Aunt Sandi Ch. 14

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Aunt Sandi – PART 14

Tuesday morning was the second day in a row that I drove Sandi to work. When I pulled into the circle driveway at Sandi’s building, she looked over at me and said, “I really had fun last night. We should do that again sometime.”

I nodded and said, “I’ve heard that hotel sex is awesome, and now I know it is firsthand. Although my butt’s still a little sore from the pounding you gave it.” She giggled and said, “You loved it.” I grinned and nodded.

Before getting out, she looked at me and said, “I didn’t know how things were going to go with Amy last night, so I packed something just in the off chance that things might get interesting. That didn’t work out, but maybe there’s still a chance today.”

She reached into the back seat and unzipped a bag and rummaged around and pulled out a strip of six condoms.

She said, “Here we are. I know you just planned on going out to lunch, but I was thinking maybe today would be an ideal opportunity for you to use a sick day. You’ll just sit at your desk being all nervous and fidgeting until it’s time to go anyway. Heck, I’m nervous and it’s not even my date. Not that I, as a people leader, would ever condone such a thing, but if it were me, I probably would. You’ll be able to spend all day with her instead of just an hour. Her roommates won’t be home, will they?”

“No, they work in the daytime. But if I show up with condoms, don’t you think she’ll think I’m being really presumptuous?”

“Don’t worry, she won’t know you have them, but if something happens she’ll be glad you were prepared and thinking responsibly, so you’re definitely taking them. Do you need some cash?” Without even waiting for me to respond, she dug into her purse and said, “Here. This should be enough for a really nice lunch.” She handed me about $80.

“Wow, yeah, that’s way more than enough, thanks! You are being so awesome. I love you.”

She smiled and leaned over to kiss me. As she got out, she said, “Have fun, sweetie. And please don’t forget that I still need to be picked up later. Love you.” She smiled as she saw me nod, and then closed the car door and walked away. I looked after her in pure awe, shaking my head. Why couldn’t I have thought of all that myself?

As I watched Sandi disappear inside the building, I was on the phone calling work to let them know that I couldn’t make it in today. The always bright and sunny Kayla, my Director’s administrative assistant, answered and said, “Oh, I hope it’s nothing too serious. Get a lot of rest and feel better, OK?”

“Thanks, I will,” I lied. I felt guilty for calling in sick and lying.

I sent a text to Amy telling her of the new plan and after about a minute my phone began ringing. I answered and Amy chided, “You bad boy. You’re blowing off work?”

“Yeah, Sandi thought that would be better than just a rushed lunch hour.”

She immediately said, “Ah ah ah, no talk of ‘the others’ today. Today has just been officially declared my day. All mine. Understand?”

“Sure, today is Amy Day. You hungry? We could have breakfast.”

“Actually, no, we just ate breakfast, but I can feed you. The girls are about to head out in the next ten minutes or so. Just wait until I text you and then come to the door. I haven’t had any time to get ready though, so I hope you won’t be disappointed in how I look right now.”

“I’m sure I won’t be. I just want to see you. See you in a few.”

We said our goodbyes and I texted Sandi to let her know I was heading over to Amy’s now and she replied simply with “Ok xoxoxo”

* * * As I pulled into the apartment complex’s parking lot, another car was leaving. It was Jill and Amy’s other roommate Sammi. Jill saw me and stopped short before going into the street, put her window down and waved frantically to get my attention.

I put my window down too and she leaned out and said, “Well, well, well, what do we have here? I thought the big date was later.”

At that same moment, my phone’s text message sound went off in my pocket and I knew that it must have been Amy’s all-clear signal. Little did she know that I was already busted.

I must have blushed a bit but I said, “Hey Jill. Good morning. I, uh…” I couldn’t think of anything witty to say and the truth seemed too embarrassing so I faltered.

Jill immediately noticed my discomfort so she graciously saved me and said, “Danny, this is Sammi, by the way.”

Sammi leaned over toward Jill’s open window and half-shouted, “Hi there Danny. Nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard good things.”

I waved and said, “Hi Sammi.” Looking back at Jill, I decided on something at least near to the truth and said, “I decided to call in sick and called Amy to see if she wanted to get some breakfast.”

