Aunt Sherry Takes It

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*** Definition of Guardian***

The definition of a Guardian is: a person who looks after and is legally responsible for someone who is unable to manager their own affairs; especially involving a disable person or a child whose parent has died.

My family believed my Mom’s youngest sister Sherry would be the best person to be my guardian. They felt she would be the best to handle my rehabilitation and encourage me to graduate college.

*** Definition of Seduction ***

The act of Seduction is defined as: the enticement of a person to sexual intercourse or something that attracts or charms. The definition of Seduce is: to lead astray usually by persuasion or false promises or to carry out the physical seduction of; to entice to sexual intercourse.

I don’t believe my Aunt Sherry set out to seduce me on the first day she moved in. I believe she volunteered to be my guardian because of her compassionate heart. Along the way she crossed the love we shared to one with a sexual undertone. I know there was a seduction involved because of what I experienced with her on a day to day bases. She waited until I was in college to have her desires fulfilled. I don’t believe I would have had sex with her if she hadn’t changed our relationship from a healthy guardian relationship to one of a married couple; where she was clearly the alpha of the relationship.

I feel it’s important to point out I was eighteen between my Junior and Senior years of High School. Because of my: birthday, a family vacation, and a misunderstanding on how my school district handled enrollment I was six when I started kindergarten. This made me eighteen when my Aunt moved into my house.

*** A Little Background and My Other Family Members ***

My name is Brian. In the summer of nineteen eighty-eight I was involved in a car accident. I will never forget waking up in a hospital room and my Uncle Edward and Aunt Rita were sitting in chairs next to my bed. Edward was the brother of my Dad. As soon as I woke up my Uncle went into a waiting area and led my Aunt Deborah and my Uncle Phillip into the room. Aunt Deborah was my Mom’s older sister. These four were the ones to tell me my parents and three siblings all perished in the accident. The worst was hearing my youngest sister died a few hours before I gained consciousness. This is when I learned I’d need therapy to walk again and I’d never gain full use of my left hand. I was happy to hear I’d walk again. It was disappointing to hear I’d never be able to ball room dance again and I’d never be able to play the piano the way I had before. After hearing I was awake my Aunt Sherry rushed over to the hospital. She was the youngest sister of my Mother. Even though she waited for me to wake up she spent the most time with me and slept over night at the hospital. All three of my Aunts made sure the hospital was treating me well.

During this first week in the hospital they all agreed my Aunt Sherry would move into my house and would stay until after I graduated college. They had a series of goals in mind. I’d be taken care off until I was able to take care of myself. They believed I’d be able to take care of myself by the time I graduated college. I’d graduate high school. I’d have to attend a local university. After I graduated college or reached the age of twenty-five I’d receive: my inheritance, money from the accident, and I’d be the owner of the house. Before this time Sherry would be my living guardian. The four Aunts and Uncles would maintain the estate. While Sherry was taking care of me she would be held accountable of all monies she would receive to take care of me. She was quick to agree to this. Honesty; of the five she was the most frugal. I never lacked anything and I believe she spent a lot of her own money while she was my guardian. After graduation I was what my Uncle Edward termed “well off.” As long as I was responsible and worked a part time job I’d be okay for the rest of my life.

My Mother’s older sister Deborah and her husband Phillip would be considered classic liberals today. Phillip was a professor and my Aunt Deborah was a Psychiatrist. Deborah believed in tough love but there wasn’t anyone more supportive when someone wanted to turn their life around. Phillip was a full fledged Professor. He was very intellectual, stern, and laid back at the same time. They were all about Kennedy but couldn’t stand Johnson. In the nineteen eighty election they decided they wouldn’t vote for either candidate and in nineteen eighty four they felt the same. At the time of the accident they had two sons in college and a girl who was a Sophomore in high school. Deborah and Phillip never put up with me calling them Aunt and Uncle. I found out a few months ago Deborah always felt guilty for not having me move in with them. She also feels guilty for not picking up on what happened between Sherry and I.

