Audrey , Judy , Pete Pt. 05

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It was a hazy summer Saturday afternoon and the three lovers were enjoying perfect privacy with no gardener, pool service or cleaning lady. Audrey was swimming slowly around in the big pool, and Pete was sitting at the umbrella table going over some contracts. Judy was stretched out on her back, topless, on a chaise nearby on the lawn. A large, wide-brimmed hat covered her face, and she appeared to be asleep. Pete kept glancing over at his lovely wife, finding her beautiful, up tilted breasts very distracting.

Audrey climbed out of the water, dried off with a huge towel, sat down by Pete and began brushing her hair. She also looked stunning in her very brief yellow bikini.

“I’ll go fix some cold lemonade,” she said. And she got up and walked into the kitchen.

Pete kept trying to concentrate on his work, but was fighting a losing battle. Finally, he got up, went over to the lawn and sat down beside Judy. He picked up the bottle of suntan lotion, squeezed some on a finger and began applying it lightly to Judy’s nipples. In moments, they were standing erect and stiff. Pete kept teasing both nipples, and then began to spread lotion around the aureoles as well. Judy’s chest began to heave and she whimpered softly as Pete kept up his torment.

Suddenly, Judy sat up abruptly, pushed Pete over on his back and leaned over him.

“You Sadist! You like to play with my tits, do you? Well, I hope you like the taste of suntan lotion! See how much tit you can take!”

And she thrust one full breast at Pete’s face. He opened his mouth wide and sucked in as much as he could. Of course, most was left out, but he licked and sucked fervently on what he could get inside. Then Judy switched and pushed the other breast at him, and Pete willingly tried his best to devour that one, too.

Just then, Audrey came back out, pushing a teacart with a full pitcher of lemonade, three tall glasses and a bucket of ice. But she could see that lemonade was not on the agenda right at this time. She walked over and sat on the grass beside the two lovers.

“Oh, Judy! You’ve made Pete’s cock swell up already, and it looks so uncomfortable, held down inside his shorts. Lift up, Pete, and I’ll set it free.”

Pete lifted his hips, still holding Judy tightly to him, running his hands eagerly up and down her back and caressing the breast that wasn’t being devoured. Audrey quickly pulled his shorts down and off, and his big prick sprang free.

“Oh, WOW! I’m always surprised at how HUGE it is when it’s really hard!!” she exclaimed. And she took his swollen cock gently in her soft hand and began lovingly caressing it. This caused further rigidity and pre-cum began to seep out the tip. She murmured appreciatively as she bent down and slowly took the head into her warm mouth. With tongue and lips, she laved his cock with enthusiasm.

“Judy, Darling, climb over him and slide down here. I’ll put this monster where you’ll really enjoy it!”

Judy did just that. As her cunt neared his cock, Audrey carefully pulled aside Judy’s bikini thong and rubbed the cock head up and down her open twat to moisten it with Pete’s juices. That was really unnecessary since Judy’s cunt was already very wet and receptive. Then Audrey deftly guided the swollen cock into Judy’s slippery cunt, and Judy squirmed down until his cock was in all the way. Judy and Pete both moaned with the intense pleasure, and their hungry mouths joined eagerly.

Audrey was now also breathing heavily, as she, too, was excited by the erotic view of the coupled organs, to say nothing of the thrill of having had Pete’s hot cock in her mouth. She quickly stood and tore off both parts of her bikini.

“Sit up, Judy!” she cried. “So I can have some of him, too!”

Judy rose up onto her knees and sat upright on Pete’s cock. She began moving bursa escort up and down, rubbing her swollen clit against Pete’s pubic bone. Audrey clambered over Pete’s head, facing away from Judy, and lowered her flooding pussy down onto Pete’s open and eager mouth.

“Ooohhh! Eat me, Lover! Drink my juice! I’m so hot!”

Judy continued her up-and-down thrusting, and leaning forward, reached around and stroked Audrey’s swollen breasts, strumming the erect nipples.

Both girls were wailing loudly, their breathing becoming more ragged. Audrey reached down and grasped Pete’s head, pulling his mouth up tight against her flowing cunt.

“Oh, Lover!” she cried. “Get my clit! I want to get off! I want to CUM!!”

Judy squeezed Audrey’s tits tightly and whispered, “Come with me, Audrey! COME WITH MEEE!!” And she pressed her cunt down hard on Pete and screamed softly as the ecstasy washed over her.

“I will! Oh, God . . . . I AM cumming!!” whimpered Audrey, as Pete’s tongue tortured her swollen clit. The twins keened through their orgasms, writhing slowly around Pete’s cock and mouth.

When the rapture had slackened a bit, Judy groaned, “Let’s trade places, Audrey. You should enjoy this big hard cock before it explodes!”