Jill snickered and said, “Oh, breakfast, huh? You’re a little late for that since I made us breakfast this morning. But if you’re hungry, I’m sure Amy can whip you up something to eat.”

In the passenger seat, Ankara escort Sammi burst into giggles at Jill’s not-so-subtle innuendo and hid her face in her hands. Still looking directly at me, Jill reached over and smacked Sammi on the arm. Sammi immediately silenced herself and turned to look out of her window to hide her face.

Nearly dying of embarrassment now, I said, “Uh, OK, sounds good. I guess I’ll see you ladies later.”

Jill locked eyes with me and said seriously, “Hey, I know I barely know you, but treat her right, OK? She’s been through a lot. I don’t want to see her hurt again, so just know that if you do, I swear to God I will kick your ass.” It was clear that she wasn’t joking around.

I considered my response for a moment and finally said, “Jill, I promise I won’t hurt her. You have my word.”

Jill visibly relaxed her posture and smiled. She reached out of the window to offer her hand. “Good answer.”

I reached out as well but couldn’t quite make the distance. I opened the door and grasped Jill’s hand and squeezed it. She laughed and said, “You seem like a good guy. Much better than the last one. See ya.”

She began pulling away and Sammi yelled, “Bye!” I waved and closed my door.

* * * I walked to the door and knocked lightly. She opened it a moment later smiling widely and said, “Hi!” Amy was wearing a pair of ratty-looking jean shorts and a black t-shirt. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail and she had no makeup on. It was obvious that she hadn’t showered yet.

“I hope you don’t mind au naturel. You sort of messed up the plans and I didn’t have time to get ready,” she said with a hurt look.

“Sorry, yeah, I’m pretty good at ruining plans. But don’t worry, you look… perfect. The real you. There’s nothing you can do to hide how gorgeous you are.”

She grinned and leaned her head to the side and said, “Aw, you’re sweet.” She put her arms out and we hugged for a moment.

“I ran into Jill and Sammi on the way in. I hope that’s not a problem for you. I guess I got here a little too quick.”

She seemed chagrined. “Oh, well… crap. I was kind of wanting to avoid some drama if they found out we were spending the whole day together. But that’s fine I guess. I’ll deal with it later.” She smiled and added, “Hungry? There’s leftover bacon, and I can offer you some Cheerios. I’m not much of a cook. We have Jill for that. She’s the culinary arts major and aspiring chef after all. Don’t get her started talking about food or you’ll get sucked into the Jill foodie vortex.”

I laughed and said, “I’ll try to remember that.” I actually was feeling hungry, so I said, “I can never turn down bacon. And who doesn’t like Cheerios?” Amy smiled and I followed her into the kitchen.

We sat down at the table and talked while I ate. One bite into the bacon and my eyes flew wide. Amy laughed and asked, “Uh huh. Is that bacon to die for or what?”

“This is the best bacon I have ever tasted. How did she make it turn out like this?”

“All I know is she gets it from a butcher and bakes it in the oven. She’s like, a baking wizard.”

After silently hoping to get to try more of Jill’s cooking in the future, we talked about work like we usually did when she came in early, but soon enough the conversation diverged into decidedly more personal topics. She told me about when she was a child and I found out she had gone to the elementary school that was just a few miles away from mine. We talked about the authors we liked and what kind of music and movies we liked and found that we had quite a bit in common. I felt like I could talk to her forever, something that had never happened with anyone else, not even Sandi.

After talking for about an hour, she finally said with more than a hint of nervousness, “I hate to do this to you, but I’d really like to go take a shower. Do you mind just hanging out for a bit while I make myself presentable?”

“Of course not. But it would be a lot more fun if I joined you.” I grinned slightly and put my hand over hers and squeezed it.

Amy blushed deeply but then just laughed and said, “Oh, so that’s how it’s going to be, huh? You think you can talk to me for a little while and then you can just go straight to showering with me? Hah! Some nerve!”

“I’ve found lately that a direct approach works more often than not. It cuts through all the clutter.”

She looked at me with a dazed expression and shook her head. “Oh, is that right? Clutter? Unbelievable. I would say at least kiss me first but I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet. I’m gross!”

