Aussie Mandy and Me

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It was a beautiful day and my husband was outside mowing the lawn. I’d put on a bikini bottom that barely covered my bare pussy and a thin top that cupped my champagne-sized boobs. And, yes, I was feeling horny.

The phone rang beside me and when I answered it, I was delighted to find Mandy, a new friend who had just moved into the neighborhood from Australia on the line. We talked for a while then on a whim, I invited her over for drinks and girl talk. I quickly freshened up a little and put on my favorite subtle perfume dabbed between my breasts and on the inside of my thighs. ‘My,’ I thought, ‘just what are you thinking girl?’ I don’t usually do that just for a friend’s visit.

When Mandy knocked, I had cold tropical drinks ready for us and we went into the den and relaxed. Soft music played in the background and I took in Mandy’s beautiful face and tall slender body. She is well tanned and has a pixie face with a ski-jump nose that sets off her almost perfect face. She had on a thin top that accentuated her pert breasts and tented the fabric with her taut nipples. I could just make out the darker portion of her areolas and taut nipple. A Spandex bottom that hugged her delightful shapely ass, and I could plainly see the outline of her pussy and I licked my lips at the sight. My heart rate climbed a little and when I got up to refresh our drinks, I moved over and sat down beside her.

She leaned forward closer to me, sniffed delicately, and said, “Hey Doll, I love that perfume you are wearing. Did you put it on just for me?” She asked with a wink in her sparkling blue eyes.

I hesitated a moment, “Well, in all truth, I did. I don’t really know why, it’s not something I usually do for a girlfriend who pops in. I’m glad you like it.”

“I take that as a compliment, Doll. You look stunning in that ‘almost there — fuck me ‘ top and bottom. You are a well-put-together Sheila.” Then she did something that startled me for a moment, she reached out and her finger touched the thin fabric over my nipple. I blushed and her finger ran around the nipple again and I felt it harden and become erect.

“I hope you don’t mind, that nipple just needed a touch to bring it to life. Now it looks more alive!!

I laughed at her delightful Aussie accent. “More than you know, Mandy. I did like it. You are a devil woman, know it?” I looked down to see my nipple taut and thrusting against the silky cloth.

” It needs just a little more excitement now.” She said as she bent forward and her head moved to my breast and her ruby lips parted and took my nipple into her mouth and she sucked the cloth-covered nipple to a more pronounced pucker. I felt her tongue flick around my nipple and a shudder went through my body. “Now, isn’t that better? ” She said as she pulled back just a little, her head still inches from my swollen nipple.

I was dumbfounded for only a moment, for at that instant, my husband Josh stepped into the room. He took in the closeness of Mandy and me and his face lit up as he noticed the wet circle and the very erect nipple thrusting out from the center.

“I hope I didn’t spoil anything. You two look like you are enjoying each other. I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun. She does have sexy nipples, doesn’t she Mandy? I love to tease them, nip them till I have both of them firm and jutting out. She’s had several very strong orgasms just from my pulling and teasing her nipples. She likes them nipped and pulled a little more than gently! Just thought you might like to know that, given the way you have already gotten those little tasty morsels wet and erect.”

“Yes, they are beautiful, I just couldn’t help myself, I had to tease your beautiful wife,” Mandy said with a coy smile at Josh. “And thank you for those points of interest about her nipples. I’ll try to remember them. Just thinking about them is making my little buggers stand at attention. See,” She said as she leaned back and thrust her breasts forward displaying the taut dark nipples thrust against the fabric of her top.

Both my eyes and Josh’s were riveted to her display of sexuality. I was blushing at Josh’s comments about my nipples and the fact he’d brought me to orgasms just from breast stimulation. My pussy tingled and it was all I could do not to slip my hand down inside my panties and stroke myself to an orgasm right in front of the two! Both were looking and talking about my sexual proclivities and it amazed me. Josh seemed london escorts to want to throw me into Mandy’s arms and damn, that is just what I wanted too. I was instantly relieved when Josh turned and giving us a wink started out of the room.