And she lifted off Pete’s prick as Audrey slid down his body, dragging her wet cunt along his chest and belly. Judy guided the rigid member expertly into Audrey’s oozing pussy, then clambered around and sat on Pete’s mouth, facing her sister. They both began again thrusting and rubbing their creaming cunnys on his iron rod and ravenous mouth. They leaned together and kissed frantically, rubbing each other’s breasts and nipples. Pete’s hands, too, joined in the caresses, lovingly stroking their velvety asses and jutting tits.

In less than a minute, the girls came again, almost at the same time, eyes glazed and sobbing. They continued rocking and thrusting, until still another incredible orgasm overcame them both. This time, with a cry of ecstasy muffled by Judy’s spasming cunt, Pete’s dam burst, and his straining cock convulsed again and again, spurting his cum up into Audrey’s throbbing pussy.

Pete pushed up gently on Judy’s big, soft ass, lifting her off his face, gasping for breath. Then he turned her gently to one side, and twisted his body in the same direction. This forced Audrey to turn, too, and his softening cock was pulled from her dripping pussy, his cum juice flowing out and running down her thigh. But the girls continued to embrace each other as they lay together on the grass.

Pete struggled to his feet, lurched to the pool and fell in with a loud splash. He floated and swam slowly for a minute or two, and then climbed the steps out of the water. The twins were still entwined but the kissing had stopped and their breathing was returning to normal.

Pete picked up two glasses of lemonade from the tray and sat down next to the relaxing lovers.

“Anyone for some ice cold lemonade?” he asked. “Just what you need to cool down overly exuberant passions.” And he touched the base of a cold glass to each rounded ass.

Both girls yelped with the shock, then giggled and took the glasses offered.

“See Audrey. I told you he was a Sadist!” said Judy.

“Yeah, but I love the way he tortures us! We’re both glad you’re our private Marquis, Pete”.


The following day, Pete worked all morning preparing a counter offer on a large nearby estate. When he finally finished just before noon and went in to the kitchen, he glanced out the window and saw his two girls in their huge hot tub. He noticed that sandwiches had been prepared and placed on the table. So he put them on the teacart, added a big pitcher of ice tea, three glasses and lots of extra ice, utensils and napkins. He added a bowl of fresh strawberries from the refrigerator bursa escort bayan and trundled the cart out to the gazebo covering the hot tub.

Then he noticed pieces of skimpy bathing suits strewn around the deck. The girls were slouched down on the underwater bench, kissing and embracing lovingly, hands caressing breasts and pussys, tongues teasing tongues.

“I should have known,” he said aloud. “You two just can’t get enough.”

Judy whispered, “Our butler, Jeeves, is here with lunch.”

“Oh, goody,” Audrey replied. “I’m sure he can be of service later on. But right now, I want to get off!” And she pulled away from Judy and maneuvered around so one of the water jets played on her pussy.

“Ooohhh, that feels great! The water’s really hot! It caresses my pussy so gently. And when I move in close, it’s gets really strong! I love it! I’ll bet I could get off just from this jet! But I’d rather have you eat me, Judy! I want your magic mouth on my pussy!”

As she was speaking, she hoisted her ass out of the tub and onto the deck. She lay back, crooked her left leg around Judy’s head, and pulled Judy between her spread legs. Judy twisted around and licked her way up Audrey’s velvety thigh to her glistening, open cunt. Audrey moaned as Judy’s tongue lapped up her wet pussy from bottom to top, ending on her protruding clit. Then Judy turned around further, raised up and knelt on the bench so she could do her job better. This lifted her pussy partly out of the water, her gorgeous ass aimed directly at Pete who was sitting on the opposite edge of the tub with his feet dangling in the water. Watching and listening to these gorgeous twins made his cock begin to swell and stretch against his shorts.

As Judy’s torturing mouth did its work on Audrey, her moans became louder and louder, ending in a piercing cry as the first orgasm overwhelmed her.

“Uunnnnhh! Oh, God! Ooohhhh!!”

Meanwhile, Pete watched Judy’s fingers play on her own clit and bury in her cunt. Her ass began to move up and down in response, flagrantly waving her pussy at Pete.

Pete’s cock was now fully hard but restrained by his shorts, so he lifted his ass and removed them, muttering, “That’s just too irresistible!” He waded quickly across the tub through the churning water, bent down and placed his cock within reach of Judy’s hand. She took hold of his stiff member and guided it carefully into her gaping lips. Then her fingers returned quickly to her swollen clit.

Meanwhile, Audrey was approaching another orgasm. As Pete very slowly slid his hard cock into Judy’s cunt, he said, “Audrey, I love to watch you when you come! It shows on your face — like right now! I can tell — you’re coming! Agony and ecstasy!! You’re so beautiful!!”

