Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 18

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Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Peg was in a good mood. She had managed to finish her appointments early and she was looking forward to going home to see Tyler. She wondered for a moment if he would be home or at the library but either way she couldn’t wait to just get home. She checked her messages on her phone then stuffing the phone into her bag she made a quick trip to the toilet.

Lifting her skirt, she pulled her panties down. Glancing down she noticed that the gusset was covered in thick, white, discharge. She felt a sudden shiver of excitement as she realised the discharge was a sign of how horny she was. As she released her bladder and her pee shot out of her, she felt another tremor of excitement as she thought of Tyler.

“God that boy makes me so horny” She said quietly to herself. Peg dabbed at her pussy with toilet paper then considered wiping it. She smiled as she decided to keep it creamy for Tyler. She pulled on her panties and adjusted her skirt before flushing the toilet and heading out to her car.

The drive home was clear and she pressed her thighs together each time she reached a traffic light. She could feel her own wetness coating her panties, adding to the excitement she already felt. “I hope you’re home Tyler,” She said again to herself, half aloud. “I so want you in me.”

Peg parked her car in her allotted car park and practically ran to the lift and then again to her apartment door. She fumbled with her keys and got the door open. “I’m home.” She announced as she made her way into the living room. She suddenly stopped as she saw Tyler sitting with another 3 men, two Black and one Hispanic. “Damn” She thought to herself. “He’s got friends over.”

“Umm..Aunt Peg… errr..Hi…” Tyler mumbled. Peg looked at him quizzically then at the three men who seemed to be leering at her.

“Err.. Hello,” Peg said. “I didn’t know you were having company over Tyler.”

“So this is your Aunt Peg huh?” One of the black men said. Tyler looked down sheepishly.

“What’s going on here?” Peg asked, staring at the man and then at Tyler.

“No need to get feisty, Aunt Peg” the black man laughed, emphasizing the words Aunt Peg. “The names Tyrone. You can call me Ty, unless of course that’s what you call Tyler here when you are fucking him.”

Peg felt her face redden, first in embarrassment and then in anger. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Tyrone ignored her and carried on. “This here is Kareem and Leroy,” he said, nodding toward the other two men. “Be nice and say hello Peg.”

“What.. what are you doing here?” Peg asked, protesting their presence.

“Your nephew here tried to sell us some of your panties. We came over to have a look at the goods, shall we say. And I have to say, you do have a pretty lovely collection.” He laughed. “Trouble is, Tyler has a big mouth. He just had to brag how sweet your pussy is. Pretty good marketing too until he let slip that he was fucking his Aunt Peg.”

Peg turned to stare at Tyler, feeling a sickening knot in her tummy. “You brought strangers to my house to sell them my panties? What the fuck is wrong with you Tyler? Oh My God!”

“I..I’m sorry Aunt Peg, I didn’t mean to tell, it just came out. I..I was just trying to make us some money.” He mumbled. Peg glared at him, trying to get him to shut up and not say anything more.

Tyrone stood up and walked toward Peg, somewhat menacingly. Peg backed away almost involuntarily. “Real sexy some of those panties you have. Pretty and soft and smell of your sex. But you see, last I heard, fucking your nephew isn’t really a legal thing, at least not in this state.” Tyrone laughed. “And from what I know, you could get into some pretty mean trouble.”

His hand moved to touch Peg’s cheek gently. She flinched backward. “D…don’t touch me.” She hissed.

“Whatcha gonna do about it Peg? Aunt Peg?” Tyrone snickered, again emphasizing the words Aunt Peg. “See, looks like I know something I shouldn’t know and if the cops find out… well, I don’t know whatcha gonna do then. I must say though, if I had an aunt as sweet as you, I’d be balling her too. Tapping her ass, pussy and mouth all the fucking time. Thing is, I’d know how to keep my goddamn mouth shut, unlike Tyler here.”

“Maybe she aint got no real cock so she fucks this boy.” Kareem piped up, grinning as he cupped his crotch lewdly.

“Shut the fuck up Kareem,” Tyrone snapped. “Leave the talking to me. You aint got enough intellect.” Tyrone turned to Tyler. “Hey nephew! You tap her ass too?”

Tyler nodded as the men whooped to his answer. “Mmmmphh mmmm” Tyrone cooed as he looked at Peg. “Looks like we got ourselves a tigress here.”

Peg’s heart was beating so hard, a mixture of trepidation and worry. She took a deep breath to try and calm herself even as she felt she could hear the boom-boom-boom of her heartbeat. “Wh..what do you want. What are you gonna do?” She asked softly.

Tyrone laughed. “We came to inspect your panties, pick the ones we like. We bahis siteleri never expected this fool nephew of yours to tell us that you two are boning. And even when he did, we never expected Aunt Peg to be hot like you.”

