Ask Alice Ch. 02

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“What just happened?” Alice Mihara asked herself as she got to her feet and looked around her bedroom. Everything looked familiar and yet all wrong at the same time.

Because you fell through the mirror a panicky voice said in her head.

She looked at the mirror near the bathroom door with apprehension.

“Impossible,” she said.

She sat on the bed to take a moment to put on her loose sandal, then she went to the mirror and tentatively reached out expecting her shaky hand to go beyond the mirror frame, but her fingers encountered solid glass. In a panic, she went to the bedroom door but found that it was locked. With a pounding heart, she went to the bathroom door, beyond was the other door that led to the hallway. She opened the door and screamed when all she saw was a brick wall a mere foot beyond the opening.

“Cut!” someone yelled.

Alice screamed again and turned to face the person who had just yelled cut.

“Alice, what are you doing?” a man asked. “Why are you at the bathroom door? You are suppose to exit through the other door to go meet the men waiting for you in the living room.”

Barely able to think, she said, “The door is locked.” The man was surrounded by bright light making him hard to see. Instinctively, she shielded her eyes.

“God damn! Somebody check that,” the man said. “Alice, go back to the mirror and do the cross again. Wait, never mind. Let’s move on. Strike this! Set up for the living room! Alice take ten. Ishani, check her makeup.” The blinding light went out.

I’m on a film set? Alice thought no less confused. She worked at a Honolulu TV station and was no stranger to sets and knew one when she saw one, but what the hell was she doing on this set?

People walked around her and started dismantling her bedroom, walls and all. New walls were put up forming her living room minus the wall that led to the kitchen and front door.

“You were great Alice,” the man said.

She could see him now. He was chubby with a reddish trimmed beard and long blond hair tied back in a ponytail. He wore a loud red, silk aloha shirt, khaki shorts and sandals. “I liked the confuse and innocent act but I don’t know what the screaming was all about.”

I’m fucking crazy is what that screaming was all about she wanted to say but couldn’t as her throat and chest tightened with panic and confusion. A pretty and shapely dark skin girl walked up to Alice and looked her in the face.

“Hambone,” the girl said to chubby blond guy, “Dizzy wants to talk to you in the office.”

“Thanks Ishani,” Hambone said and walked off the set.

Ishani the makeup girl guided Alice to a chair where her kitchen should be. Alice mindlessly watched as Ishani selected eyeliner and lip paste from a makeup kit on a table. “Want a smoke?” the makeup girl asked as she worked on Alice’s eyes.

“Don’t smoke,” Alice said flatly.

“Brave of you to quit in the middle of a shoot,” Ishani said. Then she leaned back and gave Alice a serious look. “You okay? You look kind of freaked out?”

“I am freaked out,” Alice said in a hard whisper.

“Don’t blame you,” Ishani said as she dabbed at Alice’s lips with pale pink lipstick paste. “Agreeing to do this unsimulated sex movie is really risky. If this falls flat it could mess up your career.”

“Where is Nelson?” Alice asked numbly.

“Who’s Nelson?”

“I’m dreaming. This isn’t happening,” Alice said on the edge of hysteria.

“If you’re backing out,” Ishani said seriously, “You had better let Hambone and Dizzy know right now.”

Freaked out as she was, Alice had to ask, “Is the director’s name really Hambone?”

“It’s Charley Hammond, but we all call him Hambone.

“Who is Dizzy?”

Ishani laughed. “Our producer? Desmond Howe? Girl you feeling alright?”

Alice said nothing as she watched a couple of guys carry her living room sofa onto the set and put it down on a spot marked with tape away from the window, right where it belonged.

Where’s the lamp and koa end table? she thought blankly.

On cue, another guy stepped in with said lamp and end table and put it next to the sofa exactly where it should be.

“That’s it. This is too much,” Alice whispered. She stood and marched in the direction where the front door to the her Honolulu townhouse should be. Just beyond a camera, she saw a red exit sign in the distance and made for it.

“Hey! I’m not done,” Ishani called after her.

Alice stopped in mid stride, she saw a familiar face. It was the Hawaiian guy from Nelson’s bukakke party, the very guy she had planned on fucking in her living room just to piss off Nelson. Seeing someone familiar filled her with marginal hope. She walked up to him, stared him in the face and pleaded, “Help me.” He smiled at her. Insanely, she found herself responding to him sexually.

“Know what you mean,” the Hawaiian guy said still smiling. “Before now, it’s been fade to black or call in the better looking body double.”

“No double can ever looks as bahis siteleri good as you Harry,” Ishani said catching up to Alice.

