Backyard Banging

20 Kasım 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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I thought I would try another incest. I can’t seem to stay away from the group sex though. I hope this is enjoyed as well. As always I look forward to any feedback and comments. Stealing this from a friend “Stay horny my friends.”


Melody comes home after the early volleyball practice. She hoped the house would be empty so she can veg out by the pool. She hopes to avoid getting tan lines, especially across her ample boobs. She likes to wear crop tops and strapless top. Shutting off the alarm she realizes she is home alone. Her parents at work and her brother doing something at the college. She rushes up stairs and slips into the tiniest bikini she has. Basically a string bikini and enough fabric to be legal.

The bikini barely able to contain the large C cup breast she inherited from her mother. They look even bigger on her short 5 ft 2 stature. Her narrow waist makes her hips look wide. She has a bubble butt that fill volleyball shorts out. The string of her bottoms all but disappear. She smears lotion on as much of her body as she can. She has a light tan with no lines yet. She looks around the yard and takes off the top. She lays back basking in the sun.

She has just rolled over when she hears noise coming from the house. She look up to see her older brother come out of the house with someone she has never seen in tow. She rolls her eyes and puts her head back down. “Heeeeyyyyyy Melllllyyyyyy. Are you awake?” She wonders if there is anyone louder and more annoying.

“Yes Tim. I am awake and so are our ancestors for the last four generations. What do you want?” She lifts her head to find her brother and some guy standing over her. She makes sure not to lift her chest. The guy with her brother is shorter then Tim by a couple of inches. He is thin and dark skinned. His hair short and brushed back.

Tim nudges his buddy calling him Juan. “We are going to swim. Want to join us? Oh Dad and mom said they would be home late. You are to cook diner.”

Melody lifts her head and gives her brother a look. “I don’t care if you swim and you can eat a sandwich.” She lays her head back down on her crossed arms. She rolls her eyes. A nice quiet day is too much to ask for. She hears a couple of whoops then a splash. She looks back and they are both in the pool.

She wants to turn over but she will have to cover up again. A shadow falls over her. She looks over and groans. Her brother is standing there totally naked. “Oooops sorry sis. I am naked aren’t I? Wanna touch it.” He swings his hips in her face.

Her eyes go to his cock. She had no idea he was so well hung. Even soft it was thick and long. “Ewww…No! Go away.”

Tim chuckles and pushes his hips into her face again. “You sure? I saw you looking. What about Juan’s? Wanna suck his?” Juan walks up by him. His cock is just as thick and long. She stares just too long.

“Noooo…Go away Tim. You’re being an ass. ” She Mersin Escort pushes him away from her. She has to come up too far. He grabs her tiny top as he shuffles away. She grabs it. Her tits getting fully exposed to Tim and Juan. “Give that back. You are being so damn juvenile. Grow up.”

Tim holds up the tiny top. “Show us your tits Sis and I will give it back to you. Come on Sis. You have seen our dicks.” He is grinning at her. Both their cocks are getting hard and starts to rise.

“Oh my God, Tim. I didn’t want to see your dicks.” She can’t help but look at both growing cocks. “I show you my tits you will leave me alone?”

“No, I said I will give your top back to you. That will cost you more if you want to be let alone. You have to suck one of our cocks.” Tim nudges Juan with his elbow. “Come on Sis. Show us your tits and suck us. We will leave you alone.”

Melody rolls her eyes glaring at her brother. She does not understand why he is being such an ass. She points at juan “Him, not you. You are my brother and that is Ewww.” She rolls over and sits up. Her tits on full display.

Tim and Juan come on both sides of her. “Damn Sis. You got some amazing tits.” He reaches out and cups the one nearest him. He lifts it. His thumb goes over the nipple. She shudders at the touch. The tingle goes right to her pussy.

Juan, on her other side starts to knead her other tit. “Damn these are fine tits. As are you Melody.” Melody blushes and a soft moan escapes her lips.

Melody lets them fondle her tits a few minutes before she comes to her senses. Her pussy damp. “Let’s get this over with. Come here Juan.” Juan stand and moves to the end of the lounger. Melody rolls her eyes and licks the dark brown tip. Her fingers holding the cock up. She cuts her eyes up just as her lips suck in the fat tip. A soft moan comes from his lips.

Tim watches as his sis starts to lick and suck on his friend’s cock. He can’t believe she is actually doing in. He is still playing with her tit. He lowers his head and sucks on the hard nipple. Melody moans around the cock.

She slides more of Juan into her mouth. Her lips tight around the shaft. A shock goes through her body from her nipple her brother is sucking on to her pusssy. Her head bobs back and forth along the thick cock. She can’t quite get it all into her mouth. Her hand strokes him as she sucks him. “Ahhh…Fuck she is good. Daaamn.”

Tim lets go of her nipple. He gives it a pinch. Feeling brave he slides his hand down her belly and under the thin material of her bikini bottoms still on. He can feel the short soft hairs just above her pussy. He pushes two fingers between her lips and finds her clit. It is swollen and she is wet. He starts rubbing his sister’s clit with the two fingers.

Melody moans as the pleasure hits a new level. Her legs part slightly almost on their own. Her hips come up to press into his hand. She slides her Escort Mersin hand and lips faster along the thick shaft. Moans escaping around the fat cock in her mouth.

