Bailing Shellie Out of Jail

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Bailing Shellie Out

Shellie sat in the back of the patrol car, silently sobbing as the two police officers prepared to transport her 30 year old accomplice, Steve.

Thirty minutes earlier, she had her lips wrapped around Steve’s cock in the front seat of his car when he suddenly sat up, “Shit, someone’s coming!”

As Shellie sat up and looked out her rear window, she saw the amber lights of a vehicle slowly coasting through the parking lot. In an instant, she knew it was a cop as she saw his alley light moving from one area to another.

“Fuck, roll the windows down, quick!” Steve exclaimed.

In a panic, he quickly shoved his erect shaft back through the opening of his zipper and adjusted himself.

The last thing he needed was the police to know he’d been letting a 16 year old give him a blow job.

As Shellie rolled the window down, she did her best to fan the thick cloud of marijuana smoke that filled the ’97 Mustang GT.

Within seconds, a blindingly bright light pierced the darkness of their car. Shellie lifted her arm in front of her face to shield the intense glare.

“Just act cool. We were only talking! I’m your cousin, okay!” Steve said in a panic.

“Mmm hmm, sure…cousins, I got it” Shellie replied, her heart racing out of control.

Shellie flinched as she heard the first car door close. Her heart sank further as she heard the second door slam shut. She felt a knot in her stomach as she envisioned her parent’s reaction.

Steve tried to relax as the officer approached his window.

“Good evening…what are you two doin’ out here tonight? Park closed two hours ago!” the officer asked.

“It did?” Steve answered, doing his best to act like he didn’t know.

“Yes. It closes at ten.” the officer replied. “So, what are you two up to?” he asked again as he shined his flashlight into the backseat.

“Oh, nothing really. She’s my cousin Shellie. She’s having some problems and we needed a place to talk” Steve said, trying to sound convincing.

“What’s her last name? Shellie, Shellie what?” the policeman quickly came back with.

“Huh?” Steve asked. “I didn’t hear whatyou said.”

The veteran police officer knew he’d caught Steve in a lie. When caught in lies or caught off-guard, suspects always used a question to answer a question. This was their attempt to buy some time to formulate their next lie.

“You cousin, her name? What’s her last name?” he asked again.

“Ummm, Shellie….Shellie Morris.” Steve said.

“Okay, well, Ms. Morris, why don’t you step out and go talk to the nice officer back at the car!” the officer ordered.

Steve knew he was screwed. Within five minutes, they’d identified Shellie Morris as Shellie Sinclair, 16 years old. During that span, the officer had also conducted a plain-view search of Steve’s vehicle and found his marijuana cigarettes conspicuously hidden amongst his Marlboro Lights.

Although both officers suspected they had interrupted a sexual rendezvous, neither Shellie nor Steve would admit to anything.

With several prior arrests for burglary and drug possession, the officers were more than eager to impound Steve’s vehicle and arrest him for violating the terms of his probation and possession of the marijuana.

Since Shellie’s parents were out of town for the night and not expected back until tomorrow, the officers had no choice but to transport her to the station. Had they been able to reach her parents, the police officers would have been satisfied allowing mom and dad to handle her transgression. Unfortunately, mom and dad were spending the weekend at their cabin at Lake Tahoe.

By 1 A.M., Shellie sat outside the booking room of the local police department. Her mind continued to race as she tried to figure a way out of her predicament.

“Ummm, Sir, excuse me. If I can get a hold of my dad’s best friend, can he pick me up?” Shellie asked the booking officer.

“If he can establish he knows your parents and is willing to vouch for you, we’ll see what we can work out!’

“Can I try to call him?” Shellie asked pleadingly.

“Yeah, sure, go ahead!”

My phone rang at 1:25 A.M.

“Who the fuck’s calling me this late” I asked myself.


“Um, Mr. Foster, um, this is, um this is Shellie…Shellie Sinclair”

“Oh, Shellie, what’s wrong, is everything okay?” I immediately became concerned. I’d known Shellie since she was a little girl. Her father and I had been best friends since I moved here 14 years ago. I knew something was wrong for her to call this late.

Shellie began to cry, “Noooo, I’m at the police station!”

“What happened?”