Audrey pulled Judy’s mouth tightly to her spasming cunt and cried out, “I love you, Judy!! Oohhh! I love to CUMM!!”

Pete’s cock was now deep inside and he said, “Judy, Doll! Your ass is so soft and gorgeous! And now you’re coming!! I can feel your cunt throbbing and clutching my cock! Oh, you sisters are so fantastic, and I love you both so much!!”

He began to thrust fully and more rapidly into Judy, sending waves swirling around the hot tub as his body slapped hard against her big, soft ass. Audrey came again even more violently from Judy’s relentless mouth and she screamed loudly. Then Judy’s magic fingers on her own stiff clit brought her off again, too, and she groaned into Audrey’s throbbing cunt. And finally the exciting sounds of his two lovers coming and the thrill of Judy’s spasming cunt tore away Pete’s control and he cried, “Ohhh, Judy!! That did it!! I’m cumming, tooo!!! Wonderrrfulll!!” And his cock erupted deep into her hot pussy!

When his cock had stopped shooting, Pete reached under Judy with both arms and lifted her up, turned and sat escort bursa on the tub bench, being careful to hold her tightly to him to keep his cock buried in her hot cunt. She twisted her head and they kissed hungrily as Pete fondled her swollen breasts. Gasping for breath, Audrey raised herself off the deck and clambered down into the tub to sit beside Pete. Her mouth and tongue quickly joined theirs in a three-way duel as her fingers found and caressed Judy’s clit. Then Audrey leaned down and sucked one of Judy’s stiff nipples into her mouth, laving and teasing it with her tongue. Judy moaned and reached down to Audrey’s stiff clit, rolling it gently. After just another minute of this exquisite mutual play, both girls wailed in anguish, coming together yet again.

When they had recovered somewhat, Audrey said teasingly, “Where’d that guy Jeeves go? I need his expert services!”

Pete mumbled, “Sorry, Jeeves is indisposed right now.”


Judy said, “Actually, he’s “in ‘discunt”, right now! Where he belongs!”

Audrey cajoled, “Aw, c’mon Jeeves. I need your cock in my hungry pussy! Please? Help out a starving little country gal?”

And she climbed out of the hot tub and quickly stretched out on her back on two large towels on the lawn. Her perfect breasts jutting upward and long, tanned legs spread, she lifted up her arms and begged Pete to come to her.

Judy whispered, “Darling, give her what she wants. With us two hungry gals working you over and my hot cunt gripping your prick, it’s gotten really hard again! I know you can take good care of her. C’mon . . . I’ll help.”


She lifted up off his fully recovered cock and they both climbed out of the tub and went over to where Audrey lie sprawled and inviting. Pete stretched out between Audrey’s legs and licked his tongue around in between her open pussy lips.

“Oh, Pete, Darling – that feels great! But I want your big, hard cock in my pussy when I come the next time, not another tongue!”

So Pete said, “You got it!” and moved up, expertly fitting the head of his stiff cock into her oozing cunt and slowly pressing it home.

“Ooohhh, Honey! That’s marvelous! Now give it to me! Hard! Harder!! Yess! YEESSS!!”

Judy joined in the loving by slipping a finger between their bodies to play with Audrey’s protruding clit, and alternately sucking on a stiff nipple and Audrey’s hungry mouth. Pete began thrusting faster and deeper, and as the three lovers again mashed their mouths and tongues together, Pete and Audrey both grunted and sobbed loudly as strong orgasms swept over them in a breathtaking climax. And Judy, who had been rubbing her clit desperately against Audrey’s leg, had her own dizzying orgasm immediately after.

As their heaving chests began to breathe normally and their passions cooled, they gently caressed and kissed each other, murmuring words of deep love and gratitude. Pete turned over and laid between the two sisters who covered his face with tender love kisses.

Audrey murmured, “Jeeves, you’re fantastic! You not only took good care of Judy and me, but you came twice in less than ten minutes!”

Judy said, “Who says you can’t get good help anymore?”

Pete groaned mockingly and said, “And it’s Sunday, my day off! I want more compensation.”

Audrey giggled, “Really? I think you’ve got all the ‘compensation’ you can handle now!”

Pete smiled and replied, “You got that right, you sexy Vixen!”

Finally, Pete got shakily to his feet and dove into the refreshing cool water of the pool. Then he climbed out, dried off and put on his shorts. Going to the teacart, he began to set the food, drink and utensils on the table under the umbrella. He came stiffly to attention and said, in a fractured British accent, “Lunch is served, M’Ladies!”

“Oh, Jeeves,” cried Audrey lovingly. “You’re the greatest!!”

The two girls struggled to their feet and pulled on their skimpy thong bottoms, leaving their gorgeous breasts uncovered for Pete’s enjoyment. Then they all sat down and ravenously ate lunch.

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