Peg swallowed hard, realizing how much trouble she and Tyler could get into now that the secret was out. She had told Tyler not to say anything. She glared at him again. “Please… lets work this out. I’ll pay you. Please don’t say anything. Please.”

“Oh you gonna pay alright. Just maybe not how you think.” Tyrone said matter of factly. “Take off your jacket.”

“N.No… please…. No!” Peg pleaded as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“Take. It. Off.” Tyrone hissed as he brandished his handphone. “Or I make a call to the cops. Maybe you’d prefer to explain to them.”

Peg sighed in resignation. She took off her black jacket, revealing a thin beige blouse. She tossed the jacket on to the nearby chair. “Now lift your skirt. We wanna see what sexy panties you have one.” Tyrone said.

Peg felt tears springing to her eyes as she lifted her flared black skirt, revealing her black, lace, panties.

“Damn,” Kareem said,smirking. “She does look good in lace.”

“Take those panties off and throw them to me.” Tyrone commanded.

Peg slipped her panties off her hips and down her thighs. She threw them to Tyrone who caught it deftly. He held them up, looking at them before bringing them to his nose and inhaling deeply. He sighed in pleasure. “Fuck, these are wet too.” He exclaimed and he looked closer at the wet gusset. “Its covered in your juices slut!”

As humiliating as it was, Peg felt a surge of lust course through her as this stranger smelled her panties and talked about how wet they were. As many men as there were that had smelled her panties, this was the first time a complete stranger was doing it. Tyrone passed her soiled, wet panties to the other men that took turns sniffing them as well. Peg groaned at the sight, both in humiliation as well as lust.

“Why you so wet Aunt Peg?” Tyrone demanded. “Your panties are practically soaked.”

Peg didn’t answer and just stared at him defiantly as she watched the other men sniff at her panties.

“Were you planning on fucking your nephew? Is that what got you so wet?” Tyrone persisted, as he unbuckled his jeans. “Answer me! Tell you what got you so wet.”

“Yes! I was planning on fucking him. That what you want to hear?” Peg spat out.

“I just want to hear the truth, pretty lady.” Tyrone said softly. He pulled off his jeans now and was standing just in his boxers and t-shirt. Peg’s eyes darted to his crotch and she could make out the outline of his cock. She gulped as it seemed big.

“Please. Please just let me be. Please.” Peg pleaded.

The three men laughed with Tyrone laughing the loudest. “Lookit your nephew, Aunt Peg!” Tyrone goaded. “He’s got a hard on. Look at his crotch.” Peg stared at Tyler now, almost in anger.

“Go on now. Go unzip his pants and fish out his cock. Let us see what gets Aunt Peg all worked up.”

Peg felt tears spring to her eyes. This was humiliating but she had no choice. She briefly looked around the room for something might use as a weapon but she knew she’d be overpowered. She sighed with resignation and moved over to Tyler.

She stared again at the three men before she got on her knees and unzipped Tyler’s pants, pulling out his erect cock. “I cant believe you are hard with all this happening.” Peg spat out at him.

Tyrone chuckled. “Suck it Aunt Peg. Suck it or lick it or whatever you do. Show us your Aunty sex.”

Peg moved her mouth to Tylers cock and stroked it slowly before sticking her tongue out and licking it slowly. “Aaahh.. Aunt Pegggg” Tyler groaned with lust. Peg looked at the three men again before taking Tyler piece of meat into her mouth, causing him to moan loudly again.

Tyrone moved behind her and patted her ass. “Enough for him. Come stand over here.”

Peg got off her knees and stood up before Tyrone and the other 2 men, trying to act with some defiance. Tyrone moved his hand to her slit, rubbing in across her mound and then running his fingers ever so slightly along the slit. Slowly her rubbed her slit, opening her lips and then pressing two fingers into her.

Peg hissed at the penetration, feeling his thick fingers pressing deep into her. “Fuck, she’s really wet and hot.” Tyrone groaned. He started moving his fingers slowly inside her, pressing against her g-spot as he moved in and out of her and causing Peg to gasp. She bit her lip, trying to fight the feelings in her pussy. She coulnd’t help it though and started to rock slowly against the fingers probing inside her.

“Look at her moving that ass!” Leroy laughed. “She likes it.”

She started gasping as Tyrone’s thick fingers worked inside her, teasing all her sensitive spots. She felt her pussy beginning to spasm. “Oh god, no.. fuck… oh fuck..mppphhhh!” Peg bit her lip as her thighs started to tremble.

Tyrone smiled as he felt her pussy canlı bahis siteleri clasp at his fingers. “Yeah…yeah…” he moaned as he finger fucked her harder and faster. “Cum you bitch. Show us what a slut you are.”