“I- I- I didn’t get arrested. They just brought me down here cuz…um, cuz, my parents are in Tahoe.”

“Well…we can talk about it on the way home. Let me talk to one of ‘em, I’ll come and get you!”

“Oh…Mr. Foster, thank you so much!” She exclaimed. “Here, here you go, I’ll put him on.”

Within 30 minutes, I was standing at the booking officer’s desk, providing identification and signing a form releasing Shellie into my care. As I did, the officer filled me in on the circumstances of her detention and told me the police had no intentions of pursuing any criminal charges against Shellie.

“Just do me a favor and make sure you talk to her parents. She needs to be more careful. She coulda been hurt tonight!” the officer said as he shuffled papers.

“Definitely! Thanks for looking after her!” I said, shaking the officers hand.

Shellie was seated on a bench down the hall. “C’mon Shel, let’s go” I said.

As Shellie walked towards me, I couldn’t believe how much she’d grown up. Dressed in a tight white cotton v-neck short-sleeved shirt and a pair of tight low-cut jeans, she no longer looked like the little girl I remember running through the house playing with my two kids.

Shellie was now a beautiful young woman. By my estimation, she stood about 5’ 5” and weighed slightly more than 100 lbs. Her jet black hair hung straight although was shorter than the last time I’d seen her over a month ago. As she approached me, I had to do a double-take when I noticed her nipples were visible through her white shirt.

My best friend’s daughter stood before me not wearing a bra under her shirt. Doing my best to not notice, I could not keep myself from stealing a few quick glances at her full breasts. Standing four inches taller than Shellie, I was able to look down at her, noticing her very full cleavage.

“C’mon, let’s get you home!” I said.

Shellie didn’t speak as she walked in front of me, her head hanging slightly out of embarrassment. As she walked ahead of me, I couldn’t help but notice her figure, how her tiny waist and curvaceous hips shaped her sexy frame and how the tight jeans accentuated her very nicely proportioned ass.

Quickly realizing I was gawking at my best friend’s daughter, I tried to think of something else.

“My car’s around the corner” I said, motioning to my left.

Neither of us spoke the first few minutes on the way home.

Finally, Shellie broke the silence, “Am I in a lot of trouble?”

I began to answer Shellie, starting to tell her the police hadn’t cited her or charged her with anything. I began to tell Shellie she had nothing to worry about. As much as I wanted to, those weren’t the words that came out of my mouth.

Ankara escort “Yes, you are!”

Shellie didn’t respond. As she absorbed my words, her head sank.

“They’re gonna charge you Shellie!”

“With what?” she asked out of fear.

“Drug possession and trespassing for being in the park after closing!” I couldn’t believe I had just lied to Shellie nor could I believe the reason I was lying.

I wanted to tell her truth but was unable to. A part of me I had never known existed was now in control of my words and my actions. My head was spinning as I heard my conscience trying to win the moral debate that now raged in my head. My conscience was losing the battle!

“ Oh God! Mom and dad are gonna be so piss-…I mean, mad!” Shellie said, still sniffling.

“Well Shellie, what do you expect? You’re 16 and you were found in a car with a 30 year old man smoking pot!” I shot back at her. “Did you think they wouldn’t file charges? You’re lucky I was home, otherwise, they were going to put you in juvenile detention for the weekend!”

“The cops know what was going on before they pulled up!” my lie continued. “Why dontcha tell me!”

“Nuthin’…I swear, nuthin’ was goin’ on!” she replied.

“Shellie, they said your shirt was pulled halfway up and your hair was a mess! They’re not stupid and neither am I!” I said, chastising Shellie.

“It’s embarrassing…I can’t say!”

“That’s fine. I’ll let you explain it to your mom and dad!” I said.

“Jesus…what did I get myself into?” she asked rhetorically.

The next few minutes were critical to my ad hoc plan. If I could gain Shellie’s trust, I could take advantage of the situation, manipulating this stunning teen-aged girl into my web.

Again, my conscience screamed for me to stop. She’s 16! She’s your best friend’s daughter! She looks up to you! You’ve known her since she was a toddler! She trusts you!

Something dark, something evil and perverted inside me screamed louder. She’s gorgeous! She’s hot as hell! She’s gotta be a good fuck! She’s gotta have a tight little cunt! She’s would look so perversely sexy sucking my cock!