“This is crazy,” Alice said.

“You telling me,” Harry said with a nervous laugh. He took Alice’s hand in his and squeezed it gently. “I’m glad I’m doing this with you. Makes it way easier. Gotta go change, see you in a little bit.” He smiled at her one more time and walked away.

“If I had to fuck anyone for real on camera it would be Harry Hoopii,” Ishani said with a dreamy glaze.

“He’s … wow,” Alice agreed.

“He’s up there with Cloony and that Thor guy in my dirty fantasies,” Ishani said nudging Alice. “Anyway, you seem upset. You want me to go get Hambone and Dizzy?”

Seeing no point in running anymore, Alice shook her head, went back to the make up station and sat down. If she were dreaming she’d eventually wake up. And if she were crazy? Well … nothing she could do about that either. But mostly, her new calm had everything to do with the thought of seeing that handsome Harry Hoopii again. And she had to admit that she was curious as to what was going down on this movie set. What did Ishani say? Unsimulated sex? What the hell is that she wondered?

A few minutes later, Harry returned to the set wearing just a dusty mauve robe. She watched him from across the room as he spoke to Hambone the director and some skinny guy in a suit.

“That’s gotta be Dizzy the producer,” she whispered to herself.

She focused on Harry. The guy was flawlessness with that delicious mix of Hawaiian and Asian. She longed to be near him, her fingers itched to touch him. I might be crazy, she thought, but he is beautiful.

“Hey,” said a girl plopping herself into a chair next to Alice.

Her slim figure and cute Japanese face was unmistakable, it was her best friend Joy Maeda.

“Joy!” Alice shouted and hugged her friend fiercely.

Joy laughed. “Nice to see you too.”

“What’s happening to me?” Alice asked close to tears.

“Making the biggest, most stupid mistake in your life,” Joy said. They pulled apart. Joy dabbed at Alice’s eyes. “Don’t cry lolo. You’ll just make more work for Ishani.” Joy gave Alice a long serious look, shook her head and then said, “I’m a porn star and I get paid big bucks to fuck on film. You on the other hand do movies with Bruce Willis and Jude Law, hang with Gwyneth Poltrow, go on the Tonight Show. Yet you choose to do this?” She held up her fingers to form quotation marks. “An unsimulated sex movie with some no name director?”

“I heard that,” Hambone called from across the room.”

Joy smiled at him and gave him the finger and said to Alice, “You’re fucking crazy baby is all I gotta say.”

“That’s for sure,” Alice said. Then she put on the mental breaks. Did Joy just say she was a porn star?

“Hey Mandy,” Ishani said to Joy with a wave.

“Off duty. Call me Joy,” Joy said waving back.

“You’re Mandy Almond,” Alice said more to herself.

“That’s my alias. Don’t wear it out,” Joy said with a weary smile.

“Mandy Almond from ‘Asian Gymnast Sex Slaves,'” Alice continued.

“Winner of six AVN awards,” Joy said.

“Crazier and crazier,” Alice whispered.

Joy looked across the room at Harry. “That man is hot meat on a bun. I take it all back. Screwing Harry Hoopii might be worth fucking up your career.”

“Yeah,” Alice said finding herself on the verge of tears again even as she barked a laugh. Four other men entered the set wearing robes exactly like Harry’s. Alice and Joy watched them mill about for a few seconds.

“Anyway,” Joy said, “I’m here at the producer’s request as an emergency body double just in case you suddenly grow a brain.”

“Won’t work,” Alice said managing a smile. “No one would believe it. My tits are way bigger than yours.”

Joy laughed and punched her in the arm.

Alice’s Honolulu living room was complete. Weirdly, it wasn’t backwards like her bedroom had been. Director Hambone clapped his hands and called out for everyone’s attention. “Listen up people! This whole scene will happen with minimal direction. What happens, happens as it happens”

Everyone in the room frowned at his overuse of the word happen. Hambone went on unperturbed.

“If anyone feels that they need a break just step away. But remember, the three cameras will keep rolling. The only one who can stop the action is me or Alice. Got that?” Hambone walked up to Alice. He looked her in the eyes and said softly. “For all this to work the sex has to be real. If you’re not up to this—”

“I’m fine,” Alice said.

That was a total lie. But she figured, this can’t be any harder than what she did with Nelson and the gang less than an hour ago in this very room. Then she thought … what if … the stuff with Nelson on the other side of the mirror wasn’t real? This could be the real world … my life with Nelson could just be a few pages in a move script. Maybe I’m one of those method actors that live a role. Maybe I went too far with my stage canlı bahis siteleri craft? Got a little lost and—

Hambone clapped his hands pulling her out of her strange existential musings.