Peg’s mouth flew opened and she moaned loudly as she thrusted against the fingers inside her. Her hands flew to Tyrone’s head and grabbed it as her body trembled and spasmed in orgasm. “Ooohhhhhhh fuccckkkkkk.”

Her legs shuddered as Tyrone thrust his fingers deeply into her hard. She pressed her body down, taking more of his fingers into her, feeling it press against her cervix. She moaned softly as her thighs quivered.

“She always cum like this? This hard?” Tyrone quizzed Tyler.

“Yeah! More sometimes!” Tyler said eagerly, his cock throbbing and leaking precum from watching his Aunt Peg cum.

Unconsciously, Peg was rocking her body against Tyrone’s fingers deep inside her. Her mind was still in turmoil but her body knew what it wanted. “Pl..Please… please let me go.” Peg pleaded.

The three men laughed as the other two moved around her. Kareem’s hands moved to her blouse and started to unbutton it then pulled the blouse off of her. He whistled softly as her lacy black bra came into view. “Damn, this bitch has got some nice undies.” He said. Leroy had unzipped her skirt now and Tyrone pulled his fingers out of her pulsing pussy to let the skirt fall to the ground.

Peg stood in her full naked glory now.

Tyrone lifted his fingers up to Peg. She could see her white cream coating his fingers and she was filled with a mixture of embarrassment and also wantonness. Tyrone made a show of bringing his pussy cream stained fingers to his face. He sniffed at them first then popped them into his mouth and sucked them, releasing the fingers with a popping sound. “This bitch taste good boys, damn good.”

The other two men were busy pawing at Peg’s body. Her breasts were being mauled and her nipples pinched. Her ass was being clawed at and her buttocks spread and massaged. Peg clenched her ass cheeks together as she felt fingers running into her crack.

“4 of us here….” Tyrone stated, matter of factly. “3 holes.” He looked at Tyler. “Mayhaps you may need to sit this one out.” He snickered.

“I don’t have to! She’s done 5!” Tyler blurted out and immediately regretted it with the look Aunt Peg gave him. It was a look of being betrayed. She felt a stabbing at her heart at Tyler’s revelation. She had told him in confidence, in trust, in love and he had let her secret slip so easily. All because he was so turned on. Sex obviously was the overriding factor for him. Tears sprung to her eyes as she saw the men look at each other and then at her. Tyrone noticed the cold stare that Peg gave Tyler.

“Maybe we should shut him up huh?” Tyrone said.

“Maybe we should.” Peg spat out, her eyes staring darkly at Tyler.

Tyrone smiled and moved over to Tyler menacingly. He grasped Tylers’ cheeks and squeezed hard.

Tyler grimaced. “Owhhh that hurts!” He protested. “Sto…..”

He never finished wha he had to say as Tyrone stuffed Peg’s wet panties deep into his mouth.

“She got her panties all wet for you, so you may as well suck on them and keep your mouth shut!” Tyrone hissed. “Don’t try spitting them out either.”

Tyler sat quietly, his aunt’s panties stuffed in his mouth. He could feel the wetness of them and he could taste her juices on them. His cock throbbed again. “Looks like he’s had em stuffed in his mouth before!” Leroy jeered. “He getting all worked up, lookit his cock.”

Tyrone turned to face Peg and smiled. “He’s all shut up now. He can watch us fuck you and taste your panties too.”

Peg just nodded, feeling a little sorry for Tyler but at the same time feeling he deserved it. The sight of his cock throbbing as he had her panties in her mouth did excite her though.

“So…5 huh? All at once?” Tyrone continued.

Peg looked at him defiantly, but not admitting to anything.

“So you been airtight before?” Tyrone persisted.

Peg nodded and sighed. “It was a long time ago.” She said softly.

“Mayhaps its time to revisit that then, sweet aunt.” Kareem piped up. His fingers now sliding up and down her weeping slit as Leroy continued to tweak her nipples and grope her breasts. Peg bit her lip again, trying to fight the sensual feelings building up in her.

“She looks so good naked,” Leroy said, pinching her nipples harder.

“Drop your clothes boys, it’s rude to leave a bitch standing naked all by herself.” Tyrone laughed.

Peg closed her eyes, not believing what was happening. She heard the rustle of clothes and was almost afraid to open her eyes again in fear of what she would see and how she would react.

With her eyes still shut, she felt a hand take hers and press it against a warm, hard piece of meat. She opened her eyes to find her hand holding Leroy’s cock. It was big and thick. Her eyes moved to look at Tyrone’s face and then she lowered her gaze to his now naked crotch.