My conscience was losing!

We sat in silence the remainder of the drive.

Pulling into her driveway, I turned my car off. “Let me come in with you and check the house. I don’t feel comfortable letting you walk into an empty house at two in the morning!”

As I walked to her front door, I asked, “Where’d you meet this guy? He’s 30 Shellie!”

“On the internet. He’s really nice to me!” she said defensively.

“Nice how?”

“He buys me things and he listens to me!” she replied.

“He buys you things cuz’ he wants to fuck you Shellie!” I couldn’t believe I said that. At the same time, I felt my cock tingle with excitement.

Shellie didn’t say anything.

“Do you mom and dad know about him?” I asked.

“God no! You know dad would kill me!” she said as she sat on her couch.

“Well, you’ve really got yourself in a mess Shellie!”

Shellie leaned back in their white leather sofa, leaning her head back and bringing her hands up to her head as if in deep thought.

Her breasts beckoned as she arched her back. As she raised her hands to her head, the bottom of her shirt lifted up several inches exposing her flat and perfectly tanned stomach.

My conscience had lost the battle.

I spoke. Well something dark within me spoke.

“What if we can keep your parents from finding out?” I asked.

Shellie sat forward, a look of hope on her beautiful face. Her brown eyes opened wide with curiosity.

“How?” she asked.

I sat next to Shellie.

“We could make a deal, a kinda trade!” I said. As I spoke, I put my hand on Shellie’s leg. As soon as my hand touched her, I was dizzy with euphoria, with lust and desire. I felt my cock begin to spring to life inside my pants.

Immediately, Shellie knew what I meant. I could see it in her face. I could also see the look of disbelief and shock.

“I can’t do that. I won’t!” she said.

Ignoring her words, I unbuttoned my jeans and reached inside my boxer-briefs, grabbing my semi-erect shaft, and pulling it upward out of my pants.

Shellie sat in disbelief, unmoving.

Lifting my ass slightly, I lowered my pants just below my ass and sat back down, slowly stroking my cock.

“No! I’m not!” she exclaimed as she tried to get up.

“SIT DOWN!” I commanded.

Shellie immediately sat down, part fear, part intimidation.

As I rubbed my cock with one hand, I removed my cell phone from my belt clip. “Well, guess I’ll just have to call your dad and tell him where I just picked you up!”

As I spoke, I used my chin to open the flip-phone. Still stroking my now fully erect cock, I laid the cell phone on my leg and began punching her father’s phone number into the phone. Shellie’s eyes were fixed on the keypad.

Seeing I was actually dialing her dad, her face showed signs of fear.

“No! Stop! Don’t call ‘im. What do you want me to do?” she asked, knowing she been defeated.

I didn’t speak.

Reaching up, I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her head into my lap.
Her face was now only an inch or so away from my fully erect shaft.

“You know what to do Shellie. Be a good slut and open up!” I said. My conscience was nowhere to be found.

“You’re sick!” she exclaimed.

I sat back in the deep leather couch, putting my hands behind my head and waited.

Compliantly, Shellie grasped my shaft at the base with her left hand and opened her mouth. Her touch was amazing. Her delicate hand sent a jolt of demented pleasure through my body. In an instant, her soft lips were closed half way down my 7-inch cock, her tongue pressed against the underside of my cock.

I almost came the moment her lips touched my cock. It was an incredibly erotic, twisted, perverse pleasure.

As disgusted as she appeared to be, Shellie was an extremely talented cock sucker. I was amazed that, at 16, she was able to deep throat my entire shaft. Alternating between a dozen or so oral strokes of my entire length, she’d then take my full length in her mouth and create a seal around the base of my shaft and suck hard, simultaneously licking her tongue back and forth on my shaft.

“Fuck Shellie! That’s incredible. You really are a slut!” I said, enjoying this forbidden fellatio.

“Mmmmm, yes!” I answered.

By the time I finished speaking, Shellie had resumed sucking my cock. As she sucked on me, she allowed her saliva to run down my shaft. The wetter my cock became, the louder the wonderful slurping sounds I could hear. As she sucked, her tiny hand remained wrapped around the base of my shaft, stroking me as her head bobbed up and down.

