BBC – what does it mean?

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Chelsea started her last year in boarding college. She just turned 18. It was an all-girls school her parents had insisted she attend. She had been there for 4 years, only going home on term breaks. The seniors had larger rooms, two girls per room, and also had a separate bathroom. Her roommate was Tiffany. The second week they shared the room Chelsea woke to hear Tiffany moaning quietly. “Are you ok Tiff?” Chelsea asked and then realised what the moaning sounds meant. She was masturbating. Chelsea got out of bed and went to Tiffany. Chelsea was no stranger to “assisting” girls to get their pleasure. “Let me help you and you can help me” whispered Chelsea.

For a couple of weeks it became a nightly ritual. Both girls would engage in mutual masturbation. One night, in the height of ecstasy, the door opened. “What are you girls doing?” demanded Sister Maria. She had caught them in bed together, naked and enjoying each other. “Chelsea, get out of bed and pack your stuff. I am moving you” demanded Sister Maria. Chelsea quickly packed all her clothes and followed Sister Maria down the hall. “You will go into that room and take a shower” she was told. Chelsea was quick to comply. Under the watchful eye of Sister Maria she rushed into the bathroom and had a shower. She came out and was shocked to find Sister Maria sitting on the edge of the room’s double bed naked. “Now young lady” Sister Maria said as she stood up “let’s see what you have learned” and kissed Chelsea on the lips. Chelsea moaned as Sister Maria began to rub her between her legs. So began a year of constant enjoyment as Sister Maria visited her almost every night. It was there that she first experienced oral sex. She loved it, receiving AND giving.

Her parents came to her graduation. Henry, her father, and Margaret, her mother arrived in the family car. They had a driver. For as long as she could remember August drove. She looked up to see a guy standing by the car as they approached. “Where is August?” Chelsea asked. “He retired honey” said her mother “this is Walter but we call him BBC”. Chelsea looked at the new driver. He is black, maybe 30yo, over 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and a broader smile. “Hello Missy” he said. They got into the car. Henry in the front and Chelsea and her mum in the back. “Tell me all about college” her mum asked. Chelsea wasn’t about to tell everything. Just about her studies. “You didn’t make any friends?” her mum asked. “Oh one or two I suppose” Chelsea said.

Back home Walter carried in Chelsea’s suitcase. She didn’t have much as the college had a uniform which had to be worn at all times. “There you are Missy” he said. Chelsea looked at him “you will address me as Miss Chelsea” she said. “Oh sorry Miss Chelsea. Thank you. You can call me BBC”. Chelsea laughed “what sort of name is that?” she asked. “That is what people call me Miss Chelsea” he replied. He turned to leave and stopped “I will address you as Miss Chelsea” he said “what do I undress you as?” and he left the room laughing. Chelsea smiled “you will never know” she said under her breath. She unpacked her meagre belongings and wander into the sitting room. Her parents were there. She looked around. Nothing ever changed. She sat down staring out of the folding glass doors.

Her father was a senior Public Servant. The job paid very well. Her mother busied herself with a couple of charity organisations. Although she was officially a volunteer she did earn a sum of money for her work. The house they lived in was two stories. Chelsea’s bedroom was on the ground floor. Her parents slept upstairs. It was getting late she Chelsea said she was tired and went to her room. It had its own bathroom. She showered, put on her nightdress and got into bed. She slept soundly until her mother woke her. Come on dear. Time to talk. Her mother asked what was she going to do? What course at University would she take? “I think I will take a year off and then decide” said Chelsea. “Good idea honey” her mother said “now come on. Breakfast is ready”.

Each day for the next week was pretty much the same. Chelsea enjoyed lying in the sun on kocaeli escort the back patio. She would see BBC sometimes and he would smile and nod. Life had settled into a routine. The one thing she missed most was the visits from Sister Maria and how they enjoyed their oral assignations. Chelsea would masturbate but it wasn’t as enjoyable as have her pussy licked. Things changed one Saturday night/Sunday morning. There was a storm brewing and Chelsea was awoken by a huge clap of thunder. She sat bolt upright in bed. Then she heard talking. She looked at the clock beside her bed. It was 1am. She couldn’t understand what was being said. But it seemed to be coming from her parent’s bedroom upstairs. Curious, she snuck up the stairs. What she found shocked her to the core.

The bedroom door was partly opened. There was a large mirror on the wall inside the room that gave Chelsea a view of what was happening. Her father was sitting on a chair facing the bed. He was naked and stroking his penis. Her mother was on the bed, also naked, on her hands and knees facing her husband. Behind her mother was Walter, naked, and obviously pleasuring her mother. “Oh Henry” her mother said “he is fucking me darling. It feels so good”. “What is he doing Marg?” replied Henry “tell me all about it”. “He is fucking my cunt darling” relied Margaret “ramming his cock all the way. Fuck, it feels so good Henry. I just love big black cock. Now come here and I will suck you sweetie”. Chelsea watched shocked but at the same time excited. She watched her father walk to the edge of the bed and push his cock into her mother’s mouth. What a sight.