“I don’t care, and I’m sure you’re not gross at all. You’re beautiful.” I quickly took advantage of the opening she gave me and got up and came around the table and she started to stand to meet me. I pulled her up the rest of the way and put my arms around her and began kissing her. She immediately moaned into my mouth and it was then that I felt that she was trembling. I opened my eyes and said, “Are Ankara escort bayan you OK? You’re shaking.”

She said nothing but immediately resumed kissing me, and with much more passion. I slipped a hand under her shirt and began caressing the soft skin of her back. I found that her skin was burning hot to the touch. I lifted my hand and her shirt with it until I came into contact with her bra strap. In a quick motion, I squeezed the clasp together and unhooked all the hooks, causing her to gasp into my mouth, and continued softly massaging her back up to her neck. With my other hand, I rubbed her side and then moved up and pushed the thin material of her bra up and out of the way and very gently squeezed her breast in my hand for the first time. I found her nipple and teased it with my fingertips and felt it harden even further. Amy pushed her tongue roughly into my mouth and I sucked on it. I increased the pressure on her nipple and then began pushing my other hand down into her shorts so I could squeeze her ass cheek. Once my hand had passed the waistband of her panties, she broke the kiss and stepped back, breathless.

She looked into my eyes and took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. In stark contrast with Sandi’s house, Amy’s room was a disaster area. Clothes were on the floor, her desk was partially buried under books, papers and various makeup items and a couple magazines were on her bed. She brushed them off onto the floor and meekly said, “Sorry. I didn’t have a chance to do any cleaning. I’m so embarrassed, I didn’t think you’d be coming in my room today.”

“Sorry about that.” To myself, though, I thought lecherously, Well, I hope I’ll be cumming a lot in your room today.

Amy closed her door and locked it. She noticed me watching and said, “Just in case anyone comes home unexpectedly. Sometimes Jill comes home and has lunch with me, even though I expect she won’t today.”

She sat down on her bed and patted the open spot next to her. I sat down and she said in a near-whisper, “Well, here you are in my bed, Mr. Direct Approach. Now what?”

I looked directly into her eyes and in my best authoritative voice said, “Strip for me.”

Amy inhaled sharply through her mouth and exclaimed, “What?! Oh my God, where did that voice come from?”

“It’s something I’ve been practicing. Did you like the way I said that?”

“Yes! I love it! I had no idea you could sound like that. All bossy and commanding. Wow, do you really want me to strip? Like a real striptease? I’ve never done that, so I’m sure I’ll be terrible. Now I’m twice as nervous!”

Using the voice again, I said, “Yes, dance for me.” Then, in my normal voice I laughed and said, “Whatever you do will be awesome and I know I’ll love it.”

She jumped up as she was saying, “Holy shit, this is going to be fun. We need some music.”

The truth was that I most decidedly was not “bossy and commanding.” Just a few months before, I wouldn’t have even been able to work up the courage to talk to a girl. Sandi had coached me extensively on how to be more dominant in and out of bed. She explained that many women loved it when a man took charge and directed what happened, so she had given me plenty of opportunities to develop that skill, guiding me every step of the way. The real key was to not be an asshole about it.

Amy dug into her closet and pulled out a Bluetooth speaker and turned it on. She put some music on and said, “Ready?” She reached behind her back and re-hooked her bra since it was still loosely hanging under her shirt.

She began slowly dancing to the music. She took a deep breath and started to slowly pull her t-shirt over her head, making constant eye contact. She teased a little by just barely exposing the bottom of the plain black bra she wore and then pulling her shirt back down and turning around. Finally, she completely pulled her shirt off and twirled it around as she threw it to the floor.

Next, she faced away from me and unsnapped her shorts. She leaned forward and wiggled her butt suggestively to the beat as she very slowly unzipped and pushed her shorts down, revealing matching black panties with pink polka dots underneath. Once the shorts were down around her hips, she turned to face me, and with a sultry look pushed her shorts down until they fell to the floor. I noticed that her panties had a cute little pink bow on the front waistband.

I could feel my breathing quicken as I took the sight of her in. She saw my hungry expression and smiled. She turned around to face away from me again and continued to slowly dance in time with the music. She reached up and with a quick motion unclasped her bra.

