Bad Husband Learns What’s Good For…

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It’s not that I hate my husband, on the contrary.

He does annoy me sometimes. His inability to stand up for himself at work, at home.

However, when we’re out and about, amongst our friends, shopping, or amongst strangers, he has the tendency to put me down.

We’ve discussed before that it aggravates me to no end. That he should be respectful to me at all times, and not belittle me to try to make himself seem cooler or more interesting.

Those conversations don’t seem to matter. Time and time again he’s done it. Time and time again I attempt to correct him.

My husband, Matt, is by no means a weak guy, but he’s not big, either. He stands average, 5’10”, with a small frame.

Matt is the love of my life, don’t get me wrong, but the idea of putting him in his place has crossed my mind more than once.

The perfect opportunity just presented itself. I couldn’t help myself.

One day, we were getting a couch delivered. Matt was being useless, per usual, as I was directing the two larger “gentlemen” in through the foyer. This is our fourth attempt at getting this couch delivered. Every time it’s been one thing or another: the feet have been damaged, the fabric is damaged, they forgot to coat it properly… and every single time it has been me dealing with the consequences.

So when the two large men placed the couch down and I clasped my hands together with glee at a final success, I watched Matt as a grin splashed across his face. “We finally got it right, honey!”


Excuse me? I scoffed.

“What?” He said, dumbfounded.

“Nothing.” I glared him straight in the eye. “I just didn’t realize you had anything to do with purchasing, arranging the movers, dealing with this company… had no idea! All this time, I thought it was me.”

“Well, you know I appreciate everything you do, Lisa, but you should have gotten it right the first time… I mean, honestly.”

I’d had enough. The two men were standing there awkwardly. “Can we get a signature please?”

These kaçak iddaa are the same two men that have delivered to us three times before. Each and every time, Matt has refused to tip him. Making some remark about how they’re the ones who probably “fucked up” the order.

They are larger than him, no doubt. One stood at about 6’4 while the other about 6′ tall. They weren’t fat, just muscular. One was a little older, in his 40’s, and the other was younger (but still older than us) in his mid thirties.

“Gentlemen,” I said as they ogled my breasts. “Would you like a tip?”

“We certainly wouldn’t say no,” said the younger man smirking.

“What are your names?” I asked.

“I’m Jack” said the younger one, “and he’s Steve.”

“Great… now, I hope you’re not opposed to this, but what I wanted to give you was both the opportunity to get your dicks sucked, would you be down with that?”

“uh…” Steve glanced at Jack.

Jack interrupted, “YES!”

“Good,” I said, ” why don’t you both unzip your pants and drop them to the floor.”

Now, initially, I was the one intending to suck their cocks, in front of Matt, as a gesture of “it’s over.” But apparently, the two delivery men had a different idea.

“Actually ma’am,” Steve cleared his throat, “we’re both gay.”

Their eyes landed on Matt. The coward didn’t say a word.

“By all means, take him any way you please.”

After exchanging glances, there was no hesitation. The two delivery men went straight to Matt and picked him up by his arms. One held him down while the other pulled down his pants and boxers.

My husband is actually quite well endowed for his puny figure. It surprised even me when we were first dating.

When they pulled down his boxers, much to (I think) all of our surprise, Matt was fully erect.

Steve started laughing, “Lisa, I think your husband is gay.” Matt just laid there, stark naked, as he was being held down.

Jack, effortlessly holding him down by his struggling arms, shifted his weight kaçak bahis to enable him to unzip his pants. Steve held his legs.

Jack’s hard cock was just a bit smaller than my husband’s, but already fully erect.

“Open your mouth pretty boy,” he demanded. Matt shook his head no. “Open your mouth or I’m going to rape your asshole.” Matt’s eyes grew big as his lips slowly parted.

Jack shoved his cock in Matt’s mouth. Matt began sucking like a pro.

All the while I stood there watching them defile him on our new couch. My new couch.

“Oh God” Jack muttered at he shoved his dick deeper down Matt’s throat. Matt started choking. His eyes were watering. Jack was deep throating him. relentlessly.

With my arms cross I stood there heckling him, “Honey” I asked, “do you like sucking cock? Does it taste good?”

Matt obviously couldn’t say anything. He was being faced fucked.

But his cock, on the other hand…

I’d never seen it like this before. It was twitching and oozing with pre cum. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who noticed this.

“Look at his cock!” said Steve, “It’s oozing with cum. I should clean it up.”

Steve got down on his knees started sucking the precum off of Matt’s cock. Pathetically, Matt prematurely ejaculated into Steve’s mouth. As he did, he started moaning so heavily that it set Jack off. He came into Matt’s mouth and pulled out just at the end to leave his cum on Matt’s face, dripping off his chin.

“You didn’t want to do that boy.”

“huh?” Matt said in a daze, completely spent.

“I didn’t get my turn.” Steve flipped Matt over and demanded he get on all fours. Matt did as told until he realized what was happening. Then he pretended to struggle.

Now, my husband loves anal. Once a month I shove plugs into his anus because he begs me to. The same thing happens. He prematurely ejaculates.

“Tell Steve how you like it when I inspect your anus and shove but plugs up your asshole.” Matt turned bright red. “Tell him honey. Tell him what you illegal bahis need.”

“No, Lisa, please.” Matt pleaded.

“I know what he needs.” With one fell swoop Steve took Matt over his lap and stared spanking him. Steve’s erection, which was oozing with precum, was pressing against Matt’s already hardening cock.

I never got round two.

Then Steve raised his hand and slapped his butt cheek.

“Tell us what you like, boy.”

He spanked him again and again, until Matt was squirming while his erection was growing.

Steve then slowed down, started softly rubbing Matt’s reddened cheeks.

And then he slid a finger over Matt’s puckered anus.

Matt, I think totally uninhibited, moaned so loudly.

“Is that so,” said Steve calmly.

Thats when he stuck his finger in. “It’s okay to like having your asshole played with by your wife, Matt. It’s not okay for a straight man to be getting aroused so quickly after he came so prematurely in another man’s mouth.”

Matt started thrusting his hips back to get Steve’s finger in a little deeper.

“Oh my God,” I said.

“Matt you are a fucking queer! You’re a cock sucking whore. No wonder you’re so fucking insecure.”

The three of us laughed.

“Get on all fours” said Steve, abruptly removing his finger causing Matt to gasp.

That’s when Steve barebacked my now willing husband. It only took a few thrusts before both Steve and Matt were cumming simultaneously. Matt’s cum spewed all over our new couch.

I was furious.

Jack grabbed Matt by the hair and smeared his cum into the couch “We can’t take it back to the warehouse like this, buddy. We know what you did.”

Steve pulled out of Matt’s asshole to give me just a good enough angle to see the cum oozing out of his still puckered anus.

“Pathetic.” I said.

“Yeah,” Jack agreed.

Both men quickly replaced their clothes and left, thanking me and ignoring Matt as he lay in his own cum juice with another man’s fluid dripping out of his asshole.

I kneeled by him on the couch. “You’re so fucking queer,” I said. I slid my finger to his asshole. “Another man jizzed in your anus and you just lie here in bliss.”

Matt said nothing.

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