Leaning forward, her perk breasts hung beneath her. Taking a chance, I slid my hand under her torso and cupped my hand around her. I felt her hard nipple as it pressed into the palm of my hand. I’d expected Shellie to pull away but she didn’t although she made no indication she was enjoying my fondling. Her young Ankara escort bayan mouth was driving me to the brink of orgasm as she took me all the way in her mouth.

I needed more! As she continued to busy herself on my cock, I moved my hand from her breast to the button on her jeans. Sensing my hand trying to undo her pants, Shellie shifted her hips to the side. “No!” she said, momentarily removing her mouth from my shaft.

She was not going to tell me no and she was not going to deny me my pleasure. Reaching across my body, I grabbed Shellie by the hips and pulled her around until she came to rest in my lap, her back against my chest.

Reaching under her left arm, I wrapped my strong arm around her chest holding her body against me. With my right hand, I reached around her waist to the top button of her jeans and pulled hard, feeling the first, then the second, third, and fourth button come undone.

My cock was aligned perfectly between her ass cheeks, pressed tightly between her denim material and my bare stomach. Forcefully, I worked my hand down inside her jeans and under her panties. Within inches, my fingers made contact with her neatly trimmed bush. Shellie put up only minor resistance, making a feeble attempt to pull away as my hand made its’ way down towards her tight young cunt.

My hand now covered her teen mound and surprisingly, I found her pussy somewhat moist. “Shellie, you’re wet!”

As I spoke, I pressed my middle finger between her puffy folds, the base of my thick finger pressed against her clit.

Shellie moaned and pressed her ass down into me. She was beginning to relax. Sensing her opening up, I moved my other hand from around her belly under her shirt to her breasts, teasing her perky nipples with the tip of my index finger.

I could feel Shellie’s cunt lips swallowing my finger as I began to slowly slide it up and down, feeling my finger becoming moist with her nubile juices.

With her current position, I would have been unable to insert my middle finger any significant distance inside her. To improve access, I sat more upright and pulled her closer into me. This repositioning gave me the opening I needed. Curling my middle finger inward, I slowly entered Shellie’s young womanhood. Her inner walls were silky smooth and incredibly warm.

Shellie moaned deeply as I pushed deeper inside. “Ohhh God!” she said softly under her breath. “Mr. Foster, we shouldn’t be doing this!” she said.

With my face next to hers, I spoke quietly into her ear, “You were going to fuck that guy but you won’t fuck me? I don’t understand Shellie.”

“You’re…you’re my dad’s best friend!” she replied.

Sensually I kissed her neck as I began to rub her clit back and forth, “That’s what makes me want you so bad Shellie!”

“You really want me?” she asked curiously.

“I never knew it until tonight, until I saw you walk towards me at the police station, how incredibly beautiful you are.” I said. “Yes I want you Shellie, can’t you tell?” I asked as I pushed my hips into her, emphasizing my rock hard shaft pressed into her.

Still banging her tight pussy with my finger, Shellie continued, “Can I tell you something?”


“Last summer, I spent the night with Bridgette. Well, we, um…sorta” she paused.

“Sorta what?” I asked. Shellie sat silently. I could sense her reluctance to finish her sentence.

“Go ahead Shellie, what?” I pressed.

“Well, we watched you and your wife having sex!” she said quickly, almost as if she had to say it fast to make sure she didn’t change her mind. My cock twitched as I envisioned her and my daughter watching me fuck my gorgeous wife.

“Really?” I asked. “And, did you like it?”

“Uh huh!” she said.

“Did it make you wet?” I asked.

“We fingered each other” she admitted. I almost came when I comprehended what she said. My body flooded with lust. I lifted Shellie’s petite body up as I stood. Quickly stripping, Shellie followed suit.

Standing before me was an exquisitely beautiful girl. Her body retained an innocent girlish quality while displaying sinfully tempting signs of her young womanhood. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and sized, fitting perfectly into a cupped hand. Her stomach was flat and toned and her petite waist gave way to perfectly curved hips and ass. Her pussy hair was trimmed into a symmetrical triangle and had been clipped to a half inch in length.

As soon as I undressed I sat back onto her couch. Shellie stepped forward to put her hand on my outstretched arm. My cock was throbbing with anticipation, dripping warm pre-cum from the tip.