My Dad’s oldest brother Edward and his wife Rita were always close to my family. Aunt Rita made sure ankara escort I was a part of their family. This irritated my Aunt Sherry many times. Three times during the time Sherry was my guardian there were threats of court action but cooler heads prevailed and it didn’t happen. They had Two daughters that were older than me, a son who was only a few months younger than me, and a daughter about two years younger than me. All of the girls had red hair like their mother. This family was involved in the Republican party and held to a Christian standard. Edward owned his own construction business and she was a stay at home mom. This was her choice. Before choosing to be a full time mom she was a partnered attorney in a law firm.

My Uncle Neil was my Dad’s youngest brother. Neil retired as a Naval officer. Neil and his wife Nancy lived in San Diego so I never spent much time with them. He was an intense guy and his wife was very sweet. They had two sons who were four and six years younger than me. With me living in Wisconsin it was impossible for us to have a close relationship. They arrived at the hospital a week after I woke up. The only thing they questioned was Sherry moving in with me. Nancy and Sherry never really liked one another. I always looked forward to seeing them when they came up to visit. I was overjoyed when Neil took me fishing after I was able to walk; I was completely horrible at fishing.

*** Myself and my Aunt Sherry ***

I always related to the adult women in the family. This wasn’t on purpose but it was related to my personality. I was: creative, read a lot, enjoyed watching movies, enjoyed museums, was terrible at fixing anything, was awkward, wore glasses, liked sports but couldn’t play any of them well, enjoyed camping but really wasn’t a fan of hunting, enjoyed fishing but was horrible at it, enjoyed cooking, and I enjoyed shopping. None of the men in the family could understand why I liked shopping nor did they understood why I read all the time. What they never understood is I enjoyed every moment I was with them. I appreciate everything these men taught me. They treated their families well and were all good husbands. I’m proud to say I had great uncles. I want to mention Phillip taught me: how to play chess, cribbage, and I enjoyed playing complicated board games with him. This was especially helpful when walking and getting around was so difficult.

My Aunt Sherry was my favorite Aunt even before she moved in. Sherry was: five three, petite but strong, had beautiful brown eyes, natural long brunette hair, larger breasts, and a toned body. She: knew all the newest music, she would play board games with me, she’d buy me interesting coloring books (they were very detailed and many had odd designs), bought me comic books, took me to movies, we talked about the coolest things, took me camping when I was eight (a lady “friend” of Sherry met us at the campsite), took me to plays, and took me to museums. She was asked out by both men and woman and she always politely turned them down. She instructed me to never tell anyone she liked to have sex with women. In the late eighties early nineties gay rights were improving but by no means was it at the level it is today. My Aunt had reason to believe people would have objected to a bisexual Aunt being my live in guardian. If my Aunt told me to never say anything I would listen.

My Aunt Sherry agreed to move from the city to live in my parents suburban home. I now realize how difficult this must have been for her. She was: thirty-two, single, was a professor in a small private college, artistic, read a lot, was into yoga (before this was a popular), worked out, loved antiques, enjoyed museums, painted, and she was a regular actress in the local theater. She received the family trait of being frugal with her money. This never stopped her from using her natural creativity.

It took my Aunt three months to completely change the house. Many of these changes were made to make sure I could get around in my wheel chair. One of the additions was a small elevator. The only room of the house my Aunt didn’t redecorate was my room. The: pictures of the family came down (one day they were gently stacked on my bed), she replaced all of the art work, the carpet was removed, flooring was replaced, the outside siding was replaced, walls were changed, the house was repainted, the bathrooms were redone (partly to make it easier for me to go to the bathroom and shower), furniture was replaced, the deck was redone, she added a rock garden, put up wind chimes, placed some modern art pieces in the back lawn, and she themed all of the bedrooms. The only decoration she kept of my mothers was a large metal candle holder that displayed over a dozen short candles. She switched out these candles.