“Don’t let me interrupt anything. You two go ahead and enjoy each other. I’ll let you entertain yourselves.” he laughed as he turned and left the room.

“My God, what a husband you have! Who am I to go against the wishes of the man-of-the-house?” Mandy said as she bent forward and kissed my lips softly. I melted and responded to her kiss by letting my lips slacken and allowing her tongue to slip between my lips.

She tasted delicious and she heightened the moment as her fingers went to the soft fabric and slowly slipped it down. Chill bumps broke out on my arms and her hands slid over my breasts, as she skillfully cupped and stroked my bare flesh. She seemed to have a magical touch that went straight to my already throbbing pussy. I was afraid I’d wet my panties I was so hot.

“How did you know I was so hot for you?” I asked, my mind saying ‘let’s get on with this, I’m on fire.’

“Doll, you couldn’t keep your eyes in your head when I walked in. I wore this outfit just to tease you and see if you were really interested in me sexually. You couldn’t keep your eyes away from my pussy outline or my erect nipples. I wanted to blow you away. When you looked at me I knew it instantly.”

She leaned close and kissed my lips gently. I met her kiss and moaned in consent and gently pulled her face to mine and we kissed softly and slowly at first. We wanted to prolong the delicious moments of our first passionate advances. I breathed in the wonderful scent of her body. She smelled like she had just freshly bathed. There was also the sexual scent of an aroused woman. I knew she was becoming more excited as we kissed and caressed each other. My pussy throbbed and my clit hardened without my touching it.

“Oh, God, I wanted this from the first moment I met you, you sexy wench. I love the touch of another Sheila and it has been too long since I’ve had the pleasure, and pleasure it certainly is.” Mandy murmured against my lips. Her soft hands moved over my breasts stroking the flesh, pulling firmly at the nipples, stretching, elongating them. She had headed Josh’s advice! What a wonderful lover she was, and my first!

I was lost in her embrace and finally recovered and unfastened her top and pulled it down and off her shoulders. She was nude underneath, and I cupped her breasts and stroked them softly, kneading the flesh gently, feeling her breasts swell and her nipples harden. Under my kneading fingers, her firm breasts swelled and became harder. I’d never been with a woman before and knew that I wanted Mandy more than I’d wanted anything in a very long time. The fact that Josh had encouraged us gave me courage and I knew from past comments that he thought two women together was the ultimate aphrodisiac for a man.

We kissed, stroked, and slowly finished undressing each other, hearts beating and breaths heavy with lust and passion. I stood up and pulled Mandy to a standing position and we came together in a passionate embrace, bodies rubbing and thrusting together. Mandy’s hands went to my ass and pulled me close and her pubic mound pressed against mine. Her pussy hair was soft and smooth and she pressed her mound against mine as if to penetrate me.

“Oh, God, I love your bare pussy. I’ve had mine bare many times and just think I might have it bare again just to press against your sexy slit. Having another woman’s pussy open wide and pressing against your own is fantastic. If you get it just so, you can feel your pussy lips rubbing against the other Sheila’s clit. I want to do that with you, but now I want to eat your sexy pussy. I love the taste of an excited sex, to slip my tongue deep inside and suck the delicious juices out. Would you like that, Doll?”

Oh, yes, yes, I’d love that and I hope we can do a 69 together. Sex that way is so fantastic, eating, and being eaten at the same time. When you both cum at the same moment, it is the most fantastic feeling in the world.” I managed to say between passionate breaths. I could see it in my mind and wanted this delicious woman to do all kinds of nasty, deliciously dirty things to every inch of my body. Our hips pressed together and our breasts slid across each other, hard nipples fencing in ecstasy. london escort She pinched one nipple firmly between her fingers and I yelped my approval. I love a little pain sometimes and now she knew it.

