmering shard-shell on Merrick’s necklace before looking back at those sapphire eyes.

“Like I would purposely find a reason to put off seeing you.” Merrick smiled adorably as Adam lowered his head and kissed him on the lips. Merrick opened his mouth and drew his lips onto Adam’s, brushing on his chin before kissing him again. Adam shifted a bit so he was lying on his side, and then holding Merrick close, putting his arm over him, feeling his smooth, perfect skin. His hand glided along his back, cupping one of those sumptuous buttcheeks before feeling his hand back up.

The kiss became more passionate as Adam held the back of Merrick’s head with, and felt along his beautiful body as their lips soon glued together. He tilted his head a little to the side as he pushed his mouth firmly against the other, moaning in satisfaction as his tongue explored all around into Merrick’s as while he traced his fingers up and down Merrick’s back.

The kiss broke after a few minutes. Merrick looked down and chuckled at the tent pitched in Adam’s pants. “Now, what are you still doing with THIS thing?” He asked as he tugged at one of the lower pockets. Adam grinned before kissing Merrick’s cheek.

“Just a sec, babe.” He got up on his knees, and then stood up. Adam started to unbutton himself, then whizzed down the zipper and pulled down his pants. His dick bounced up, hard as a rock. Adam then tossed his shorts over away from the rock to reside with his backpack and sandals, and knelt back down to his lover.

“I’ll never get why you bother with those things.” Merrick said as Adam came back to him.

“Well,” Adam chuckled as he tilted that chin up and kissed Merrick again. “I like the way you think, cutie.” He smooched those succulent lips again, and pressed his own on Merrick’s throat, and smacked his lips on Merrick’s Adam’s Apple. Merrick started to laugh as the suction on each kiss tingled his neck.

“Hehehehahaheheh! A-Adam, that tickles! Hahaha!” Adam grinned as he nuzzled his adorable boyfriend and trailed his lips along his neck, soon leading onto his chest. Merrick giggled as he put his hands on Adam’s shoulders. His fingers combed into Adarm’s 1xbet yeni giriş brushy, short dark hair while his man lovingly lapped and kissed along his body. Merrick’s body seemed average if anything but has some decent definition on his torso and chest, though Adam looked just a little more athletic in comparison.

Adam meshed his mouth on that smooth belly now and then, tasting the supple skin, hardly believing just how flawless a complexion this is. He amused his lover further by kissing and teasing his naval. He gradually kissed lower, planting thicker, longer kisses as he lowered more, heightening the anticipation until his chin brushed against Merrick’s semi-limb penis.

He looked up at the blonde male, giving that cute boy a smile before he opened his mouth, and took in the soft dick.

Merrick gasped and arched his back as his wang felt that wet, warm mouth. “A-Ahh!” He writhed as Adam’s tongue caressed and rubbed along the limb dick. “I-I’ll nnnever get used to that…” His hands brushed along Adam’s hair as he his eyes closed, moaning in bliss as Adam’s mouth gently lolled on his member. “A-Adam… Hoo-Ahh…”

His dick hardened quickly inside Adam’s mouth. He slowly lifted his head, and lowered back down on Merrick’s cock, pressing his lips down as he went up, then moved forward until his lips pushed onto his pelvic region.

Merrick’s mouth gapped as he moaned gently. “Ohhh Adam…” He looked down onto his lover, his sapphire eyes looking into those warm chocolate ones. Adam tasted a spurt of precum as he looked up into his lover’s eyes as he bobbed his head up and down.

His lips pushed down on Merrick’s shaft, sucking harshly on that cock, moving his hand to fondle Merrick’s balls. Merrick moaned more and more. He panted as Adam sucked and nursed on his rod, feeling overwhelming pleasure every second of that tongue gliding along his sensitive flesh.

“A-Adam…” His eyes rolled up as his head tilted back, huffing for a moment, and then moaning a little. His chest heaved up and down as his cock oozed more pre into his lover’s mouth. Merrick’s hands held at the rock as his dick throbbed again and again. “A-Adam… I’m…” He groaned more as Adam deep-throated him, “Ahh~hhh!” His wang was swallowed again and again, taken in by that hungry mouth.