“Okay,” Hambone said to the room at large, “Alice will enter the living room with all the men from the Mauve club waiting for her in their underwear.”

“Sounds familiar,” Alice said.

“Right,” Hambone said. “according to the script, this is your second encounter with the group in the same day.”

“It got pretty messy just before this,” Alice said kind of sort of digging her theory that that she was a hyped up Hollywood actress … maybe I’m on drugs, she thought hopefully.

“That Bukakke shit is just another day at the office for me,” Joy said.

“We changed that in the script,” Dizzy the producer said walking over.

“Dizzy’s right,” Hambone said, “everything’s been toned down as to your request, Alice.”

“Yeah, you just suck a half dozen dicks,” Joy said, “Every Hollywood starlet is doing it … but usually not on film unless you’re me or Jenna Haze.”

“Cut it out Joy,” Dizzy said. “You’re here to support not discourage.”

“Places people,” Hambone called out.

Harry and the four male actors lost their robes. All wore plain white underwear.

“Tidy whities,” Alice whispered.

“Action! Alice enter the room,” Hambone said.

Alice stepped onto the set that was her living room in some other world. She looked into the full length mirror near the big screen TV. It look just like the mirror she had put there herself less than an hour ago. She saw one of the cameras reflected in it. Her eyes roamed the rest of the set and they eventually settled on beautiful Harry Hoopii. Her eyes dropped to his crotch, there was no mistaking his bold erection in his standard white BVDs. They all had erection she saw. Everyone stood around doing nothing just exchanging glances.

“Good God you amateurs!” Joy said clearly exasperated. “Alice, tell the guys to do something! Anything!”

Hambone turned to Joy. “I give the direction on this set,” he said irritated.

“Touch me,” Alice said softly to the group. Harry was the only one that stepped forward. The other men looked at Hambone wondering what to do.

“Touch her,” Hambone said irritated as if he had given the direction to start with. Joy gave Hambone a small smug smile that he did his best to ignore.

The men approached and tentatively touched her arms, stomach, shoulders and hair. Harry being the boldest, caressed the upper swell of her pubic area.

“Come on Guys,” Joy said. “This chick is giving you permission to feel her up. I know some of you have been whacking off to fake nudes of her on the internet. Don’t be shy. Touch her everywhere!”

“Joy—” Hambone barked.

“Let her be,” Dizzy said with a hand on Hambone’s shoulder.

Hambone looked ready to blow a gasket. But he kept quiet and watched the action.

Hands groped Alice’s a-cups and ass. She gasped at Harry explored her crotch more forcefully through the material of her dress.”

“Get under the dress and undies. Stroke her clit, Harry, somebody feel her ass,” Joy instructed.

“Why the fuck did I bother coming to work today?” Hambone asked.

“Joy knows this stuff better than you or I,” Dizzy said, “let her help.”

Hambone gave a disapproving grunt and mumbled, “none of this is suppose to be staged.”

Harry hiked up Alice’s black dress, slipped a hand down her panties and found her wet clitoris. Hands roamed over her ass. Somebody else got bold and squeezed her tiny tits. Alice gasped with pleasure as she gripped Harry’s wrist tightly encouraging a more aggressive probing. And he obliged.

“This is great,” Joy said. “Harry undress her.”

The other men backed away. Harry’s hand slipped out of her panties and he politely smoothed her dress down. He put his hands on the straps of her dress and slid them off her shoulders.

“Not like that, Harry” Joy said. “Look at her, she’s hot to go. Rip it off her!”

In one violent downward tug that made Alice bark in surprise, Harry ripped the black dress from her reducing it to a torn pool of cloth around her ankles. She Instinctively crossed her arms over her bra covered breasts. She gave Joy an annoyed look. The dress had cost her sixty dollars at Marshalls. Someone else got into the act and grabbed her black panties from behind and aggressively pulled them down her legs. Her hands dropped from her breasts to her crotch to hide her exposed V of hair.

“Fantastic!” Joy called out. “I love the visual! Somebody get the bra. A pair of hands gripped the back of her bra straps and pulled until the hooks gave way then yanked the bra off her exposing her tiny A-cups. “Good job boys,” Joy said. “You’re naked and vulnerable, what now Alice?”

Totally shaken by her violent disrobing, Alice looked around at that the men, unsure what to say. The silence seem to go on forever.

Joy spoke up, breaking the quiet. “Time to earn you canlı bahis paycheck, Alice. Drop down and suck some cock.”