“Oh canlı bahis My fucking god!” She moaned. Tyrone’s cock was huge. Enormous was more the word for it. She felt her heart skip a beat as her eyes took in at least 10 inches of thick meat. The head was a deep purple and the shaft was jet black with thick veins coursing through it. “No…oh god no….” Peg said. “It’s huge… y..your hung like a horse.”

She turned to look at the other two men. Kareems cock was a decent size, not too big, just how she liked them. Leroy’s was longer and his cock head was bulbous. She gulped, feeling her mouth starting to salivate.

Tyrone smiled, watching Peg intently.

“Get her ready Kareem.” Tyrone said, matter of factly, as if this was something they were used to doing.

Kareem laughed and taking Peg’s hands, practically dragged her to the sofa. He slapped her ass cheeks and told her to kneel on the sofa, facing the back with her knees on the seat and her head and arms over the back rest. He nodded to Leroy who moved to the back of the sofa. His cock dangled in front of Peg’s face. Peg caught a whiff of stale sweat and pee. Leroys cock was a decent size, more length than girth but it was still impressive.

Tyrone turned to Tyler. “Go on over, join the party. Just keep those panties in your mouth. We don’t want to hear a peep from you.”

Tyler jumped up and headed toward the sofa, his cock so hard and sticking out firmly. Peg stared at him again as he approached her and moved next to Leroy, at the back of the sofa.

“Suck Leroy’s cock Aunt Peg, show him how how good your mouth is.” Kareem goaded. His hands were rubbing Peg’s ass and up and down her thighs. Peg turned to look at Tyrone and pleaded again. “Please… please don’t do this.”

“Have you seen how hard you’ve made us bitch?” Tyrone jeered. “Blame your fucking nephew for trying to sell us your panties. Then again, you may thank him after the fucking you get from us.” He laughed loudly. “Now… just do it or we’ll have to force you, and I can guarantee you really don’t want that.”

Peg sighed with defeat and leaned forward a bit more and took Leroy’s cock into her mouth, almost gagging at the strong smell. She licked the head tentatively and could taste stale piss. She grimaced slightly and pulled back. Leroy moved his cock closer to her and pulled her head to it. She opened her mouth and began to suck, licking the head as she did so.

Leroy moaned as Peg sucked on his cock. “This bitch has a nice mouth.” He stated, smiling.

As Peg sucked on the vile cock in her mouth, she felt Kareem prying open her ass cheeks. His fingers teased her slit and then she felt his tongue probing at her asshole and then giving it long licks. She moaned softly around the cock in her mouth as Kareen licked at her rosebud. She felt her pussy lubricating and she started to suck harder at Leroy’s cock.

Her hands moved to fondle and jerk on Tyler’s cock as she felt another set of hands playing with her tits, pinching the nipples. She groaned and pulled of Leroy’s cock and began to suck Tyler.

She could feel hands all over her, on her tits, her ass and teasing her slit even as she felt Kareems tongue likcing her ass. She groaned again. Kareem pulled away from licking her ass as Tyrone rubbed her clit. Kareem pressed his cock against her butt cheeks and Peg lifted her ass slightly in response. Kareen pressed his cock against her dripping slit and pressed in slowly. Peg removed her mouth from Tyler’s cock and hissed loudly as she felt the hard piece of meat slowly spearing into her.

Kareem was gentle and slowly fed his cock deep into her until she could feel his pubes against her pussy lips. She sighed at the feeling of being full. She wrapped her hand around Leroys cock and started to jerk it slightly as she moved her mouth over his shaft and head. Her tongue ran circles along the head, paying attention to the ridge beneath the cock slit. Leroy groaned.

The cock in her pussy started moving now, with long slow thrusts. Kareems cock fit so nicely inside her and he knew how to pull it all the way out and then work it back in slowly. He took his time fucking Peg, enjoying how tight and wet she was.


Peg was mewling now and her body started to respond to the hot meat inside her pussy. It felt good the way he worked it in and out slowly. She started to suck again on Leroy’s cock and slurped loudly on it as Kareem fucked her. Leroy grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth slowly too. The two cocks in her set up a rhythm and she moaned, knowing she was going to cum again. She could see Tyler out of the corner of her eyes, jerking slowly on his cock

He ass began to thrust back at Kareem’s cock. She wanted to cry out, to tell Kareem to fuck her harder but her mouth was full. All she could do was moan hotly.

“Mmmppphhh…Ngggg..Mmppphhh…Nggaahhhhhh..” She cried out as her body shook and trembled in orgasm. Leroy held her head in place as he pushed forward and stuffed his cock deep into her throat, almost feeling the spasms in her pussy radiate in her throat. She continued coming as she tried not to gag, fighting to breathe. She fought against the hand on her head and Leroy let go, allowing her to pull back and scream in pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32