“Hnnggh… AHHHH!” His cock suddenly gushed right in Adam’s mouth. Adam moaned pleasantly as he tasted the delightfully sweet cum, swallowing a mouthful and savoring the flavor before pulling back, to have his lips squirted on my a last glob of splooge. Adam then crawled up to his lover, and took Merrick in for another passionate kiss.

“Mmmm! Hmmmff…” Merrick moaned in sheer bliss as his own fluids spilled into his own mouth from Adam’s. His hand jittered as it suddenly clutched onto Adam’s arm, breathing harshly through his nose. His still hard cock throbbed as Adam’s tongue twirled and dipped into his boyfriend’s mouth, both boys taking their time in swallowing his jizz. Adam caressed Merrick’s cheek as he moved and lapped his mouth with the other, the taste of Merrick’s spunk still fresh in his mouth.

Merrick parted the kiss before he turned himself around so that his belly is on the rock. Adam laid right onto him, his hard cock between those very soft cheeks of his. He dug his arms under Merrick’s before moving his mouth to nibble on his lover’s ear. Merrick smiled and giggled in content as he felt Adam’s tender lips, his tongue tracing along the lobe and edge of his ear.

Adam pressed his mouth on the back of Merrick’s neck, and gave him a playful lick. He started to lick down Merrick’s spine, arousing his love further by each inch of flesh he tasted. Merrick panted as he felt the wet, slow trail along his back. He could feel Adam’s tongue edging to the top of the crevice of his butt. “Ahh! Awwwhhh!” He jumped and gasped as he felt the wet slither on his tender entrance.

Adam looked at that fine bubble butt, placing both hands on each cheek, and rubbing that rump. “You have, such a nice ass, Merrick.” Merrick giggled as he felt his supple rear groped and massaged.

He then pulled those shapely mounds apart, and moved in. Merrick’s face felt pink as he gasped and moaned, feeling Adam’s stubble rub his skin, and start to lick his anus. “Ohhhh Aaaadam…!” Merrick became more and more horny as he felt his asshole kissed and suckled.

As expected, Merrick’s taint is so clean, as if it has never been used before. Adam pressed his mouth against Merrick’s rear end, pressing his tongue onto Merrick’s entrance. His tongue began to push into the tight bud, licking into his sensitive tunnel. Merrick moaned out loud as he felt Adam’s wet sliver wriggle into him. He squirmed as every moment heightens his pleasure. His body tensed as he felt that tongue brush on a deep spot. “Ahh yes! Please… Please don’t stop…”

Adam moaned quietly between those globes. He gently licked and nuzzled into that soft butt, licking tenderly 1xbet giriş and giving that pink pucker a French kiss of a lifetime. Every lick and wiggle drove Merrick up the wall. He clutched the rock he was laying on as Adam ate deeply into his ass.

He gave the Merrick’s sweet taint a farewell smooch before moving up. Adam gave that jiggly ass a playful spank before grabbing hold of his cock. As he rubbed the precum to lubricate his throbbing rod, he rubbed one of those mounds, feeling that smooth and soft skin.

Adam smiled as he lined the head of his cock up onto the that moist pucker. He leaned forward, pushing his glans in while he moved his face up to Merrick’s, penetrating him in one thrust, “AhHHhh!” Adam’s thick cock sank deeper into that warm, tight embrace. Merrick moaned as his innards stretched around that fat rod, feeling every throb that cock pulsed inside of him. Adam rubbed his one hand on Merrick’s shoulder, and the other on his hip as he gently kissed his lover’s cheek.

“Mmm…” Adam rubbed his face against Merrick’s, felt his wonderful body, rubbed his pubic region against that adorable tush of his, “… You are so soft…” Merrick moaned wantonly as Adam touched his chin, and turned his head to look at those beautiful blue eyes. Adam then moved his face forward, and started to kiss Merrick passionately. He slowly lapped around those sweet lips, nibbling at the lower lip now and then before locking his lips with the other.