Shellie placed her left knee outside my right leg, and then placed her right knee outside my left leg. Facing me on her knees, the opening to her tight hole inches above my shaft.

As I reached my hand down to grab the base of my shaft, Shellie pushed my hand away.

“I wanna” she said, referring to wanting to guide my cock inside her pussy.

Now having both hands free, I cupped her breast tightly and began sucking her stiff nipple, flicking my tongue across her ultra-sensitive tip. “Mmmmm” Shellie moaned as her nipple tingled with excitement.

My mind was lost in desire as I realized Shellie had grabbed my shaft and began lowering her young body onto my shaft. The tip of my cock pressed between her folds.
Shellie shifted my cock slightly from side to side, clearing her full lips out of the way. As she lowered herself more, my thick head slowly stretched her tight opening. As she held my cock in position, Shellie used her free hand to run two fingers between her wet pussy lips and then spread the slick moisture around the top of my cock. My cock began to fill Shellie’s pussy as the head inched past her tight hole. Another inch and the largest part of my cock would be pushing through her tight canal.

“Holy fuck…it’s so thick!” she said, her voice ripe with erotic pleasure. As she continued to lower herself on my pole, I was overwhelmed with how wonderful being inside her felt.

Once Shellie was satisfied my thick cock wouldn’t tear her thin walls during penetration, she sat down, impaling her tiny young body on my cock. Once I was inside, she placed her arms over my shoulders and around my neck. Sensing she needed room for her legs, I scooted our bodies to the edge of the couch, allowing Shellie to extend her legs behind me.

“That’s better! Thanks.” she said.

At that moment, I knew how wrong my conduct was but I didn’t care. I needed Shellie and was willing to risk a long prisons sentence to have her.

Her cunt was incredible, tightly clenching my cock. I worried the slightest movement would cause me to cum.

Slowly, Shellie began grinding her hips into me, moving her hips forward and backward. Although my cock only moved an inch or tow, the unusual movement stimulated my cock from an angle I was not accustomed to.

As Escort Ankara Shellie, moved, her tits jiggled slightly, teasing my face.

Within moments, I put my hands around Shellie’s tiny waist and began lifting her off me slightly and then guiding her back down. Looking down between her legs, I could see the delicate skin of her hole stretched around my thick shaft as she rose up off of me.

Once I was sure she could handle the length of my cock, I started lifting my hips and thrusting upward to meet her downward motion, slamming my body hard into hers.

Shellie’s cried sounded like the high-pitched bark of a small dog, “Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh!” she repeated after each stroke of my cock.

Once she began moving up and down, her breasts bounced up and down slightly.

Engaged in this sinful act of illegal intercourse, I passionately kissed Shellie, feeling her soft tongue and warm lips against mine. As we kissed, he groans became muffled, making our embrace that much more erotic.

As I fucked my best friends little girl, I thought about how outraged and disgusted my wife would be if she could see where my cock was buried, how angry my best friend would be if her knew what I was doing to his little girl, what my daughter would think if she saw me fucking her best friend. The naughty images turned me on even more.

Shellie was now screaming as my cock split her tight cunt in two, slicing into her tiny frame, slamming into her young cervix. “FUCK, SO DEEP, UGH, UGH, SO, UGH, DEEP, UGH, YES, YES, YES!” she screamed over and over. Wanting this teen slut to feel a real man’s fuck, I put my arms under hers and held her by her shoulders blades as I leaned forward. Shellie’s tiny body now hung backwards at a 45 degree angle, suspended over the floor and supported by my muscular arms.

From the position, I was able to drive my cock straight into her. After seven or eight good thrusts, I stood, Shellie still impaled on my cock, as I did, She wrapped her skinny legs around me and locked her foot into her other ankle.

Violently I began to thrust my hips as I swung her in the air. I allowed gravity to cause her tiny body to slam back onto my shaft. My balls swung back and forth like a pendulum, striking my asshole then hers.

I felt my cock swell as I neared orgasm. Not yet ready to unload my cum into her 16 year old body, I sat Shellie on the couch and let my cock slip from her hole. Glancing down at her, I noticed her cunt gaping open where my cock had been, her muscles not yet pulling her back to her original shape. Kneeling quickly between her legs, I shoved my tongue as deep as I could inside her.