Tim uses his free hand and pulls at the string on Melody’s hip. He reaches over and pulls the other one. The bikini bottom falls away leaving Melody naked as well. Time keeps stroking at her sister’s clit. He moves onto the lounger between her legs. He nudges them apart. Her legs spread. Feet on the deck. With a grin he replaces his fingers on the clit with his tongue.

Melody whines loudly still sucking on Juan’s cock. He is reaching down and kneading both her tits. Long callused fingers rolling both her nipples. He shifts and she lays back on the lounger. Her pussy becoming more exposed. Juan is thrusting his hips forward to slide deep into her mouth. Her hands on his hips keeping him close.

Tim is dancing his tongue all around the hard clit. He keeps hitting a spot and her hips come up. He finds the spot and goes after it. Melody moans keeping her legs spread. He brings one hand under his chin and pushes two fingers into her. Her pussy clenches around his fingers. Moving his fingers in and out of her he turns his wrist back and forth.

Melody is loud with her moans and gasping. Juan is growling as he continue to get sucked by her. Melody’s body tenses and she explodes onto her brother’s hand. Her juices a river from her. She has to take Juan from her mouth so she can breathe a moment. She is almost screaming. The pause lets Juan get some relief. He was close to cumming.

Tim lifts his head after she cums. He shifts closer to her. His cock throbbing. Lifting her legs and spreading them. He lines his cock up and pushes into his sister’s pussy easily. She is drenched from her orgasm.

Melody blinks and lets go of Juan’s cock. Her body arches as Tim spears her deeply. His cock spreading her open. She hisses through her teeth.”Fuuuuuuccckkkkkkk…What what are you doing Ti…Tim?” Her head falls back. Her pussy clenches around his cock. “Oh.My.God. Fuu Fuuuck meee…oh Dammmmnnn”

Tim pulls back slowly then pushes back in. “Fuck Sis you are tight. Not going to last long in your twat.” He starts to thrust in hard and fast. Keeping her legs spread he leans forward and starts to slam into her. His cock coming almost out then stabbing in deep.

Juan still with a raging hard on watches as Tim is pounding his sister. “Dude, this is your sister. That is so fucking hot. Can I bang her next? Then you can help me fuck my sister.” He is stroking his cock slowly watching the two.

Melody grasp the edge of the lounger. Her hips coming up to meet Tim’s. Her pussy is clenching at the thick cock. Her lips are open with the sounds and whining she is making. “Ahh..Ahh..nhhh…fuck me fuck me. Ahhhh fuck me.” Her body arches off the lounger. She grits her teeth but the scream escapes through them. The orgasm rips through her. Mersin Bayan Escort Her pussy clamping around her brother’s cock.

Tim watches as his sister withers under him. Her pussy rippling around his cock breaks his control. He slams into his sis and erupts. His cock filling her. Her pussy ripples and milks him for every drop. He growls loudly. “Fuck Sis…I could not hold back…God Damn” He stays buried in her as his cock pulses with load after load. He falls back taking his cock from her. He moves to the other lounger. He gestures to Juan. “go for it man. She is fucking tight.”

Juan grins and moves to replace Tim. Melody is laying on the lounger panting. He encourages her to roll over. She does absentmindedly. He lifts her hips and moves between her feet. She is exposed. Her pussy leaking mixed juices. He lines up and pushes in hard. His cock fills her quickly. “Dios Mio she is still fucking tight.”

Melody rolls her eyes. Her chest and face pressed to lounger. Her lips parted into an O. She is being pounded hard. “Ah..Ah..Ah..Nnn..Nnn…Fuuuck” She is just able to start rocking a bit. Her twat stretches around Juan’s thick Mexican cock. She just stays in the moment. Her body is absorbing everything they are giving her. Her voice a whisper. “harder harder harder please…I am cl close again..fuck me”

Juan hears her soft begging. He grabs ahold of her hips firmly. He pulls back and starts slamming in. He grunts with each thrust. Her ass jiggles with each one. “Fuck fuck too fucking tight.” He was already on edge from being sucked earlier. Her pussy is tight wet heaven to him. He grits his teeth trying to hold out a few more minutes.

Melody grits her teeth and grabs at the pad beneath her. Juan breaks through her control. Her pussy wraps around his and squeezes hard. Her body tenses and coils. She shatters around his cock. Her eyes rolling back into her head. “Yesssssss…Fuuuuuuckkkk yessss.” She feels the cock swell in her. He slams in deep and fills her. His cock pulsing as he hoses his cum into her pussy. She is spent. Her pussy has never been so well used before. Juan pulls out slowly. Mixed cum from her brother, Juan and her own juices seep from her and coats her thighs.

She lays on the lounger, her ass still in the air. She is jerked awake when her ass is slapped. “What..What the hell.” She looks around. Tim and Juan are both dressed. She blushes still being naked. “You’re leaving.”

Tim grins at her. “Yeah. Get dressed. We will take you to eat in a bit. Juan wants to see you again. Laters.” They both leave the backyard. She is left alone finally. Sitting up she sees there is a puddle of cum on the pad. Her thighs are sticky. It finally hits her what happened. She let her brother and some guy she just met fuck the hell out of her. She had never been fucked without a condom. Her mind whirls trying to remember is she took her birth control.

She stands and fluids seep from her. She jumps into the pool to rinse off. Crawling out of the pool she heads to the house still stark naked. She grabs the tiny pieces to her bikini. She does not notice her neighbor peering over the fence with a video camera.

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