He pulled his hips back, and slowly plunged his dick back into Merrick’s ass again. He moaned as his tongue wrapped around the other. Adam held Merrick’s head in order to keep him from moving. Merrick squirmed and groaned, loving every second of that fat cock drilling inside him. Every kiss he shared made his insides tingle, every touch and feel Adam would take, exploring his body and appreciating his form in every possible way.

“Ahhhh!” Merrick gasped and moaned loudly when he felt that dick push on his prostate, “H-How does this feel so- AAaaHHhh!” Adam grinned as he lovingly nibbled on Merrick’s neck. Merrick giggled and squirmed a little as he felt his ass full of cock with the brush and tingle of Adam’s teeth, lips, and thin beard.

Adam then positioned his legs on either side of Merrick, starting to roll his hips in a rhythmic fashion. Merrick moaned in sheer delight as his ass was made sweet, hot love to, being very receptive to the grove of the motion from Adam’s pelvis to his own body. Each thrust was like a wave of intense pleasure, that shot into his rectum, and spread to his whole body.

Adam started to hump into Merrick again. “Ahh!” Several times, Adam would hit the G-Spot, making him writhe in pleasure. Adam started to huff and moan as he put his hands on Merrick’s hips. He started to fuck into him faster, undulating his lower body to deliver quick, forceful thrusts. He started to hit Merrick’s g-spot more frequently, causing both men to moan uncontrollably.

Adam leaned forward and pressed his forehead against Merrick’s back. He hisses through his teeth as he jerked his cock back and forth in Merrick’s ass. “Hah ffffffuck…” Merrick moaned more and more loudly as the sex intensified. His voice echoed through the rock fall, over the roaring waterfall as he received the raw force banging erratically into him. With each thrust Adam made, Merrick’s warm, wet tunnel squeezed around his cock.

Adam clenched his eyes shut, as he stabbed deep into Merrick’s anus, “Ahhhh-FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” In two seconds, Merrick’s eyes rolled up and closed as he moaned in pure ecstasy. He could feel his lover’s member explode inside him, flooding his insides with a torrent of hot, gooey love. Adam’s hips jerked with each spurt that pooled inside of Merrick.

After that last jerk, Adam pulled his dick out of his lover’s rear. In a quick move, he glued his lips around that used hole, and started to lick and suckle his own juices. Merrick just melted as he felt the cum flow in his painted pipe, feeling those lips pull at his stretched sphincter, and having his lover drink from him. “A-Adam…” Adam’s softening dick soon inflated again as he swallowed his semen from Merrick’s nicely abused entrance.

He gave that ass one last lick before getting on his knees. He then picked Merrick up, and turned him around and lay him on his back. Merrick’s abs were already coated with a fresh layer of white cum, yet his dick is still hard.

“A-Adam…” Merrick panted helplessly, “You’re…” Adam grinned as he straddled onto his lover, aiming his rear above his lover’s dick.

“Hey, I like getting fucked too, babe. I pretty much have to use a substitute toy when you’re away. Besides, you pretty much NEVER nail me anyhow.” He looked down and carefully hovered his ass above Merrick’s 6inch rod. He pressed down, and felt his own asshole start to spread open. Adam tilted his head back, moaning pleasantly. “Ohh yeah…”

Merrick laid his head back and groaned, moaning in 1xbet güvenilirmi pleasure just as Adam sat on his rod. “Ohhh Adam!” He put his dainty hands on his love’s rugged hips as his shaft throbbed inside of Adam’s tunnel, “Ohhh… By the depths… You’re so good to me, Adam…” Adam smiled as he rocked his hips up and back, riding Merrick’s rod nice and easy.

As Adam rose up and down on his lap, Merrick’s hands roamed on his body, feeling his hairy chest. There wasn’t a lot of chest hair, but had a nice enough layer. His fair hands rubbed his lover’s pecs, moving his hands to brush along the fuzzy trail. Merrick clinched his eyes and then huffed before whimpering in pleasure.