*** Non-Sexual seduction. From the time she moved in until I started college ***

Before I continue I want to say my Aunt loved me. I have to credit her for encouraging me to suffer çankaya escort through therapy. She was often times a nurse as well as my guardian. She redirected my love of music from playing piano to a general love of music and knowing the history of music. She encouraged me to learn how to record. She taught me discipline. She made sure to teach me how to handle social situations. She never allowed me to lock myself away and feel sorry for myself. She wouldn’t allow me to be rude to children who stared at me or asked me questions. She taught me how to stand up for myself when I couldn’t really stand. She gave me the bravery to wheel my wheelchair into school after the accident. The biggest hurdle was knowing how to help students relate to me. To be known for my dancing ability and how I could move around on stage, to being in a wheelchair was traumatic for everyone. This included myself. No matter what my physical limitations she demanded I had etiquette. I resented this at the time but now I deeply appreciate her efferts. She felt it was a key for me to be successful. She was correct, even if I struggle walking to a table, I never embarrassed myself or anyone else while sitting at a restaurant. She bought me a cross bow and a sidearm so I could go hunting with my Uncle; I had to keep both of these items at my Uncles. I know for a fact buying any sort of weapon was a difficult thing for her. Way before it was popular she took me to a comic book convention and we dressed up as X-men characters. Two years later when we went and I was able to use crutches we went as Scooby-Doo characters. My Aunt Sherry was the first woman I ever knew who dressed up as Velma.

I’m forever grateful for these things. I wish to God she wouldn’t have crossed boundaries a guardian shouldn’t cross. There’s a pull between the love and respect I feel toward my Aunt Sherry and the feeling she violated me. There is also a pull between the desire to have a sexual relationship with my Aunt and the reluctance of having one. I now recognize I was prepped into wanting one. This isn’t an excuse it is what happened. I now wish I would have had the strength to stop it but I wasn’t able to. There was no way I could envision what the consequences would be. After living these consequences I wished the boundaries of an Aunt and a Nephew should have ever been crossed.

I believe this happened because I was her focus. She was determined to make sure I would be successful and able to take care of myself. Somewhere along the way this passion turned sexual for her. As time went on it became sexual for me. Was this on purpose? I don’t believe this was the intention at the begging, it turned into a seduction along the way, she justified these feelings, acted on them, and then felt she should protect what our relationship had become.

Everything was about us. She emphasized how unique and special our family was. She would casually mention the sacrifices she was making to make the family special. Whenever I felt bad about what she was sacrificing she would emphasis how the positives out weighed the negatives. How taking care of me was the most important and rewarding thing in her life. I believe she felt this. She believed it was fate that brought us together. She believed we should view the unplanned events of our lives an an opportunity to enrich both of our lives. We needed to do everything possible to keep our family together. She firmly believed it wasn’t any ones business on how we choose to live. She would point out how ignorant others were. How devastating she would feel and how worried she would be if someone separated us. She would mention all of my medical appointments and the needs I had; implying she was the only one who was able to handle these needs. She would equate the feeling of us being separated to how I felt loosing my family. I never wanted to go through that again. She would mention how important it was for me to be on my best behavior otherwise people would believe she was a terrible guardian. She would often say this was the reason she was so demanding and wanted the best from me. She never wanted anyone to question what “we” had.

One of her goals was to teach me how to be a “man.” This ran the gambit from day to day events to large issues. Whenever I did my chores she would tell me how a wife one day would appreciate it. She would praise me whenever I completed a task or reached a goal. If I did a horrible job or didn’t put my best effort into things she would mention on how a wife would be disappointed in me. Worse she would mention how disappointed she was. She would use many day to day activities to point out what would make a woman happy or disappointed. I learned she was much happier if I noticed: when she cut her hair, when she was wearing a new outfit, she hung a new painting, bought a food item I liked, cleaned something, etc. I was the one who was there for her when life for her seemed overwhelming or she was struggling kızılay escort with a decision. I was to be a good man and understand a woman had the right to change her mind. I was to recognize she was teaching me how to be an excellent husband. She continually mentioned how important this was because of my physical limitations.