“It’s your call,” Hambone said to Alice. “You do what’s comfortable.”

“Comfortable?” Joy said giving Hambone a contemptuous look. “The chick is totally freaked out. If you don’t want to ruin this genuine real mood, back the fuck off!”

Hambone’s eyes widened at the remark.

“I’m not freaked out,” Alice said in a shaky freaked out voice.”

“Whatever,” Joy said obviously still annoyed with Hambone. “Help her along guys. Drop the undies. Pull em out.”

The actors lowered their underwear and stepped out of them. Five solid erections hovered around her.

“Look at you girl,” Joy said with a trace of awe, “I would need a full time fluffer to get sustained wood like that.”

Alice quickly scanned the erections and then her eyes fixed on Harry Hoopii’s velvety plum-brown member directly in front of her. Suddenly, her vision swam, the edges of her world got fuzzy, fresh panic seized her brain and hysterical screaming seem to be her next reasonable opposition. She stepped into Harry’s arms for literal support.

“Maybe she needs a break,” Hambone said

“Harry stay with her,” Joy said. “Keep those fucking cameras rolling. The rest of you get out of the scene for now and bring those boners over here. As we say in my industry, a hardon is a terrible thing to waste.” Joy got a towel from Ishani’s makeup station, folded it, put it on the floor and knelt on it. She waved the naked men to close in.

In the comfort of Harry’s arms, Alice watched her friend take full charged of the four naked men. In her jeans and simple silk blouse, Joy looked more like a Japanese teenager shopping at the mall than a professional porn star.

“Hope you got money in the budget for a fluffer of my caliber,” Joy said.

At the mention of money, Dizzy the producer was suddenly among the circle of naked erect men. “Don’t do a thing, cause you’re not being paid,” he said.

Joy casually gripped a hard cock. “Just joking,” she said. “Today, I do this pro bono for Alice.” She took a dick into her mouth. She stopped for a second and said, “I should at least get my name in the credits somewhere.” Joy caught Alice’s eyes. “The Cameras are on you Alice.”

Feeling a bit more steady in Harry’s arms, Alice inhaled his mixture of scents: expensive musky cologne, manly body lotion and hair cream. Under it all was the honest smell of clean human skin. It occurred to her that she could kiss him. And so she did. She immediately discovered that he was a smoker. He had used a breath mint to mask the cigarettes but it was still their. Oddly, she found the combination of tastes very pleasant.

At the tail end of the kiss, she felt that she should do something for the cameras. She started by rubbing and stroking Harry’s shaft and balls with her right hand. Her eyes flickered around to the cameras. She was hardly in the mood to give head, but she dropped to her knees anyway. She gripped his shaft, cradled his balls, took him into her mouth and closed her eyes. She worked him for a few seconds then opened her eyes and looked up at Harry as he looked down at her with hot interest.

On a lark, she took Harry out of her mouth and said, “Do I have to suck all these cocks coach.”

“Coach?” Harry asked befuddled.

“Is that in the script somewhere?” Dizzy asked confused.

Joy gave a muffled laughed. She took the cock out of her mouth and said, “That a line from one of my movies.”

“Um … I think she’s ready for something more,” Hambone said tentatively. “We should take advantage … you know … while the iron is hot?”

“You heard your director,” Joy said to the men around her, “get over there.”

The men joined Harry around Alice.

Alice had to admit that she liked being the center of attention. Giving in to the primal madness boiling in her head, she gripped the cock on Harry’s left and took it into her mouth. In systematic abandon, she went at all the cocks surrounding her, swallowing shafts as deep as she could, licking and suck balls into her mouth, stroking lengths one and two at a time.

“Jesus girl,” Joy said, “you are one hell of an actor or this dirty business is truly turning you on.”

“The guys are in the way,” one of the camera crew said.

“What?” Hambone asked confused.

“The actors are blocking the shot,” Joy told Hambone with roll of her eyes. She pointed at a Camera. “You move over here.” She pointed at another. “Stay there and take the long view. Don’t worry about whose in the shot, just keep filming. “You, other camera guy—”

“I’m camera two,” the guy said.

“Whatever,” Joy said “Get that stupid lamp and side table out of the way and position there.” Joy pulled and pushed at the men standing around Alice to create visual lanes for the cameras.

As all of that happened, Alice kept mindlessly working cock. At one point, she looked up from her wet slippery work and saw that she was back with Harry again. She freed her mouth and said, “Fuck me Harry.”

Since Hambone had reasserted himself back into the director’s role, everyone on the set looked at him. “Um … are you sure?” he asked Alice.

“Lolo!” Joy said.

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