“Oh, Adam!” Merrick yelped a little, “Right there!” The man grinned as he flexed his anal muscles around the head. Merrick’s stomach tightened as he moaned out.

Adam bit his lower lip and smirked as he looked down on Merrick. He just looked so slutty, lying back, moaning in heat, panting as he hugged his insides around that cock.

Adam grabbed his rod, and started jerking it hard. He panted as his arm worked at his cock, pointing his shaft right at his lover. Adam worked at his sensitive spots, soon letting his head back, exclaiming his intense pleasure as his member erupted several globs of white lava, painting the light, unmarred skin on Merrick’s chest and stomach.

At that moment, just as Merrick felt those hot blobs land on him, Adam’s tunnel squeezed around his dick, causing his back to arch, “AHHHHHhhhh! Oohhhh~!” Merrick moaned out as he started to unload deep into Adam’s rectum.

Merrick panted and groaned contently as Adam lifted himself up from Merrick, feeling his boyfriend’s warm fluids leak and dribble from his rear end. He prowled down, and put his mouth to his tummy, and pushed his tongue onto his smooth flesh. Merrick couldn’t help but smile and suppress a laugh as he felt Adam’s mouth lap up his cum from his torso. He let out a writhe and giggle as Adam grinned and smooched on his belly button, before working his way up, sensually cleaning after himself on his lover.

Merrick smiled as he wrapped his arms onto Adam, holding him as the man hovered himself above. He chuckled as he tilted the younger male’s face towards him and kissed his love on the cheek. Merrick turned to his side, nuzzling his boyfriend as he felt his strong arm. Adam caressed his hand onto the other’s face as he gently nibbled on his lips.

Adam gave one more kiss to his neck and said, “You know what I feel like? Lets go for a swim, babe.”

Adam smirked and gave Merrick a kiss on his cheek before getting up and jumped off the edge of the rock, “WOOO!” He hunched and held his arms around his legs, and splashed right into the pool.

Merrick turned himself around and looked onto rippling surface of the water, giggling as he felt a few droplets land on him. Under the clear water, he could see his boyfriend’s nude form. He just found it so interesting, the way he swam. The way his hands touched together, move forward, and part away as his arms swung on opposite sides. Then the legs, the way they either moved one up with the other down, over and over again.

He blushed as he saw Adam float onto the surface, his naked, athletic body in plain sight.

Adam stopped floating for a sec and submerged most of his body back in, and looked up at Merrick. “Come on in, babe!” Merrick grinned back at him.

“I’m no good at jumping! Take me in!” Adam smirked and shook his head as then started to stroke over towards the rock. He hefted himself up onto a shallow rock. He could’ve gotten in himself, but he just wanted to sit there and look at Adam’s body.

Merrick starred in awe as he watched the water rush and fall from his form. The way that his body hair clung to his arms, legs, the small dark patch above his genitals dripping, the trail from his groin, up and onto his chest. And his face… His face is just so handsome. Merrick rarely sees facial hair on anyone, but what the light layer had grown onto his lower cheeks and neck just complimented his features. Merrick has always wondered what a moustache or beard actually looks like, but Adam’s stubble is just perfect he just couldn’t image how it could be better.

Adam climbed up to the rock, the remaining water still drippling onto the hot stone, and stood to his cute lover. He bent over, put his arms behind Merrick’s back, and under his knees, and scooped him up. Merrick smiled as he reached up and kiss Adam on the neck.

“One of these- heheh,” Merrick had lifted his head and kissed playfully on his neck, “One of these days,” Adam chuckled, as Merrick put his arms around him, “I’m gonna have to teach you how to walk more then a few steps.”

With that, he strode quickly to the end of the stone, and leaped off the rock. Both him and Merrick dropped into the water, making a huge splash and a large, white mass of oxygen bubbles.

In seconds under the water, Adam felt Merrick leave his arms.

“Hmhmhmhmmhmm~~” Merrick giggled under the water, which sounded eerie, yet somehow mystical.

Adam shifted around, and looked from around – he can see so clearly in the water, it’s like he’s wearing goggles.

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