Very seldom did she ever show anger or disappointment. She didn’t have to. A sharp word or the silent treatment for a half a day would be devastating to me. The worst is when I received two B’s on my report card. When she picked me up and she was lifting me into the van I could tell she was upset. What irritated her was the fact I never told her I was struggling. The next day she showed up at my school and we talked to both of my teachers who gave me a B. She scheduled an intern from her college to tutor me. I would have given anything to have sex with this hot geeky woman but I believe Sherry gave her strict orders to keep her “hands off me.”

Her anger and displeasure seemed to surround other women. She often disliked my visiting nurses. This was especially true if a nurse was attractive or I was developing a crush on one. Often they would never show up again. I’ll never forget an intern who showed me a great deal of attention at one of the parties she would host. I never told my Aunt I liked her but this intern was never invited to one of her parties again. For my Senior prom she set me up with a girl she “trusted.” I was told she needed a date because her boyfriend dumped her for a different girl. I felt like a consultation prize but it turned out to be a great time. This young woman hinted she didn’t care if I had physical limitations and wanted to date me. I was going to ask her out but Sherry objected, this was difficult for me because of my situation, but she insisted she wasn’t good enough for me. Sherry believed I should wait until I was in college and date a “better” woman.

I feel it’s important to mention Edward had a sex talk with me on a weekend I was visiting them Edward and Rita. Edward talked to me and my cousin (his son) while we were fishing. I believe he had this discussion with me because they never believed my Aunt or my parents ever discussed sex with me. They wanted to make sure I was well informed. They were correct in believing my parents never discussed sex. Sex was a taboo subject in our household and I was given minimal information. This was the complete opposite of how my Aunt Sherry felt about sex. She prepared me for the moment someone might would bring up the subject of sex. I was told to pretend I didn’t know anything about the subject and ask basic questions. I listened to my Aunt because of the possibility someone would separate us. The least thing I wanted to loose another family. I loved my Aunt. She was the one raising me and as far as I was concerned “we” should be together.

What started our ongoing sex talk was when she found me paging through a woman’s lingerie catalog. My house never received woman’s fashion magazines or women’s catalogs until my Aunt moved in. This lingerie catalog was a revelation. Every guy has the moment where they “notice” a woman. This was mine. I noticed: makeup, long hair, lips, boobs, hips, legs, and pieces of fabric covering up a woman’s most intimate parts. I had no idea there was anything called lingerie. The closest thing were swimsuits. I often felt timid around my friends and students when sexual things were brought up. I felt really awkward about sexual things after getting into a car accident and being in a wheelchair. My Mom would have been horrified if she spotted me sitting in the kitchen with a raging hard on looking at a lingerie catalog.

My Aunt stepped up to me, “It’s called lingerie.”

I freaked out and dropped the catalog on the table, blushed, and set a text book on my lap.

My Aunt picked it up handed it to me and said, “Why not wheel it into your room and take care of your situation. Your eighteen I don’t care. Just don’t ruin it.”

What she said echoed in my head. It was obvious I didn’t know anything about sex other than what I was taught in sex education class.

“Follow me.”

I followed her to her bedroom. She told me to wait outside of her bedroom. She shut the door behind her. The one room I was banned from ever entering was my Aunt’s room; which had been my parents room.

She yelled at me twice to wait.

Both times I promised I’d do so.

She opened the door and she handed me a book titled the; “The Joy of Sex”. She then gave me a small three ringed binder filled with photocopied sheets; on the cover it was labeled “Human Sexuality”. To my surprise she handed me an older lingerie catalog. It was thicker and the woman on the cover fascinated me. All three were marked with tabs and handwritten notes.

She said, “If any family member brings up the subject of sex pretend you don’t know anything and ask a couple basic questions.”

“But I don’t know anything.”

“Brian.” She touched my chin, “After you read these books you will know something. Right?”

“I guess.”

“If you have any questions ask me.”

“I will.”

She smiled.

She opened the “Joy of Sex” book. She turned to a page with one of the tabs.

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