“I want you, now, now, I have to have you right now!” Mandy cried out loud and pushed me back against the sofa. I lay back, spread myself wide for her, and surrendered my whole body to her. I knew she would be good and I wanted her to make love to me the way I had read of in passionate novels. Now it would not be a fantasy but with a real flesh and blood sexually mature woman,

The thought that Josh might come into the room as we made love popped into my mind and it set me on fire. I wanted him to watch us, see Mandy’s face buried in my pussy and her fingers sliding inside my most intimate places. I closed my eyes and just felt her body deliciously writhe against mine.

Mandy was an expert at making love to a woman. Someone said that only a woman knows all the secret and erotic places that another woman wants to be caressed, kissed, and stroked and now I knew that that statement was so very true. Mandy’s body covered mine and I spread my thighs wide to let her burrow against my wide-spread pussy that was drenched with my juices.

I pulled my knees upward spreading my drenched pussy as wide as I could for her. As she reached down and used both hands to slip my pussy lips apart and her soft pussy slid down into my open gash the medical term of ‘frottage’ slipped through my mind. “Do it, do it, fuck me or I’ll die.” She humped slowly and I felt her inner lips against my clit and the thrust of her turgid clit. The thought went through my mind that I wanted to suck her clit, tongue it and bring her to a series of earth-shattering climaxes.

Her tongue slid inside my mouth and her hips pressed down onto mine. “You gorgeous wench, I’m fucking you, fucking you; I want to fuck you, my cunt is on fire. Fuck, Fuck,

Ohhhh- Fuck!” she cried over and over. I thrust upward against her and her clit pressed against mine and my world turned upside down as we both began to quiver and shake as our mutual climaxes came in wave after wave of passion. In all our passions, our pussies were both gushing spurts of pussy juices lubricating our steaming most intimate flesh.

Our cries filled the room and I knew that Josh could clearly hear us wherever he was in the house or was he already in the room? For a moment, I opened my eyes and looked across the room. Yes, Josh was standing in the door, legs spread wide, naked, his large cock jutting out as he stroked it. I yelled out, “Yes, Darling, watch Mandy, FUCKING ME, FUCKING ME, just as you’ve wanted me to do for so long.

“It’s fantastic, this fucking woman is a fucking sex witch who has me in her spell. Watch her FUCKING your wife, her pussy is FUCKING my clit that you love to suck and lick. A luscious fucking woman! FUCKING your wife, Darling, FUCKING me, Me! Ohhhh, God, Mandy, I’m cummmming. FUCK me harder while my husband watches. I love it, I love you, Mandy, I love you, Josh.

“More! More! More! Mandy, FUCK ME, Yesssss!”I gasped as my orgasms went on and on as did Mandy’s as I felt her pussy gush out its juices against mine and the liquid sounds of our orgasms added passion to our vocal cries of ecstasy. Mandy cried out, a long scream of pure passion.

Spent, we lay entwined kissing slowly. Hands roving over now damp flesh. Josh moved to a soft lounge and sat back watching us as we embraced after our sexual orgasms. I had never had such intense or such long orgasms in my entire life. I couldn’t tell Josh that, at least right now. But a woman fucking me to un-imagined ecstasy was the pinnacle of my sexual experience.

“God, that was fantastic Doll. You are really a lover, and for your first time with a woman, right? I think we need to have more sex together, don’t you think so? There are so many things I can teach you about loving another woman. Nasty-nice things that will curl your hair!” She laughed as she kissed me.

“I certainly do, you upside down wench! And speaking of upside down, I want to try a 69 with you. I love it when Josh and I do that together, giving and taking at the same time. So very intimate. Would you like that, Sexy Aussie Wench?” I laughed, tweaking her nipple playfully, knowing her answer.

