Aunt Elsie Pt. 02

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That Saturday. Elsie’s husband is taking their son on a fishing trip out east and will be gone all day. She instructs Rick to come over a half hour after they leave.

When Rick comes over Elsie is wearing her light blue sheer to waist pantyhose, black leather skirt that comes to about mid thigh, black paten leather closed toe pencil thin 5 inch heels, and a transparent, sheer white button down blouse. Her breasts clearly visible through the material. She invites Rick into the den. There is a couch centered on the far wall and a love seat on the wall to the right. the door is on the left side of the room and centered on that same wall is a TV on top of a wood TV stand with cabinets beneath it.. The wall to wall carpet is light brown. As they sit on the couch Elsie kicks off her shoes and plops her feet in Rick’s lap. “I think your Aunt Elsie needs another foot massage.” As before Rick’s touch excites her and she slips her free foot to his swelling crotch. “That must hurt” she says “maybe you’d be more comfortable if you took off your pants.” Rick kicks off his sneakers, pulls down his jeans, leaving only his T-shirt and boxers on. With a sly grin Elsie says, “Why don’t you take your boxers off too.” Rick strips off his boxers and Elsie gasp at the size of his hard cock. He’s so much bigger than my bursa escort husband. “that’s much better.” She says with a smile on her face. Reaching behind the pillow on the couch Elsie pulls out a pair of nude sheer to waist pantyhose “Maybe you’d be more comfortable in these.” Elsie says as she tosses them to Rick. Rick looks at her a puzzled nervous look on his face. “It’s ok honey, I saw you a couple of weeks ago in the bathroom.” Elsie explains, “I have to admit it kind of turned me on seeing you in them.” Rick slips on the pantyhose and Elsie watches intently as he slides them up over his hardening cock.

Rick again seated on the couch massages one of Elsie’s nylon covered feet as she strokes his cock with the other. Elsie’s opens her legs causing her skirt to ride up revealing her aching pussy which is soaking the material of her pantyhose. Rick massages up her legs and as he reaches her inner thighs he begins to kiss his way down to her hot wet nylon covered pussy. His hands squeeze her breasts through the sheer material of her blouse and Elsie lets out a soft moan of approval as he gently squeezes her hard nipples. “Oh Rick you have magic fingers, you’re making your Aunt Elsie very wet.”

Rick begins to eat her pussy through her pantyhose his tongue is warm on her sensitive bursa escort bayan lips and Elsie exclaims, “Oh yes Rick eat your Aunt Elsie’s hot pussy.” As he continues to lick her lips and finds her swollen clit Elsie gasps as she exclaims “Oh baby your tongue is amazing you’re going to make your Aunt Elsie cum!” Suddenly she orgasms hard using her legs to hold Rick’s face tight to her pussy so her juices flood his mouth. She feels his tongue lapping up her juices and she grinds up to meet his strokes. As her orgasm subsides Elsie removes Rick’s shirt admiring his tight abs and muscular arms. She then pushes Rick down on the floor so he is laying on his back and kneeling between his legs she strokes and licks his hard cock through the sheer material of his pantyhose. She then rips open his pantyhose freeing his cock so she can take it down her throat. It doesn’t take long before he’s blowing his load. She tries to swallow his entire load but it’s too much and it begins to flow down her chin.

It doesn’t take long for her to get Rick hard again and once he is she lays back and has him rub it over her soaking wet pussy with only the soaking wet nylon keeping him from entering her. Elsie’s mind is tormented. On the one hand she knows how wrong all this is on so many levels. escort bursa besides the obvious fact that she’s a married woman Rick may not be her real nephew but he is one of closest friend son and she’s known him since he was in diapers. But he was so young and so hot and he has such a wonderful cock and of course there is their mutual love of pantyhose. Her sexual desires would eventually win out.

“I can’t take it any longer, I need to feel you inside me.” Elsie says as she rips a hole in her pantyhose she then guides his cock into her waiting pussy. He starts slow and feeling this huge hard cock in her pussy knowing her pussy, his Aunt Elsie’s pussy is the first his cock has ever been in has Elsie extremely turned on. “Oh my god Rick your cock is a perfect fit for my tight pussy.” Elsie says. Rick takes her missionary style as his hands massage her nylon clad legs. But it is his first time and Rick quickly loses control his young, hot, thick, cum soon fills her little pussy. The feeling brings Elsie to the brink. Seeing this Rick uses his fingers on her cum covered pussy and clit bringing his Aunt Elsie to her second orgasm. “Oh yes, Rick you’re making your Aunt Elsie cum again!” she squeals.

As they lay in each others arms his jism still dripping from her pussy onto Rick’s thigh. Elsie says, “Oh Rick I love the way you fuck me your young cock is perfect and Don’t worry honey your Aunt Elsie will help you work on your stamina and control.” after a small pause she reaches down and holding his cock, she continues, “With lot’s and lot’s of practice.”

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