Chelsea stepped back and leaned against the wall. “Shit” she thought “my parents are sex crazy”. But even as she tried to comprehend what she had seen she was fingering herself. She looked again and then snuck downstairs. She lay on her bed furiously rubbing her now soaked pussy. “Oh fuck” she muttered as she came. She lay there and then it struck her. BBC. Big Black Cock. My God her mother was being fucked by a BBC while her father watched and then participated. She got herself off again as the images of her parents and Walter spun around her brain. Finally she fell asleep wondering how she could face her parents in the morning after seeing what was going on.

In the morning she went downstairs. “Hi honey” her mother said “sleep well. That thunder was loud wasn’t it. Woke me up”. Chelsea smiled. “Yes it woke me up too” she said, without saying what else had happened during the night. Henry arrived for breakfast. “Hello Chelsea” he said cheerily “any plans for today?” “Nothing special dad” she said. She looked at her parents. Everything seemed quite normal. But Chelsea knew their secret. They were hiding it very well indeed. Chelsea even wondered if she had dreamt the whole thing. The rest of the day Chelsea spent in the garden. Every time her mind wandered she would see her mother sucking her father’s cock while their driver was pounder her. Her words were so graphic. Her conservative mother was really a cock slut.

It was several days later when Chelsea was walking back and forth between the back garden and the sitting room. Walter appeared. “What is wrong Miss Chelsea?” he asked, smirking. “I am so bored” Chelsea said “nothing ever happens here”. Of course that was a lie but she meant nothing was happening with her. “Would you like to go for a drive Miss Chelsea?” he asked. She hesitated and then said “yes, but where would we go?” Walter smile broadened “I could drive you into town Miss Chelsea” he said. She nodded and they walked out to the car. She sat in the back to make sure he understood who was in charge. But really he was driving so wherever he went she would go.

They drove in silence and on to the main street. He pulled up outside this cocktail bar. “I know this place” he said “it is quite safe”. Chelsea looked out. It didn’t look much at all. But she got out of the car and he led her inside. It was dimly lit and there were a couple of guys standing by a small bar. Walter said hello to them. They greeted him and then looked Chelsea up and down. Walter joined darıca escort them and Chelsea sat on a sofa in the corner not sure what was going on. A woman walked up to her and said hello. “Would you like something to drink?” she asked. Chelsea nodded with being specific. “Just anything will do” she said. Moments later the woman returned and sat beside her. Chelsea thought this was strange. “Are you the waitress?” Chelsea asked. “No my dear, I own the place”.

Chelsea drank slowly and as soon as she finished the woman, who introduced herself as Mona, brought another one. “Here my dear. Just relax”. Chelsea was not used to alcohol and started to feel a bit dizzy. Mona put her hand on Chelsea’s leg. Chelsea pushed her hand away but Mona soon placed it on her thigh. “So you have graduated” Mona said. “Yes” said Chelsea. As they talked Mona slid her hand further up Chelsea’s thigh and under her dress. Chelsea moaned softly. “I guess it is difficult once you leave your friends behind” said Mona “I know what goes on in those girls-only colleges. “How do you know?” questioned Chelsea. “Oh Margaret told me” she said.

It took a couple of seconds for it to register. Mona answered her question before Chelsea could ask. “Yes Margaret, your mother, told me about her experiences at the same college you went to” said Mona. “My mother told you?” said Chelsea, somewhat surprised. “Yes honey. She has been here several times” said Mona. By this time Mona’s hand had reached Chelsea’s knickers. Mona began to rub Chelsea’s pussy through her panties. Chelsea moaned a little louder now. It had been weeks since she was touched by anyone. She had also been told her mother had been in this place. Was she also touched intimately by Mona? What else didn’t she know about her mother?

“Does that feel nice honey” Mona whispered in Chelsea’s ear. Chelsea nodded. “Why don’t you come with me darling” added Mona “somewhere more comfortable and private”. Chelsea’s heart was beating fast and her whole body was shaking. She stood up and followed Mona out of the back of the bar and into a bedroom. “Quick honey” Mona said “I want to see you naked”. Chelsea hesitated and watched as Mona began to undress. She looked amazing dressed but as she took off clothing Chelsea could see she was gorgeous. Chelsea began to get undressed keeping an eye on Mona. Dark skinned with a full figure and large breasts with nipples already erect. Mona, now naked, helped Chelsea shed the last of her clothes. Mona kissed her and Chelsea responded in kind. “I am going to enjoy this darling” Mona said and she dragged Chelsea onto the bed. She pushed Chelsea’s legs apart and began to lick her pussy and then her clit. Chelsea moaned as she felt a stirring just like Sister Maria would cause.