She pulled me close and we began to slowly and softly shift our bodies until my head was between her sweet-smelling thighs. london escort agency Our thighs, belly, and legs were slippery from the copious juices we had sprayed out. Her whole pussy area was drenched in her juices, no, our juices as she had fucked me till I exploded with her.

I ran my fingers through her soft pubic hair gleaming wetly. Her tongue moved over my pussy and she murmured, “Delicious. I want more of your juices and I know just how to get lots more from your sweet delicious pussy. I hope you don’t know what I’m about to do to your pussy. You are going to love it. I want to be the first to have you climax as you have never cum before. I am going to blow your mind, till you can’t stand it anymore!”

I couldn’t wait and pulled her close and my mouth went to her drenched pussy. I ran my tongue up and down her slick juicy slit then slid it inside my first woman’s pussy. She tasted sweet and the odor of her sex filled my nostrils and made my whole body ache with passion for this beautiful woman. The heady aroma of her excited sex filled my nostrils and seemed to flow through my whole body.

I buried my face into her slick deep pink pussy, wanting to burrow into her body, suck her sexual essence till we both exploded again and again. I was crazed with the need for her pussy, my own sex aching and swollen with need.

She pulled me close and licked her way to my pussy, spread the lips apart and licked my juices, and sucked on the swollen deep pink opening. Her tongue slid in and out and up to my clit then back inside again. I felt her move slightly and felt her hand move to my pussy. She slid a long finger inside my swollen pussy fucking me slowly with it.

Her mouth kept sucking and her tongue flicked my swollen aching clit. I gasped as I felt her long middle finger slide deep inside me and curl against my pubic bone from the inside. I went rigid, stopping my assault on her sweet pussy. There, again the finger moved up and down, side to side inside me kneading a place I did not know my body possessed. It was like no other feeling I had ever experienced.

“Yessss” she hissed, her lips against my pussy. “You have never had anyone find your “G” spot, have you? It will give you orgasms you never knew existed. I can make you cum till you pass out from the ecstasy of the orgasms that keep coming one after the other.” She whispered against my molten pussy, her finger softly, firmly stroking the hidden spot. My pussy swelled, burned, and I could feel my juices building up inside me.

Only once in my life had I ever spurted pussy juices out, when Josh had fingered me one night before we were married. He said that he saw jets of pussy juices shoot out of my pussy and must have shot out and landed at my feet as I lay on my back while he finger fucked me. Several times I had also felt his hard cock press against my “G” spot as he fucked me hard and deep ‘doggy style, but I had never put the two together. Now I knew how it felt to have another woman explore my pussy and find a new sexual spot that had never been fully explored.

I screamed out loud over and over as I climaxed and my pussy tightened in spasms of orgasm. Mandy’s fantastic finger ran over and over my “G” spot taking me from climax to climax without letup. Finally, my body could take no more pleasure and I screamed my passion out one last time and fell back on the bed totally spent.

Mandy softly stroked me and Josh got a cool wet towel and they bathed my sweat-soaked body. I had pussy juices on my thighs and legs and Mandy softly licked them off. Josh sat beside us, his head slowly shaking from side to side in wonder.

“Mandy, I have to hand it to you. I have never seen her so sexually aroused. You are a Temptress without peers when it comes to making love to a woman. I certainly learned a lot watching you two together. I guess women do know just what a woman wants when it comes to sex.”

He paused a long moment and said straight-faced, “Do you think I would make a good Lesbian?”

We howled with laughter and I knew I had found a new and wonderful lover and that my husband had no problem with that. I could hardly wait till Mandy and I can make love together again. I had to recover from this sexual orgy first. Does she have a lover that she and I can enjoy together? Who had taught her to be such a wonderful lover of women, a good friend, perhaps her sister, even her mother? The thought boggled my mind. The need for her engulfed me totally. I knew my sexual life would never be the same again.

I wanted to give her as much enjoyment and pleasure as she had given me. But isn’t that what LOVE is all about?

Tawny T

The End

Aussie Mandy and Me

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