She turned back around and swayed and shimmied until her bra straps fell away from her shoulders. She very slowly lowered her arms and pushed her bra down until her breasts came into full view. I just sat there with my mouth open as she spun her bra around like a pinwheel and tossed it onto the floor.

Her Escort Ankara perky breasts were smallish but exquisite. They were probably about a B-cup with perfectly round pink areolas. Amy cupped her breasts and squeezed them suggestively and slightly moaned. In my pants, my cock was now straining to get out and I had to adjust it to stop the discomfort. Amy saw this and smiled and turned away again.

She reached behind her and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and very slowly began pushing them down, still shaking her hips to the beat. Before long, most of her ass was in view. It was stunning, just like the rest of her.

Suddenly she pulled her panties back up and turned to face me. She provocatively started very slowly pushing down the front of her panties, revealing a little bit of the nicely-trimmed reddish-blonde pubic hair hiding beneath the thin fabric. Then, she put her hand into her panties and began to salaciously rub her hand against herself and, with her eyes locked with mine, moaned loudly.

She sashayed over to where I was sitting and put her hand up to my face. I breathed in her scent and a shiver ran through my body. I whispered, “Oh God.” Then, she stuck her fingers into my mouth and it was my turn to moan loudly as I tasted her pussy for the very first time.

I reached forward and tried to pull her panties off but she quickly grabbed my hands away and retreated back to where she had been dancing. She looked stern and wagged her finger to chastise me.

She began the process all over again, this time working her panties all the way off. Finally, she stood before me completely naked. She reached up again and squeezed her breasts and moaned. She motioned with her finger for me to come to her and reached back to turn the music off.

I stood before her and she began unbuttoning my shirt. She pushed it off and it fell to the floor. She continued with my belt and unbuttoned my pants. She very slowly unzipped them, all the while never breaking eye contact. She knelt and pulled my pants and underwear down in a single motion and I stepped out of them, completely naked. My cock jutted out in front of me in anticipation of what was to come.

Amy looked up at me and smiled. She softly slid her hands up my legs and over my ass cheeks and then around the front until they reached my cock. She took it into her hands and then moved in close and lightly licked the precum leaking from the tip while softly moaning and then began sucking it.

I looked down and noticed that she was squeezing her breast and nipple with one hand as her other hand moved up and down my cock in time with her mouth. She repeatedly pressed her tongue against me and made little circles around the shaft and head.

Then, she slowly ran her tongue along the underside of my cock and moved down and started licking my balls. She moved back up and engulfed my cock with her mouth once more and began aggressively sucking it. She increased the speed of her slick hand and I felt myself starting to get close. I touched her head and said, “Gonna cum…”

Her only response was to moan loudly again and take me even deeper until she had to have been nearly gagging. Each time her mouth swallowed me, her tongue would lick all around the head, causing little chills to course through my body. Soon I moaned loudly and felt my cum shoot out of me and into her waiting mouth. As more and more semen squirted out of me, she moaned and continued sucking. She moaned loudly again and it felt like she was almost growling as she tensed up and appeared to have an orgasm. I didn’t know that was even possible.

As my erection subsided, she never let go. She continued softly sucking my cock until all traces of cum were gone. I looked down at her and she looked back up at me and smiled widely. I started to say something but she put her finger to her lips to stop me. She took my hand and started to stand. Instead, I leaned down and picked her up off the floor and lay her on the bed. She moaned again. “I love it when you pick me up like that. I loved it last night too. Can you carry me everywhere?”

I laughed and said, “Of course I will.” For a while, we lay there holding each other on her bed. Finally, my curiosity won out. “That was amazing. But I was wondering, did you cum or was that my wishful thinking?”

Amy giggled. “Wow, there goes that direct approach again. Yes, I can do it just by squeezing my pelvic muscles rhythmically when I’m really turned on. And…”

She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. She whispered, “I kind of have a thing with cum. I love it. Everything about it. The taste, the texture, the way it feels sliding down my throat. God, this is so embarrassing. I can’t believe I’m telling you this.” She hid her face in her hands to hide her intense blushing. She even shivered and broke out in goose bumps.

“That’s not something to be embarrassed about. That is without a doubt the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Lots of women have a much harder time of having an orgasm than you just did, and do you know how many guys would kill to have a woman that actually likes their cum instead of being grossed out by it? You are blessed!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32