Shellie gasped as my mouth made contact with her, “Mmmmm, Oooooooo!” she chimed.

Shellie’s ass was pressed against my chest, the perfect point of leverage to lift her hips from the couch. Leaning forward slightly, her hips raised as I placed my hands under her ass to hold her up.

Normally, I enjoy taking my time when eating pussy, savoring the slow tease. Not tonight! Tonight, I did my best to fuck her naughty cunt with my tongue, driving in and out of her, slopping my tongue between her lips and flicking her swollen clit. Her pussy was drenched and soon, my chin was soaking wet, allowing my face to slide effortlessly between her beautiful thighs. As my tongue invaded her tight hole, I could taste the salty remnants of my pre-cum as they mixed with her sweetness. Her pussy smelled of torrid sex, intoxicatingly wonderful taboo sex.

Shellie bucked her hips wildly against my face, breathing heavily and screaming, “OOOOH MY GOD, Y-E-E-E-E-S-S-S-S! FUCK, Y-E-E-E-E-E-S-S-S-S! I’M CO-O-O-M-M-M-ING!”

Shellie exploded in a powerful orgasm as she wrapped her hands behind my head and pulled my face tightly into her pussy. As her hips rocked up and down, she held my face so tight into her I was unable to breathe. I didn’t care. Shellie was grinding her pussy into my face, up and down from my chin to my nose, covering my face in her silky moisture.

After a minute or so, she eased her grip on my head and lowered her hips back to the couch. As soon as her ass was squarely on the couch, I placed my thumb on her engorged clit, pressed down and began rubbing back and forth with incredibly short and fast strokes.

It was obvious her orgasm was not complete because her body immediately convulsed in a continuing explosion of intense pleasure. Standing up, I grabbed my pulsing cock and rubbed it into her soaked lips, covering the first three inches of my cock in her juices. Shellie was still lying back on the couch, her stomach facing the ceiling, her knees drawn up to her chest. I aligned the tip of my cock with her asshole and pressed forward.

“God yes, ram my ass!” she begged. “Ram it!”

As I pushed forward, allowing my cock to stretch her open, I asked, “Can you take this Shell?”

“Mm hmmm, I do all the time!” she replied.

Slowly working my cock into her tight ring, I asked, “In the ass?”

“Yes. Ram it in! I can take it!”

Obeying her wish, I pressed harder. To my astonishment, my cock slid in as easily as I had entered her cunt.

“You’re a little slut, aren’t you?” I quipped.

“I love it on the ass!” she shot back. I didn’t need to talk anymore. With one more thrust, I buried my shaft in her ass. “YES!” she exclaimed.

Shellie had her hands under her knees holding her legs up and apart. She had the look of a good slut ready to be fucked hard. I didn’t want to disappoint. I slowly withdrew my cock until the tip was the only thing still inside and then slammed forward. Immediately, I established a powerful rhythm, each stroke rocking her small frame. I was amazed how easily I could fuck her ass. Shellie moaned in ecstasy as I violently fucked her tiny hole.

“FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY SLUTTY ASS! C’MON, DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!” Shellie moaned deeply.

Hearing her young voice pleading to be ass fucked and knowing I was fucking the tight ass of a 16 year old sent me over the top.


Shellie was now screaming, screaming so loud I feared she would wake the neighbors.
My cock pulsed once, then again, then a momentary pause. With one final thrust, my orgasm was triggered, spewing my warm cum deep into Shellie’s ass. Wave after wave of cum pumped from my cock as my thrusts decreased in intensity. The orgasm was the most incredible of my life.
I stood and pulled my cock from Shellie’s ass. As I did, my cock still throbbed so I stroked a few final spurts of cum into her beautiful pubic hair.

I almost fainted when she spoke next, “That’s how Bridgette likes it?”

“WHAT?” I asked.

“In the ass! She likes being pounded in the ass like that!” she replied.

“When? Who?” I demanded.

Shellie giggled. “You don’t know?”

“No God damnit! Who?” I asked.

Still giggling, “My dad!”

As much as I wanted to be pissed, I couldn’t be. I had to hear all about this!

– To Be Continued –

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