Chelsea came quickly but Mona continued orally pleasuring her. After her second orgasm Mona looked up. “Would you like to lick me darling?” she asked. Seconds later they were in a 69 and pleasuring each other. Now Mona was also moaning as Chelsea showed she could do as well. They separated and Mona turned around and they hugged. “My word darling” whispered Mona “you certainly know how to please me. You are certainly your mother’s daughter”. Mona saw the stunned look on Chelsea’s face. “Yes darling” Mona whispered “your mother is so good at making me cum”. Mona and Chelsea, having enjoyed their tryst, dressed and returned to the bar. “Are you ready to go home Miss Chelsea” Walter asked. “Yes” answered Chelsea. Mona walked out to the car and she and Chelsea hugged again. “Come back anytime darling” Mona said and kissed her.

Driving home Walter looked in the rear vision mirror. “Are you ok?” he asked. Chelsea just nodded. “Not bored then?” said Walter and he laughed. Chelsea sat trying to compute what had happened. Not only was her mother a cock slut but she obviously enjoyed time with Mona. And now Walter knew what Chelsea had done. “Oh shit” she thought “what if he tells my parents”. Then she remembered what she had seen what going on in their bedroom. They pulled into the drive and Chelsea got out of the car. She still felt tipsy but satisfied. gölcük escort Her little session with Mona had been so good. The fact that Walter knew about it no longer worried her. Right now she needed a shower.

She went inside and found a note on the kitchen bench. “Sorry we missed you honey” the note read “but your father and I had a meeting to go to. We will be home late. There is a meal in the fridge. Just heat it up”. Damn” she said out loud. She wandered off to her bedroom and undressed. She went into the bathroom and showered. Walking back into the bedroom naked she squealed. Sitting on her bed was Walter, naked. “What are you doing” she yelled “get out”. Walter stood up and Chelsea looked at his cock. It was erect and huge. She had seen videos on a porn site with black guys with huge cocks. Now she saw one live. “You like it?” he smirked, knowing where she was looking “now you know why I am called BBC”. Chelsea looked up. “I know” she blurted out “I watched you fuck my mother”. “I know you did” he said “did it turn you on. Did you want to try it?”

Chelsea gathered her thoughts. “I am a virgin” she said and then adjusted it to “I am a cock virgin”. Walter stepped forward and kissed Chelsea. “Don’t worry my dear” he said “why don’t you fondle my cock. I would like that”. Chelsea reached down and began to stroke Walter cock. It was all of 9” long. Walter moaned “Mmm nice” he said “I like that. Your mother loves to play with my cock. She also likes to suck it. Would you like to suck me cock?” Chelsea smiled “ask me like you ask my mother” Chelsea said. “OK” replied Walter “suck my cock you dirty slut. Take it all in your mouth and suck me like the whore I know you are”. Chelsea was surprised. “You talk to my mother like that?” she gasped. “Yes, and I will talk to you like that too” said Walter “now shut up and see how deep you can take me”. Chelsea squatted down and began to suck Walter’s cock. He moaned loudly. “Oh yes” he said “like mother like daughter. Now tell me what you want”.

Chelsea remembered the scene in her parent’s bedroom. She knew what Walter wanted to hear.

Fuck me Walter” she said “give that big black cock to me. Fuck me like the slut I am. Don’t stop until you fill my cunt with your cum”. Walter threw her onto the bed. He aimed his cock and slid it carefully into Chelsea’s virgin pussy. “Oh shit” cried Chelsea “your cock is so big. I can’t take it all” but moments later Walter’s cock had slid in all the way. “Fuck me Walter” Chelsea cried out “I want you to pound me like you pound my mother”. Walter picked up the pace and was soon fucked Chelsea furiously. Her tight pussy gripped his manhood and he came with a rush. “Oh fuck” screamed Chelsea “I am cumming too and their moaned echoed around the room.

Walter pulled out and stood by the bed savouring the sight of his conquest. Chelsea lay there, her tortured pussy sore but her body shook with emotion. “Well Miss Chelsea” Walter said “welcome to the BBC clan. You are a great fuck and no mistake. Have a shower and we have to talk. “Chelsea was unsure what he wanted to talk about but she went and had her shower and then dressed. Walter was sitting in the kitchen. “What did you want to talk about?” asked Chelsea. “Today” Walter said “what happened today with Mona and then me. We must not tell anyone”. Chelsea smiled “well BBC, if you continue to give me pleasure and drive me to see Mona we will not have to say anything will we”. Walter stared at Chelsea. He realised what she was saying. He thought he would have the power but she did. She had seen him fucking her mother. He had fucked her. Mona was obviously involved with her and her mother.

“Well Walter, or as I know now BBC” began Chelsea “I will keep quiet but we have to agree on a couple of things. Firstly I expect you to be available to me for services as required. Then you have to tell me when you are going to entertain my parents so I can watch. You also must drive me to meet up with Mona as required. But right now I want you naked and ready to fuck me again”. Walter stared at Chelsea but she was impatient. “Now” she yelled “show me that big black cock”. As he stood dropping his pants Chelsea squatted down and began to stroke his growing cock. “Oh yes Mr BBC” she said “we are going to get along just fine”.

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